Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 531

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“Yes, half a year, what’s wrong?”

Qin Sheng lifted his chin slightly, his eyes revealed doubts.


Grape, who was sitting on Qin Sheng’s shoulders, was equally puzzled with his eyes wide open.

It seems to be asking, is there anything weird about this?

“Half a year… half a year… how is this possible?”

Summer Tweed.

The other people on the scene opened their eyes and were shocked when they heard Qin Sheng’s words.

Half a year?

They entered Hanging Mountain, but half a year has passed since the outside world?

This time gap is too big!

How long have they entered Hanging Mountain?

ten minutes? Ten 5 minutes?

Even if half an hour is long enough, but half a year has passed by the outside world!

This is not a dream, but a personal experience.

For a while, Xia Hua or Yuan didn’t say anything, even Dong Wang and Xiang Yuannian all fell silent and accepted the shocking news.

They spent ten minutes in Hanging Mountain, but six months passed outside!

No one noticed that Tang Mubai’s mouth twitched slightly.

Among all people, Tang Mubai is the only one who knows the truth about the passage of time.

Because he has an Avatar!

Tang Mubai’s body is on Hanging Mountain, and the stone giant Avatar stays outside.

What happened in the past six months, what was heard, and what happened. For this reason, Tang Mubai was informed of the ontology through Avatar.

Before Tang Mubai said on Hanging Mountain that he would be able to go out soon, he discovered this situation. The time passing on Hanging Mountain and the outside world is completely different.

Outside for half a year, only ten minutes have passed on Hanging Mountain.

Therefore, for 500 years outside, Hanging Mountain has almost only passed half a month.

With Grandmaster’s constitution and qi and blood, insisting on not eating or drinking half a month is not a big problem.

What Tang Mubai didn’t expect was that Hanging Mountain reappeared so soon, so that they would avoid starvation.

After coming out, immediately, I met Qin Sheng.

When I met this last year, I was only a really handsome guy from Innate Peak.


“Is half a year long?”

Seeing no one was speaking, Qin Sheng thought a little, and was surprised, “Is the time passing on Hanging Mountain different from outside?”


Yuan didn’t say said with a bitter smile, “We went to Hanging Mountain, stayed on the mountain for ten minutes, and then came out here.”

“Heh, it seems that Hanging Mountain’s mysterious veil needs to be added another layer.”

After getting the confirmation, Qin Sheng couldn’t help saying with a smile, “You are lucky, you were sent out by Hanging Mountain so soon.”


Tang Mubai hearing this questioned, “Qin Old Brother means that Hanging Mountain appears so fast, is it all for us?”

“How can this be!”

“Impossible, so funny, Hanging Mountain sent us out specially?”

“Brother Tang is here, and Hanging Mountain is still there. We can try again… eh? Why is Hanging Mountain missing?”

Everyone who heard Tang Mubai’s question exclaimed in shock.

The last one even wanted to try, but didn’t want to turn around and found that Hanging Mountain was gone.

Hanging Mountain, which was still behind them just now, disappeared at some point!

I originally guessed that Hanging Mountain is no longer dropping things, because the singular force field disappeared, there will always be involved.

It’s even more exaggerated right now, Hanging Mountain is gone.

You must know that before this, Hanging Mountain would stay for 3 days each time it appeared.

This time it’s good, I ran in less than 3 minutes!


“When I came over, I didn’t see Hanging Mountain.”

Everyone exclaimed, with different expressions, but Qin Sheng recovered calmly, opening the mouth and said, “You entered Hanging Mountain for more than ten minutes, and you came out so quickly, isn’t it like Hanging Mountain deliberately?”

“…It’s like deliberate, but how is this possible!”

Yuan didn’t say frowning, and said in disbelief, “Hanging Mountain specially sent us out. Is there anyone else on the mountain? There are mysterious powerhouses and hidden experts who stay on Hanging Mountain all the time. When we find that we have strayed into Hanging Mountain, we control Hanging. Mountain, sent us out?”


Qin Sheng raised his eyebrows and gave Yuan a look of praise, “Your guess is that the probability is very high. Otherwise, I can’t explain why you only stayed for more than ten minutes and went back outside. After you came down from the mountain, Hanging Mountain Then immediately disappear!”


That’s right, Hanging Mountain disappeared too fast.

It seems to be dedicated to sending Tang Mubai entire group back to the world.

After sending away, immediately return to the void.

Although the whole process, they never heard the slightest noise on the mountain.

But if there is a hidden powerhouse staying on Hanging Mountain, and deliberately silent, with their realm, it is almost impossible to find out.


“No matter what, it’s always good to come out.”

Qin Sheng said calmly, “The secrets on Hanging Mountain, what’s going on, can be set aside for the time being, that many years no one can see through, and it’s useless for you to be anxious. There are so many things that have happened in the past six months. Specifically, I Not to mention it, you will know when you go back, I will just say the most important point, Demon Realm has invaded.”

“Demon Realm invaded?”

Lu 100 widened his eyes and said in amazement, “Didn’t Demon Realm invade long ago? Those Demonic Creatures came from Demon Realm. We killed batch after batch, and we couldn’t kill it. The reason is that every time Demon Realm After a while, a batch of Demonic Creature will be sent over.”

“Yes, the life on the Demon Realm side, the guy we call Demon Race, was uneasy a few thousand years ago. They wanted to invade our world, but they have been kept out.” Ye Tiansheng said.

“Cough, let Qin Old Brother finish.” Tang Mubai lightly coughed, interrupted.

Although this information, he already knew…

“It’s different this time.”

Qin Sheng said calmly, “In the past, Demonic Creatures were indeed delivered in batches, with variable time intervals, some once a year, and some once more than ten years. Therefore, the number of demonic Creatures that came over is not large and will be eliminated soon. Even if it cannot be eliminated, it can be lured away.”

“But this time, Demon Race really moved. The number of Demonic Creatures sent here is very large, and the types have been added a lot. Not only Demonic Creature, but Demon Race itself is also here!”

“What, Demon Race is here too?” Yuan Bu said exclaimed.

“Yes, Demon Race has opened up the channel connecting the two worlds.” Qin Sheng said resolutely, “I know that many of you know that Demon Race passed through the two world channels a few thousand years ago, but was defeated by us. Elimination. However, in the ancient times, there was only one passage between the two realms, and it was located on the sea, which had little impact on the land, and not many people died.”

“But this time is different. There is not only one channel of two circles, but four!”

“Half a year ago, Demonic Creature appeared very frequently in various parts of East Continent, including the other three continents, and the impact was very widespread. At that time, various countries conducted investigations and quickly concluded that it was the Demon Race opening up the 3nd boundary.”

“During the process of opening up the two-world channel, the space membranes of the two worlds will vibrate. In this process, the Demonic Creature will be easily sent over and pass through the Space Cracks found.”

“Space Cracks have always existed in all parts of the world, but they are very small and easily disappear on their own. Therefore, apart from the Demonic Creature that will be sent over, the real Demon Race does not dare to cross the boundary. Because the Demonic Creature is dead, it is really Demon Race takes his life.”

“The reason behind this massive invasion of Demon Race is unknown. However, four two-way passages were opened at once. The Demonic Creature and the real Demon Race that crossed the border caused great turmoil to Dongzhou. So far, conservative estimates 4 people died.”

“Of course, the 4 2nd world passages were completely closed after our resistance and interception. The Demonic Creature and Demon Race that came over were almost wiped out. Only a small part of them escaped and hid everywhere. The threat is temporarily not Big.”

“The real threat is Space Teleportation!”

“How do you say?” Ye Tiansheng frowned, and asked, “The passage of the 2nd world is closed, and the Demon Race and Demonic Creature that came over are almost dead. How do they still teleport?”

“I don’t know.” Qin Sheng shook his head slightly. “Although the two-world channel was closed, it didn’t take long after Demon Race came over that they mastered a method to connect the two worlds to transmit. Currently only Demonic Creature is transmitting, no In an accident, there should be danger during the transmission. The real Demon Race, therefore, did not participate, only Demonic Creature was sent. The number of Demonic Creatures is therefore increasing. The damage caused will become more and more severe. Once invaded…”

Suddenly, Qin Sheng stopped talking.

“Say, keep talking, why didn’t you say it?” Yuan Bushuo asked when he saw this.

“There is a situation over there.”

Tang Mubai tilted his head slightly and looked towards the front right, between 1000 big mountains 2 meters away.

“What’s the situation?” Ye Tiansheng raised his eyes and looked.

Tang Mubai, “space fluctuation is very intense.”

“Apart so far away, can you find space fluctuation?” Qin Sheng hearing this looked towards Tang Mubai.

“Of course, Brother Tang comprehended the spatial artistic conception and reached the perfect level!” Lu 100 could not help but praise Xie after listening.

Qin Sheng’s expression really changed when he heard it, and there were more surprises in his eyes looking towards Tang Mubai.

“Great Perfection spatial mood, no wonder you can enter Hanging Mountain…”

“However, these are temporarily set aside. Now that you find that space fluctuations are severe, continue to observe. You are the same, and look forward to it!”

Qin Sheng’s voice increased.

“Fantastic? What to look at?” Lu was clearly puzzled.

Qin Sheng, “Space Teleportation!”


Everyone exclaimed.

Next moment, all of them look up into the distance, and their eyesight is maximized.

Soon, without everyone’s eyes widening, they saw the shocking scene.

That is the void between the two large mountains in the distance. First, like a rippling water surface, it suddenly swayed in a circle, and then slowly the second circle, the third circle, the fourth stratum…

The ripples continue to increase and the scope increases.

Until the whole void rolls up like boiling water.

Immediately afterwards, a black hole appeared in the center of the void.

The black hole is small at first, and then quickly grows larger.

A silver lightning arc-entangled body is as big as a tank, without arms and legs, but with an ugly big head, covered with fat, and a blue monster. It drilled out of the black hole and came to the side of the void.

“This is Space Teleportation, and the one coming here is… Electric Demon!”

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