Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 527

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This is a desperate blood locust more than two hundred meters long and more than ten meters high.

Levitating in midair, with cold eyes, staring straight at Tang Mubai.

Tang Mubai expressionless, raised his head and looked at each other calmly.

True King-level Breaking Blood Locust is only in size, and the pressure it releases is enough to suppress most situations.

But when I met Tang Mubai, it was bad luck.

In the face of grandiose, the terrifying pressure sweeping the sky and the ground, Tang Mubai’s perfect will urged, instantly counteracting the pressure.

At the next moment, take off your clothes and pants, take them into the system space, and then turn back into a stone giant, and suddenly roar towards the sky under the stunned gaze of the True King Breaking Blood Locust.

“roar! !!”

The roar sounded like thunder, trembling in the void.

In the front of one’s eyes of the True King-level Desperate Blood Locust, Tang Mubai urges the heart of the giant to restore the body of the true giant.

The fake human body swells at a visible speed of naked eye, from 2 meters to 9 meters, from 9 meters to 8 meters, 8 meters to 50 meters, 50 meters to 1 meters, and 1 meters to become more than a hundred meters!

4 times of transformation, the height of the giant’s body, successfully breakthrough 100 meters!

The stony body, the muscles are pierced, there is obviously no astral energy, blood, but a layer of white mist in the stirring air, covering the whole body, and quickly diffused circles of pale red rays of light, covering On the body.

A reckless, violent, savage, and destructive aura, almost released from the inside out, roaring at the moment of completing the real body.

“roar! !!!”

The deafening roar resounded through the sky and the ground again.

Above the head of the Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar, a large piece of Winds and Clouds Exchange gathered, and then shredded in an instant, spinning like crazy, dissipating Heaven and Earth.

The strands of Heaven and Earth energy drifting away between Heaven and Earth are mobilized, and then become muddy, like a quagmire.


The soles of the feet stomped on the ground, leaving behind a huge crater with countless cracks. The Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar, a huge body, suddenly rose into the air, leaping several hundred meters high, and looted in front of the True King-level Desperate Blood Locust like lightning. Under the latter’s surprised and angry gaze, a slap shot out–

Call bang! ! !

The energy exploded, and there was a loud noise.

like a shell, exploding in the air.

The true king-level desperate blood locust avoided one second in advance, and sprayed a cloud of red mist, covering the Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar.


The Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar’s rays of light flickered, and the giant manpower field was activated to resist the erosion of the red mist.

In the next second, a flash of lightning was shot again, hitting the head of the True King-level Breaking Blood Locust that could not dodge this time.


There was a dull sound, the True King-level Desperate Blood Locust was hit by a slap, and the whole body quickly fell from the air to the ground. On the ground full of red, green and green, a huge deep pit was smashed. The terrifying power made the pit. There are cracks around the hole, the width of these cracks is 4 five meters, and the length is several hundred meters. Countless rubble, mixed with dust, scattered in the air, splashing 4 squares.


True king-level desperate blood locust, angry roar.

It was slapped on the ground, obviously unable to accept this fact.

Struggling with a somewhat groggy head, the True King-level Desperate Blood Locust stirred its wings, burst into the sky, and rushed towards Tang Mubai.

Sou sou ~

The Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar flickered, but the giant’s hand was wrapped from the 2 side, grabbing the True King-level Blood Locust tail section, and 2 hands forcefully slammed the True King-level Blood Locust to the ground.

Then, like a cannonball with a huge body, he continued to strike the true king-level desperate blood locust, whose brain was dizzy and would not return for a while.

In the latter’s somewhat flustered gaze, the body of a 100-meter-high giant released a terrifying force and slammed on the body of the True King-level Desperate Blood Locust.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

“Hello ~!”

The roar of this true king-level desperate blood locust resounded throughout the restricted area No. 1 in a flash, and its wings danced wildly on the ground.

Although the body of Breaking Blood Locust was huge, it kept breaking and bending into several sections at this moment. Under the impact of tremendous force, the whole body sank several meters to the ground.

The power of horror hit the pits all around the ground, all cracks, like a series of hideous spiders, all over the earth.

According to Tang Mubai of the True King Breaking Blood Locust, his eyes glowed, and the power of the giant continued to erupt, and he struck swiftly against the head of the True King Breaking Blood Locust.

However, in the end it is a true king.

After a brief fainting, this huge desperate blood locust released a cloud of red mist from the roar, covering the Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar.

Then, with a flash of rays of light, the True King-level Desperate Blood Locust escaped from the Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar.


A few hundred meters away, the True King-level Desperate Blood Locust, who had regained freedom, twisted its body, making a piercing roar.

The severely injured part of the body heals itself at the speed of naked eye.


After a leap into the sky, the Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar left the bottom of the pit and floated in the air, focusing on the True King-level Desperate Blood Locust.


The desperate blood locust also stared at the Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar, roaring roar. The red mist surged all over, as if there was some life.

“Your threat is useless to me!”

Tang Mubai coldly shouted.

“Call bang!”

The air blew up.

Suddenly moving forward, Tang Mubai controlled the stone giant Avatar, lightning pounced on the True King-level Blood Locust, and the fast naked eye was invisible at all.

“Hi~roar! !!!”

The true king-level desperate blood locust roar sharply, roaring in the air.

It did not run away, its wings quickly stirred up–

shua ~ shua ~ shua ~!

call! call! call!

A group of viscous like a quagmire of powerful force, quickly released outside, winding and fluttering around the body.

The True King-level Desperate Blood Locust was extremely angry at this moment, and launched a full-scale revenge. The energy field similar to the martial arts field, immediately sacrificed, forming a tornado whirlwind all over.

The fierce gang wind drags all the Heaven and Earth energy within a radius of 1000 meters towards Tang Mubai.


With a loud noise, the tornado wind charge ahead was forcibly broken up by a terrifying force within a few seconds.

Tang Mubai, the stone giant Avatar with the destruction aura, savagely broke through the wind, rushed to the true king-level desperate blood locust, ignoring the raging viscous weird energy, the giant’s hand stretched out and held the true king again The head of Grade Breaking Blood Locust.

Then, the giant’s power exploded, holding the head of Death Blood Locust with both hands, and forcibly lifted its huge body, shaking it quickly in the air like a long snake, until finally, it slammed into the ground and issued “hong” With a loud noise, a huge pit with several hundred meters long and ten meters deep was smashed into the ground.

“Hiss ~ !!!”

The desperate blood locust roars in pain.

Similar to the energy field of the martial arts, it wraps the Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar, which expands and shrinks rapidly like breathing.

If this is replaced by someone else, even if it is a Destiny Realm martial artist, the blood within the body is already out of control without preparation or the defense of its own martial arts is not good enough, breaking out of the body, and being absorbed by the desperate blood locust.

The main function of this ability is to suck blood.

Able to separate the body and ignore the astral energy, most of the Treasure Item resists, and forcibly draw the blood of the martial artist within the body!

The speed is very fast, all blood of a person can be absorbed within 3 seconds.

Unfortunately, the opponent it encountered this time was Tang Mubai, the stone giant Avatar.

A stone body!

Where’s the blood from the stone body?

Not to mention blood, not a drop of water!

A true king-level desperate blood locust wants to quickly absorb the Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar blood within the body and cause death, but there is no blood to suck!

At that close distance, the Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar ignored the energy-absorbing force field of the Death Blood Locust and directly launched a crit.

boom ~ boom ~ ~

With the power of terrifying, all the brain strikes on the head of Breaking Blood Locust, which stuns it again.

This time, without waiting for the True King-level Breaking Blood Locust came back to his senses, Tang Mubai pressed the True King-level Breaking Blood Locust’s neck and exploded with both hands, facing the head of the True King-level Breaking Blood Locust, continued to smash fiercely and fiercely. drop.

Bang! bang! bang!

Bang bang bang!! !

The bright fists flooded the potholes for a time. The dull and suppressed explosion sounded like thunder in the pit, echoing under the sky.

Punch after punch, punch after punch, Tang Mubai’s head was shattered.

The power of terrifying smashed the boundary of 1000 meters in radius, the earth was pitted and pitted, and the whole trembled, as if a magnitude ten earthquake had occurred, and it fell into a depth of more than ten meters.

All dirt and gravel were lifted up in the process, thrown into the air, and splashed in 4 directions.

Finally, after struck 100 punches, the head of this true king-level desperate blood locust was smashed into dozens of large and small pieces. The self-healing ability was cut off, and the big stocks of fishy worm pulp burst out. Out, piled up at the bottom of potholes.

【Vitality +1920】

The recovery prompt flashed.

Tang Mubai put out a breath, stand up, control the body to gradually become smaller.

The body of giant, the real impervious to sword and spear, neither water nor fire can approach.

The body of a giant transformed 4 times, stronger and terrifying.

This is why Tang Mubai dared to challenge the True King-level Desperate Blood Locust.

Because giants do not need extra tricks when fighting, they rely on terrifying defensive power, as long as they are fast enough, with the explosive power of giants, they rarely fail and die.

According to the power of Giant Clan, the giant’s heart only needs to change sharply 3 times to easily kill the Innate martial artist, that is, the king-level being.

This attempt has proved that in the face of true king-level beings after 4 transformations, he can already be invincible!


Putting on his clothes and pants quickly, Tang Mubai sat on the edge of the pit beside the dead blood locust, slowing his breathing and adjusting his mind.

After a while, I opened the system panel and checked the life essence column, and the corners of my mouth could not help but rise.

Killed more than 30 10000 dead blood locusts, and now his accumulated lifespan is nearly 2 million years, which is enough to enhance the spatial mood.


[Whether to consume 1000000 years of lifespan to enhance the spatial artistic conception to Great Perfection? 】



The sky is spinning, the universe is going retrograde.

Tang Mubai’s brain went blank suddenly, and all consciousness broke away from the body, floating between Heaven and Earth.

At this moment, his soul seemed to separate from the body and shuttle in the air.

The film of space, Tang Mubai felt and touched for the first time.

He savored, touched, and slowly understood the profound mystery.

I don’t know how long the outside time has passed. It may be a moment, or it may be countless years.

At a certain moment, Tang Mubai woke up suddenly, and only then came back to his senses.

At this moment, he didn’t move his hands and feet, thinking about it, but his whole person disappeared in place.

shua ~ shua ~ shua ~!

Like a teleportation, Tang Mubai flickered rapidly on the ground full of potholes.

After a long time, I stopped slowly, put out a breath.


The spatial artistic conception of Great Perfection was obtained by consuming 100 10,000 years of lifespan.

Although he can’t shuttling through the void yet, Tang Mubai can touch the “Space Gate”, as long as he can push it away, he can perform a real space shuttle!


Secret Realm Space.

ka-cha, ka-cha ~

one after another cracks, all over the top of the sky that gradually collapsed.

The Tang Mubai body with closed eyes and contemplation, put out a breath, and feel the mysterious feeling brought by the Great Perfection space artistic conception.

At the right time, the crowd gathered below Hanging Mountain exclaimed.

“Something has fallen! Something has fallen!”

“Hanging Mountain only stayed for 3 days, today is its last stay time!”

“What to do, what to do, if Hanging Mountain disappears, what shall we do?”


The crowd was noisy, noisy and panic.


Tang Mubai body flashed, disappeared from the place, and came to the bottom of Hanging Mountain.

In the field of vision, I saw a strange piece of wood falling from the dark and bare Hanging Mountain.

Sou sou ~

There is a silhouette flashing, snatching the fallen wood.

“This is Heavenly-Thunder Wood.”

Lu Mingming of Lightweight Art matchless in the world, holding the wood, shouted disappointedly, “Heavenly-Thunder Wood is useless at this time.”

“Why, why!” someone shouted unwillingly.

Hanging Mountain is about to disappear, and there is no movement outside. Re-establishing the passage is simply a luxury.

The Secret Realm Space is constantly collapsing. After a long time, they will have to be buried.


why! !

“I can’t believe it!”

Xiao Futu gritted his teeth, rose into the air, and rushed towards Hanging Mountain.

But only halfway through, it was intercepted by the weird force below Hanging Mountain and had to fall back to the ground.

Qi and blood, astral energy, and spirit strength all failed in the face of the weird force field of Hanging Mountain.

Want to enter Hanging Mountain, only rely on the brute force of the body, forcibly breaking through the air and touching.

However, the touch is useless, and you can’t enter Hanging Mountain.

Xiao Futu was unwilling to rant about this, the others were almost the same.

They are all geniuses. The contemporary Heaven’s Chosen Child is trapped here now. No one is willing. Each and everyone is full of flames of resistance.

Including Yuan Busuo and Ye Tiansheng, they couldn’t control it at this moment. Knowing the weirdness of Hanging Mountain, they were not reconciled. They burst out with the power of the body and rushed towards Hanging Mountain.

In the messy scene, only Tang Mubai did not move.

Standing on the periphery of Hanging Mountain, display the “Sacred Heart Pass” and match the spatial artistic conception of Great Perfection to sense the secrets of Hanging Mountain.

If we say that before, Tang Mubai only sensed a slight strangeness, and could not tell what this strangeness was.

So now, Tang Mubai not only understood what is strange, but also explored the outer secrets of Hanging Mountain.

In Tang Mubai’s mind at this moment, Hanging Mountain is like an external sharp “dagger” piercing the “glass bottle” full of cracks on the Secret Realm Space.

This “dagger” is covered with a film, and this film is not always that thick, it is getting thinner!

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