Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 530

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Space artistic conception…

Tang Mubai turned out to be a comprehended space mood! ?

To know.

Among the various artistic conceptions, the most difficult to comprehend is the spatial artistic conception.

Sword intent, sword intent, fist intent, spear intent… people often understand.

However, the spatial artistic conception, looking at the entire New World, there are not many people.

On the continent of Dongzhou, the martial artist who comprehends the artistic conception of space is even separated from the age.

It is not a few years or more than a dozen years, but only a few decades.

The scarcity of the number of people creates a special martial artist who understands the artistic conception of space.

After all, if you want to create a space Treasure Item, the prerequisite must first understand the space mood.

In battle strength, martial artists who understand the artistic conception of space tend to be stronger.

If matched with Space Attribute martial arts or Treasure Item, it is no problem to be invincible at the same level.

The comprehension of artistic conception is a test of perception and opportunity.

It is a genius to understand it.

If the artistic conception is Great Accomplishment, it is a genius amongst geniuses.

If the artistic conception is a little Perfection, it already belongs to the evildoer!

It’s 1000 miles around, the one that comes out every 100 years.

As for the Great Perfection…

Sorry, many people at the scene have never met or heard of it.

They are all elites and geniuses of their respective forces.

I don’t know where I have come into contact with or heard of.

However, even so, I have never heard of anyone reaching the Great Perfection.

This is not only for the artistic conception of space, but all artistic conceptions!

Regardless of knife intent, sword intent, gun intent…

Looking at Dongzhou, there are a lot of people who have reached Perfection, but Great Perfection can count them!

Tang Mubai comprehended the spatial mood and reached the perfect level. It is simply the enchantment among the enchantments. Only one genius appeared in 1000… No, Heaven’s Chosen!

The scene was silent.

Everyone was speechless for a long time shocked by the news.

No one suspects that Tang Mubai is joking, because this kind of thing is too simple to verify.

Of course, Tang Mubai must also cooperate.

It’s just that Tang Mubai pulled them into Hanging Mountain before, which has been proven.

The secret of Hanging Mountain has not been cracked for countless years, and no one has been able to climb the mountain.

Tang Mubai can set foot and must master a magical ability.

Yuan does not say this, and the others are convinced that what they didn’t expect is that this ability will be the spatial mood of Great Perfection!

“No wonder Brother Tang, you can say’hard to say’.”

Ye Tiansheng came back to his senses and sighed with emotion, “How can the mystery of spatial artistic conception be explained clearly in a few words.”

“Yeah, Brother Tang is too good, and there are not many people I admire, but Brother Tang is definitely one of them!” Lu 100 agreed, giving Tang Mubai a thumbs up.

“Entering Hanging Mountain requires the spatial artistic conception of Great Perfection. This prerequisite is too high, no wonder that no one can do it in that many years.” Yuan Bu said with a sigh.

“I only served Lao Wang before. Starting today, this person will be changed to Brother Tang!” Xia Hua smiled and admired.

“Well, can I ask, who is Lao Wang?” Lu Mingming was curious.

“Hey, who else can it be? She is the only one!” Xia Hua pointed at King Dong.

Lu Mingming, “…”

Ye Tiansheng, Xiang Yuannian, Yuan Bushuo, Lu 100, Luo Qinger, “…”

Everyone looked at Xia Hua speechlessly.

Even Tang Mubai was a bit funny.

Pharaoh? Winter King?

Lightly coughed, Tang Mubai stopped his smile and prepared to speak.

No, at this moment, the scene outside Hanging Mountain changed abruptly, and there appeared a number of peaks, thousands zhang ten thousand zhang, clustered together, stretching to the end of the sky.

In the blue sky, white clouds drifted slowly, and birds, big or small, soared freely in the sky.

The breeze blows away the clouds, bringing up the world of 10000 purple and 1000 red, which is greeted by everyone on Hanging Mountain.

And this sudden change, Yuan did not say and the others in his emotions, all fell into a sluggishness.

After a long while, all the talents jumped from the ground cheering.

“Come out! We are out!”

“Hanging Mountain is awesome! It’s so handsome to reappear so soon!”

“Haha, Laozi is not dead, Laozi is not dead!”

“Brother Tang, your prediction is too accurate!”

“Yes, Brother Tang’s spatial mood is really amazing.”


Everyone shouted in excitement, each and everyone kept grateful to Tang Mubai.

How long has it been before they actually returned to this world, so cool.

A moment ago, they were worried about Hanging Mountain’s death. They didn’t expect the next moment and went back outside.

The changes before and after are dramatic enough.

The whole group was excited, but Tang Mubai’s expression was a little strange.

Astonishment, surprise, joy, and relaxation are all revealed.

Fortunately, Tang Mubai was quick to cover up and put out a breath. Following the crowd, he smiled and said, “It seems that Hanging Mountain has just run out of times. We are lucky and got on the last train.”

“Yeah, we caught up with the last shift.” Yuan didn’t say nodded, exclaimed, “Back to this world, I don’t know what the boundary of the mountain range outside is.”

“It’s not simple, don’t you just understood when you go out?” Ye Tiansheng turned around and raised his eyebrows at Tang Mubai.

“Yes, Brother Tang helped me when I came in. It seems that I have to trouble Brother Tang when I go out.” Lu Mingming said sorry.

“It’s nothing.” Tang Mubai waved his hand. “It’s easier to get out than to come in.”

As he said, he slapped the space not far in front of him with a palm, breaking the space film corresponding to the “splash” that just emerged.

Hanging Mountain returns to the present world, and the outermost space membrane is restored to its original shape, with a thick layer on which two space forces are constantly confronting each other, causing “splashes”.

Tang Mubai “dominating the world” went down and broke easily.

“Many thanks Brother Tang!”

The space was shattered, and a hole was exposed in the space membrane. The nearest Lu 100 shook his body, got into the hole and returned to the outside, falling to the ground with his head and feet.

However, he adjusted quickly, controlled his body to float in the air, and beckoned excitedly to everyone on Hanging Mountain.


Tang Mubai sensed the “splash” and shot it again with a palm, breaking the space and exposing the hole.

This time, Xiahua is the closest to the hole, with a little tiptoe, going through the space membrane and going outside.


The space continued to shatter, and Yuan didn’t say leave Hanging Mountain.


Ye Tiansheng left Hanging Mountain.




The explosion sounded constantly, and on Hanging Mountain, each and everyone silhouette passed through the hole that appeared because of the space fragmentation, and floated under Hanging Mountain.

Yes, no one fell to the ground after coming out of Hanging Mountain.

Tang Mubai was the last one to leave, drilled through the holes, headed up and down, and then returned to normal. Standing in the air, he found that the strange energy field under Hanging Mountain had disappeared.

Simply put, it is blood, astral energy, and spirit strength, they can mobilize again!

“What’s the situation?” Yuan didn’t say when he noticed the strangeness, confused.

“Could it be that we went to Hanging Mountain, so Hanging Mountain cancelled the strange force field in the past?” Lu Mingming wondered.

“This is impossible, right?” Xia Hua shook her head, “How could it be so coincidental, just because we went to Hanging Mountain once, that peculiar force field is gone.”

“It’s not this, then what are you talking about?” Lu Mingming asked.

Xia Hua, “…”

“No matter what the reason is, the disappearance of the strange force field is always a good thing.” Ye Tiansheng said.

“How do you say?” Tang Mubai couldn’t help asking.

“Hey, without that weird force field, when Hanging Mountain drops something, it’s much simpler.” Lu 100 showed excitement.

“Uh…” Tang Mubai listened, rolled the eyes, and struck, “How can you be sure that the weird force field is gone, and Hanging Mountain can drop something?”

“En?” Yuan didn’t raise his eyebrows, “Brother Tang wanted to say that the strange force field is gone, and Hanging Mountain will not drop the’Tianfeiguo’ anymore?”

“Pretty close.” Tang Mubai nodded.


Others hearing this were all startled, and immediately fell silent.

Think about it carefully, indeed this probability is great.

Hanging Mountain is too mysterious, no one knows the origin, and no one knows the situation on the mountain.

Even if these people entrusted Tang Mubai’s blessing to go up the mountain once, they didn’t find anything.

In the past, under Hanging Mountain, astral energy, blood, and spirit strength were all suppressed.

Now that it is gone, it will definitely be involved.

No longer drop “Tianfei Fruit” and other things, the chance is the greatest!

“It’s gone.”

Yuan did not speak for a moment, exhaled, “Hanging Mountain’s situation, leave it to interested people to explore, anyway, I don’t care much.”

“I don’t care much.” Lu Mingming grinned and returned to his smile. “Secret Realm Space collapsed. We went to Hanging Mountain and left. The people outside are probably crazy. We have to go back soon and report to the family that we are not dead yet! “

“Yes, everyone go home first, Hanging Mountain and so on, and it will not be too late to study slowly in the future.”

“Brother Tang, your saving grace, I will always remember it in my heart.”

“Yes, Brother Tang, do you have any needs, even if you come to Formless Sect to find me, as long as I can do it, 10000 will die.”


The entire group woke up, opened their mouths one after another, thanked Tang Mubai by the way, and made a promise.

Tang Mubai listened to it and smiled in return.

Under “Sacred Heart Communication”, it has super-strong mind-reading ability and read the voice of everyone.

The result was not bad. Among the 70-odd people, most of them were sincerely grateful, while the younger half were grateful on the surface, but disapproved in my heart.

Three of them were full of smiles, but they wondered how to investigate Tang Mubai.

They have heard of Tang Mubai, and it has risen too fast.

There is no strong background as a backing, and he rises to the sky entirely on his own.

Such a person has a secret in him!

Investigate this secret clearly, and you may be able to reap the benefits.

The so-called thankless wretch refers to these three people.

Tang Mubai listened to their voices, did not scream on the spot, did not even look at them very much, just remembered their looks and the forces behind them.

After greeted everyone, the entire group went out below Hanging Mountain, found their own directions, and prepared to leave.

didn’t expect, at this moment, in the sky on the right, a huge object suddenly roared and lightning rushed over.

“Ang ~”

The loud Dragon’s roar resounded through the sky and the ground.

Tang Mubai and the others, who were about to disperse and walk around, listened to the voice and turned to look.

I saw a giant dragon more than two hundred meters long in the sky in the distance, fanning its wide wings, setting off a terrifying wind, whistling and fleeing in embarrassment.

That’s right, this giant dragon gave Tang Mubai entire group the impression that it was running away.

While it was flying, it turned its head and looked towards behind it, as if there was a terrifying existence behind it, chasing it.

The Tang Mubai entire group did not move, the giant dragon was fast, and within a few clicks, everyone could clearly see the appearance of the giant dragon.

“It’s Heavenly Dragon!”

“Heavenly Dragon is being hunted down? Who is so good?”

“Tsk tsk, as soon as I didn’t expect to come out, I ran into the Heavenly Dragon in Dragon Race, and this Heavenly Dragon was still being hunted down!”


Everyone talked, showing interest on their faces.

Heavenly Dragon is not a dinosaur, but a True Dragon family. It has a pair of wide wings and controls wind and rain. It belongs to the overlord of the sky.

But at this moment, the Heavenly Dragon that appeared in front of the entire group of Tang Mubai was in a panic.

You know, Heavenly Dragon is a true king as long as it reaches adulthood!

The Heavenly Dragon in front of him, in Tang Mubai’s induction, was only the last step away from the true king level, which was the same level as the abyssal bull and the fantasy dragon.

Being chased and killed, I have to say, it attracted the attention of Yuan Bushu and the others who were about to leave.

They didn’t wait long either–

“weng weng weng ~”

Behind Heavenly Dragon, the space suddenly trembled violently, one after another like a substantive shock wave, from the air behind, lightning rushed to catch up with Heavenly Dragon.

The shock wave of grandiose penetrates the space, distorting the visible ripples of naked eye, forming a huge vortex.


“Ang ~!”

The Heavenly Dragon running desperately, with a horrible cry, the huge body was hit by the shock wave coming from the air, hitting and losing his balance, rolling in the air, and finally, fell to the ground and hit the top of a 3000 zhang high mountain. , Smashed half of the mountain across, exposing huge cracks, throwing up countless dust and flying in the air.

Hua hua 哗~

The powerful force and the shock wave caused the birds and beasts on the nearby mountain peaks to flee in shock.


Yuan Buzhe watched this scene and squinted his eyes, “One shot down the Heavenly Dragon, this person is definitely an expert in the realm of God!”

“It needs to be said.” Lu Mingming couldn’t help but vomit. “Without the strength of the God-through Realm, how could it be possible to defeat Heavenly Dragon?”

“Not always……”

“He’s coming.” Ye Tiansheng interrupted, motioning everyone to look towards Yuankong.

Tang Mubai had long discovered that he saw a silhouette stepping into the void, coming here.

It seems that the speed is slow, but in fact it takes one step, at least 100 meters away.

As for the other side’s appearance, Tang Mubai couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth after seeing clearly.


Tang Mubai knew this one blow down the Heavenly Dragon’s God Realm expert.

“Meow ~”

A soft meow sounded, Tang Mubai’s eyes fell on the silhouette’s shoulder and saw the familiar big white cat.

Qin Sheng!


That’s right, the people here are really handsome guy Qin Sheng who Tang Mubai has seen several times, and the big white cat Grape who followed Qin Sheng.

“It’s you?”

Qin Sheng approached, glanced at Yuan not to say and the others, and found Tang Mubai, also slightly different.

“You came out of Hanging Mountain?”

“En?” Yuan didn’t raise his eyebrows, and said in surprise, “this big brother, do you know we entered Hanging Mountain?”

“of course.”

Qin Sheng glanced at everyone and said calmly, “In the past six months, each of you’s names have been mentioned in various domains, and the streets and alleys have been discussing when you will come out…”

“and many more!”

Xia Hua couldn’t help interrupting, “This big brother, you said… half a year?”

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