Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 532

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The naming of Demonic Creature is based on related characteristics or capabilities.

Electric magic.

As the name suggests, it is a Demonic Creature that can absorb electricity and release current.

The meatball monster drilled out of the void black hole perfectly fits this characteristic. The silver lightning arc entangles all over the body, and the sound of “crackle” spreads far away.



The space trembled suddenly.

Qin Sheng suddenly stretched out his hand, the entire surface of his palm seemed to be wrapped in a layer of golden light, and he slightly grasped the void where the electric demon was.

Then, seeing the boiling void, it suddenly stopped.

As if suddenly falling into an ice hole, a terrifying strength of Cold Ice descends, freezing everything in the world, including all things in space!

Under this terrifying force, the electric demon that was drilling towards the void got stuck on the spot, unable to advance or retreat.

“ao ~~~”

The electric demon surprised and angry roar, making a deafening noise.

I want to struggle to get away, but even the distorted space is imprisoned. The electric demons stuck in the halfway can’t get rid of them. Everything they do is useless.

Moreover, after only roaring 3 times, it stopped. Like an ice sculpture, he couldn’t move a bit.

The next moment, following Qin Sheng’s grasp of his paws, he slammed–


A muffled explosion sounded.

The still electric demon, the entire flesh ball body exploded, splashing into the air.

Wu~ ~~

The space trembles, and the void is full of ripples. Under the interference of invisible forces, it quickly returns to calm.

It’s like a blackboard full of graffiti, wiped clean by an eraser.


The mountain breeze is blowing, bringing cool breeze.

Floating in the air, Yuan Bushuo, Ye Tiansheng and the others, who watched the whole process in their eyes, had wonderful expressions on each face.

Qin Sheng’s hand is too great!

It’s nothing to squeeze the electric demons out of space.

There are several of Yuan Bu said and Ye Tiansheng’s entire group that can do it.

But smoothing the boiling space and eliminating the open Transmission Passage, no one can do it.

Oh no, maybe Tang Mubai can?

Anyway, Qin Sheng has a lot of understanding of space.

Without mastering a certain space mystery, even the cultivated powerful Space Attribute martial arts cannot do this.

Not to mention, Space Attribute martial arts wants cultivation, the prerequisite must first understand the space artistic conception!


For a while, in midair was silent.

With Qin Sheng’s move, Tang Mubai was also quite surprised.

With his mastery of space and artistic conception, he can naturally see the subtlety of this move used by Qin Sheng.

It’s not about how powerful the power is, but about the use of space, which is very special.

Tang Mubai has a sense of being taught a lesson.

That’s right, because of the Great Perfection of spatial artistic conception, after seeing Qin Sheng’s hand, Tang Mubai can use it after only a few trials.

Um, equivalent to stealing a master on the spot…


“Why don’t you talk?”

Qin Sheng, who was receiving the work, turned around and looked at the crowd, raised his eyebrows and said, “Space Teleportation is irregular. You may be able to meet it in the future. If you encounter it, it is best to destroy it the first time. Well, no matter the corpse demon, any Demonic Creature that runs into the domain will cause a disaster.”


Yuan Bu said spread his hands, said with a bitter smile, “I really want to sabotage, but I don’t have that ability.”

Qin Sheng, “…”

“Yes, to kill the Demonic Creature, it can be said that as long as there is an entity of the Demonic Creature, it can basically be killed, but it is not that simple to smooth the space and destroy the space. Among the people present, perhaps only Brother Tang can do it. “Ye Tiansheng looked towards Tang Mubai.

Hearing this, Tang Mubai laughed, “I can only break the space, and it can’t smooth the space like Qin Old Brother.”

“It’s not possible now, it will definitely be possible in the future.” Lu 100 said with a smile, “Great Perfection of spatial artistic conception, is it not easy to learn this move?”

“This, let’s talk about it.” Tang Mubai chuckled lightly.

“It’s okay.” Qin Sheng grinned, “If Leader Tang really learns my hand, I am too happy to be too late.”

“Okay, Old Brother is great!” Lu 100 gave a thumbs up.

“ao ~”

A low growl came from the edge of the mountain.

It was the previous Heavenly Dragon, who had recovered, and ran quickly on the ground at this moment, drilling towards the distant mountain.

When Qin Sheng saw this, his gaze condensed, and he said quickly, “Sorry, I have something to do. Let’s go ahead.”

After speaking, chasing Heavenly Dragon with grapes.

“and many more.”

Tang Mubai suddenly thought of something, loudly shouted, “Qin Old Brother, what’s the matter with Hanging Mountain? We entered Hanging Mountain, how did you know?”

“Heaven’s Mystery Sect was photographed with a peeping glass.”

Without looking back, Qin Sheng replied, “Secret Realm Space and the outside passage disappeared. Heaven’s Mystery Sect Sect Master personally rushed to find the Secret Realm Space collapsed and saw you go up to Hanging Mountain. “

“Oh, by the way, and the process of saving people, you passed it through the sky-penetrating mirror to the outside, and I saw it clearly.”

The remaining sound echoed in the air, and Qin Sheng’s silhouette had disappeared after Heavenly Dragon.

In midair.

Listening to Qin Sheng’s explanation of Yuan Bushuo, Ye Tiansheng, Xia Hua, Lu 100 and the others, there was an uproar.

Tang Mubai himself also has a “iron blue” face.

Yes, Tang Mubai deliberately.

Looking at the Secret Realm Space through the skyscope, he passed Tang Mubai’s movements in Secret Realm to the outside. He had known these news through the stone giant Avatar.

The reason for asking this is to use Qin Sheng’s mouth to tell Yuan not to say and the others.

He is famous!

If it is said that Tang Mubai in the past, it is also famous in the 38th Territory, 59 domains and other adjacent domains.

After this time’s Hanging Mountain trip, the entire Dongzhou understood the name of Qin Sheng!

The reason is simple. Tang Mubai not only saved Yuan Bushuo and the others, but also gave up Xiaofutu and the others.

Although he did not do it himself, many people outside still blamed him for the death of Xiao Futu and the others, saying that he could not save him.

Moon Demon Palace, Vajra Temple, etc. Great Influence, did not deal with them, they turned over evil.

Well, speaking of this, what is strange is that in the past six months, people from Moon Demon Palace and Vajra Temple, not at all, went to Red Leaves City to find trouble with Miracle Mercenary Group.

Is someone blocking it?

Or do these Great Influences disdain to bully Miracle Mercenary Group and find trouble with Tang Mubai himself?


Tang Mubai was silent.

Yuan, who thought Tang Mubai was holding his breath, did not say, and the others persuaded them after seeing this.

“Brother Tang, don’t worry, I will let the blood Demon Palace come forward after I go back and publicly support you. If anyone can’t get through with you, he will have trouble with my blood and Demon Palace!”

Lu 100 patted his chest, loudly shouted, “Even as long as you want, I can invite you to join us on behalf of the palace lord and become the true teachings of Blood Demon Palace. All Divine Art, Thaumaturgy, and secret techniques of Blood Demon Palace are open to you. …”

“Cough cough, Brother Tang, if you want, you can join me in Formless Sect.”

“While you go, you are also coming to my hero island.”

“On behalf of 10000 Sword Villa, I sincerely invite Brother Tang to join!”


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