Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 520

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Hu~ ~~


He rushed to Yuan Bushuo’s golden light, stopped abruptly, and stopped on the ground less than half a meter away from Yuan Bushuo.

Suddenly it stopped, and the strong wind that set off caused the dust to cover Yuan Buzhe’s face after another.

He was stiff, his heartbeat was like a drum, his face was pale and his pupils dilated.

When the golden light dissipated and saw the silhouette inside, Yuan didn’t say his pupils dilated again, and his breathing stopped instantly.

golden skeleton!

A golden skeleton with Gundam ten meters!

The shimmering cold glow and golden light claws were less than ten centimeters from the center of his eyebrows.


Yuan didn’t say holding his breath, and didn’t dare to move at all.

Even the terrifying pressure blessed on him has disappeared.

“Whose is this?”

The familiar sound is heard.

Tang Mubai picked up a pair of black gold and mysterious iron gloves, held it in his hand for a moment, was slightly surprised, “five revolutions…no, six revolutions Treasure Item? This six revolutions Treasure Item is Brother Yuan yours?”

“No… it’s not mine.” Yuan Bu said stiffly raised his head and said dryly, “It was Yuwen’s blademan. By the way, Brother Tang, this golden skeleton…”

“Oh, I tamed it.”

Tang Mubai waved his hand at the golden bone demon, and pointed his sharp claws at the golden bone between Yuan Bushuo’s eyebrows. Then he retracted his arm, stood up, and walked lightly to stand behind Tang Mubai.

During the whole process, Yuan Bushuo looked in his eyes, his mouth slowly widened, his eyes burst into expressions of stunned, shocked, incredible, and envy.

This golden skeleton, although he saw it for the first time.

But the white skeletons and silver skeletons I encountered before, especially the silver skeletons are very strong, and the general Grandmaster Level martial artist can do nothing at all.

Fortunately, they are all contemporary Heaven’s Chosen who have been on the Rising Dragon List, and they can kill the silver skeletons.

The golden skeleton can be judged from its shape, and it is stronger than the silver skeleton.

This is the best proof that the golden light instantly killed Yuwen Blade.

Yuwen Knife ranks ten 9th and Tang Mubai ranks 100th.

The former was killed in seconds, the latter tamed the golden skeleton…

Is this so big a gap?

The big ones are a bit exaggerated, OK!


Look at Tang Mubai and look at the golden skeleton.

For a while, Yuan didn’t say nothing, and didn’t know what to say.

Tang Mubai glanced at him and saw that Yuan Bu said a shocked look, silently laughed, and put away the black gold mysterious iron gloves.

“Yuwen’s knife? Ranked 10th 9’s Yuwen’s knife? Why were you chased by him?”

“…A word is hard to say!” Yuan didn’t say came back to his senses, got up from the ground, sighed, “Yuwen Blade is a lunatic, he insisted that my father killed him Laozi, he was determined to find me revenge, fight I want to kill me if I don’t want my life!”

“Although I can beat him, even kill him, but I have to pay a big price, it is not worth it, and then I run away, didn’t expect, he has been chasing him!”

“so that’s how it is.”

Tang Mubai is nodded. He is not interested in whether the two people really have hatred. He changed the topic and said, “Does Brother Yuan gain anything?”

“No.” Yuan did not say and stopped mentioning Yuwen Blade, shook his head, “This Secret Realm seems to have nothing good, let alone spiritual medicine, there are very few ordinary plants.”


Boom ~! !!

A loud noise suddenly came from the distant sky.

Tang Mubai looked up and saw two figures, one black and one silver, intertwined and collided with each other in the air, releasing surging shock waves, and grandiose filled all around.

The resulting movement was even greater than the fight between Yuan Fang and Yuwen Blade.

“Go, look at the past!”

Tang Mubai raised his eyebrows slightly, seeing the faces of the two fighting people clearly, the corners of his mouth could not help raising.

“You slowly follow behind.”

Commanded the golden bone demon.

Tang Mubai took control of his figure to fly into the air and flew to the War Zone.

“……it is good.”

Yuan didn’t say smash it, smash it, followed behind, and rose into the sky.

The golden bone demon finally walked on the ground.


Yuwen Blade Officer and Yuan Buddhism came too fast!

The Demon Suppressing Orb was forced to interrupt even half of the sacrifice.

For this reason, Tang Mubai had to temporarily put it away.

As for the two figures that fought in the air, one was Ranked 3rd’s magic fan Young Master and Xiao Futu, and the other was Ye Tiansheng, who ranked the bottom one!

Ye Tiansheng, nicknamed “Bingyang Young Master”, actually fought against Xiao Futu in the air!

When the distance approached, Yuan Bu said, who saw the faces of the two people clearly, was stunned.

Not only him, but everyone who was attracted by the loud noise had their eyes widened.

The penultimate and Ranked 3rd actually played in a frenzy!

Although everyone knows that the ranking on the Thang Long List is not 100% accurate.

But who ranked Ye Tiansheng?

This is too much!


bang! bang! Boom ~

High altitude.

The explosion sounded constantly, causing the air to vibrate constantly.

Xiao Futu turned into a bright radiance, the palm of the astral energy hovered, releasing strong waves, hovering and flying.

Without stopping, lasing one after another dazzling beam, through the palm of the hand, burst out of the sky.

The speed speed to the pinnacle, it flies and shoots towards Ye Tiansheng.

Wherever he went, the air rolled, roaring like mountains and seas.

“Hong long long ~!”

The terrifying beam, Tearing the Void, suddenly rushed to Ye Tiansheng’s eyes.

Facing the offensive, Ye Tiansheng’s face was calm, with no evasion, just body flashed, and stepped out to the right.

Then, the right hand clenched the palm into a fist, punched out!

The moment the fist gang broke and flew out, Ye Tiansheng’s up ahead air burst loudly.


Great sound, heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

Ye Tiansheng punched out, and the fist print was firmly hit on the flying light beam.

Suddenly, countless air currents rolled, morphing into each and everyone huge vortex, staying in the War Zone all around, circling around.

“break for me !”

Ye Tiansheng growled.

The second punch was hit immediately.

There is no blessing of the fist, but because of the excessive strength, the large group of rippling energy fluctuations generated, stirring the void.

At the point of fist strength, an almost substantial ripple appeared in the space, and then the strikes were on the gradually splitting beam.

Next moment ——


“pa !!”

“bang! !!”

The beam burst, blooming bright rays of light, lasing in the air.

The terrifying counter-shock force generated pushed Ye Tiansheng and Xiao Futu, and the two of them backed back together.

pēng pēng pēng ~

Ye Tiansheng stepped back into the void and backed 3 steps, and Xiao Futu backed 7 steps.

First Stage confrontation, Ye Tiansheng wins!


“Fuck, how long did Ye Tiansheng hide this?”

Yuan didn’t say exclaimed, his face was full of emotion.

“I saw him last year, and it was not as good as it is now.”

Tang Mubai raised his eyebrows.

“last year?”

Yuan didn’t say his eyes widened, “You mean that Ye Tiansheng’s strength has been advanced by leaps and bounds in just a few months?”

“It should be so.” Tang Mubai nodded.

Judging from the battle between two people.

Xiao Futu’s realm is half-step Innate, but his strength is extremely powerful.

Of course, Xiao Futu didn’t use his full strength, perhaps less than half.

Like Ye Tiansheng, both kept one hand.


Compared to Ye Tiansheng, Xiao Futu’s face at this moment was particularly ugly.

Although he doesn’t care much about the ranking on the Thang Long list.

But I never thought that the person from the bottom would be overwhelmed!

“Ye! God! Holy!”

He spoke every word, Xiao Futu looked up and down Ye Tiansheng with Senhan’s gaze.

“You are fine, you are qualified to let me spare no effort!”


Void exploded.

An icy killing intent suddenly bloomed in the air.

Wherever he went, the temperature dropped instantly.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh~

Gang wind sounded.

Xiao Futu leaped into the sky, his icy eyes locked on Ye Tiansheng through the air.

Then, the black magic fan was turned on with a click of “shua”.

The unfolded black fan was exposed to the air. In an instant, a large swath of air flow surrounded Xiaofutu and rolled violently.

“Hua hua Wow~!!!”

A sound like a stream of water rang in the air.

An extremely overbearing aura, resembling a king-level ominous beast roar, burst out, flooding the sky and the ground, and instantly covering Ye Tiansheng.


Ye Tiansheng’s body trembled.

A translucent protective cover appeared above the head and the surface of the body.


Horrible pressure, dropping from the sky.

On the ground, the people who were closer to the War Zone moved backwards.

“Half-step Innate…no, Innate! How could Xiao Futu release pressure comparable to Innate realm?”

Someone screamed.

“Not only the pressure of Innate realm, Xiao Futu’s imposing manner seems to have been improved to a certain extent, and it has suddenly expanded more than ten times!”

Another person said solemnly, “This kind of promotion consumes a lot. It seems Xiao Futu is really angry!”

“Can you not be angry? Ye Tiansheng is only the last one, but he is tied with him. Anyone who changes will be angry!”

“Xiao Futu’s Innate pressure seems to be inspired by the Treasure Item.”

“The power of the Treasure Item? Even if it is inspired by the Treasure Item, Xiao Futu has the means!”

“Hehe, Xiao Futu’s true strength is more than half an Innate!”


Those who retreated to the distance to watch the battle, discuss spiritedly.

“Tsk, Xiao Futu is angry, Ye Tiansheng is miserable now.” Yuan didn’t say taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

“It’s not necessarily.” Tang Mubai chuckled lightly.

Yuan didn’t say hearing this, but he was puzzled, “How to say?”

Tang Mubai, “Look at it and understood.”



High altitude.

Xiao Futu waved the black fan, and a glorious light flashed out from the surface of the black fan.

Whiz whiz whiz !

The rays of light emerged, extremely dazzling.

The power of an instant seems to be able to cover the sky and the sun, condensing into a gorgeous streamer in the air, twisting and twisting.

In the faint, entrained the sound of tiger’s roar dragon’s cry, echoing high in the sky.

“Good to come!”

Face the attack.

Ye Tiansheng didn’t evade, loudly shouting, and his imposing manner skyrocketed.

With a punch, the air of ice filled, and within a few tenths of a second, a wall of ice was born out of thin air, blocking Xiao Futu’s volley.

Afterwards, the icy breath permeated and confronted Xiao Futu.

“hmph! ”

Xiao Futu smiled coldly.

At the next moment, the figure shook suddenly, moving quickly in the air like a swimming fish, flashing left and right, moving towards Ye Tiansheng flew over.

People are in the air.

Countless brilliant streamers carried the majestic trend and blasted out with all their strength.

“bang! !!”

There was a loud noise in the air.

A powerful force pulled out a gorgeous tail in midair. At first glance, it seemed as if there was a long dragon of strength floating behind Xiao Futu, breaking through the air.


Ye Tiansheng slashed in the front.

This blade is not only the cold ice astral energy, but also the extremely hot real sun astral energy.

The two forces of ice and fire blended, forming the Ice Flame battle saber, tearing countless air currents.

“bang bang bang!”


The dull and loud loud noise echoed in the air.

The Ice Flame battle saber cut out by Ye Tiansheng and Xiao Futu’s attack squeezed and impacted each other.

Seen from the ground, it looks like two balls of light when you push me and I let you in. Pushing around constantly in the air, forming two entirely different camps, constantly attacking.

It wasn’t until 7 minutes had passed before I heard a sound of “Peng” and Xiao Futu’s attack vanished.

Ye Tiansheng’s Ice Flame battle saber also slowly dissipated in the air.

“Okay, Ye Tiansheng, you are more than the last number one, and it’s okay to count first!”

Xiao Futu sneered, cold light flashing in his eyes.

The voice fell, and his figure flickered again, like a Flood Dragon, heading straight towards Ye Tiansheng.

Beng beng beng!

The speed is too fast, causing a series of muffled noises in the air.

The silhouette of Xiao Futu flickered, like a shooting star, directly towards Ye Tiansheng.


Ye Tiansheng’s expression remained unchanged, and he punched out at the same time. The two forces of ice and true sun blended together again, swept half of the sky, wrapped in a terrifying imposing manner, and hit the Xiao Futu who rushed forward with heavy strikes.


“Bang pa!!!!”

There was a loud noise.

The energy generated by the impact erupted and “heavy rain” broke out, and countless energy moved towards all around spurted out.

The turbulent air current swept away, covering Ye Tiansheng and Xiao Futu, making it impossible to see the specific situation from the outside.

Although the breath was disordered, Ye Tiansheng was not affected.

As he moved his body, he pointed at Xiao Futu gently.

call out! call out! Huh~

one after another fierce energy, like Flying Sword, with a bright cold light, flew out from Ye Tiansheng’s fingertips.

At a speed surpassing the sound, he penetrated the chaotic area and hit Xiao Futu who had reacted but couldn’t dodge.

Only three muffled sounds of “pu, puff, puff” were heard.

Xiao Futu’s thighs, lower abdomen, and chest, at three locations, exploded three clusters of blood at the same time.


Xiao Futu was actually injured!

Three blood holes were punched by Ye Tiansheng, and the blood was spilled.

On the ground, all spectators were in an uproar when they saw this scene.

“Fuck, Ye Tiansheng is so awesome!”

“Xiao Futu is right, Ye Tiansheng is okay if he is number one!”

“Uh, I really want to know, how did they fight?”


Tang Mubai is also curious.

Why did Xiao Futu fight Ye Tiansheng?

The ranking gap between the two is too big, and it stands to reason that even if they meet, they will not go together.

Xiao Futu was also injured now.

What for?

“Brother Tang, what is that guy doing?”

Yuan Bushuo suddenly screamed and stretched out his hand to a small soil slope not far away, where there was a rock exposed on the ground.

At this moment, a silhouette is holding up the stone to go.

“Put down the stone!”

Tang Mubai just raised his eyes, Ye Tiansheng in the air was shouting loudly, condescending, his fingertips flying out of horrible energy.

The silhouette holding the stone heard the shout, decisively speeded up, and the figure flickered, fleeing far away, making Ye Tiansheng’s attack empty.



In the air, the injured Xiao Futu ignored Ye Tiansheng, following closely from behind.

Ye Tiansheng also hurried to catch up.

2 People were in the air, chasing the silhouette on the ground, and disappeared from everyone’s vision.

“Uh, dare they fight for a stone?”

“This stone was still snatched away by someone taking the opportunity?”

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