Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 519

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Tang Mubai first moved the place, found another location, and then controlled the body to extract a drop of effort.

Then he held the Demon Orb in his hand, wrapped it with hard work, and slowly sacrificed it.


at the same time.

On the edge of “Shengtan”.

“There is a problem here.”

Yuan Bushuo looked at the quagmire in front of him, frowning and said, “There is a wave of energy in it, which will not dissipate.

“There are fluctuations, but it is limited to this, anyway, I will not go down.” Lu Mingming spread his hands.

“Oh, why didn’t I know that you still have a cleanliness?” Yuan did not say despised.

“Whatever you say.” Lu Mingming curl one’s lip, turned around and left.


Yuan didn’t say anything against his back, despised again, and immediately stood still and continued to look at the “quagmire”. He felt uncomfortable when he wanted to enter, and fell into deep thought.

Others were almost the same, and some watched for a while, then flashed away.

Some wandered around the “quagmire”, but hesitated to go in.

Gradually, two people remained on the edge of the “quagmire.”

One is Yuan Buzhuo, a young man with a long oblique scar on the center of his eyebrows, a strong figure, full of muscle bumps, and fiend energy all over his body.

Although the youth was also staring at the “mud”, his attention was distracted, and the corners of his eyes kept scanning all around.

After confirming that no one else stayed around, he slashed at Yuan with a hand knife.


Yuan didn’t say his figure flickered, as if he had eyes, avoiding Blade Qi.

After standing firmly, he looked at the young man with a faint smile, “Legal Qin, when did I think you were going to wait? Why, are you finally willing to do it?”

“hmph! ”

The young man sneered, “I’m not called Qin Ren, my surname is Yuwen! Yuwen Ren!”

After the words, his figure was like electricity, and he rushed towards Yuan without saying.

“Yuwen Blade Officer? Yuwen?”

Yuan did not say slightly frowned, “Are you a descendant of Yuwentuo?”

“Yes, it’s the Yuwen Tuo that your father killed!”

Yuwen blade officer roar rushed to Yuan Buzhe’s expression and launched a fierce attack.

pa pa pa ~


Yuan didn’t say counterattack, and retreated while fighting, “Yuwen Blade! You fucking made a mistake, my father didn’t kill Yuwentuo! Your father is poison to death! He was poisoned before he started to fight with my father! “

“Hehe, it was indeed poisoned to death, but the poison was given by your father!”

Yuwen’s blade officer roar, both palms came out, and another brutal move was made quickly.

Suddenly, surging astral energy erupted from his palm, blasted outwards and contacted the air, driving the airflow, and evolving into circles of bright radiance, which spread out hiding the sky and covering the earth above the holy pond.

“shua!” “shua!” “shua!”

“pu! ””pu! ””pu!”


Afterimages flashed, and the wind swept across.

The force generated by the sharp vigor, the impact air made buzzing noises, as if a porcelain bottle was broken.


Yuan didn’t talk about seeing the situation, and stopped dodge, waved and slapped, but the movement was bigger than Yuwen’s knife. The burst of power is twice as powerful as Yuwen Blademan.

The most important thing is that the palm wind rubs the air, as if ignited.


“pa !!”

“bang! !!”

The strong collision made a series of muffled noises.

The detonated power trembles the void.

Yuwen Blade’s attack lasted for about 3 seconds before dissipating thoroughly. Afterwards, Yuan didn’t talk about the remaining palm force, hit the Yuwen Blademan who was not in a hurry, and threw him back into the air.

The person was in mid-air, trembling, chest and abdomen stirring, could not help but open his mouth with a “wow”, spit out a large mass of congestion, and flew out 30 meters away, only to “boom”, and slam into the distance of Shengtan severely.

At this time, Yuan Bu said that he slowly regained his strength, flew towards Yuwen Blade, and said coldly, “Your father’s death involves many people, and my father just seriously injured him that’s all.”

Yuwen Blade did not respond.

Lying on the ground like that, with bloodshot eyes, staring at Yuan Bu said, his breathing increased, his eyes full of killing intent.


Yuan did not say that his eyes were cold, said solemnly, “You really want to be so sure, don’t you want to kill me or give up?”

“Yes, I just want your life!”

Yuwen Blade clerk hissed, “Yuan, your family must die!!!”

bang! ——

The void suddenly exploded.

2 In the high air above 100 meters above the head, there is a large air current suddenly, as if being drawn by an invisible force, and no wind will automatically gather together.

shua ~ shua ~ shua ~ ~

The strong wind swept across, forming a huge vortex in an instant, stirring up nothingness.

Hua! hua!

The air surging, like a wave.

High in the sky, the vigor of the blockbuster, almost materialized frantic surge.

Xiu xiu!

The energy is flying, like 10000000 million meteors, dropping from the sky.

The terrifying force brought a burst of whistling sound, wrapped in a monstrous imposing manner, and rushed toward Yuan Bushuo with fierce lightning.

“bang bang bang!”

The void made a series of muffled noises.

Massive energy, wherever it passes, the space seems to automatically separate a corridor leading to the ground.

“Puff!” “puff!” “puff!”

Comparable to the sharp strength of a sword, hiding the sky and covering the earth, covering all the boundaries within 100 meters of Yuan Bushuo’s center.

Within the scope, the strength is like a knife, cutting everything.


The sound of the breaking wind sounded, but the body of Yuwen Blade clerk suddenly disappeared at the moment when the sharp energy frenzy fell.

One after another The afterimage was born shortly afterwards, got into the frenzy of vigor and swiftly approached Yuan Bu said. The strength like a sword is like a sword, surrounding Yuan Bushuo.

“bang!” “bang!” “bang!”

Yuan didn’t talk about the space around his body, making an explosion.

It’s like a substantial sharp energy, releasing the power of terror.


Yuwen’s frantic laughter came out of his energy.

“Don’t say Yuan! This is your Burial Ground!”


The laughter of Yuwen Blade clerk spread far away.

The whole person started a crazy attack around Yuan without talking about his whole body.

“xiu!” “xiu!” “xiu!”

The strength is broken, and the terrifying breath makes people shudder.

Yuan did not say that he stepped on a footwork, and methodically avoided attack after attack.

Yuwen Blademan’s this move’s control of astral energy has almost reached Perfection Realm.

The airflow used to control between Heaven and Earth is transformed into sharp energy, which is stronger than Four Revolutions Treasure Item.

Yuan did not say that there are 2 plans for this.

One is to dodge quickly, and when Yuwen Blademan runs out of energy and blood, the second is to fight frontally.

After avoiding for a while, his heart suddenly moved.

All the imposing manner on his body was suddenly released.


The air blew up.

A terrifying imposing manner that looked like a volcanic eruption suddenly swept out of Yuan Bushuo.

Countless blades made by condensing energy spread from the inside out.

The powerful force created in an instant collided immediately with the vigorous frenzy controlled by Yuwen Blade, and the impact made a crisp sound of “peng peng peng”.

In the melodious voice, the violent frenzy of Yuwen Blademan, unable to persist, quickly dissipated, and finally annihilated.

“hu~ !”

The breeze blows.

Shengtan Four Revolutions, all the vigor and energy dissipate cleanly.

Not to mention Yuan’s tall and straight body, standing still.

A moment ago, Yuwen Blade clerk, who was madly attacking Yuan Bushuo, was embarrassed at this moment, and his throat made a gasp like a cow.

“You think you can kill me, you are not qualified!” Yuan said coldly shouted.

3 Eyes Fierce Leopard, Yuwen Blade Officer, Rising Dragon Ranking Ranked 10th 9th.

There are four people separated from Yuan Buzhu.

“Ho ho~ ho ho~”

Yuwen Blade sneered at Yinsi, his hands suddenly burst into rays of light, and when the rays of light dispersed, there was a pair of black gold and mysterious iron gloves on his palms.

An inexplicable breath was suddenly born out of thin air at this moment, all around Yuwen Blade Officer’s body.

With the blessing of this weird aura, the imposing manner on Yuwen Blade Clerk suddenly accelerated and continued to rise.

“hu hu hu! ”

“Whiz whiz whiz ~!”

Energetic wind, whirlwind flying.

At a certain moment, above Yuwen Blade’s head, a huge wave-like whirlwind burst open, moving towards Yuan Bu said swept away.

“Pa!” “Pa!” “Pa!”

There was a popping noise in the air.

The howling gust of wind, accompanied by the air temperature dropped rapidly, and a layer of white frost appeared when it touched the ground.

Whoosh! Whoosh~

Yuan didn’t say he quickly avoided.

He could see that the reason why Yuwen Blade Clerk could release such a mighty power was the black gold mysterious iron gloves he wore on his hands.

This pair of gloves is a Treasure Item, at least five revolutions Treasure Item!

“Is this your hole card?”

Yuan Bu said his face was cold, and he pulled out the battle saber that had not moved.

Suddenly –

“Huhuhu ~!”

A burst of hot energy suddenly appeared out of thin air.

It is like the fire waves of the tide, wrapped on the right hand of Yuan Buzhuo.

The air around him was rippling, and the whole person seemed to be standing in the stove, exuding steaming heat.

“shua ——”

Knife light blooms.

Yuan didn’t talk about swinging a knife, facing Yuwen’s knife, slashing out fiercely.

“Boom ~!”

The void rang.

The scorching Blade Qi suddenly collided with the cold air current.

Ice and fire intersect, two forces of mutual restraint, competing with each other, want to crush each other.

Large swaths of mist emerged, spreading crazily all around.

After a while, the figures of Yuan Bushuo and Yuwen Blade were submerged.

Accompanied by it, there are countless energy raging in the void.

The terrifying force strikes on the ground, plowing trench after trench.

“Yuwen Blade Officer, with this ability, you can’t kill me.”

Don’t say Yuan’s loud voice echoed the scene.

The opposite Yuwen Blade clerk complexion is gloomy, did not respond.

Yuan does not say that the knife in his hand is actually six revolutions Treasure Item.

Six revolutions Treasure Item vs. six revolutions Treasure Item, it’s not Qi and Blood Realm!

It’s the power of Treasure Item itself!


Yuwen Blademan sighed, very ruthless appeared on his face, his fire-breathing eyes pierced Yuan not to say, and he said sharply, “Yuan does not say, you forced me!”

“Forcing you?”

Yuan didn’t say hearing this, he raised his eyebrows, squinted his eyes, glanced at Yuwen’s knife, said with a sneer, “Thank you to figure it out, it’s you who wanted to kill me, not me chasing you!”


The wind swept across, blowing away the mist.

Yuwen blade staff stood in place, motionless.

While remaining silent, the black gold mysterious iron gloves in his hand suddenly flashed rays of light.

“Puff puff puff ~!”

Strength 4 shots.

The astral energy of Yuwen Blade is injected into black gold and mysterious iron gloves, and shoots one after another green streamer.

“shua!” “shua!” “shua!”

The dazzling green streamer, like a rainstorm, outlines bright ribbons in the void, twisting and dancing like a snake.

Faintly, there seemed to be the sound of snakes and tigers roaring in the air.

“hu hu hu! ”

The gang wind swept through, and a terrifying pressure slammed Yuan Bushu.


Don’t say Yuan raised the knife and chopped, splitting the oppressive force, and shattering the green streamer.

“hmph! ”

Yuwen Blade flickers, moved towards Yuan Bu said lightning is coming.

People are in the air.

A group of terrifying vigorous winds, carrying a majestic imposing manner of crashing mountains and seas, blasted out with all their strength.

“bang! !!”

There was a loud noise in the void.

The powerful force pulled out a brilliant and bright light band in midair.

At first glance, Yuwen’s blade staff seemed to come with a long tail behind his ass.

shua ~ shua ~ shua ~!

Yuan didn’t say that seeing this scene, he quickly chopped with a six revolutions sword in his hand.

Boom ~ Boom ~ Boom ~

The air exploded, and a billowing heat wave rose.

Not to mention that his body flickered again and again, avoiding the aftermath.

In the center of the collision, the hot air of “huhuhu” permeated everywhere.

As the fire wave swept through, Yuwen Blademan suddenly burned his blood and shot out his palms.

“bang! !!”

There was a loud noise.

The Blade Qi and the light of the knife that Yuan didn’t talk about were completely wiped out by the hand of Yuwen’s blade officer.

The burst of energy, like an earthquake, suddenly moved towards all around and shot out. terrifying energy, washed the ground, leaving one after another clear trace.

In the loud sound of this earth-shaking noise, Yuan Bu said that his body stiffened first, and then, with a “wow”, he opened his mouth and spewed a large mass of blood, and his body flew backwards.

At the moment he landed, Yuan didn’t say that he controlled his body to flicker again and again, relieved his excess strength, and then fled forward.

Yuwen Blade is crazy!

Don’t want to fight for your own life, but also to pull Yuan down.

Yuan did not say that naturally he would not withdraw decisively as he wished.

He also wants to explore Secret Realm to see if he can find good things.

But he was not ready to kill Yuwen Blade, and then he was seriously injured.


“Hahaha, don’t Yuan say, where to go!”

Yuwen’s blade officer grinned and let out a frantic laugh.

2 people one after the other, chasing fast on the ground.

The direction is unbiased, and it is the direction of the Tang Mubai refining town magic orb.

Tang Mubai is a golden bone demon who is placed on the periphery and acts as a guard. Two people are immediately found.

Not waiting for Yuwen Blade and Yuan Bushuo to approach, a long whistle, the huge body turned into a ball of golden light, and rushed towards him.


The invisible but substantive terror pressure came first to the heads of Yuwen Blade and Yuan Bushuo, and pressed the two people in place.

Yuan, who was running ahead, didn’t say anything. He saw a group of golden light in his field of vision. At the same time, an unprecedented crisis rushed in.

Standing upside down all over his body, with a cold spine, he gritted his teeth and broke out with all his strength, controlling his body to fall to the right side one second before the crisis.


Golden light wiped the whistled past of Yuan Bushuo’s face, collided with Yuwen’s blademan who was chasing behind, and blasted Yuwen’s blademan on the spot, bursting into a ball of blood!

Whoosh~ Whoosh!

The bloody flower was empty.

Golden light charge ahead 100 meters far away, the lightning turned back and pounced on Yuan again.

“No, no, no…”

Yuan, who was unable to move, didn’t say, yelling in panic.

Seeing to be bombarded and killed–

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