Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 518

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Tang Mubai did not pay attention to the situation of other people and was not very clear.

Anyway, along the way, he came across the bone race, from gray bones, white bones, copper bones, to the silver bones in front of him.

If gray bone is equivalent to Ordinary Level, then white bone is Elite Level, copper bone belongs to Commander Level, and silver bone is equivalent to Lord level!

Compared with gray bones, there is a clear white flame beating in the eye socket of the silver bone black hole.

Soul Fire !

There is no gray bone, it seems that the level is not enough.


“Roar ~!”

The 3 silver bones blocking the way roared at Tang Mubai.

The height of each silver bone exceeds five meters, and the skeleton shines with silver light.

Skeleton claws are as sharp as a sharp knife, and they furiously grab Tang Mubai.


Tang Mubai flickered and disappeared in place.

When he appeared again, he came behind the three silver bones.

First, the High Level Pressure Control Divine Ability was used to suppress the 3 silver bones stiff in place. Then, the “fire and wind” was launched to bless the astral energy and swept the 3 silver bones.

hu ~ hu ~ hu ~

The astral energy of most Firm most Yang erupted into a terrible heat wave, winding 3 silver bones continuously burning.

The wind assists the fire, and the fire assists the wind.

3 A silver bone equivalent to is placed on the grill and turned and roasted mercilessly.

“Roar~” “roar!”

Surprised and angry A roar of fear came from the mouths of 3 silver bones.

The Soul Fire in the eye sockets is beating quickly, and there is a tendency to gradually move closer.

Tang Mubai saw it in his eyes, his heart jumped, and he simply used the High Level “Temperature Control” Divine Ability again, covering the 3 silver bones.

It was originally a terrifying heat wave sweeping, and at this moment, the temperature suddenly soared.

3 The roar of silver bone suddenly intensified, and the huge body was shaking continuously.

Soul Fire is getting weaker and weaker.

A lot of heat rises from the three silver-boned bodies and floats all around.

Under the terrifying heat, the skeleton of each of the three silver bones began to melt.

Like molten steel, it constantly penetrates and falls.

However, it melted in half, and the three silver bones were still alive, still roaring in anger.

There is only a small flame of Soul Fire beating, and it will go out at any time.

Tang Mubai looked in his eyes, moved in his heart, stopped using High Level “Temperature Control” Divine Ability, and instead released “Ling Rhinoceros”.

According to the silver bone in the middle, chop it out.


The invisible blade, Tearing the Void, sinks into the silver skull.


The Soul Fire, which was not much, went out immediately.

The silver bone of roar came to an abrupt end.

【Vitality +179】

The recovery prompt flashed.

Tang Mubai didn’t stop, and slashed again to another silver bone.


Like the previous one, the faint Soul Fire of this silver bone went out instantly.

【Vitality +168】

The vitality is decreasing!

Burning the silver bone will reduce vitality.

And the root of these bone races is Soul Fire!

Tang Mubai thought of this, stopped releasing “Ling Rhinoceros”, and turned to “Reincarnation Book”, using divine sense to invade the Soul Fire, the last silver bone.


This is what Tang Mubai suddenly thought of. Bone Race is a kind of life, so it must be able to search for souls.

Although divine sense felt an indescribable icy heat when approaching Soul Fire, it was a success.

Tang Mubai looked through this memory of a lifetime of silver bones clearly and quickly through The Book of Reincarnation.

The content of the first stage shocked Tang Mubai.

Bone Demon…

They are not bone races at all, but bone demons!

It is also a Demonic Creature…no, a race in the Demon Race!

They have their own civilization, their own world and country.

Before knowing how many years ago, their tribe strayed into Space Crack and came to Secret Realm Space.

This Secret Realm Space originally had an active life, a terrifying swamp monster, but in the face of the extinction of the bone demon, it quickly became extinct.

The bone demon needs to hunt down living beings and absorb soul energy in order to grow continuously and maintain the birth of demonic energy.

After the swamp monster was extinct, the bone demon broke the source of soul energy, and all stopped growing, and the demonic energy on the body became thinner and thinner until it completely disappeared.

If they weren’t for the special race, they were Soul Fire at all, and could survive without demonic energy, otherwise, they would have died early.

And this is why they are excited to see Tang Mubai.

The human soul is their favorite food.

The martial artist’s soul is even more “delicious”.

Although Tang Mubai was powerful beyond their expectations, he was ultimately unwilling to die.

But the appearance of Tang Mubai still made them see the hope of leaving this Secret Realm Space!

Since humans can come in, there is definitely an exit.

As long as they go out, they can become stronger again.

Soul Fire is not always going out.

If there is no tonic, then with the ebbing of time, it will slowly burn out.

The Bone Demon is trapped in this Secret Realm Space. I don’t know how many years, the reason why he can live till now is a magical place.

They are called “Shengtan”!

A quagmire the size of two basketball courts.

As long as you soak in the “Holy Pond”, you can keep the continuation of Soul Fire.

There is a strange energy in “Holy Pool” that can hold the soul.

Tang Mubai read the memory to this point, and there was no reason to be happy in his heart.

found it!

The most important treasure in this Secret Realm Space, the strange energy in “Holy Pool”!

Tang Mubai immediately remembered the specific location of “Shengtan”.

Before exiting the soul search, I still “see” a golden bone in “Shengtan”.

This golden bone is also the king of this bone demon tribe.

The other bone demons must alternately soak in the “Holy Pool”, and the soaking time varies.

Grey bones are the shortest and silver bones are the longest.

And this golden bone, from the very beginning to the present, has always been soaked in the “Holy Pond”.

If Tang Mubai wants to obtain the singular energy in the “Holy Pond”, he must first kill this golden bone!

Regarding this, Tang Mubai thought for a while and thought of a countermeasure.

Take back the divine sense, extinguish the last soul fire of the silver bone, and reclaim the vitality of 82.

Tang Mubai stepped up and walked towards the direction of “Holy Pool”.

Along the way, I didn’t bump into the Bone Demon again.

After approaching the “Holy Pool”, I slowed down and looked at 4 places, and found that there was a piece of woodland not far from the “Holy Pool”.

Tang Mubai decisively teleported over, chose a large tree with dense branches, went up to the canopy, and hid it.

After that, I ate some 1000 Phantoms, closed my eyes and ran the “Into Dream Heart Sutra”, stepped into the illusory dream world, and found the golden bone demon in “Holy Pool”.

From the very beginning till now, they are all soaked in the “Holy Pond”.

This golden bone demon has a 99% chance of sleeping!

Since it is sleeping, Tang Mubai has a chance.

Just like at this moment, with the help of 1000 Phantoms, through the “Dream Heart Sutra”, I found the bubble dream of the golden bone demon.

Tang Mubai divine sense incarnate, directly enter it, and see the golden bone demon consciousness lying floating up and down in the bubble dreamland without specific dream content, running the “Reincarnation Book”.

roar ~

The bubble dream was abnormal, and the golden bone demon immediately noticed it, “woke up”, saw Tang Mubai first glance, and laughed excitedly.

“Hahaha, the soul of human beings, really very good, it was delivered automatically!”

The golden bone demon is talking, not using language, but a sound transmission of spiritual consciousness.

In its dream bubble, it is equivalent to dominate.

Tang Mubai came in, and it was no different from sending it to his mouth.

“Hahaha, I don’t know how long it has been, I can finally taste the human soul!”

a long whistle, the golden bone demon consciousness leaped towards Tang Mubai.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Tang Mubai quickly released “Rhinoceros Knife”, hacking out with one knife after another, dividing the golden bone demon consciousness into several segments.

The cutting of consciousness is several times stronger than the breaking of the body.

The golden bone demon’s consciousness reorganized, and at the same time it was completely awake, the roar resounded around the “Holy Lake”.

Correspondingly, Tang Mubai’s consciousness withdrew from the world of nihil dreams immediately, running the “Reincarnation Collection” to condense the “Samsara Seal”.

After success, the figure is like electricity, and the “Taiji Universe Secret Art” is used to bless the space artistic conception of the little Perfection. He crosses the void and rushes out of the “Holy Pool” due to severe pain, revealing a ten meters high golden body, waving his arms frantically , Behind the golden bone demon who confuses the “Holy Pool”, before the opponent finds it, hit the “Samsara Seal”, immersed in the golden bone demon’s brain, and merged with the beating Soul Fire.

“Roar ~ !!!”

The sudden change caused the golden bone demon to roar towards the sky, and the roar spread far away.

It turned around abruptly, trying to catch Tang Mubai.

The latter has been evacuated 100 meter away, and the “Samsara Collection” is quickly running, and the “Samsara Seal” implanted in the golden bone demon Soul Fire will be activated to play the role of a puppet!


The roar of golden bone demon intensified, and his consciousness began to resist.

The tall body swayed in the “Holy Pool”, stirring the quagmire wantonly emptying.

“Roar! Roar—”

The golden bone demon’s roar was longer than a roar, and the anger and fear in it were clearly heard by Tang Mubai, and the refining speed could not help speeding up.

“Samsara Seal” has many functions. To become a puppet, you have to refining.

In this process, the pain suffered by the golden bone demon is unimaginable.

equivalent to forcibly inserting a sharp knife in Soul Fire.

In other words, the Soul Fire of the Bone Demon is quite special. If it needs to be replaced by a martial artist and an ominous beast, it has long been unable to bear the pain of terrifying and collapsed.

Last time he hit the “Samsara Seal” in the brains of the sharks in the God Realm, Tang Mubai did not have the opportunity to display his power. This time he encountered the golden bone demon, although he had no experience, but the golden bone demon Soul Fire is special and it is not so easy to extinguish. Instead, Tang Mubai was given the opportunity to experiment, deduction, deduction, and deduction.

Finally, before the golden bone demon can’t wait to take his head off, he finished refining.

“Samsara Seal” successfully turned the golden bone Demon Transformation into a puppet of Tang Mubai!


Tang Mubai with sweat on his face, put out a breath at the right time, looked towards golden The eyes of the bone demon were full of joy.

According to the general division of bone demon, golden bone demon is equivalent to king ominous beast.

Tang Mubai doesn’t mind having more puppets like this.

The way he thought of before was to refining golden bone demon, acting as his protector in Secret Realm.

The movement was so loud just now that other people would rush over here to check the situation after hearing it without accident.

Tang Mubai must take advantage of this to harvest the strange energy in the “Holy Pool”!


Let the golden bone demon come out of the “Holy Pool”, Tang Mubai controlled his figure and floated to a position less than half a meter above the “Holy Pool”.

Immediately, the divine sense was released to sense the strange energy in the “Holy Pool”.

After finding out, try to run the “3 Yang Yi Qi Jue” to absorb.

As a result, no response!

No, it cannot be said that there is no response, but the response is very small.

“3 Yang Yi Qi Jue” is seven revolutions Divine Art. It used to absorb energy and transform it into qi and blood at a very fast speed.

But at this moment, the speed of absorbing the strange energy in the “Holy Pond” is not generally slow.

It’s not much faster than a snail.

These strange energies are immersed in the “Holy Pool”, as if they weigh 10000000 million jin.

If you want to learn, there seems to be a lack of links in the middle, so you have to add “lubricating oil”?

What did Tang Mubai think of, using the “Life Dao species” to pull a few strands of Power of Heaven and Earth to act on himself.

Then, absorb the strange energy in the “Holy Pool”.

This one tried successfully!

It can be achieved with the “dao kind” traction.

What about spirit strength?

Tang Mubai’s heartbeat speeds up, and some understand the intention of Heaven’s Mystery Sect.

They did not allow the martial artist of Innate realm to be on the Rising Dragon ranking list. They obviously knew what the result would be after the Innate martial artist entered the Secret Realm.

Just like the strange energy in “Holy Pond”, the probability of using spirit strength as “lubricating oil” is very high.

If the Innate martial artist spirit strength is abundant, then there is no doubt that it can absorb all the strange energy.

Exclusive benefits!

On the contrary, these benefits are divided among others, benefiting many people.

What Heaven’s Mystery Sect wants is not to become stronger alone, but to become stronger together!

Tang Mubai admires them a little.

I don’t know which sect master of Heaven’s Mystery Sect started first and distributed the benefits to martial artists of all geniuses in the world.


For spirit strength, “Shengtan” has to be temporarily put aside.

Anyway, no one can quickly absorb those strange energy.

Wait for Tang Mubai to break through Innate and give birth to spirit strength, and it will not be too late to come back.

Mindful of this.

Tang Mubai controls the golden bone demon and receives the system space.

The bone demon, like the stone demon, does not need to breathe.

Take it into the system space, and you can live the same.

After putting it away, Tang Mubai tipped his toes and swept away.

About 5 minutes after he left, a group of people came around the “Shengtan”.


In a dense mountain forest.

Tang Mubai released the golden bone demon and let it watch from the side to prevent any disturbance.

To breed spirit strength, you must first open up a spiritual field.

Tang Mubai was able to break through Innate a long time ago. It didn’t feel important before, but now it is finally used.

Run “Reincarnation Collection” to activate the part of God’s return.

Essence, Qi, and Spirit soon became one, resonating with Heaven and Earth.


Call bang!

The sky above your head suddenly changesable situation.

A large group of Power of Heaven and Earth, dropping from the sky into Tang Mubai within the body, while unfolding and washing the body, refining “Life Dao species”, opening up a “spirit field”, and breeding spirit strength.

The body of heaven and human is perfectly presented at this time, withstanding the washing of terrifying power.

The “Life Dao species” slowly disappeared and turned into a “spiritual field” from within the body.

A few strands of spirit strength drifted inside the “spirit field”.

Innate realm!

Within half an hour, Tang Mubai finally entered the Innate realm.

With the spirit field, you can deposit spirit strength.

And with spirit strength, you can quickly absorb the strange energy in the “Holy Pool”.

However, in a short period of time relying on Tang Mubai himself, the spirit strength will not condense much.

It’s different through the magic ball!

The 3 Demonic Creatures in the Demon Suppression Space, the demonic energy released by the Suppression Orbs can be transformed into spirit strength!

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