Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 525

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Hua Xiaolou was full of sarcasm and looked at Yuan Bushuo and Ye Tiansheng contemptuously.

“In order to give Tang Mubai a platform, even the basic principles are ignored.”

“When these bone races go out, they can indeed kill a lot of Inhuman creatures, but more harm is bound to be humans!”

“You two can guarantee that after the Bone Race goes out, it will not harm a human being?”

Hua Xiaolou raised his chin.

However, when he tone barely fell, Tang Mubai immediately said, “I can guarantee it!”

Hua Xiaolou, “…”

“Your guarantee is useless!” Xiao Futu coldly shouted and said with a smile, “You Tang Mubai is just a small mercenary group leader in Red Leaves City. Your guarantee is useless. Something really happened. You is it possible that you can still resist these bone races?”

“Benefactor Tang, letting the bone clan go out will inevitably cause damage. Although this probability is very low, even if it is 0.1%, 1/10000th, it is also a damage. Without letting the bone clan go out, there will be no harm, with a probability of 100000000 1/10000th. No!” Yuantai explained with a smile, “This is not a choice, but to cut off from the source, nothing will happen, why does Benefactor Tang persist in your own wrong doings?”

“On persist in your own wrong doings, I’m afraid it is your’Vajra Temple’ that is the most persistent in your own wrong doings, right?”

Xiao Qinglan suddenly opened the mouth and said, “In order to control the wooden giants, you chant scriptures on their territories every day, forcing them to have fewer and fewer sites, and finally have to leave Dongzhou! Go overseas!”

“Wow, wow, it turns out that the wood giant left Dongzhou because you’Vajra Temple’ forced it?” Yuan Bu said, clapping his hands and mocking said with a smile.

Others also showed weird faces, looking towards Yuantai with different expressions.

“Donor Xiao is right. We did it.” Yuantai kept smiling. “But we are for the city next to the giant wooden giant. If the giant wooden giant is not forced away, their root system will continue to grow. Destroy the city’s infrastructure, destroy the Water Element system, the sanitation system, the power system, and so on.”

“A good one to serve the people!”

Tang Mubai gave a thumbs up, “The important task of’Vajra Temple’ is really admirable. Master Yuantai tried to stop me from this source in order to prevent 10000 yuan. I am very moved.”

“Amitabha.” Yuantai folded his hands together.

“Don’t rush to thank you.” Tang Mubai raised his hand and interrupted, “I haven’t finished yet. Master Yuantai doesn’t want me to take the Bone Race out. Yes, as long as…”

“You want to take it, but you can’t take it out.” A voice suddenly sounded.

shua ~ shua ~ shua ~ ~

The two sides of the confrontation, listening in their ears, turned their heads and looked towards the speaker.

No. 4 on the Thang Long List, ten thousand li is intangible, Lu Mingming!

“Don’t look at me.”

Lu Mingming was frustrated, pointed his finger at the entrance, weakly said, “You are arguing here for a long time, it’s boring, because the exit is gone.”


“This is impossible!”


The crowd is in vain.

All are Grandmasters, everyone can fly in the air.

The ground is now occupied by 10000 bone demons.

The entrance of Secret Realm is exactly flush with the ground.

At this moment, many bone demons crowded at the entrance, but did not enter.

They thought it was someone outside who was resisting and would not let the bone demon out.

When Lu Mingming said this, everyone present suddenly screamed.

Each and everyone galloped over immediately, landed at the entrance of Secret Realm, swept the Bone Race, and rushed in.

The entrance and exit is a spiral channel, with a small end and a large end.

The large end is 3 meters high, and the space distortion is large.

The small one is half a meter high, directly connected to the void, without any ripples.

When Tang Mubai entire group came in, they all entered through the tunnel outside Secret Realm, entering from the small end, and then exiting from the large end.

Leaving Secret Realm, you only need to enter from the big end and walk towards the small end, then you can sink into the void and connect the corridor outside.

But now, this tunnel seems to be broken!

Those who rushed in did not sink into the void, but came out directly from the small end!

And the space distortion spreading from the small end to the large end is gradually disappearing.

Under the gaze of everyone, this passageway connecting the outside world slowly, slowly, turned into nothingness, completely disappeared!

The shocking scene made everyone on the scene dumbfounded.


“The exit is gone, why is the exit gone?”

“What happened? What is going on?”


The crowd went crazy.

The exit disappeared, and all of them were undoubtedly trapped in the Secret Realm Space.

But there was a problem in the space of Secret Realm, one after another crack appeared in the sky.

The number of these cracks is increasing.

ka-cha, ka-cha, ka-cha!

Like glass to be broken, cracks are increasing.

When the cracks reach a certain level, the sky can no longer hold up. Needless to say, it was the collapse of this Secret Realm Space.

At that time, all of them will have to fall into the void with the collapse of Secret Realm Space, and Divine Soul will be destroyed!

This is not sensational, but something that is about to happen.

However, they can’t do anything, they can only watch!

At this time, it doesn’t matter whether Tang Mubai brings bones or not.

Because everyone is dying!

Xiao Futu, Yuantai, Hua Xiaolou, and Nie Lingyun were all silent.

Ye Tiansheng, Yuan Bu said, and Xiao Qinglan also looked indifferent.

No one can go out, no one can escape.

The whereabouts of the bone race is not important anymore!

“Why is this, why is this!”

“Heaven’s Mystery Sect doesn’t mean that Secret Realm was opened for a total of three and a half days. Why is it closed after less than two days?”

“There must be a reason, there must be a problem here!”


The crowd was in a commotion, roaring and shouting continuously.

In the face of death threats, few people can calm down.

Including the swift King of Winter and the entire group of Xiang Yuannian.

After discovering that the exit disappeared and the trapped Secret Realm was about to disintegrate, all fell silent or freaked out.

Why does Secret Realm crash?

Will the entrance and exit disappear early?

These two questions made everyone puzzled and roared furiously.

Including Tang Mubai, put out the idea of ​​exposing true strength.

Xiao Futu, Yuantai, Nie Lingyun, and Hua Xiaolou intercepted him.

Tang Mubai was not afraid at all. The reason why he didn’t suppress them immediately was because he didn’t want to expose himself, but if Xiaofutu’s entire group persisted in the end, Tang Mubai would not be polite to him again.

With his current strength, Xiao Futu, Nie Lingyun, and Yuantai joined forces, and Tang Mubai could handle it.

But after this disappeared, Tang Mubai and others were trapped in Secret Realm, and all thoughts disappeared.

Secret Realm Space collapsed, no one can escape.

At this time, any grievances are irrelevant.

Finding out the reason and leaving Secret Realm is the key.

Tang Mubai’s brain turns quickly, thinking about the process of change.

The Secret Realm Space collapsed, and it would never happen for no reason. There must be something wrong.

What is this problem?

Before and after Tang Mubai contacted, there was a sudden flash of light in his mind, and he blurted out, “Power of Heaven and Earth?”

“What Power of Heaven and Earth?” Yuan Bu said, frowning, his expression puzzled.

It was Ye Tiansheng who suddenly lighted his eyes, crying out in surprise, “Brother Tang said, the reason why Secret Realm Space collapsed is because all the energy of Power of Heaven and Earth, Heaven and Earth here was taken out?”

shua ~ shua ~ shua ~ ~!

The other people who had gathered at the exit, heard this remark, all turned their heads and looked towards Ye Tiansheng.

“There is this possibility!”

Lu Mingming first exclaimed, “This may be too big. After we came in before, nothing happened, but after the Power of Heaven and Earth, Heaven and Earth energy disappeared, Secret Realm Space immediately Just follow along!”

“This…is this a coincidence?” Xia Hua couldn’t help but said, “The energy of the front foot Power of Heaven and Earth, Heaven and Earth is exhausted, and the back foot Secret Realm Space has a problem. I think the two are linked together, it is too coincidental. !”

“No, it’s not a coincidence, it’s causality!”

“Bloodhand Magic Arrow” Lu 100, said solemnly, “This Secret Realm Space was originally unstable, but when I came in, I noticed it.”

“Most Secret Realm Spaces have to absorb the power of the main world’s Power of Heaven and Earth, Heaven and Earth, to maintain stability.” Ye Tiansheng said, “Some people don’t know this, but some people should know. Especially Brother Xia, you have the longest Aristocratic Family inheritance in season 4, so I must have heard of these things.”

“I…I don’t know.” Xia Hua was embarrassed.

hearing this, Ye Tiansheng looked towards Winter King.

The others also looked at King Winter and were silent.

“That’s it.” Winter King said indifferently, “The stability of Secret Realm Space is inseparable from the Power of Heaven and Earth of the main world.”

“So, because of your breakthrough, all of us are trapped here waiting to die, aren’t we?” Someone listened and couldn’t help but scolded and asked.

“He he he, I didn’t think it was you guys who really hurt people!”

“Somehow Tang Mubai controlled the King of Bone Race, what about you? Because of your breakthrough, everyone has to die!”

“Master Yuantai, everyone is going to die because of you. Can you die and apologize?”


Blast the pot on the spot.

The people who knew the truth glared at Yuantai, Nie Lingyun, Winter King, and Gong Feixue.

No one knows when Tang Mubai breaks through the smallest movement.

Yuantai, Nie Lingyun, Winter King, Gong Feixue, but the natural phenomenon is all over the sky.

At this moment, everyone knew the reason for the collapse of Secret Realm, and they immediately focused their attention on the four of them.

Tang Mubai listened to all kinds of curses and didn’t know what to say for a while.

If it was just a guess at first, the reason for the collapse of Secret Realm was the exhaustion of Power of Heaven and Earth and Heaven and Earth.

So at this moment, I heard Ye Tiansheng’s words and used “Sacred Heart Pass” to sense the changes in Secret Realm Space.

Tang Mubai definitely affirms that this is the reason!

Perhaps Ye Tiansheng’s words are not 100% accurate.

The stability of Secret Realm Space is inseparable from the support of the external energy of Power of Heaven and Earth and Heaven and Earth.

But this Secret Realm Space right now is indeed the case.

Tang Mubai was able to sense that because the power of Power of Heaven and Earth, Heaven and Earth was cut off, the Sisiqi machines that maintained the connection of the space were all broken.

Simply put, the reason why this Secret Realm Space can be stabilized is the bonding of Power of Heaven and Earth.

Heaven and Earth energy may not be “glue”, it only acts as a moisturizer.

But Power of Heaven and Earth is definitely “glue”.

As soon as they dry up, the glued parts split immediately.

of course.

This is also related to the existence of Secret Realm Space for too long.

After a long time, the stability of Secret Realm Space has long gone wrong.

It continues to the present, and is entirely the result of the bonding of Power of Heaven and Earth.

If it was a long time ago, Power of Heaven and Earth would have been emptied, it would never collapse immediately. Even if it collapsed, it would have to wait a long time, several years, ten years, decades, or even 100 years.

Tang Mubai entire group can only say bad luck.

Now it is too late to ask Dongwang, Yuantai, Nie Lingyun, and Gong Feixue.

Because the incident had already happened, even killing the Dongwang and Yuantai four people would be of no avail.

The top priority right now is how to leave.

How can I leave without an exit?

Tang Mubai’s brain turned, the corner of his eyes suddenly caught a glimpse of Hanging Mountain not far away, and his eyes stopped.

“Hanging Mountain can leave?”

Perceiving the strangeness of Tang Mubai, Ye Tiansheng turned his head and looked towards Hanging Mountain. He was flabbergasted, and then he was happy and exclaimed, “Yes, Hanging Mountain can leave!”

“Yes! Hanging Mountain can haunt the void. If you can go up, you can go back outside with Hanging Mountain!”

“The problem is that for countless years, no one can go to Hanging Mountain. How do we get in?”


The people who had just been excited returned to silence again.

The smile on Ye Tiansheng’s face also disappeared.

Yes, following Hanging Mountain, you can indeed go back outside.

But for countless years, no one has been able to set foot on Hanging Mountain.

They can’t get in, so naturally they can’t leave with Hanging Mountain!

“Don’t worry, everyone.”

Nie Lingyun took a deep breath, said solemnly, “We can definitely find out the situation here. If the exit is gone, the people of Heaven’s Mystery Sect will definitely notice it. As long as you notice, the outside will definitely find a way to reopen a channel!”

“This is a solution.”

“But, how long does it take to reopen a channel?”

“Who knows, maybe one day, maybe one hour.”

“No matter what, all we can do is wait.”


Everyone was silent.

There is no interest in talking.

Yes, all they can do is wait.


And at the same time.

Most of the people outside are crazy.

“What’s going on, what’s going on? Why did the passage disappear?”

“Old man, do you guys, Heaven’s Mystery Sect, plot against from the very beginning? You want to trap all those who go in?”

“A good one to catch everything in one net, Heaven’s Mystery Sect is really a good calculation!”


Xiaotupo all around, and the people who followed each genius martial artist to the wasteland, all grabbed the white-bearded old man, or cursed, sarcastically, or yelled.

The white-bearded old man was sprayed with saliva on his face, but he did not dare to get angry at all, instead he kept comforting him.

In my heart, I was also puzzled, puzzled, and crazy.

What a mess…

This fucking major event!

Others don’t understand, why does the old man himself know the reason?

He doesn’t know why it is good!

He also wants to understand why it is good!

The others grabbed him.

The old man was frustrated and mad.

Other than that, killing everyone who enters Secret Realm, what good will Heaven’s Mystery Sect do?

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