Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 534

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“Look! Isn’t that Xiao Qinglan? Bingshan beauty, she’s pretty!”

“Don’t say Yuan, and the smallest ingot.”

“That’s Ye Tiansheng?’Bingyang Young Master’ Ye Tiansheng, the most underrated Grandmaster expert, tied with Xiao Futu in Secret Realm, it’s amazing!”

“Hey, are you mistaken in your focus? Didn’t you see that it was Tang Mubai?”

“What, he is Tang Mubai? The first Tang Mubai to go to Hanging Mountain and save more than 70 people?”

“It’s not him or who, this guy is so amazing, he can go to Hanging Mountain, he is bluntly said, he is since ancient times Number One Person! I don’t know how to do it?”


77 At the entrance of the domain wall, the people who entered and exited, looking at the Tang Mubai entire group, discussing spiritedly, were extremely lively.

The military soldiers stationed at the domain wall kept casting curious eyes.

Tang Mubai didn’t understand what Qin Sheng said before, it was no exaggeration.

Because the facts are more exaggerated!

As soon as their entire group appeared, everyone else stopped their hands, looked at Tang Mubai and the others, and spoke with excitement.

The whole scene is more lively than a star fan meeting.

In this regard, Tang Mubai is very comfortable with it, and there is nothing awkward.

Like Ye Tiansheng, Xiao Qinglan and the others, they automatically ignore them.

Yuan didn’t say that even people walked like crazy while waving all around.

Only Yuanbao, his face flushed red, lowered his head and did not dare to look around.

Tang Mubai chuckled when he saw this, and told him to leave first.

“No, no, no.” Yuan Bao shook his head hurriedly, “I’d better walk with everyone.”

“Ha, Xiao Yuanbao was already shy. If you let him go alone, wouldn’t it be easier to be surrounded by other people? Wouldn’t he be more shy then?” Yuan did not say hearing this on the side, smiling jokingly and said.

“I…I didn’t.” Yuan Bao’s face became even more red.

“Have you seen it? We all saw it.” Yuan said he laughed strangely.

“You better say a few words.” Tang Mubai held back a smile, comforted, “Go together and go together. We have entered the domain wall, so we still fly directly…”

“Where do you want to fly?”

A rough voice sounded abruptly, interrupting Tang Mubai’s speech.


Accompanied by the voice, a terror of pressure dropping from the sky enveloped Tang Mubai.

“Innate pressure?”

Ye Tiansheng’s complexion changed, his eyes projected to the air on the right.

Yuan Bu said, Xiao Qinglan, and the others also stopped and turned to look.

In the field of vision, a middle-aged man who is not very burly, but extremely domineering in an imposing manner, wandered through the void and walked towards Tang Mubai.

“It’s Sinhende! What does he want to do?”

“I remember, Sin Hende came from the Royal City of Black Sands, the Hua Xiaolou in the Royal City of Black Sands, one of the people who died in Secret Realm Space after Tang Mubai gave up his help!

“Tsk~ So, Shin Hende is planning to trouble Tang Mubai?”

“Not intending, I have already looked for it!”


The crowd who had not yet surrounded themselves saw the middle-aged man, and at the same time they recognized their identity, they became more excited.

A big scene!

In Secret Realm Space, Tang Mubai confronted Xiao Futu and Hua Xiaolou more than a dozen people.

Those who know this can almost predict that the people at Moon Demon Palace and Vajra Temple will find Tang Mubai trouble in the future.

But no one didn’t expect, this trouble is coming so soon!

Right in front of them, on the edge of the domain wall, Sinheng from the Black Sand King City stopped Tang Mubai!


Others watched the excitement enthusiastically, but the generals sitting on the domain wall couldn’t.

He loudly shouted, his body flickered, and rushed to stand in between Tang Mubai and Sinhende.

“Trouble General Hu will go and rest on the side.”

Xin Hengde didn’t even look at the guard surnamed Hu at this, but just waved his hand and pushed the opponent to the side.

Then, his sharp eyes pierced Tang Mubai and said indifferently, “Leader Tang is so elegant, coming out of Hanging Mountain, and in the mood to play everywhere.”

“Speak well, don’t be eccentric.” Yuan Bu said without the slightest hesitation countered on the spot.

“Yuan didn’t tell?” Xin Hengde cast a glance at Yuan without saying, “Are you going to stand up for Leader Tang?”

“Yes!” Yuan didn’t say the front bar.

“And me.” Ye Tiansheng followed, “My Scarlet Cloud Sect also stands on Leader Tang.”

Xiao Qinglan, “The same goes for my Beastmaster.”

“The same goes for Xuanjian Mountain.”

“True Martial Sect too!”


Others spoke one after another, angrily at Sinheng, and supported Tang Mubai.

In this scene, tsk tsk sighed with emotion.

Sinhende’s face was extremely ugly.

Before Tang Mubai could speak, he slammed his hand out and grabbed Tang Mubai in the air, escaped from the surroundings of Ye Tiansheng, Yuan Bushuo and the others, and ascended into the air.

Then, the palm astral energy hovered, and moved towards Tang Mubai was punched out.


The air blew up.

The azure fist imprint, which is completely condensed by astral energy, rushes to Tang Mubai with energetic energy.

Tang Mubai didn’t dodge, just squinted slightly, his right hand was slowly raised, palm astral energy healed.

“Huhuhu ~!”

Strong wind circling.

The astral energy poured out from within the body is gathered in the palm of the right hand.

Next moment ——

“Ten thousand li no cloud!”

shouting loudly, the first palm of “Miekong Palm” was shot hard.


A huge transparent palm print condensed by pure sun astral energy emerges out of thin air. The azure fist marks facing Sinhende.




The three connected tremors echoed in the sky.

The huge transparent palm print first smashed the azure fist print, and then the aftermath force rushed in front of Sinhende.

“Get lost!”

Xin Hende was ashamed and shot murderous intention in his eyes.

His attack was easily defeated by Tang Mubai?


Tang Mubai, must die!

Sinhende growled low, clenched his fists and burst into dazzling rays of light, an invisible power released from his body.


Void trembles.

Sinhende did not move, an invisible shock wave spreading around him all around.

The remaining transparent palm prints made by Tang Mubai broke down first.

Immediately afterwards, Sinheng waved his fists and struck Tang Mubai again.

Bang! Bang!

The air exploded and the fist broke through.

“The angry dragon is on top!”


The air vibrates, and the giant palm is empty.

Fist prints and palm prints launched a fierce collision in the air.

The burst of energy produced fluctuated, rippled in circles, and spread all around.

The detonated air flow raged in midair.

Sinhende’s astral energy is mobilized a lot, and the fist technique is used to the extreme.

Every punch was directed at Tang Mubai’s vitals, but was disintegrated by Tang Mubai.


Sinheng beat and cursed, “Why is this kid’s palm technique so powerful? It has the breath of Perfect level? Is he really cultivated this palm technique to Perfection?”

Perfection Realm’s martial arts and power can be used by 200%.

In addition, Tang Mubai ignores Innate pressure and most of his body is protected by Treasure Item.

Shinhende’s eyes flickered, and he decided to make a killer move.

Pull Power of Heaven and Earth to fight!

He does not believe it.

Tang Mubai can easily disintegrate in the face of Power of Heaven and Earth!

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