Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 529

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Bodhisattva, rescuer!

It is not an exaggeration that Tang Mubai at this moment is a great benefactor and a great savior in their eyes!

Spyglass was able to find Secret Realm Space, but could not re-establish the connected channel in a short time.

The Secret Realm Space is already collapsing. Looking at the scene from the projection, the entire Secret Realm Space will be completely annihilated at most ten minutes.

Without Tang Mubai, everyone trapped in the Secret Realm Space would have to be buried.

The forces behind these people, don’t doubt, “Heaven’s Mystery Sect” will be wiped out immediately!

White beard old man, Heaven’s Mystery Sect Sect Master, no one can escape.

It’s all right now, with Tang Mubai taking action to save people, they don’t have to wait to die.

During this time, Tang Mubai has saved more than 50 people.

Although Yuantai, Huaxiaolou, Xiaofutu and the others were ignored by Tang Mubai.

But if others can be saved, “Heaven’s Mystery Sect” can continue to exist.

Exploring Secret Realm is inherently dangerous.

Crisis, crisis.

Talking about the coexistence of danger and opportunity!

On this point, “Heaven’s Mystery Sect” explained it in detail when it invited it.

After entering Secret Realm, if they are killed, they are not responsible.

Every time Secret Realm opens, many people die in Secret Realm Space.

The most time, even 50 people died!

Nearly half of Heaven’s Chosen Child was lost in Secret Realm.

However, all the people who came out were breakthrough Innate, and one even went straight into psychic.

The death rate and the breakthrough rate are so big, no one blames “Heaven’s Mystery Sect” for this.

If it were not for the special circumstances this time, more than a dozen or 20 people died, the white beard old man and Heaven’s Mystery Sect Sect Master would not take seriously.

Xiaofutu and Yuantai entire group are ignored by Tang Mubai, so there is nothing at the worst.

Moon Demon Palace and Vajra Temple are really looking for trouble, but also Tang Mubai…

Cough cough !

Although it is not authentic, it is true.

Tang Mubai rescued others, but did not save Xiaofutu, Yuantai, and the others. After looking into the sky-viewing mirror, he had already fought evil with Moon Demon Palace, Vajra Temple and other forces.

In this regard, the white beard old man and Heaven’s Mystery Sect Sect Master are full of guilt, thinking about how to make up for it.

of course.

Even though Tang Mubai is in conflict with the Moon Demon Palace, Vajra Temple and other forces, it does not mean that Tang Mubai is over.

Very simple.

Tang Mubai has attacked the Moon Demon Palace, Vajra Temple and other forces, but also made friends with Heavenly Sword Gate, Season 4 Aristocratic Family, Formless Sect, Blood Demon Palace, Heavenly Dragon Temple and more.

The Moon Demon Palace, Vajra Temple and other forces, if they dare to attack Tang Mubai.

Forces such as Heavenly Sword Gate, Heavenly Dragon Temple, and Blood Demon Palace will definitely intercept heavy losses.

Whether it is the overall strength or the number of powerhouses.

Those on Tang Mubai’s side are undoubtedly stronger and more.

What Tang Mubai wants to guard against is his private actions.

This point, Heaven’s Mystery Sect Sect Master decided to wait for Tang Mubai to come out to inform.


Hanging Mountain.

Tang Mubai, whose brain is tingling, doesn’t know what’s happening outside. The “Shengxintong” senses that he has a bad feeling.

But this hunch is not very strong. In addition, the Secret Realm Space collapses more and more, and it keeps getting closer to the area where Hanging Mountain is located. Tang Mubai did not think about other aspects for this reason. He only thought that the Secret Realm Space collapsed. Involved to Hanging Mountain.

The speed of saving people cannot be increased, and he has no extra thoughts at this moment.

Secret Realm Space collapses closer and closer, and the outermost space membrane of Hanging Mountain is getting thinner.

Affected by this, the collision of two space forces also reduces the “splash” produced.

Without “splash”, no matter how concentrated Tang Mubai’s mind is, no matter how much he does three things at the same time, he can’t save people.

Finally, when the collapsed area of ​​Secret Realm Space was 100 metres away from Hanging Mountain, the space membrane around Hanging Mountain completely disappeared.

Buzz ~

Void surging.

The dark, bald, and dead Hanging Mountain shook slightly, disappeared from the Secret Realm Space, and escaped into the endless void.

“Huh, Huh~”

Tang Mubai slumped on the ground, gasping for breath, his palm pressed against his aching brain.

Yuan didn’t talk, Lu Mingming and the others around, either standing or sitting, no one spoke.

Tang Mubai has done his best.

Although they don’t know how Tang Mubai pulled people into Hanging Mountain, at the last moment, Tang Mubai was sweaty, pale, and the whole person was shaking. They clearly saw it.

For this reason, it is not Tang Mubai’s fault that the remaining people did not pull into Hanging Mountain.

Well, except for the entire group of Yuantai, Xiaofutu, and Huaxiaolou…

These guys are totally reap what you have sown, they deserve it!

Seeing Tang Mubai resting, no one disturbed them, and their minds stabilized.

After a while, looking towards the outside of Hanging Mountain, each and everyone opened their eyes wide.

Endless void, none of them have seen it.

After all, it is not space. There are no stars in the void, only large expanses of darkness, and the void storms everywhere, or half of the space that is broken, twisting and rolling.

Hanging Mountain shuttles through it, automatically avoiding dangerous areas, and the strange scenery that occasionally appears makes people can’t help but exclaim.

such as–

“That… what is that?”

“It’s a baby! God, how can a baby walk around in the void?”

“No, this is not a baby, at least not a normal person!”


Yuan didn’t say anything and the others who was silent, looking at the void outside Hanging Mountain, all kinds of shouts.

When Tang Mubai panted, he looked up and his pupils shrank slightly.

It is indeed a baby!

A chubby, fleshy, half-year-old baby who could not fully walk around, actually crawled slowly in a void surrounded by red, blue, and white storms.

He or she or it is very big, more than 1000 meters in length.


At least from the Tang Mubai entire group, standing on Hanging Mountain, it is more than 1000 meters!

The specific size is not clear.

There is no clothes on her body, only a piece of cloth exuding golden light is wrapped around her lower body.

I don’t know if it’s Tang Mubai entire group, but the eyes are too hot.

This baby who was climbing in the void storm suddenly felt a bit and turned his head and looked towards Hanging Mountain.


“my eyes!”


The crowd howled and screamed miserably.

Almost everyone holding head, bowed their heads, making a painful noise.

Tang Mubai also immediately retracted his gaze, and his heartbeat accelerated.

Peng peng peng ~

too terrifying, too terrifying!

When the baby turned his head and looked towards Hanging Mountain, an indescribable great terror came to his heart, irritating his head and swelling and pain, and someone who could not bear it would scream on the spot.

Although Tang Mubai did not call, he was also suppressed.

Before that, the unfavorable “Sacred Heart Pass” had no hint.

You know, if there is a danger against Tang Mubai, “Shengxintong” will have a reminder.

Not this time, it was beyond Tang Mubai’s expectations.

Of course, the baby did not take the next step after looking over.

Hanging Mountain also suddenly accelerated, leaving this area, suddenly enlightenment endless darkness.

This caused the howling people to slowly recover, and no longer yelled, each and everyone panting heavily, their faces full of lingering fears.

“Mother, what are these things!”

“Too terrifying, the super life I have seen is simply incomparable.”

“Hehe, this may be legend life!”


Everyone talks.

“Well, we won’t be stuck on the mountain, right?” Yuan Bu said suddenly raising his voice, saying solemnly, “Hanging Mountain has been discovered once before, but it was not discovered. Is it possible that it has also been? “

“You mean, Hanging Mountain may have been present 3 times and will not go outside again?” Lu Mingming asked with an ugly face.

“Yes.” Yuan did not say nodded, “If Hanging Mountain has been exposed 3 times, it will be revealed outside again, you have to wait 500 years!”

Lu Mingming was silent.

The others stopped talking.

This probability is not without, and the probability is quite high.

If Yuan didn’t say anything, they would not escape death.

Regardless of the fact that everyone at the scene cannot live for 500 years.

Just being bare on Hanging Mountain with no animals or plants is a dead end.

Grandmaster can not eat and drink for two weeks, but beyond this period, if there is no supplement, it will be dead.

Thinking of this, everyone’s face is extremely ugly.

The joy of just escaping, thoroughly dissipated in an instant.

“……rest assured!”

In the silence, Tang Mubai’s voice suddenly hoarse, breaking the silence and saying, “It won’t take long before we can get out.”

shua shua ~

The unwilling and unwilling people, upon hearing these words, looked up towards Tang Mubai.

“Brother Tang, what did you find?” Ye Tiansheng was curious.

“Yes, Brother Tang, how do you know we can get out soon?” Lu 100 couldn’t help asking.

Xiao Futu was not pulled into Hanging Mountain, but he was pulled in by Tang Mubai.

From the Blood Demon Palace, Lu 100, who has been watching Xiao Futu upset, don’t mention how excited he is.

It’s just that what Yuan didn’t say just now made him fall into the bottom.

Tang Mubai’s words awakened him suddenly.

Many people at the scene tried to sigh 10000 1000 with this change of surprise and joy, but they were dubious.

The suspect is Tang Mubai, how did you know it?

“Not found.”

Tang Mubai’s throat recovered almost, lightly coughed, grinning, “Well, I can’t tell you the reason. Anyway, everyone will know the result soon.”

“…Okay.” Yuan didn’t say shrugged and didn’t ask any more.

Ye Tiansheng and Lu 100 opened their mouths and did not speak again.

Tang Mubai didn’t say, they were entangled all the time but it was not good.

Despite the people who pulled into Hanging Mountain, no one has done much so far.

I don’t know if there is a thankless wretch in the middle.

But no matter what, it is a fact that Tang Mubai saved them.

Everyone at the scene owed Tang Mubai a great kindness.

On Hanging Mountain, silence is restored.

“You may be curious, how did I get into the mountain?”

Seeing no one was speaking, Tang Mubai couldn’t help but speak, lightly said with a smile, “I can enter Hanging Mountain because of my comprehended spatial mood.”

“Space artistic conception?” Lu Mingming was surprised.


Tang Mubai nodded, said resolutely, “Space artistic conception, and thanks to the collapse of Secret Realm, my comprehension of spatial artistic conception has reached the perfect level.”


The scene was silent.

Including Xiang Yuannian and Dongwang, everyone’s faces showed uncontrollable consternation and astonishment!

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