Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 526

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Not only is it not good, but it will kill Heaven’s Mystery Sect.

People who can rise to the top of the list are all experts, geniuses and evildoers of the contemporary younger generation.

99% of them have big backers.

The 4 seasons of Aristocratic Family of Winter King and Summer Flower, Heavenly Sword Gate of Xiang Yuan, Moon Demon Palace of Xiaofutu, Formless Sect of Lu Mingming, Vajra Temple of Yuantai…

Which one is not Dongzhou Peak force?

Now these people are all trapped in Secret Realm. If something happens, everyone will die.

The only end of Heaven’s Mystery Sect, there is only one extinguished sect!

No matter what the reason, it is a fact that the passage has disappeared. If Dongwang, Xiaofutu, Xiang Yuannian and the others are gone, Heaven’s Mystery Sect must be buried!

Even though the original intention of Heaven’s Mystery Sect was kindly, it issued the Rising Dragon List, and provided those on the list with an opportunity to enter Secret Realm and become stronger.

Prior to this, Heaven’s Mystery Sect was approached by all forces.

Regardless of the demonic path forces, Sword Sect, Daomen, Buddhism, even the Federation, the Great Influence, everyone is very friendly to Heaven’s Mystery Sect.

What Heaven’s Mystery Sect wants to do, as long as it is not too difficult, most of them will help.

Because Heaven’s Mystery Sect promulgated the Rising Dragon Ranking, it gave the younger generation a chance.

But now that the Winter King and Xiaofutu entire group are trapped, Heaven’s Mystery Sect has to suffer the same bitterness.

The white beard old man knew this well. He didn’t take Secret Realm, which had never happened before, as an example. He just knew that it had happened. No amount of defense would only cause trouble to Heaven’s Mystery Sect. The most important thing at the moment is. It is to figure out what is going on and how to start the rescue.

For this reason, when the old man checked the Treasure Item, he loudly shouted, “Don’t panic, things are not qualitative yet. There are many cases where the tunnel disappears. I will be in the communication door and ask Sect Master to bring the “Sky Mirror” to find out the reason, Connect with Secret Realm!”

“This is almost the same…”

The condemning voice of the crowd lowered slightly.

Heaven’s Mystery Sect Sect Master came here in person and used the eight revolutions Divine Item to find Secret Realm and re-establish the channel.

If Heaven’s Mystery Sect refuses to admit it, it will not be too late for them to get angry again.

of course.

For some people, the King of Winter, Xiao Futu, and the others are trapped in Secret Realm, not knowing their life or death, and there is no reason to take pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

Among them, he was intercepted when he entered Secret Realm, and he was happiest with Shangping.

He Shangping from the “Giant Spiritual Weapon Group”, Ranked 7th and 5th 1th on the Rising Dragon Ranking.

I thought I could enter Secret Realm, breakthrough Innate.

As a result, the door of Secret Realm did not step in, and it was blocked outside.

This made He Shangping frustrated and angry. He stayed on Xiaotupo all around and did not leave. Until now, he wanted to see what the Dong Wang Yi pedestrians would gain after entering.

If there is nothing, or even damage a few people, then it is good for him not to go in.

Looking at it now, it really is a good thing.

Secret Realm’s connection to the outside world has disappeared!

Without the exit, the King of Winter, Xiao Futu, and Xiang Yuannian are all trapped in Secret Realm, and they don’t know their life or death!

This made He Shangping want to laugh out loud.

In comparison, Ye Jingxiao, who also stayed behind, had a somewhat complicated expression.

He was unable to enter the Secret Realm because of the breakthrough Innate. He was full of unwillingness. Something happened at this moment, and he was somewhat thankful.

According to numerology, he was lucky.

Xiao Futu, Dong Wang, and Xiang Yuannian entire group are unlucky!

Heaven’s Mystery Sect has issued a list of rising dragons, looking for Secret Realm to open, for contemporary geniuses to enter it, it has been 100 times.

That many times, although there have been accidents, it has never been like this time, the channel suddenly disappeared and there is no contact.

With this probability, Dong Wang, Xiao Futu, and Xiang Yuannian’s entire group will encounter bad luck?


The outside world is in chaos.

In the Secret Realm Space, after the silence, everyone dispersed, and surrounded the disappearing entrance all around and under Hanging Mountain.

Hanging Mountain is the most anticipated. It is more likely to enter Hanging Mountain and leave than waiting for a new channel to open.

Because once the connection between Secret Realm Space and the outside world is disconnected, it is very troublesome to reconnect.

The biggest point is whether Secret Realm Space has drifted away from its original position?

Secret Realm Space changes and moves at any time. If it drifts away from the original position, then Heaven’s Mystery Sect wants to re-establish the channel, you must first find Secret Realm Space.

However, finding the mobile Secret Realm Space is too difficult.

At least Tang Mubai has no hope.

In the high altitude of Secret Realm Space, cracks have become more and more dense.

It won’t last long before it collapses.

The speed is too fast!

Over time, Secret Realm’s collapse speed can’t be completely overtaken.

Therefore, going up to Hanging Mountain and leaving through Hanging Mountain became Tang Mubai’s first choice.

How does the question get to Hanging Mountain?

According to the past law, Hanging Mountain stays for 3 days, and the 3rd day will drop “Tempfera”.

Last time Hanging Mountain appeared, there were only a few “Tianfei Fruits” dropped, but one piece of Kemo Metal dropped.

Tang Mubai cannot guarantee whether Hanging Mountain will drop the “Tianfei Fruit” this time.

Waiting for Hanging Mountain to fall, time can’t be spent.

If you want to go to Hanging Mountain, you still have to figure it out on your own.

With a small perfection in the space and the High Level “Sacred Heart”, Tang Mubai is somewhat confident.

Yes, for countless years, no one has been able to crack the secrets of Hanging Mountain.

In the time span of over 10,000 years, there are definitely people who have comprehended the artistic conception of space.

But Tang Mubai is sure there are not many who reach the small Perfection Realm.

Great Perfection Realm, not even!

As for the High Level “Sacred Heart Tong”, it has strengthened and strengthened its super perception ability, since ancient times has not.

Tang Mubai is the only one. With these two abilities in hand, Tang Mubai has the confidence to break the secrets of Hanging Mountain.

However, before that, the gathering of the Bone Demon was resolved first.

Tang Mubai first transfers all the Earth Attribute ores in the demon space to the system space.

Then, Mind wrapped the town magic beads, rice-sized beads, and quickly flew away from the ground without anyone paying attention.

Away from the crowd, divine sense opened the entrance of the demon suppression space, controlled the golden bone demon, and pulled all the bone demon each and everyone into the demon suppression space.

No one noticed or cared about the whole process.

When the bone demon disperses, no one pays attention,

It disappears now, and nobody notices it either.

All the bone demon pulled into the town demon orb, and Tang Mubai wrapped it with his mind.

Immediately, the “Shengxintong” was urged to echo the spatial artistic conception and sense Hanging Mountain.

Hanging Mountain can’t go up. The most important reason is that the outer membrane is blocking the way.

No one knows what’s going on with this layer of film, what is its origin.

Tang Mubai’s super strong sense of experience experienced the past one by one, and even added divine sense scanning, scanning inch by inch, and then through the comparison of spatial and artistic conception, it took a long time before he found something strange.

But what exactly this strangeness is, I can’t tell.

not enough!

Insufficient understanding of space, not enough space in small Perfection, Great Perfection is needed!

The key to it can be explored only with the spatial artistic conception of Great Perfection!

From childhood Perfection to Great Perfection, it takes 100 10,000 years lifespan.

Tang Mubai scanned the life essence column on the eye system panel, and the accumulated lifespan was still more than 40 10000.

This more than 40 10,000 years lifespan, Tang Mubai has not been consumed. Didn’t expect it to be usable this time, saving a lot of time.

With more than 50 10,000 years lifespan left, Tang Mubai’s brain turns, thinking of a place to quickly acquire vitality.

No. 1 restricted area!

Desperate blood locust!

For the 1 million dead blood locusts in the No. 1000000 restricted area, the last time they killed 20, there are more than 80 10000 left.

Tang Mubai wanted to go in before, but found that there was a terrifying existence in the No. 1 restricted area and had to give up.

But it’s okay at this moment. Whether it’s the perfect will or the High Level Pressure Control Divine Ability, Tang Mubai doesn’t have to fear the true king.

Especially Tang Mubai intends to enter the No. 1 restricted area through the stone giant Avatar.

The Stone Giant Avatar has Third Transformation.

This time I moved a mountain from Secret Realm into the system space. That many Earth Attribute ore, the stone giant Avatar ate…

Enter 4 transformations decisively!

Go back to the Giant Avatar in Red Leaves City, take out the Earth Attribute ore from the system space, eat most of it, and successfully complete 4 transformations.

Tang Mubai didn’t know what level of power reached the Avatar, who was transformed 4 times.

But it was enough to deal with the real king class.

Take control of the stone giant Avatar and quickly go to the No. 1 restricted area.

When passing through the entrance, through the Sacred Heart Communication, it really didn’t feel like the last time.

The 4 sharp change of the stone giant Avatar is enough to fight against the existence of the true king!


In the restricted zone No. 1 in spring, Birds, Speech, Flowers, Fragrances are all greeted with fragrance.

Tang Mubai is flying in the air. Below are rivers, grasslands, flowers, and green trees. There are many lives and vigorous lives everywhere.

Not long after flying, he killed a few birds and successfully attracted a red cloud.

“Buzz~”” weng weng weng ~”

The dense wings stirred up noises from far and near.

A cloud of red is moving quickly towards the direction of the Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar.

Tang Mubai raised his mouth, looked up at the red clouds in the sky, his eyes beaming.


Desperate Blood Locust is here!

In the field of vision, this red cloud cluster is composed of thousands of desperate blood locusts.

“Om~! Om~! Om~!”

The densely packed desperate blood locusts swarmed together, fanning their wings and shaking the void.

Not yet close, there is a majestic addiction to blood energy, the impact air is distorted.

“Wind Dragon Breaks Through the Sky!”

Ang ~

The dragon roar-like trembling sound echoes Heaven and Earth.

Tang Mubai, the stone giant Avatar, made a move, and a “wind dragon” lightning condensed and was born, rushing into the swarm.

Suddenly –

“bang!” “bang!” “bang!”

The “Wind Dragon” hit the locusts one after the other, and exploded in the air, and the worm paste was flying all over the sky, and the dead could no longer die.

【Vitality +49】

【Vitality +50】

【Vitality +46】


The recovery prompt flashed quickly in my mind.

Tang Mubai grinned, and his heart was very happy.

An average of 50 vitality is a big profit.

“si si ~”

A swarm of desperate blood locusts flying in the air found the situation and roared angrily.

After being bombarded halfway again, he finally woke up and dispersed in four places.




Tang Mubai saw in his eyes, without stopping, he continued to release “Wind Dragon Breaking the Sky”, bombarding the scattered blood locusts.

“weng weng weng ~”

The dense wings vibrated, and a group of desperate blood locusts flew in the distance.

Compared with the batch in front of Tang Mubai, the number of deadly blood locusts here is more.

Densely packed, clustered together to form a red cloud group, at a glance, at least hundreds of them.

Horror, majestic, and bloodthirsty breath, hiding the sky and covering the earth, sweeping the sky and the ground.

“Well, very good, the more the better!”

Tang Mubai laughed.

No other tricks are needed, just “wind and dragon break through the sky” and continue to rush into the desperate blood locust swarm.

“Call boom~ boom~ ~~!”

【Vitality +45】

【Vitality +52】

【Vitality +47】


The recovery prompt flashed.

A series of “wind dragons” wrapped in a terrifying imposing manner and penetrated the densely packed swarms of desperate blood locusts, and often only a moment, took away the lives of 10000 desperate blood locusts.

“Si si ~!”

The ear-piercing chirp resounded across the sky.

The dead blood locusts that have not been affected, under the urging of each and everyone Commander Level, scattered one after another, and then regrouped into a network shape, surrounding Tang Mubai on four sides.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! ~

The sound of wings stirred up, one after another. The terrifying vibration wave impacts Tang Mubai.

Tang Mubai ignored.

The giant manpower field with 4 sharp changes is extraordinary.

The Death Blood Locust of Commander Level can’t get close at all.

Tang Mubai still kept releasing “Wind Dragon Breaking the Air”, bombarding and killing the Commander Level blood locusts that were big calves.

【Vitality +289】

【Vitality +265】

【Vitality +206】


A series of recovery reminders flashed through my mind quickly.

Soon, all Commander Level blood locusts were shot to death within sight.

Upon seeing the Lord-level Blood Locust, they urged other Blood Locust to launch suicide attacks, all around, and rushed towards Tang Mubai.

Because in this process, another wave of desperate blood locusts flew over.

At this time, the sky was full of desperate blood locusts. Looking from the ground, Tang Mubai’s stone giant Avatar was already surrounded by 3 and 3 layers of desperate blood locusts.

“Fire and fire!”

Tang Mubai drank low, facing up to 3 desperate blood locusts, increasing his attack power.

As soon as the trick was released, the wind and fire intertwined to form a terrifying spiral shock wave, which immediately swept the whole body and swept the blood locusts.

Slap~pa! pa!

hu ~ hu ~ hu ~

“Boom ~ boom ~ ——”

The dragon of wind and fire was roaring, the blood locust was breaking, and the continuous explosion sound echoed the sky and the ground.

Tang Mubai simply controlled the “Wind and Fire Dragon”, swept a piece of desperate blood locust, and burned to ashes.

A moment ago, a swarm of desperate blood locusts surrounded Tang Mubai up and down, left and right. At this moment, they were burned into fly ash and thrown into the air.

The deadly blood locusts counted as hundreds thousand quickly shrank to 10000, then 1000, and finally 100.

The remaining desperate blood locusts finally woke up in the face of Tang Mubai’s terrorist bombardment and fled back desperately.

Hum ~ hum ~ hum ~

The embarrassing wings stirred up the sound, which was extremely messy, resounding through the sky and the ground.

They wanted to run, but Tang Mubai didn’t give a chance.

boom ~ boom ~ ~

The terrifying spiral impact swept across the sky, and in just a moment, these desperate blood locusts were drowned and taken away.

But at this moment, a horrible, vast, bloodthirsty, and crazy pressure suddenly dropped from the sky and fell on top of the Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar, pressing Tang Mubai to the ground.

Hum ~!

Tang Mubai descended and hit the ground.

Looking up, I saw the target.

True king-level desperate blood locust!

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