Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 523

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The symbol of breakthrough Innate is to open up spiritual fields and give birth to spiritual strength.

Of course, the body of heaven and man is one of them.

It’s just that, like Winter King and Xia Hua, the children of the Ancient Family from the 4 seasons of Aristocratic Family, relying on Bloodline inheritance, shaping the body of heaven and man does not have to rely on the washing of Power of Heaven and Earth.

Their powerful Bloodline Strength can condense the body of heaven and man!

Innate’s human body, and then open up a spiritual field, for people with special constitution and bloodline, it is not difficult.

The reason why Tang Mubai deliberately concealed it was that he had no backing and no strong back.

If it’s Winter King or Xia Hua, there is no problem.

Bloodline in season 4 is itself one of the representatives of power.

For this reason, Winter King Breakthrough Innate may have as few steps as Tang Mubai!



Yuan Bu said suddenly said, “The Winter King succeeded, and I was promoted to Innate! tsk tsk, I don’t know how old she is, such a young Innate realm!”

In the center of the tiankeng, a qi machine that blends the element and the yuan is gradually raised.

In addition, there is also the breath of ice, which is getting colder and quieter, with the real taste of 10000 things withering.

The thin Heaven and Earth energy in the sky has been drawn by planning.

All this shows that the King of Winter has successfully advanced to Innate!

“Innate, who is less than 30 years old, is really amazing.” Ye Tiansheng echoed and said with emotion, “Unfortunately, I tried to stop him, but he became the first dead soul of the Winter King after breakthrough Innate.”

“That was his own courting death.” Yuan didn’t say coldly shouted.

“Mo Kailiu was courting death, but if it weren’t for Xia Hua, he might have succeeded.”

Tang Mubai whispered, “I’m very curious, why does he want to prevent the Winter King’s breakthrough? He had hatred before?

“Who knows.” Yuan didn’t say shrugged.

“No matter what it was for, people are dead anyway, no matter how great aspirations are, they are all over.”

Ye Tiansheng said with emotion. Immediately, said resolutely, “The Winter King breakthrough has arrived in Innate, and I should work hard, Brother Tang, Brother Yuan, goodbye!”

After the conversation, his body flickered, found a direction, and flew away.

“This guy is right. The promotion of the Winter King to Innate is really enviable. I have to work hard, Brother Tang, let’s say goodbye!”

Yuan Bu said cupped the hands towards Tang Mubai, and chose a direction to leave.

“Good luck to you.”

Tang Mubai smiled and watched the two people disappear into view.

Not only Ye Tiansheng and Yuan did not say, the Tiankeng was all around, and the other spectators were also stimulated, each and everyone turned and left.

The Winter King was promoted to Innate, and the gap with them widened again.

They are all geniuses. Who is not proud, who wants to succumb to others?

Breakthrough !

Only breakthrough Innate can catch up with each and everyone opponent!

Xia Hua was left alone on the scene soon.

Tang Mubai looked at the Winter King from a distance, and also urged the golden bone demon to leave.

The Winter King is promoted to Innate, and he has to cheer.

Speed ​​up refining the magic ball!

10000 As soon as the King of Winter discovers the secret of Shengtan, Tang Mubai will be happy for nothing.

Hurry up to refining the Demon Orbs and absorb the strange energy in the holy pond, which is the most important thing.

At the moment, Tang Mubai urged the golden bone demon to find a hidden corner.

Release the divine sense, scan all around, make sure there is no one else, take out the magic ball, and refining again.

The refining process is not difficult, it is cumbersome and requires repeated refinement.

During this period, the movement in the demon space will be great.

The golden light on the barren mountain keeps flickering.

Half of the shadow demon, corpse demon, and stone demon in the dark zone are threatened by invisible power.

That is a powerful force that can crush and chop them into mashed meat and turn them into dust, making them instinctively afraid, roar roaring.

Half a Shadow Demon was like a shadow demon, with little power left, and it was currently recovering.

The corpse demon and the stone demon are more crazy, venting as much as they want and hitting the barren mountains.

But no matter how you charge it, it won’t help. The demonic energy is ablated and absorbed immediately after being swept by the golden light.

compelled by circumstances, corpse demon, stone demon, only roaring, trying to shock.

Tang Mubai clearly sensed this, but ignored it.

The Demon Suppressing Orb is completely refining, and the internal situation does not affect the outside at all.

Even if the corpse demon and the stone demon knocked down and smashed the barren mountain, it did not affect them.

What Tang Mubai did was from the outside to the inside, fundamentally turning the Demon Suppression Orb into his own.

Once the refining is successful, the demon bead can be collected within the body, and the Tang Mubai divine sense can be manipulated freely and enter the demon space at will.

The next time you encounter Demonic Creature, Tang Mubai can cover Demonic Creature with divine sense, including the spiritual consciousness of Dream Demon, and then pull Demonic Creature into the demonic space, and slowly drain the demonic energy!

In this one revolution, the corpse demon and the stone demon can’t get involved at all.

What Tang Mubai has to do is to refine it over and over again.

It is time consuming and time consuming.

Fight against the king of winter!

Winter King will be promoted to Innate and will not start acting so quickly. She has to slowly consolidate the realm, and become familiar with Innate’s power before walking in Secret Realm again.

Xia Hua stayed to take care of the Tiankeng because of this.

Both belong to the 4th season of Aristocratic Family, and there are conflicts internally, but externally, the 4 Ji Family has been the same enemy for over 10,000 years.

This is admirable, and Tang Mubai deliberately accelerated the speed of refining.

Secret Realm Space does not have Sun, Moon and Stars, it will always be a gray sky.

The ebbing of time is calculated by oneself.

Tang Mubai passed by for nearly a day, and finally managed to get the Demon Suppression Orb successfully completed.

The corpse demon and stone demon in the demon suppression space are immediately favored by Tang Mubai. The mind controls the demon bead and absorbs the demonic energy from them and transforms it into spirit strength.

That’s right, after refining the Demon Orbs, you don’t need corpse demon or stone demon to enter the barren mountain and be enveloped by golden light. Tang Mubai a single thought can absorb their demonic energy.

The Demon Space is now a cage, where these “prisoners” named Demonic Creature are imprisoned.

When Tang Mubai wants to interrogate the “prisoner”, he will extract it whenever he wants.

Stone demon, corpse demon, half shadow demon, can’t resist, and can’t resist!

Accompanied by the panic roar and screams, resounding through the demon-suppression space, the demonic energy of the corpse demon and the stone demon was absorbed in a few strokes.

This half of the demonic energy is converted into spirit strength, which just fills up 1/4 of the “spiritual field”.

If Tang Mubai absorbs the energy of Heaven and Earth by himself and condenses it into spirit strength, it will take time, and it will not be possible without two weeks.

The energy consumed by Heaven and Earth is transformed into qi and blood, which is more than ten times different compared to spirit strength.

It can be said that the ability to suppress the magic beads greatly reduces Tang Mubai’s time.

The spirit strength of 1/4 spirit field is almost enough.

Tang Mubai immediately took the golden bone demon and returned to the “Holy Lake”.

Still release the divine sense first, scan all around to make sure no one is there.

Tang Mubai tipped his toes and left the golden bone demon, floating above the “Holy Pool”, controlling the spirit strength and pulling the strange energy at the bottom of the “Holy Pool”.

The golden bone demon automatically walks all around to guard against other people.

As guessed, pulled by spirit strength, the strange energy inside “Holy Pool” was immediately drawn out.

Tang Mubai did not directly absorb it, but put all these energy into the system space and put it in a grid.

If the speed is not fast, it does not raise.

One is the first use of spirit strength, and 2 is the strange energy at the bottom of the “Holy Pool”. Even if it is absorbed, it still maintains a strong viscosity and cannot be quickly absorbed.

For this reason, Tang Mubai had to maintain this rhythm, while absorbing it, guarding against all around.

The absorption process took a long time.

During this time, someone approached the “Holy Pond”, but when the golden bone demon discovered it, he frightened away from afar.

Tang Mubai was relaxed. After the spirit strength in the spiritual field was exhausted, he left immediately and stopped staying any longer.

1/4 of the spirit strength is exhausted, and 90% of the strange energy at the bottom of the “Holy Pool” is taken away.

With 1% left, Tang Mubai gave up automatically.

90% of the bizarre energy is almost enough.

Back to the hidden corner, Tang Mubai slowly absorbed these strange energy.

It turns out that once the singular energy is extracted, it directly acts on three aspects.

Body, blood, and Divine Soul are all taken into account.

Immediately, Tang Mubai ran the “3 Yang Yi Qi Jue” to perform body tempering, qi and blood coagulation, and then separate a part of the mind and condense the Divine Soul barrier.

Under the traction, structure and consolidation of divine sense, the Divine Soul barrier is gathered together!

At the same time, three aspects of improvement are carried out. Fortunately, Tang Mubai mental power is strong enough. The body is also the body of heaven and human. It can have both heads.

And the final result of this kind of progress made Tang Mubai quite satisfied.

After all the singular energy is absorbed, the energy and blood directly increase hundreds of thousands of cards!

The body has also undergone a certain transformation, which is different from the transformation of the giant body, but a kind of evolution, sublimation, and possessing certain characteristics.

To put it bluntly, it is a special constitution!

The singular energy transforms the body, changing Tang Mubai’s physique into a special constitution.

As for which aspect, it is not yet clear, and Tang Mubai needs to explore it slowly.

And the final Divine Soul barrier was also successfully condensed!

Once absorbed and condensed, Tang Mubai 3 has been greatly improved.

Now he, in addition to the spirit strength reserves can not keep up, in other aspects that is Innate Peak!

Of course, this is Innate realm.

If you really want to talk about battle strength, Tang Mubai is not afraid of psychic.

The King of Winter advances to Innate. If Tang Mubai wants to defeat her, he can do it with one move.

Well, maybe 3 tricks are needed?

Tang Mubai put away the town magic beads, shook his head and smiled.

He hadn’t played against each other before, and he couldn’t tell the specific tricks.

Because of the 4 seasons of Bloodline, from ancient times to the present!

For this kind of ancient family child, Tang Mubai would not have enough to eat and do nothing, so he would trouble her.


“Hello ~”

The roar of the golden bone demon sounded abruptly.

Tang Mubai immediately gathered his thoughts, followed the prestige, next moment, his eyes slightly stagnated.

“It was her…”

After pondering for a moment, Tang Mubai ordered the golden bone demon to come and help.


The golden bone demon roared, turning his huge body into a rays of light, rushing towards a man and a woman running towards Tang Mubai.

The female ran ahead, the male chased behind.

From time to time, men display martial arts, print each and everyone palm prints, and shoot at women.

Obviously, the woman is running away, and the man is chasing and killing.

Golden Bone Demon suddenly rushed out, both men and women were shocked.

However, the woman was decisive. After the shock, she didn’t turn around and flee, but instead met the golden bone demon, trying to pass under the golden bone demon’s crotch.

Upon seeing this, the man cursed a lunatic secretly, turned around and ran away.

However, at this moment, he saw a scene of consternation.

That is, after the golden bone demon met the woman, he ignored the woman, brushed past the woman and rushed at him fiercely.

Golden Bone Demon’s goal is him!

Upon seeing this, the man cursed, hurriedly took out a spherical Treasure Item, squeezed it quickly, turned into a rays of light, enveloped his body, and disappeared in place.

Uh ~

The golden bone demon jumped for a moment and stopped at the place where the man had disappeared. The Soul Fire in his eye sockets kept beating, obviously looking for a target.

“No need to look, he has already teleported away.”

Tang Mubai walked out of the hidden corner and ordered the golden bone demon.


The golden bone demon roared unwillingly.

“Next time I meet, I can handle him as well.”

Tang Mubai chuckled, and immediately looked towards Xiao Qinglan, slightly curious, “Why were you chased by Hua Xiaolou?”

The woman is Xiao Qinglan, and the one who escaped is Hua Xiaolou, Ranked 9th on the Thang Long List.

Xiao Qinglan Ranked 10th 6.

According to normal circumstances, Hua Xiaolou can only hunt down Xiao Qinglan unless it tries to hide true strength like Ye Tiansheng.

But Xiao Qinglan is in a special situation. She can rise to the Dragon Ranking by relying on a mount, a king-level blue eagle.

As a genius of the Beastmaster, Xiao Qinglan’s strength is to control the beast.

However, Spirit Beast could not enter Secret Realm and Xiao Qinglan’s advantage disappeared immediately.

Regarding the cultivation base of Qi and blood, and the strength of Martial Arts, she can’t even rank 100, so she is naturally not an opponent of Huaxiaolou.

As for Tang Mubai’s willingness to help her this time, it is because of Xiao Qingshan’s face.

Although Tang Mubai and Xiao Qingshan do not have much friendship, but they have a good sense of Xiao Qingshan, after all, they are his fans.

Xiao Qinglan is Xiao Qingshan’s elder sister. Since we met, Tang Mubai doesn’t mind being a leader.


Faced with Tang Mubai’s inquiry, Xiao Qinglan was silent for a while.

On the cold face, the expression is complicated.


Upon seeing this, Tang Mubai coughed lightly, “If you don’t want to say it, it doesn’t matter, I’m just curious anyway.”

After that, Tang Mubai greeted the golden bone demon and turned to leave.

“It’s for the too white fine gold.” Xiao Qinglan suddenly said, “Hua Xiaolou chased me for a piece of too white fine gold in my hand. I finally found that piece of too white fine gold. As a result, it happened to be caught by Hua. I bumped into Xiaolou.”

“so that’s how it is.”

Tang Mubai hearing this, suddenly nodded.

Taibai fine gold, holy wood fine gold, profound water fine gold, sky Fire Essence gold, earth fine gold.

The 5 big fine gold is also Five Elements fine gold.

Anything is rare heavenly materials, earthly treasures.

Among them, Taibai fine gold and holy wood fine gold are especially rare.

When Xiao Qinglan picked up a piece, she had to say that she was very lucky. Of course, she was also very bad luck. She was found and chased.

Tang Mubai owns three of these five fine golds.

Holy Wood Adamantite, Sky Fire Essence Gold, Earth Adamantite!

They are all obtained from high-speed rail clothing.

If you have Taibai fine gold and Xuanshui fine gold, you can create Five Elements Divine Item.

Thinking of this, Tang Mubai looked towards Xiao Qinglan’s gaze, with a hint of joy, “You too white fine gold, would you like to make a deal? I can use the tiger’s mouth to swallow the moon sword for you!”

Swallowing the moon sword with a tiger’s mouth is a spiritual weapon in itself.

Taibai fine gold made a spiritual weapon, and the quality is even worse!

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