Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 528

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High Level “Sacred Heart”.

Tang Mubai was able to sense that when this space membrane became thinner and thinner to disappear, it was when Hanging Mountain left!

In other words.

Tang Mubai wants to take Hanging Mountain to leave Secret Realm Space, he has to grab the space film and enter Hanging Mountain when there is still space.

The question is how to enter Hanging Mountain?

While scanning, Tang Mubai deeply sensed the mountain and the space membrane, and found that when the “dagger” of Hanging Mountain was inserted into the “glass bottle” full of cracks in Secret Realm Space, Secret Realm Space itself rejected it.

The repulsive force is Space Power.

Hanging Mountain is inserted into the Secret Realm Space forcibly, not being rejected, and it uses space power.

The two Space Powers collided and offset each other, like two waves colliding, causing clusters of “splashes”.

These “splashes” are produced quickly and dissipate quickly.

Whenever the “splash” was born, Tang Mubai found that the outermost layer of space film would be as thin as possible!

If the entire space film is 10 cm thick, when the “splash” appears, the corresponding space film is only 1 cm thick.

Faced with this 1 cm thick space film, Tang Mubai is inexplicably confident that he can break it!

Break Space Power, break it!

It just so happens that Tang Mubai currently masters 2 kinds of shatter space abilities.

One is “Divine Arrow”, one arrow shot can shatter space.

2 is “Missing the Air Palm”, Perfection Realm’s “Missing the Air Palm” is matched with the strongest trick “dominating the world”, and it can also achieve shatter space.

When Tang Mubai entered Secret Realm, he did not bring a dragon head bow or a mysterious ice bow.

For this reason, the only thing that can be used in public is “Miekong Palm”.

Considering the weird force field below Hanging Mountain, only the power of the body can approach it.

The place where the “splash” was born is uncertain, sometimes on the top of Hanging Mountain and sometimes on the side of Hanging Mountain.

Tang Mubai glanced around for a moment, then decisively opened the system panel, glanced at the remaining lifespan, and launched the improvement for “Taiji Universe.”


[Whether to consume 50000 years of lifespan to upgrade “Taiji Universe Art” to the Third Layer? 】


[Whether to consume 450000 years of lifespan to upgrade “Taiji Universe Jue” to the 6th floor? 】


[Whether to consume 360000 years of lifespan to upgrade “Taiji Universe Jue” to the 7th floor? 】



Lift the “Taiji Qiankun Jue” to the 7th floor in one breath.

Further up, lifespan is not enough.

The consumption of “Taiji Qiankun Jue” is based on 10000 years.

The vitality harvested by killing the deadly blood locusts, the transformed lifespan, is exhausted before it covers the heat.

Of course, the 7th floor “Taiji Qiankun Jue” is enough for Tang Mubai to deal with Hanging Mountain.




In just 2 teleports, Tang Mubai came from the ground to the inverted peak of Hanging Mountain halfway up the mountain.

“Missing the Sky” is running, and “Sacred Heart Pass” is directed to the location where the “splash” is born.

“Dominating the world!”

Hum ~!

A thunderous sound came out abruptly, resounding through the sky and the ground.

At the place where the palm prints are covered, a hole appears in the space film surrounding Hanging Mountain.

The hole area is small, about one meter in diameter, and it is slowly healing.


“Taiji Qiankun Jue” was launched, Tang Mubai teleported into the cave and set foot on Hanging Mountain!

The broken hole is restored to its original shape, presenting the overall spatial membrane.

Below Hanging Mountain.

I kept hitting the air again and again, trying to enter the Xiaofu Tu and the others of Hanging Mountain, but didn’t immediately notice that Tang Mubai had set foot on Hanging Mountain.

It was the Huaxiao Building that was exhausted and had to stop. Standing on the ground, looking up at Hanging Mountain and gasping for breath, his pupils suddenly shrank and saw Tang Mubai on Hanging Mountain.

“This is impossible!”

He screamed, his voice mixed with indescribable fear, shock, and incredible.

“This impossible! This impossible! How is this possible!!!”

While shouting, he scanned all around madly, trying to find Tang Mubai.

Unfortunately, Tang Mubai’s silhouette is not there at all.

That’s it on Hanging Mountain!

“How is this possible, how is this possible, how is this possible!!!”

Hua Xiaolou couldn’t accept it, holding his head with both hands, shouting sharply.

“What is your ghost?”

Someone beside him was irritated and heard his scream, and shouted with fire in his eyes, “Scream again, I will kill you! Anyway, I can’t get out anymore. Before the funeral, kill each one!”

“hahaha ~!”

Hua Xiaolou laughed wildly, “Who can’t tell, Tang Mubai went out, he entered Hanging Mountain!”

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

The roaring person, after realizing it, woke up and said, “Who did you say entered Hanging Mountain?”

While talking, he looked up at Hanging Mountain.

At the next moment, the pupils dilated and the whole body trembled, and he screamed uncontrollably, “I have entered, I have entered! Tang Mubai has entered Hanging Mountain, Tang Mubai has entered Hanging Mountain!”

Exciting shouts echoed below Hanging Mountain, and they were heard in other people’s ears.

Xiao Futu, Yuan did not say, and the others were shocked at first, and then each and everyone carefully scanned Hanging Mountain and found that Tang Mubai did not know when he really stepped into Hanging Mountain!

“How…how did he do it? How did he do it!?”

“The road to heaven is boundless, the road to heaven is boundless! Very good, really very good!”

“Tang Mubai can get in, and I will definitely get in too!”


After a brief silence, everyone went crazy.

Each and everyone worked harder, soaring into the air with the power of body, rushing towards Hanging Mountain.

The last few even crossed the top of Hanging Mountain.


Without exception, none of them crossed the space membrane and set foot on Hanging Mountain like Tang Mubai.

Still the same as before, leaped into the air and fell back to the ground. Jumped into the air and fell back to the ground.

No matter how hard they use, they can’t penetrate the space membrane.

This is the problem and secret of over 10,000 years.

No one can cross the space membrane and set foot on Hanging Mountain.

Tang Mubai did it by relying on the spatial artistic conception of Great Perfection. He has an in-depth understanding of the “dagger” space of Hanging Mountain and the “glass bottle” space of Secret Realm, plus the super power of the High Level “Sacred Heart”. Only by induction can we find that the two spatial forces collide with each other, swaying “splashes” and exposing the weakest position.

If other people want to enter Hanging Mountain, they have to find out the location of the “splash” that constantly changes directions just like Tang Mubai!

But unfortunately …

Whether it is Xiao Futu or Dong Wang, no one can do it.

Rushing into the sky with the power of their body and touching the outer space membrane of Hanging Mountain is their limit.

Going further, they couldn’t do it at all, they had no idea.

They don’t understand why Tang Mubai can, but they can’t do it themselves?

For Tang Mubai to be able to enter Hanging Mountain, at first he was envious and jealous, but soon turned into a plea.

“Leader Tang, give me a hand, I can give you ten spiritual weapons!”

“Save me, Tang Mubai As long as you save me, I can give you seven revolutions Divine Art!”


Ka-cha ~ka-cha !

In the high sky of Secret Realm Space, there are more and more cracks, and the cracks are getting bigger and bigger.

In the distance, it has even begun to collapse.

A gap appeared in the gray sky, and behind the gap was a dark void.

This scene made everyone crazy and rushed towards Hanging Mountain.


Hanging Mountain.

Tang Mubai sensed all around and didn’t hear any sound. The silent mountain made people feel lonely inexplicably.

However, under the inverted mountain peak, each and everyone silhouette is now constantly rushing up, virtually dissolving the loneliness.

After Tang Mubai exhaled, he came to the top of Hanging Mountain, condescending, watching everyone rush up and fall back again and again.

When he saw Xiao Futu coming up, he yelled at him, and couldn’t help making gestures with his hands.

I also saw Yuan Bushuo and Ye Tiansheng’s left and right hands stretched out when he came up.

Including Xiao Qinglan, Luo Qing’er, Dong Wang, Lu Mingming, and the others, looking at him with expectant eyes when they came up.

The weird force field of Hanging Mountain cuts everything off, and Tang Mubai couldn’t hear Xiao Futu’s words.

However, through the change of his mouth, he still understood what he was saying.


Xiao Futu, Lu 100, Hua Xiaolou, Nie Lingyun, Lu Mingming…

All are asking him for help!

In their view, Tang Mubai must have mastered the method to enter Hanging Mountain.

As long as Tang Mubai is willing to help, they can also enter.

Although this is indeed the case, Tang Mubai wanted to save people, not so easy.

The most important thing is timing!

When “Splash” was born, he broke it with “Ming Kong Palm”, Lu Mingming and the others only rushed up, then Tang Mubai supplemented with “Star Plucking Hand”, can they be pulled into Hanging Mountain.

Under the guidance of “Sacred Heart Tong”, if Tang Mubai saves people, the benefits will be great.

Tang Mubai knows this well.

The Secret Realm Space began to collapse, and Tang Mubai rescued them at this time. The kindness and favor will undoubtedly last a lifetime, and it is impossible to repay them too much.

Of course, that many people, how many people will not admit it.

Tang Mubai thought about this and decided to save, but not all.

For example, Yuantai, a respectable monk, was immediately ruled out.

Nie Lingyun barely could.

Xiao Futu and Hua Xiaolou are also excluded.

A dozen people who had previously intercepted and attacked him were also excluded.

Others, it depends on the situation.

If it is too late, save it.

Mindful of this.

Tang Mubai once again displayed the space artistic conception of Great Perfection, matched with “Sacred Heart Pass”, to sense “splash”.

At the same time, he waved and gestured at Yuan Bushuo, Ye Tiansheng, Xiao Qinglan and the others.

Don’t rush up together, but one by one connects and vacates in order.

Save whoever’s turn first.

When the “splashes” were rippling out and located near the top of Hanging Mountain, Tang Mubai decisively took a shot, shatter space film.

At the same time, “Star Plucking Hand” was cast to lock Ye Tiansheng who had just rushed up and pulled him into Hanging Mountain.

“Huh, huh, huh~”

The landed Ye Tiansheng, covered in sweat, sat on the bare black ground, panting, and pointed at Tang Mubai cup one fist in the other hand, intermittently grateful, “Thanks…thanks…”

“It’s not too late to go out and thank you.”

Tang Mubai did not care about Ye Tiansheng, and continued to sense the movement on the space membrane.

Next moment ——



Another silhouette was pulled into Hanging Mountain by him.

However, it was the 1000-handed Snow Girl and Gong Feixue who came in, just like Ye Tiansheng, panting and thanking Tang Mubai.

Tang Mubai also didn’t have time to pay attention. He who was doing three things at the same time was highly concentrated at this moment.



Yuan Bu said to pull into Hanging Mountain.



Luo Qinger pulled into Hanging Mountain.


One after another.

In the distance, the scope of the collapse of Secret Realm Space is getting bigger and bigger.

At the top of Hanging Mountain, Tang Mubai couldn’t pull people faster.

Because the turbulence of the space membrane and Secret Realm Space is not always present.

Tang Mubai can only break through the “splashes” and bring people in again.

In this case, the only thing Tang Mubai can do is to get a good relationship first.

As for the others, it depends on luck.

With the collapse of Secret Realm Space, the space film outside Hanging Mountain became thinner and thinner, the distance disappeared completely, and faster.

Tang Mubai consumes more and more, “Star Plucking Hand” consumes mental power.

At the moment he is doing three things at the same time, and the mental power is completely reduced by whiz whiz whiz.

Tang Mubai, who was already tingling in his brain, tried to endure it. For the dozens of people in Xiao Futu and Hua Xiaolou, every time they jumped up, they were not selected, crying or cursing, and ignored them.

The funniest thing is Yuantai. Seeing that Tang Mubai really had no intention of saving him, this guy broke out completely. When he rushed up from the ground, he actually attacked Tang Mubai with a hideous face like a ghost.

Unfortunately, all the attacks did not reach Tang Mubai and were blocked by the outer space membrane.

Qi and blood, astral energy, and spirit strength cannot be used, and even when the Supreme Treasure device cannot be used, Yuantai is crazy, like a clown.

Not only Tang Mubai looked funny, but the people outside Secret Realm also looked sarcastically.


Outside of Secret Realm at the moment.

The Sect Master of Heaven’s Mystery Sect, after receiving the call from the white beard old man, immediately arrived by sending a Treasure Item.

Bring the sky-penetrating mirror, throwing high into the sky, projecting nothingness, looking for Secret Realm Space.

It took a while to find it.

The mysterious power of Peeping Mirror projects the scenes in the Secret Realm Space, just like playing a movie, projecting the screen into the air.

Then everyone was stunned.

“Space collapsed! How could Secret Realm Space collapse?”

“Fortunately, Hanging Mountain is here, and I can leave through Hanging Mountain!”


“Tang Mubai succeeded! How did he do it?”

“Yeah, I didn’t even notice when he rose into the sky.”


“Good! Tang Mubai chooses to save people at this time, and he will go anywhere in Dongzhou in the future!”

“Tsk tsk, it seems that Tang Mubai doesn’t want to see Xiao Futu and Yuantai very much, and completely ignores them.”


“Not good, the collapse of Secret Realm Space is getting closer and closer, but Tang Mubai can’t save people faster!”

“It’s not Tang Mubai’s fault. He seems to have some limitations in saving people.”


“Hey, I said that the people in Vajra Temple are the most hypocritical, do you see it now? If Tang Mubai doesn’t save him, Yuantai will retaliate!”

“Little Monk of Heavenly Dragon Temple, Tang Mubai was saved, why didn’t Yuantai of Vajra Temple be saved?”

“It’s still a question. It must be because Yuantai and Tang Mubai had a conflict before!”


The small soil slope all around, the crowd looked at the projection screen in the sky, discussing spiritedly.

Some praise, some funny, some shake their heads…

Among them, the white beard old man and Heaven’s Mystery Sect Sect Master are the most excited!

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