Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 524

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After hearing this, Xiao Qinglan was surprised at first, then nodded, and said simply, “Yes.”

Taibai fine gold plus Jinsha can indeed create a spiritual weapon, but the process is not generally troublesome.

The Moon Sword is a ready-made spiritual weapon and can be used directly.

In this transaction, Xiao Qinglan not only did not lose, but made a profit.

As for Zhuge Changshou, the original owner of the Sword Swallowing Moon, Xiao Qinglan said she was not afraid.

The Beastmaster Gate is stronger than the White Tiger Gate in terms of strength and influence.

As long as Secret Realm is out, Xiao Qinglan has some solutions, including the Hua Xiaolou who chased and killed her!

“it is good.”

Tang Mubai hearing this, lightly said with a smile, “That’s all, after going out, exchange in Red Leaves City.”

“Yes.” Xiao Qinglan calmly nodded, paused, and said again, “Taibai fine gold was found in a small within the valley in the west…”

She roughly talked about the location of the place where Taibai fine gold was found.

“many thanks.”

Tang Mubai listened and thanked him.

Xiao Qinglan was repaying the kindness he had just given to help.

I didn’t directly clarify it, it was just my nature, and I didn’t want to say it.

Tang Mubai doesn’t mind either. Since Xiao Qinglan doesn’t want to owe others, he just accepts it.

There is a great chance that there is too white fine gold in places where too white fine gold is found. Even if there is no too white fine gold, there must be other precious ores.

Tang Mubai went, and there was a gain. As for the gain, it depends on luck.


Tang Mubai and Xiao Qinglan bid farewell and drove the golden bone demon to the west.

He swallowed the moon sword in his mouth and placed it in the system space. The reason he wanted to go out to exchange it was just not to expose that he had “Space Treasure Item” that’s all.

Xiao Qinglan didn’t have the slightest doubt about this.

The two were separated, Xiao Qinglan went in the opposite direction, and Tang Mubai went west.

All the people and bone demons encountered on the road bypassed.

The golden bone demon is the king of the bone demon and can control all the bone demon.

With it opening the way, no one would dare to block the way even without the help of other bone demons.

Tang Mubai was quite relaxed about this and went straight to the valley that Xiao Qinglan said.

Halfway through, I suddenly heard a loud noise coming from the left, the energy of Heaven and Earth was pulled, and Power of Heaven and Earth was also controlled.

Accompanied by it, there is also a golden-bright and dazzling Buddha’s radiance, reflecting half of the sky.

Running the High Level Divine Ability, Tang Mubai couldn’t help raising his eyebrows.

It was Yuantai from “Vajra Temple” and it was also breakthrough Innate!

The Winter King’s promotion to Innate depends on the 1000 Years of Ice Soul.

Yuantai also relied on it, a boulder more than ten meters high.

The meager Power of Heaven and Earth pulled down is simply not enough.

Tang Mubai glanced from a distance, then withdrew his gaze, without looking at it up close.

Still the same sentence, Su Lingxi is the one who has enemies with “Vajra Temple”, not him.

Killing Yuantai in Secret Realm may have a slight blow to “Vajra Temple”, but it does not help the overall situation. If one is not good, it may be targeted by “Vajra Temple”.

Without absolute certainty, Tang Mubai will not do such harmful and unprofitable things.

Continue west.

When I was about to reach the valley, I heard another loud noise, this time not far to the right.

The Heaven and Earth energy in the air is mobilized, and Power of Heaven and Earth is controlled.

Another person breaks through Innate!

Tang Mubai stopped the golden bone demon and stopped to look.

The figure and face of the person who saw the breakthrough.

Ranked 24th, Gong Feixue, nicknamed “1000 Snow Girl”.

This is also a beauty, in fact, few people who are successful in martial arts are ugly.

Any female Grandmaster, whether it is temperament or breath, is very prominent.

Fair skin is basic, plus deliberate rest and maintenance, it is very beautiful.

Gong Feixue’s promotion to Innate also relied on an Ice-Cold Attribute energy stone.

Tang Mubai didn’t have any grudges with her, he looked from a distance, and then looked back.

Tang Mubai has been mentally prepared for others to advance to Innate one after another.

Each and everyone is innate talent. Heaven’s Chosen Child.

Before Secret Realm was not turned on, many people even deliberately controlled the realm without breakthrough.

Now that you have entered Secret Realm, you don’t have to be so troublesome.

After seeing the Winter King advance to Innate, they looked for a breakthrough.

Yuantai and Gong Feixue are just the beginning, and there must be someone who will advance to Innate.

If you watch every breakthrough, Tang Mubai won’t have to explore.

Into the valley.

Tang Mubai immediately released the divine sense and scanned the surrounding land.

Wherever he went, the conditions on the surface, and the conditions on the ground all fell into his eyes clearly.

After turning around, Taibai fine gold was not found, and many other precious ores were indeed found.

Tang Mubai took all of it into the Demon Suppression Space in one breath and kept it for subsequent use.

Afterwards, divine sense swept the peaks on the second side of the valley. There was nothing good about one mountain.

On the other mountain, Tang Mubai was shocked.

Earth Attribute ore!

Most of the mountain peaks are composed of Earth Attribute ore!

Earn it, earn a lot…

Tang Mubai divine sense scans the mountain peaks, and the joy is hard to hide on his face.

Although this mountain is not very high, less than 500 meters, there is an area of ​​400 meters, which is composed of Earth Attribute ore.

That many Earth Attribute ore, the stone giant Avatar swallowed it, and it can definitely transform again!

The news provided by Xiao Qinglan is simply a profit!

“haha ……”

Unable to laugh out loud, Tang Mubai performed “Star Plucking Hand” to move the entire mountain into the demon space.

The demon space after refining is very large, with a height of 1000 meters.

That’s right, the Demon Suppressing Orb itself is a Treasure Item.

Don’t use it too smoothly.

After the mountain was moved successfully, the Earth Attribute ore went out of Secret Realm and then slowly devoured it.

Maintaining the scan of divine sense, Tang Mubai in the vicinity turned around again, and found some rare ores again, but the Taibai fine gold was still not found.

Think about it, too, this thing of Taibai Jinjin, itself belongs to heavenly materials, earthly treasures, is the essence. Appears in one place, then other aspects of the structure of this place will not be prominent. Tang Mubai is already satisfied with the Earth Attribute ore harvesting more than half of the hill.

Putting away the divine sense, Tang Mubai returned to the head of the golden bone demon and walked to the surrounding area.

Out of the range of the small valley, the desolate wilderness came into view again.

A loud noise suddenly came from far away.

The little remaining Power of Heaven and Earth, Heaven and Earth energy is mobilized and controlled again.

Sure enough, someone was breaking through again and was promoted to Innate!

Tang Mubai used the High Level Divine Ability and looked far away. When he saw the target, he remained calm.

Nie Lingyun!

This time breakthrough Innate was Nie Lingyun.

Ranked No. 6 in the Shenglong List, Nie Lingyun from Tahoe Taoist Temple.

Yuantai, Gong Feixue, Nie Lingyun, plus Tang Mubai, Dong Wang.

Five people successively broke through in Secret Realm, and finally extracted the energy of Power of Heaven and Earth, Heaven and Earth from this space, without a trace of residue.

Follow-up other people want a breakthrough, so they have to wait to go out before proceeding.

Without Power of Heaven and Earth, Taoism cannot be practiced.

Opening up spiritual fields is also impossible…

“Boom ~”

Suddenly, a loud bang resounded through the entire Secret Realm Space.

Tang Mubai’s heart jumped sharply and he sensed the crisis.

After sensing all around, it turned out that there was a one after another crack in the sky above Secret Realm Space.

A trace of Space Crack appeared strangely.

Boom~hong long!

The loud, huge sound, like thunder, resounded all around.


The golden bone demon couldn’t help but raise his head and roar, and there was a trace of fear in the roar.

It is scared!

Even the golden bone demon is afraid!

problem occurs!

Tang Mubai immediately urged the golden bone demon to run towards the entrance.

Exploring Secret Realm is no longer necessary at this moment.

There is a crack in the sky. It is very likely that the Secret Realm Space is starting to become unstable, collapse or melt.

No matter what it is, staying here again is completely waiting for death.

Tang Mubai doesn’t want to die, and the others do the same.

Perceiving something wrong, the people scattered around Secret Realm all turned around and ran towards the entrance.


The roar of golden bone demon spreads throughout Secret Realm.

roar! roar~

The roar of the other bone demons followed.

Whether it happened to be active or lying in the ground, all the bone demons ran towards the entrance of Secret Realm after hearing the call of the golden bone demons.

The number is counted as 100, the number is counted as 1000, and the number is counted as 10000!

Countless bone demons gathered together to form a torrent, densely packed, grandiose, gathered from all around to the entrance of Secret Realm.

The other people who ran back saw this scene, their expressions all changed.

“sou sou ~”

Yuan didn’t talk about flying through the air. He saw Tang Mubai from a distance. He approached and said quickly, “Brother Tang, do you want to take all these bone races out?”


Tang Mubai directly admitted, “The king of the bone race is under my control. After the other bone races go out, they can’t turn the sky. They are also under my command. The scorching wasteland is so big and there is enough place to settle.”

“But, others probably disagree.” Yuan didn’t say solemnly.

The Bone Race is a new race. In Secret Realm Space, there is no life for them to grow. Each and everyone has limited strength. If they go out, there are a lot of Inhuman creatures for them to kill. They can definitely grow their strength in a short time. One of them.

Forget it, the key is that this race is still very immortal.

As long as it is not broken into pieces and flying ashes, it can be resurrected!

This is not good news for mercenaries, even if Tang Mubai has tamed the king of the bone race!

“Other people don’t care.”

Tang Mubai chuckled, “They have to ask me if they want to stop it.”

“Uh…” Yuan Budi opened his mouth, not knowing what to say.

With the help of the golden bone demon, there are 10000 other bone demon helpers, and indeed no one can help Tang Mubai.

But after going out, it’s not that simple.

Almost all those who can rise to the top of the list have a strong background.

Tang Mubai risked the world’s great disapproval and tried to control a race. You have to ask each Great Influence to answer it or not!

Yuan Bu said that he did not believe Tang Mubai did not know this.

Tang Mubai knows naturally.

The problem is that when the incident happened suddenly, he had no other good solutions.

It is a pity that the Bone Remaining Demon is waiting to die in Secret Realm Space.

Yes, although it is a bone demon, but the golden bone demon has been controlled, then they are all under Tang Mubai.

Tang Mubai took them out and was undoubtedly a big helper.

The problem is that after going out, the bone demon recovers its demonic energy, and it is a trouble to be discovered.

Other Great Influence will definitely intervene.

But now, what can Tang Mubai do?

You can only take it out first!

Well, maybe the bone demon can be collected into the demon suppression space?

Tang Mubai suddenly flashed in his mind.

That’s right, take the Bone Demon into the Demon Suppression Space and release it after going out. No one knows that this matter has anything to do with him!

Thinking of this, Tang Mubai was excited, but unfortunately, seeing the golden bone demon summon all the bone demon to gather at the entrance of Secret Realm, many people who rushed over in advance, after discovering Tang Mubai, decisively chose to intercept.

More than a dozen people attacked from the air, palm prints, fist gangs, sword energy, Blade Qi, a brain swarming towards Tang Mubai.

Boom ~ Boom ~ Boom ~

The air exploded and astral energy rolled.

Various attacks rushed over, and Tang Mubai quickly resisted it.

“Tang Mubai, you are so bold that you actually want to let these bone races out!”

Xiao Futu looked majestic and coldly shouted, “As a human being, don’t you know that going out of these bone races will cause widespread harm to us humans?”


Yuantai was also among them, clasping his hands together with a look of compassion, and persuaded, “Benefactor Tang, let go of these foreign races, they belong here, not the outside world.”

“Yuantai is right, Tang Mubai, do you want to kill people?” Hua Xiaolou raised an eyebrow at Tang Mubai, proudly said, “For selfish interests, abandon others, Tang Mubai, you are in vain!”

“Leader Tang, I think it’s really not good to let these bone races out.”

Nie Lingyun, who rushed over, couldn’t help saying.

Tang Mubai ignored them, turned his head and looked towards Yuan Bushuo, Ye Tiansheng, Xiao Qinglan, and said calmly, “Do you think so too?”

Yuan did not say that he was embarrassed and he dared not look at Tang Mubai.

He did not approve, but he would not stand by Xiao Futu and the others.

Xiao Futu had a conflict with Tang Mubai, Yuantai occupied the moral level, and Nie Lingyun did the same.

As for Hua Xiaolou, it is pure revenge.

Others are in the same situation, envious of Tang Mubai’s tame golden bone demon.

There was no way before, when the golden bone demon came out, no one was an opponent.

But now the situation is different. There is a crack in Secret Realm Space and the situation is very dangerous.

Tang Mubai wants to take all the bone races away, which stands on the opposite side of everyone.

It’s okay to say that Tang Mubai has brought a great harm to mankind.

each and everyone hit a person when he’s down immediately, don’t mention it too much.

Geniuses are also human beings. People have Seven Emotions and Six Desires. This is the same everywhere.

“You said too much.”

Yuan did not say silence, Ye Tiansheng was more frank, stepping forward, lightly said with a smile, “Brother Tang has already controlled the king of the bone race, let them go out, not let them go out, there is no difference, because after going out, all The bone race is still controlled by Brother Tang! Even better, after these bone races go out, they can still bring help to humans, and destroy some Half-Beastman, ominous beast, Giant Insect, and dinosaurs. Haven’t you considered these? “


Yuan did not say that it was stunned, but later realized that he supported it, “Brother Ye is right. You only considered the disadvantages but did not see the benefits. Inhuman creatures that many outside, these bone races will not be bad, but instead It will be a good thing. With them, we humans can have one more helper!”

“Hahaha, are you two the lackeys of Tang Mubai?”

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