Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 535

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Sin Heng De first drank low, his body retreated, and distanced himself from Tang Mubai.

Then, mobilize the spirit strength in the spiritual field, and quickly release the Power of Heaven and Earth from the top of the head and even within a radius of 1000 meters, and gather all around the body.

Intangible but like a substantive horrible oppression, born out of thin air in an instant.

“Finally can’t help but use spirit strength?”

Tang Mubai, who had been staring at Sinhende, chuckled lightly when he saw this scene.

Next moment, the figure suddenly disappeared in place.

whiz whiz whiz ~

I saw occasional flashes of afterimages, and Sinheng couldn’t track the exact location, let alone locked it.

On the contrary, Power of Heaven and Earth dragged down by him, the space where he was, suddenly ripples like water waves.

The void is slightly distorted at this moment, and all Power of Heaven and Earth seems to have been wiped away by a rag, and dissipated thoroughly.

This move is exactly the space use trick learned from Qin Sheng!

Tang Mubai is experimenting while being practical.

The effect is very significant, Sinheng has not yet exerted the power of Power of Heaven and Earth, and Tang Mubai eliminated all Power of Heaven and Earth.

The shocking scene stimulated Xinheng to be surprised and released his trump card.

With the palm facing Tang Mubai, a golden light wrapped in fiend energy burst out.


The distance is too close and the speed is too fast.

If this was someone else, he would have been killed by Sin Hende.

Tang Mubai is different. The “Taiji Universe Jue” was launched immediately and disappeared in its original position, making Sin Hengde’s attack completely empty.

Immediately, qi and blood were mobilized, and astral energy urged “Miekong Palm” to quickly keep up.

“The angry dragon is on top!”

“The ground is cracked and the mountains collapsed!”

“Drought and thunderbolt the sky!!!”

3 palm bursts, a palm is stronger than a palm force, and power is more terrifying.



Bang!! !

There were 3 tremors in the air.

Three huge transparent palm prints emerged out of thin air. One after another, slapped at Sinhende.

Sinhende’s heart beats wildly, trying to avoid it, but found that the whole body’s retreat is blocked. Immediately, he vents loudly roared, and all the blood within the body is mobilized, punching frantically to resist.

The speed was too fast to keep up, and the first palm print was defeated. However, the second palm print was too late and was not blocked. He attacked in front of him and hit the protective cover.

“Pu ~!”

A mouthful of blood sprayed from the mouth and splashed on the protective cover.

Although the second palm print did not hit Xinheng’s body, the terrifying shock power was transmitted through the protective cover. The impact of Xinheng’s mouth sprayed out a big mouth of blood congestion, and the whole person flew straight backwards.

However, before he fell from the air, the third huge transparent palm print caught up with him, and unobstructed strikes fell on him.

The powerful force blasted the protective shield first, and then, the aftermath of the explosion swept across Sinhende, crushing most of his clothes, tumbled to the ground, and smashed a large hole in the ground.

“Wow, pu~”

Sin Hende, lying at the bottom of the pit, trembled all over, and a large mass of blood was spewed out again while moving.


The huge scene was silent.

All the spectators stared wide-eyed, looking at Sinhende in the pothole, shocked and silent.


Sin Hende of Innate realm, actually lost?

Breaking the protective cover by Tang Mubai 3 palm, smashing it to the ground, unable to move, an extremely embarrassing defeat?


There were 100 people in absolute silence throughout the scene.

It is Yuan Bushuo, Ye Tiansheng, Xiao Qinglan, Yuan Bao and the others. They also expressed inexplicable expressions, and their eyes showed surprise.

They are not surprised that Tang Mubai can defeat Innate.

What really surprised them was the tactics used by Tang Mubai and the timing.

too fast!

From Sin Heng De carrying Tang Mubai, rushing into the air, and then Tang Mubai 3 palm slap Sin Heng De, smashing into the ground.

It takes less than 3 minutes!

In this short period of time, Sin Hende opened all his cards and tricks, but none of them worked. They were all defeated by Tang Mubai and finally defeated.

Especially Tang Mubai also used the tricks learned from Qin Sheng, which is even more rare.

With such strength, let alone Yuan of Ranked 5th in the Shenglong Ranking, he is the King of Winter, and not necessarily an opponent!



The breeze blew.

In the silence, Tang Mubai slowly floated over Xinhengde, looked down from a high altitude, and said calmly, “Where I want to go, do you still care?”

“Pu ~ pu!”

Sin Hende’s chest rises and falls, and his head up again spouts a mouthful of blood, his eyes widened and he stared at Tang Mubai, with shame and anger.

“you you……”

“You” didn’t say anything for a long time, couldn’t help but fainted on the spot.


Yuan didn’t say that he was close, but he looked at Xinheng with contempt in his eyes.

Troubled Tang Mubai, and ended up fainting.

Xinhengde’s name will undoubtedly be famous in Dongzhou in the future.

“The people in Heisha City are not very good.” Yuan Bushuo shook his head and tsk tsk sighed with emotion.

“…Let’s go.” Tang Mubai heard this laughed, retracted his gaze, and rose into the air.

“Yes, I must have gone through this battle, few people dare to come to trouble again.”

Yuan Bu said followed and flew up, chasing Tang Mubai, to the space where the battleship was parked.

Ye Tiansheng, Xiao Qinglan, and Yuanbao entire group have their roots at the end.

The entire group disappeared into the horizon under the eyes of all the onlookers.

When I can’t see the silhouette at all, I came back to his senses, looking at Sinhende who was in a coma in the pothole, all his mouth twitched.

Too exciting!

dignified Innate realm expert, but was defeated by Tang Mubai 3.

This news is so sensational!

Tang Mubai and Yuan don’t talk about the entire group, before the sky battleship, people in the entire 77 domain have understood the news.

So that Tang Mubai entire group, when boarding the sky battleship, Tang Mubai attracted the most attention.

It wasn’t until the Kongtian battleship took off that there was a little silence.

There is no direct service to the 77th Territory in the 38 domain.

On the way, Tang Mubai and Ye Tiansheng and Xiao Qinglan made two transfers.

On the last trip, Xiao Qinglan was the only one who went to the 38th Territory with Tang Mubai.

The empty battleship arrived in Canghe City.

Coming out of the hatch, Tang Mubai was welcomed again. Wherever he passed, the crowd discussed spiritedly, screaming, cheering, and even applause.

Tang Mubai is famous throughout Dongzhou. Speaking from a certain perspective, equivalent to is the pride and glory of 38th Territory!

Especially Tang Mubai saved more than 70 people.

Behind each of these more than 70 people is a Great Influence.

Even if these Great Influences do not return Tang Mubai, they will treat Tang Mubai differently.

In this way, the future development of Tang Mubai should not be too smooth. Naturally, there will be more people who fawn and admire than before.

Along the way, Tang Mubai couldn’t stand the enthusiasm.

Quickly return to Red Leaves City and set foot in the Miracle Mercenary Group resident before being relaxed.

However, seeing Fang Shuixian, Xu Dalu and the others coming back from Tang Mubai, they shouted again and were excited.

After a long while, the eyes of the entire group fell on Xiao Qinglan behind Tang Mubai.

“This is…” Fang Shuixian asked with joy, with bright eyes and a full smile, “Leader, is this Mrs. Leader?”

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