Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 521

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“What stone is that?”

“It must be a good thing! Go, follow!”


The spectators finished their discussions, and chased after them enthusiastically.

The stones that Xiao Futu and Ye Tiansheng could fight for and compete for were absolutely extraordinary.

This kind of good thing, even if you can’t get it, just look at it.

A group of people immediately performed their martial arts, chasing Xiao Futu and Ye Tiansheng.

“Let’s go and see too.”

Yuan did not say when he saw it, he greeted Tang Mubai and followed behind.

“it is good.”

Tang Mubai nodded, 2 people rose into the air, followed at a moderate pace.

dong dong dong ~

On the ground not far behind him, the golden bone demon followed his steps, walking slowly.


shua ~ shua ~ shua ~ ~

Woo! Woo! Woo!

The 3 people running in the front are the fastest.

Grabbing the silhouette of the stone, rushing from left to right, avoiding corners from time to time, trying to get rid of the chase.

But Ye Tiansheng and Xiao Futu did not fall.

And at a certain moment, two people tacitly fought back and forth, blocking the silhouette in a slit.


Xiao Futu opened the black fan in his hand and brought out a sound of metal rubbing.

“Lu 100, don’t want to die, just put the stone down.” Xiao Futu stared at the silhouette cold and severe, gloomily said.

Ranked 9th, the stone grabbing dragon ranking, Lu 100, nicknamed “Bloodhand Magic Arrow”.

“Hehe.” Lu 100 smiled and didn’t smile, “Xiao Futu, you’re dying, you were actually injured by the last guy.”

“Let down!” Xiao Futu ignored his words and shouted coldly again, “Let down the stone, otherwise…”

“Otherwise, would you join forces with this guy to kill me?”

Lu 100 rolled his eyes and smiled, Ye Tiansheng raised his eyebrows at Xiaofutu, jokingly, “For the sake of the Void Stone, you really don’t even want your face.”


Xiao Futu’s face turned ugly, and Ye Tiansheng was also stagnant.

When Lu 100 said the second half of the sentence, his voice was not low.

The crowd chasing behind basically heard it.


“Void Stone! It turned out to be a Void Stone!”

“I know, I know this stone is not simple, didn’t expect it is a void stone!”

“Tsk, it’s no wonder Ye Tiansheng and Xiao Futu almost broke their heads for this stone.”


The crowd catching up in an uproar.

Before approaching the location of Xiaofutu, Ye Tiansheng, and Lu 100, each and everyone stopped and looked at the Void Stone and the three people with different expressions.

“It’s actually a void stone, such a big void stone!”

Yuan did not speak and was amazed, looking towards Lu 100, the stone he was holding in his arms, his eyes shone with brilliance.

“Didn’t expect this Secret Realm Space to have a void stone.” Tang Mubai raised his eyebrows.

“Yes, there are no spiritual medicine, spirit wood, ominous beast, Giant Insect, just a bone race, but I cherish a lot of ore, I have picked up a lot before, but there are also’void stones’, which are still so big. It’s not simple.” Yuan Bu praised.

The creatures in this Secret Realm Space have long been extinct by the Bone Demon, but various special stones have been left behind.

The Bone Demon is not interested in most of the stones, and the various ores left behind have become the martial artist of the genius on the Thang Long list.

Ye Tiansheng and Xiao Futu discovered the “Void Stone” and fought for it. It was just a microcosm. I don’t know how many similar battles will follow.

Void stone, the stone of Space Attribute, is the main material for refining the space Treasure Item.

The function of the space Treasure Item is not only to store items.

Other uses, the power played out, are beyond imagination.

Space Treasure Item until now is very rare, and Void Stone is even less pitiful.

Regardless of whether it is a space Treasure Item or a void stone, its value cannot be measured.

It was found in Secret Realm that almost everyone at the scene was a little excited.

This is also the reason why Lu 100 deliberately made loud noises and Xiao Futu’s face was ugly.

Let everyone know the “Void Stone”, the more people will snatch it.

The more people there are, the better for Lu 100, he can take the opportunity to escape.

How could Xiao Futu and Ye Tiansheng fail to see this calculation.

Immediately, the two men suddenly one after the other, attacking Lu 2.


Lu 100 also simply, seeing that the two people really joined forces, he simply threw the “Void Stone” in his arms into the air.


“‘Void Stone’ this thing, everyone has a share!”

“Haha, good throw!”


The crowd cheered and shot, rushing into the air.


Xiao Futu complexion ashen, the black magic fan “shua~ shua~ shua~” shot out one after another black light, sweeping the looters.

“hmph! ”

Ye Tiansheng also coldly shouted, cold and hot fist marks, entangled with each other, strikes out.

The robbing crowd, not to be outdone, each and everyone volleyed to fight against Ye Tiansheng and Xiao Futu.

Again, the ranking on the Rising Dragon Ranking does not represent true strength.

Xiao Futu Ranked 3rd, few people are his opponents alone, but everyone goes together, even if he and Ye Tiansheng join forces, there is no way to take advantage.

In a hurry, a group of people fought into a ball.

Fist print, palm print, sword energy, knife light, stick shadow, axe light…

All kinds of attacks, energy fluctuations are constantly stirring in the air, chaotic.

Yuan didn’t say he didn’t join, but he didn’t watch the excitement, but circled around looking for opportunities.

Tang Mubai did not join either, only his eyes were firmly locked on the “Void Stone”.

When Lu 100 found the “Void Stone” in the crowd and wanted to fish it up.


The huge “Void Stone” suddenly disappeared.

Lu 100’s outstretched hand made a gap, he opened his eyes and looked carefully.

Did not find, close your eyes, open your eyes, search again.

Still not!

The Void Stone is gone! ?

“Don’t fight, don’t fight.”

Lu 100’s voice slowly increased, and finally roared, “Don’t fight motherfucker! The Void Stone is gone!”


The chaotic scene stopped abruptly.

Everyone stopped their movements, looked towards Lu 100, and then turned their heads 4 to look for the Void Stone.

As a result, the huge void stone really disappeared!

“what happened?”

“Did someone take it?”

“Such a large void stone, it was taken away, impossible, nothing happened!”


On the spot blasting the pot, you look at me, I look at you, everyone is the object of suspicion by another person.

Void Stone this thing, everyone wants it.

No matter who takes it, it will be attacked by groups.

Even Xiao Futu is the same!

It disappeared suddenly, someone must have taken it.

Who is this guy?



After the uproar, no one spoke again at the scene, but they doubted each other.

Xiao Futu gloomy face Pang, everyone looks like a thief.

There was no smile on Ye Tiansheng’s face, cold and severe in his calm.

Lu 100 has the fiercest gaze. He grabs this and looks at that.

Yuan Bu said a little dumbfounded, standing at the outermost periphery, his mouth opened and he didn’t know what to say.

Tang Mubai calmly looked around the audience.

Where is the Void Stone?

Of course it was taken into the system space by him!

This kind of precious stone is that’s all if you don’t find it. If you happen to see it, then you can get a piece of it and take it away. It’s best.

No one noticed, and no one noticed the process of taking it away.

The void stone is so big that if it is not in the system space, Tang Mubai can’t take it with him even if he gets it.

As for other people, no matter how angry and aggrieved, it has nothing to do with Tang Mubai.

Whether it is Xiao Futu or Ye Tiansheng, they are all clouds.


“Whoever took it, stand up!”

In the silence, Lu 100 gritted his teeth and broke the silence and said, “Stand up now, I can forget the past!”



Everyone scorned and laughed.


Your Lu 100 is great, but they are not bad either!

Group attack, two more Lu 2 will have to kneel!

What people didn’t expect was that Xiao Futu was also involved.

“I won’t pay it now. After you disperse, I will talk to you one by one.”

Xiao Futu said, “I have remembered you, no matter where you are hiding, I promise to find out!”

There was a commotion in the crowd, and finally it was calm.

Xiao Futu really wanted to retaliate one by one, they really didn’t dare.

Fight alone, Xiao Futu will only win.

However, even so, no one was acting on the scene.

Because the Void Stone was taken away by Tang Mubai!

Where did they go to make a new piece?

“Oh, no one took it, when I was cracking a joke?” Xiao Futu coldly shouted, cold light flashing in his eyes.

Lu 100 was more direct and threatened, “Don’t let me search each and everyone!”


Yuan didn’t say anything but sneered, “Then you came to search for it!”

He hates threats, especially what Lu 100 said.

Not generally annoying!

“Don’t say Yuan, you got it?” Lu 100 hearing this, pointed the finger at Yuan and said nothing.

“Which eye did you see that I took it?” Yuan Bu said he unceremoniously countered.

“Then what are you talking nonsense?” Lu 100 coldly shouted, “If you have nothing to do with you, just close your mouth.”

Yuan said he didn’t appreciate it, “I want to say, what can you do with me?”


“Enough!” Xiao Futu said in a low voice, and interrupted in a deep voice, “Shut up! Since no one has come forward, well, I will find you one by one! Including you!”

He stretched his hand towards Tang Mubai, his eyes were cold.

Everyone on the scene is the object of his suspicion!

“Find me?”

Tang Mubai chuckled, “Okay, just come.”

Uh ~

Behind him, a heavy sound suddenly came.

The next moment, the golden bone demon ten meters tall and huge body, revealing his figure.

“Dong dong dong” came to the scene step by step.

The silent crowd suddenly burst into an uproar.

“Not good, it’s a bone… No, it’s a golden bone!”

“How can there be golden bone? How can this kind of life have such a high level?”


The scene fell into a panic, and the crowd scattered all around to escape.

Obviously, facing the golden bone, I can’t care about the “Void Stone”.

No matter how good the gems are, they have to live to enjoy them.

“and many more!”

At this moment, Yuan Bu said loudly yelled, “Don’t be afraid, this golden bone has been tamed by Brother Tang!”


The scene was silent.

The person who ran out was stiff in place with an incredible face.

each and everyone the boss opened his mouth and his face appeared funny.

looked towards Yuan Bushuo’s gaze was full of exploration.

you sure?

“I confirm!”

Yuan didn’t say loudly said, “This golden bone is really Brother Tang’s. If you don’t believe it, let’s see Brother Tang’s performance.”

After all, he looked towards Tang Mubai.


Tang Mubai tipped his toes and rose into the air, landing on top of the golden bone demon, overlooking the crowd.

The scene was silent, and many people opened their mouths, unable to close together for a long time.


The golden bone was really tamed!

And it’s Tang Mubai of Ranked 1st 100!

How did you do it?

How exactly is this done?

In the eyes of everyone at the scene, even if Tang Mubai conceals his strength, he is impossible to reach the Innate realm and can suppress the king-level ominous beast and Inhuman creature.

And the golden bone…

The bone family in this Secret Realm, the silver bone is equivalent to Lord level.

The golden bone at Level 1 is undoubtedly king.

The king-level Inhuman creature, tamed by Tang Mubai, is incredible!

“I remember, Tang Mubai had a king-level spirit cow outside, acting as a mount!”

Someone murmured suck in a cold breath.

“That king-level spirit bull mount, isn’t it his Master’s?” Someone retorted.

“Then what’s the matter with you?” Others asked, “It’s not that Tang Mubai himself tamed, is it possible that Golden bone surrendered himself?”


Yeah, I want the golden bone to lower its head, almost impossible.

Even if it is the Winter King, it is not necessarily the golden bone.

Tang Mubai can, showing that he is unique.

This is enough.

Everyone is discussed spiritedly.

Tang Mubai chuckled, secretly thought golden bone demon came in time.

“Xiao Futu, I am waiting for you to find me.”

After the words, Tang Mubai stepped on the top of the golden bone demon and motioned to the golden bone demon to leave.


Golden Bone Demon glanced at everyone on the scene, turned his body, and stepped back.

With the sound of heavy footsteps, everyone’s eyes fell on Xiao Futu.

Just now Xiao Futu wanted to go to Tang Mubai to talk to him, they all heard it!

As a result, Tang Mubai has the golden bone mount, does Xiao Futu dare to go?

Wang-level Inhuman creature, is Xiao Futu sure to be able to fight?

For the existence of Bone Race, they basically killed a lot.

Disassembled, disassembled, broken into bones, will not die at all.

Only broken into pieces and powder will not be resurrected and reorganized.

As a well-known figure of golden bone, its immortality will only be stronger!

Can Xiaofutu work?

The scene was silent.

Everyone looked towards Xiao Futu, with different expressions.

Xiaofutu complexion is the terrifying of gloomy, with fire breathing in his eyes.

Growing up, this is his first shame!

But he couldn’t help it, so he had to endure aggrievedly.

That’s right.

He knew that he was not the opponent of golden bone, but Tang Mubai could not help.

I really want to ask Tang Mubai about the situation and force a body search. It will only be him who is bad luck.

Especially when Tang Mubai has the least suspicion.

Tang Mubai did not participate in the melee just now, nor did he approach, the farthest away.

The chance of snatching the “Void Stone” is too small.

The “Void Stone” is huge, and Lu 100 needs to hold it in his arms after stealing it.

If Tang Mubai really got it, where could he hide it?

Therefore, if he doesn’t lose his face, he has to lose it!

“Xiao Futu, I also welcome you to come to me.”

Yuan Bushuo held back his laugh, greeted Xiao Futu, turned and left.

When other people saw this, they left.

Ye Tiansheng and Lu 100 also swept away quickly.

Leave Xiao Futu alone, roar towards the sky like a vent.

A dull and suppressed thunder explosion came from a distant sky almost at the same time.

“Boom ~~~”

The sound of thunder passed four parties, and the void trembled slightly.

The people scattered around Secret Realm listened to their ears, all looking up.

In the field of vision, a snow-white beam of light was rising into the sky!

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