Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 533

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No one is a fool.

Indeed, Tang Mubai was targeted by forces such as the Vajra Temple and Moon Demon Palace because of Xiaofutu and Yuantai.

But compared to Tang Mubai’s strength and potential, these all are minor problems.

In the final analysis, Tang Mubai was only dead.

If you really need to calculate carefully, the deaths of Xiao Futu, Yuantai, and Hua Xiaolou have nothing to do with Tang Mubai.

Tang Mubai neither owes them nor their Laozi, why should he save?

Tang Mubai had no background and that’s all, people from Vajra Temple, Moon Demon Palace, and Black Sand King City were looking for excuses to trouble Tang Mubai. Others understood at most a few words with emotion.

But if Tang Mubai has a background, there will be blood Demon Palace, Formless Sect and other forces behind it.

Those who keep the Vajra Temple and Moon Demon Palace dare not let go of their farts, at most they curse a few words behind their backs.

If you encounter it outside, it is inevitable to ridicule and hit a person when he’s down.

However, compared to the advantages and benefits brought by Tang Mubai, these are not problems at all.

Not to mention Yuan Bu said, Lu Mingming, even Xia Hua couldn’t help it.

“Brother Tang, as long as you want, my Xia Family girl will pick you up.”

Xia Hua winked at Tang Mubai with an ambiguous expression.

“Four seasons of Aristocratic Family, forget it.” Yuan did not say despise, “The 4 seasons of Aristocratic Family never married people outside, they are digested internally and married to each other. Fortunately, you have many clansman, otherwise that many years down, All become idiots a long time ago.”

“Who said that?” Xia Hua retorted, arguing, “We also absorb outsiders, okay? Really we are fools and don’t know the harm of close relatives? Every 50 years, our Bloodline will absorb outsiders for 4 seasons. To prevent problems.”

“I know this.” Ye Tiansheng heard this laughed, “The Aristocratic Family in season 4 did recruit outsiders once in 50 years, either by marrying in or joining a few, but the problem is also here. Bloodline in season 4 is too domineering, outsiders Go in, Bloodline inheritance can’t be continued at all. The child born will always be the 4th season of Bloodline!”

“In other words, Brother Tang really wants to marry a woman from Xia Family, is it a planting machine?” Yuan did not raise his eyebrows.

“Yes.” Ye Tiansheng suppressed a smile.

“you guys……”

“Cough cough.” Without waiting for the flustered and exasperated Xiahua to refute, Tang Mubai coughed and interrupted when he heard this, “That, many thanks to everyone’s invitation, I appreciate your kindness, but I have joined Heart Gate’, I won’t bother you.”

“Sacred Heart Gate? The organization that trades between members?” Yuan Bu said frowned.

“No.” Ye Tiansheng shook his head, “Trading with each other is just the surface of the Sacred Heart Gate, the true core of the Sacred Heart Gate, and the strength is not weak.”

Hearing this, Tang Mubai came interested, looked towards Ye Tiansheng, “How do you say?”

Sacred Heart Gate still has a core?

He has never heard of it!

“I don’t know exactly what’s going on.” Ye Tiansheng laughed, “I only know that the true strength of the Sacred Heart Gate is not weak. At least the number of experts is not less than that of other Peak forces. Don’t say anything else, it’s just the Holy Spirit. The sect master of the heart is the powerhouse of Nirvana Realm!”

“Nirvana Realm? That’s really not weak.” Tang Mubai astonished.

“Indeed, Nirvana Realm is not the Supreme Elder on our side, or the elder of the Supreme Clan, the Sect Master of the Sacred Heart Gate is actually this realm, I really didn’t know before.” Lu Mingming sighed.

“What’s the matter? After Tang Shixi goes back this time, he will surely understood.”

Ye Tiansheng smiled, “With the strength of Brother Tang, I think the doorman at the core of the Sacred Heart Gate will come soon.”

“Then I will borrow your good words.” Tang Mubai responded with a smile.

When the others saw this, they did not invite anymore.

If the Sacred Heart Gate is so powerful, then Tang Mubai really does not need to join them.

The topic was revealed, and everyone was ready to leave.

However, because he was unfamiliar with where he was, Gong Feixue volunteered to fly to the sky through a spatial flight, looking down at the earth from a high position, looking at the topography, and judging where they were at the moment.

Qin Sheng left too fast and forgot to ask before.

Gong Feixue rushed to the sky and flew around, and was confirmed.

Their entire group, that is, Hanging Mountain’s current location is in the 10000 poisonous mountain range.

10000 Poisonous mountain range, the second largest mountain range in Dongzhou.

More than 80% of the peaks in the mountain range are shrouded by various poison energy, miasma, and fiend energy all year round.

This is a paradise for poisons, a forbidden place for the living.

Gong Feixue also determined the location through endless poisonous clouds, miasma belts, and a great and famous Poison Dragon mountain in the 10000 poisonous mountain range just in sight.

The Poison Dragon Mountain is right behind them, a land boundary less than 100 miles away.

Gong Feixue came down from the air. When he told the news, Yuan Bu said, Xia Hua and other active guys were subconsciously patted with a scared expression on their chest.

The reason for this is that Poison Dragon Mountain is the base camp of Poison Dragon in Dragon Race.

Like Heavenly Dragon, every Poison Dragon is a true king in adulthood.

If Hanging Mountain appeared on Poison Dragon Mountain in this world, they would have entered the poison den after they came out of Hanging Mountain. Whether they can survive is a problem.

Fortunately, luckily, there is still some distance from Poison Dragon Mountain.

Knowing the location makes it easier to leave.

The entire group was divided into 3 waves, each finding a position, and flying away.

The mountain range of 10000 poison is in the southwest of Dongzhou, but the 38th Territory is in the north of the middle.

They are ten thousand li away from each other.

At such a long distance, Tang Mubai had no time and interest, and flew back on his own.

He decisively chose to go to the domain near the 10000 poisonous mountain range, the 77 domain, and take the sky battleship back.

Xiao Qinglan, Ye Tiansheng, Yuan Bushuo, Yuan Bao, and more than a dozen others accompanied him.

Xiao Qinglan said before and went to Red Leaves City to trade Taibai Fine Gold.

Ye Tiansheng is on the same road, the 47th Territory is further north than the 38th Territory.

Yuan did not say that he needed to transfer midway to the east.

As for Yuan Bao, it was the same as Yuan did not say, so he had to transfer halfway.

This Little Monk from Heavenly Dragon Temple is only 15 years old this year.

Compared with Yuantai, Yuanbao is the image of a monk in Tang Mubai’s impression.

Although the name of Yuanbao is very fun, the person is simple, kind and lovely.

Tang Mubai ignored Yuantai and saved Yuanbao, not because of the huge monster Buddhism, but the latter is indeed worth saving.

Before other people invited Tang Mubai to join their respective forces, Little Monk’s expression on his face was wonderful.

I want to speak but dare not, but dare not be reconciled.

Because Heavenly Dragon Temple is Buddhism, inviting Tang Mubai to join, doesn’t it mean that Tang Mubai becomes a monk?

This is better than Tang Mubai marrying a woman from Xia Family and being a seeding machine.

It was precisely this thought that Yuan Bao felt aggrieved and helpless.

Tang Mubai saw it, it was quite funny.

Going back on the same road, I couldn’t help but want to tease him.

However, before he could act, their entire group appeared in Domain 77, which caused a sensation…

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