Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 522

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“Someone is breaking through!”

Yuan Bushuo caught up with Tang Mubai and looked at the snowy white light pillar in the distance, surprised.

“It’s the Winter King!”

Ye Tiansheng also chased him, floating in midair not far from Tang Mubai, his eyes glowing, astonished, “The Winter King is at the breakthrough Innate! It’s just that the movement is a bit big!”

“Yes, the energy of Heaven and Earth in this Secret Realm Space is thin, and Power of Heaven and Earth is not much. Even if the Winter King breaks through Innate, the natural phenomenon that it produces should have a small range of influence, how can it be so large?” Yuan said Wondering.

“Maybe it has something to do with the location of the Winter King breakthrough.” Tang Mubai muttered, “Let’s take a look at it and we will know what’s going on.”

“it is good!”

Yuan didn’t say nodded, he also wanted to know what was going on.

Void Stone is certainly a good thing, but it has been exposed, and the probability of him wanting to get it is too low.

I didn’t see Ye Tiansheng had given up altogether!

Xiao Futu was unwilling and was still looking for it.

As for being injured by Ye Tiansheng, that is a trivial matter, and there are opportunities to get back to the place.

The whereabouts of the void stone is the key.

And this, he is destined to be lost and disappointed.


Winter King breakthrough Innate, too much movement.

People scattered everywhere, those who were close, ran over to check.

The Tang Mubai 3 people did not come the fastest. After arriving at the breakthrough location, they stood in a good position. As soon as the golden bone demon appeared, other people around them avoided.

At this time, the crowd of onlookers saw the Winter King half and half the golden bone demon at the feet of Tang Mubai.

Tang Mubai ignored all around and looked through the place of the Winter King, in a sinkhole full of ice blue crystals.

He who mastered High Level Temperature Control Divine Ability, keenly discovered that there was a problem with this sinkhole.

The temperature is extremely low, but it contains a lot of life.

Not the vitality of vegetation or animals, but the vitality of ice.

As if the ice cube has life?

“It’s 1000 Years of Ice Soul!”

Tang Mubai was observing, and Yuan Bushuo was also pondering. Ye Tiansheng’s eyes lit up suddenly and he recognized the situation in the sinkhole.

“It’s actually 1000 Years of Ice Soul! No wonder the Winter King was so dynamic during the breakthrough!”

“She is using the power of the 1000-year-old Ice Apparition to break through Innate!”

“Tsk tsk, itself is the Winter Bloodline, and now with the addition of 1000 Years of Ice Soul, the breakthrough of the Winter King, the realm after entering Innate, it is absolutely not simple, maybe you can get through the Divine Ability in one breath!”

Ye Tiansheng was full of amazement, looking at the Winter King whose silhouette was wrapped in rays of light in the tiankeng, and said with emotion.

“It turns out to be Ice Soul 1000.”

Yuan didn’t talk about hearing this, but echoed with praise, “This makes sense, why is it possible to create such a big movement. There are 1000-year-old Ice Apparitions here, but there is not much Heaven and Earth energy, which is surprising.”

“It’s not surprising that although the local aborigines and bone races do not absorb the energy of Heaven and Earth, these things live by swallowing soul energy, and other lives are exterminated by them, but they are not interested in ore and ice. Even for 1000 years Ice souls are of no use to them either.” Tang Mubai analyzed.

“That’s it too.”

Yuan didn’t say nodded, “The Bone Race is not interested, but the Winter King is cheaper, including the previous Void Stones, which are all Bone Race…Fuck, what does that guy want to do?”

Yuan Bu said suddenly exclaimed.

There was a commotion from other people around.

But it was a silhouette that suddenly flew across the sky to the tiankeng, with a long spear in his hand, with rays of light, pointing straight to the winter king at the breakthrough.

“courting death !”

angry roar, and then sounded.

Hum ~!

The air seemed to burst and suddenly became extremely hot.

Outside the tiankeng, there was a fiery red silhouette, and lightning flashed out to intercept the opponent.

“It’s Mo Kailiu!”

Yuan Bushuo narrowed his eyes, “This guy wants to interrupt the Winter King’s breakthrough!”

Mo Kailiu, an expert of Ranked 8th on the Thang Long List, is nicknamed “Big Dipper Spear King”. Laozi is a “divine spear”. Like the “Vicious Face Sage”, he was one of the murderers who destroyed the Spirit Realm family.

Tang Mubai didn’t have much hatred for him, and it was Su Lingxi who had hatred.

For this reason, I didn’t feel much after seeing Mo Kailiu before.

But at this moment, I can see that this guy actually tried to interrupt the Winter King’s breakthrough!

“Who is intercepting?” Tang Mubai asked.

“It’s Xiahua!”

Ye Tiansheng said, “Like Dong Wang Yi, Xia Hua is also a member of the Aristocratic Family in the 4th season, but belongs to the summer, cultivation Fire Attribute, and the mood of summer.”

“Xia Hua has heard about it. The ranking is not high. She didn’t make it to the top 40 in the Shenglong list. Didn’t expect also concealed her strength.” Yuan Bushuo looked at a young man who had stopped Mo Kailiu, slightly surprised. Tao.

That’s right, Xia Hua is not a woman, but a handsome guy who looks handsome and brave out of the ordinary…

“Aristocratic Family in season 4, how could it be weak?” Tang Mubai said after listening.

“Yes, none of these ancient Aristocratic families is simple.” Yuan Bu said, sighed.

Ye Tiansheng didn’t say anything, but his eyes flickered rays of light.


Over the Tiankeng.

Xia Hua took a sudden step, approaching Mo Kailiu.

The long knife in his hand, raised high, emits a terrifying heat wave, slashing through the air like a cut.


The knife light flashed, and the heat flow swept across.

Without blinking his eyelids, Mo Kailiu waved a long spear towards the hacked Blade Qi, gently blocking.


The Blade Qi cut out by Xia Hua was instantly disintegrated.

Immediately, Mo Kailiu said with a smile, “You are a summer person, why do you need to help winter? If I remember correctly, you have a conflict between summer and winter, until now, right?”

“That’s our business, it has nothing to do with you.” Xia Hua drank low.

“So, are you in charge?” Mo Kailiu coldly shouted.

“What do you mean!” Xia Hua slashed out.



Mo Kailiu swayed again, and immediately, shouted, “Since you are courting death, then I will fulfill you!”

After the conversation, Mo Kailiu’s expression cold, his imposing manner suddenly rises and boils. Holding a gun in both hands, facing Xia Hua, it was a quick assassination.

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

The rays of light bloomed, and countless gun shadows passed quickly in the void.

The terrifying speed directly tore the air into pieces.

“Go to death!”

Mo Kailiu yelled.

Endless robbing of the shadows, with horror energy, rolling all the way to Xia Hua.

“You think you can kill me, you are not qualified!”

The bright light glittering in Xia Hua’s eyes, the battle saber held in her hand between the steps, hacked out again.


The violent Blade Qi and the gun shadow suddenly collided violently.



Tang Mubai watched as he said, “This summer flower actually didn’t condense astral energy, nor did it use Thaumaturgy, secret technique and other methods. It only relied on its own physical strength. By the way, it also has a knife power, not a knife intent!”

“Oh, it’s not simple. I guess I want to take this opportunity to hone my sword intent.” Yuan did not say in agreement.

“Do you regard others as grinding blade stone?” Tang Mubai raised an eyebrow.

“This summer flower is not simple.” Ye Tiansheng chuckled lightly.


“bang!” “bang!” “bang!” “bang!”

Over the Tiankeng.

One after another Blade Qi, quickly cut out from Xia Hua’s battle saber. The gun shadow of Mo Kailiu collided in midair and exploded to produce a firework-like brilliance.

The two people seemed to be fighting fiercely, but they didn’t try their best. They seemed to have scruples.

Hunting and hunting wind, suddenly filled the sky above the tiankeng.

However, with the passage of time, in the face of fierce knife light and hot air currents, Mo Kailiu’s attack speed is getting faster and faster, and it seems that he has a terrifying general trend of destroying everything.

In Xiahua, every knife is as heavy as a mountain and hot as a sea.

The artistic conception of summer, combined with Fire Attribute saber technique, smashed into the air, making a loud noise like thunder.

Fight dozens of rounds, no one can do nothing.

The battle ended in a tie?

Around the Tiankeng, everyone couldn’t help but look dumbfounded.

“Awesome, this summer flower ranks so low, it can actually be on par with Mo Kai Liu Zhan?”

“Yes, Mo Kailiu is eighth, and Xia Hua, who is ranked so low, can actually tie him?”

“In my opinion. Now neither of them has a trick, and their respective battle strengths haven’t exploded yet. Mo Kailiu may want to kill Xia Hua behind!”

“There is this possibility.”


Several people who watched the game speculated.


Over the Tiankeng.

Mo Kailiu’s voice suddenly increased between attacks.

“Xia Hua, use your tricks. With just a few strokes, you can’t kill me.” Mo Kailiu rolled around in an imposing manner, overlapping gun shadows, tearing the air.

“It doesn’t matter if you can’t kill it, as long as you can stop you.” Xia Hua followed suit, waving a knife and meeting force with force.

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

Two of them shot the knife quickly and the long spear broke through. The sharp Blade Qi, terrifying gun shadow, left one after another clearly visible trace all around the Tiankeng.

“Boom ~ boom ~ …”

The dull sound, resounding non-stop, always incessantly, shot out and passed through the audience. The rays of light produced by the burst made several people subconsciously close their eyes.

Mo Kailiu didn’t feel angry after listening to Xia Hua’s words. While attacking, she sarcastically said, “You want to use my oppression to complete the condensing of the sword intent, right?”


Xia Hua’s pupils shrank slightly, and she shouted inwardly in her heart.

That’s right, he made this kind of calculation. Now that Mo Kailiu could see it, he simply chose to be silent.

He didn’t say, Mo Kailiu’s smile was even better.

“Silence is the default.”

Mo Kailiu yelled, “You want to use me as a grinding blade stone, but unfortunately, the strength is not enough!”

Boom ~! !! !!

A terrifying aura suddenly swelled and exploded. The power of terrifying crushed the air.

Seeing Mo Kailiu’s figure moving, the long spear in his hand turned into a shadow, speed to the pinnacle, piercing the air, and evolving into one after another terrifying wind blade, driven by the penetrating wind, All the way forward, straight towards Xia Hua.

“Huh!” “Huh!” “Huh!~”

The gang wind howled, soaring up into the sky.

Mo Kailiu’s imposing manner is like a rainbow, like a War God, approaching Xia Hua step by step.


“Don’t make a trick!”

A martial artist recognized what was going on and shouted.

“Tsk, if Xia Hua didn’t have a trump card trick, it would be uncomfortable.”

“Aristocratic Family season 4, definitely has a hole card!”


The crowd onlookers excitedly discussed.

“Through True Fire.”

Yuan didn’t say that his eyes were shining, “Mo Kailiu played True Fire and didn’t want to play with Xia Hua.”

“This summer flower doesn’t fall so easily.” Tang Mubai raised an eyebrow.

“I think so too.” Ye Tiansheng chuckled, “Maybe, Mo Kailiu is not his opponent!”



During the discussion, the battle started again.

The Winter King is still in the breakthrough.

Affected by the 1000-year-old Ice Soul, entering Innate has the advantage of stronger strength after the breakthrough, but the disadvantage is that the breakthrough time is a bit longer.

Unlike Tang Mubai, after pulling Power of Heaven and Earth, it took less than 3 minutes to complete the Taoist sacrifice. Few people have seen the natural phenomenon produced. At most, I heard the sound and found that the Power of Heaven and Earth of Secret Realm was subject to fluctuations.

The Heaven and Earth energy and Power of Heaven and Earth in Secret Realm are very few in themselves, and the self cannot be born. They basically come from other Secret Realm or the Great World outside.

The King of Winter did not absorb Power of Heaven and Earth anymore at this time. The Power of Heaven and Earth that was initially pulled by it was just a foundation. The key to the real breakthrough is the 1000-year-old Ice Apparition, a kind of vital Ice Attribute. Energy, heavenly materials, earthly treasures of nearly seven revolutions!

It replaces Power of Heaven and Earth in a sense, completing the baptism of the subsequent body, the sacrifice of Taoism, the opening of spiritual fields, and the birth of spirit strength!


Over the Tiankeng.

Xia Hua seems to be suppressed, but Essence, Qi, and Spirit are particularly comfortable.

The mysterious feeling brought by the slow condensing of the sword intent made him want to have the urge to laugh.

Chi! chi! chi!

The invisible knife force, mixed with a bit of knife intent that will disappear at any time, with each swing of the knife, it grows evenly and slowly.

“Hurry up……”

Xia Hua inwardly shouted joyfully in the heart while under pressure.

However, at this time…

“Xia Hua! Die!”

Mo Kailiu yelled.

The long spear in his hand suddenly turned into countless gun shadows, crashing down towards Xia Hua. Terrifying power, evolving like a wave storm. roar roared and rolled out.

“bang! !!-“

Void trembles, unmatched, just like Tianhe, roaring through the sky.

“pu! ””pu! ””pu!”

The gun shadow tore the air and fell all around the ground and the bottom of the sinkhole, leaving each and everyone deep ravines. The wind is dancing, between Heaven and Earth flying sand running stone.

But at this time, Xia Hua’s sword intent was completely consolidated with this final blow.

Whoosh! ——

Xia Hua, who reached the goal, moved quickly to avoid the frontal attack. When she appeared again, the battle saber in her hand was facing the back of Mo Kailiu, and she quickly hacked.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

The battle saber astral energy exploded completely, and the Blade Qi heavily turned into a wind blade, roaring above the sky hole.

The speed to the pinnacle makes the Blade Qi superimpose, like a knife gang, extracting all the air.

“break for me !”

Xia Hua yelled, the battle saber blessed by the sword’s intent uttered a trembling, driven by the terrorist force, a muffled thunder-like explosion erupted over the tiankeng.

Bang! bang! bang!


Listening to the sound, Mo Kailiu noticed something was wrong, his face changed suddenly.

Xia Hua’s speed was too fast, and his attack didn’t hit a single spot, so he avoided or defeated all of them.

This made him a little crazy.

Faced with the 3rd-layer attacks of Blade Intent, Summer Artistic Conception, and Fire Attribute, Mo Kailiu resisted for a while and had to admit his fate and prepare to withdraw.

But just when he temporarily forced Xia Hua back with a shot, and turned around—


The void trembled suddenly.

An icy air suddenly fuse together with Heaven and Earth to achieve Perfection.

And at the next moment, a cold light rose from the bottom of the sinkhole, hitting Mo Kailiu who was aware of the crisis and wanted to escape.


Accompanied by the abnormal sound, the cold light penetrated Mo Kailiu’s chest and back, freezing his entire body, turning it into an ice sculpture, and falling to the ground with a “bang”, smashing into pieces.

【Vitality +98】

The recovery prompt flashed.

Tang Mubai did not pay attention, but looked towards a silhouette in the center of the tiankeng.

Dong Wang, successfully entered Innate?

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