Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 536

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“Mrs. Leader? Really?”

“I think this girl is a good fit for Leader, she is a great fit for men and women!”

“Yes, regardless of height or temperament, they are so good with Leader.”


A group of old man smiled and discussed.

Even Xu Dalu was relieved and said with emotion, “For one revolution, Leader has a wife.”

“Well, Mrs. Leader, can I be called sister-in-law?” Jiang Xiaoyan asked in abdominal language.

In half a year, she has learned ventriloquism.

“Sweep your head!”

Others are not easy to scold. Tang Mubai is not polite to Jiang Xiaoyan. He glared at her, looked towards Fang Shuixian and Xu Dalu, and explained, “This is Xiao Qinglan from the Beastmaster’s Gate, Ms. Xiao, came to see me half a year ago Xiao Qingshan is her younger brother. Xiao Qinglan came back with me because we had an agreement to make a deal.”

With that, Xiao Qinglan turned to look towards expressionless, “I’ll get the sword, you wait here.”

After leaving a sentence, Tang Mubai tipped his toes and rose into the air, heading to the roof of the building where he lived.

After entering the house, he turned around, took out the Tiger’s Mouth Swallowing Moon Sword, then turned around and went out, jumped back into the courtyard, and handed the Tiger’s Mouth Swallowing Moon Sword to Xiao Qinglan.

The latter took it and checked it again. There were no more words. He threw the Taibai Jinjin to Tang Mubai. Then, with a little tiptoe, he rose into the air and flew to Canghe City quickly.

“Really an ordinary transaction?”

Upon seeing this, Xu Dalu looked at Xiao Qinglan’s away silhouette and sighed, “This girl is good, Leader, why don’t you go further with her?”

“…We don’t call.” Tang Mubai was speechless, turning the subject away, “Don’t talk about it, I’ve been away for half a year, what’s going on in the group? Is there anything wrong?”

In fact, the stone giant Avatar has been secretly watching the resident, and Tang Mubai knows the situation in the resident.


Fang Shuixian shook his head and said with a slight smile, “Not to mention the Ox King you left behind. No one dares to mess with it. Old Xu alone can suppress most Xiaoxiao.”

“Really, it seems that Grandpa Xu’s strength has improved a lot.” Tang Mubai “accidentally” looked at Xu Dalu.

“Hey, this is all from Leader.” Xu Dalu laughed.

The Thunder Strength inside Thunder Eye has been tempering his physique, strengthening his speed and strength.

The current Xu Dalu and Tang Mubai really don’t know his attack power and what realm he achieves.

“Big brother, big brother, Sister Su is gone.”

The little cousin took Tang Mubai’s hand and shook it, “Sister Su left here after you left 1 month later. For so long, I don’t know where she has been, and there is no reply at all.”

“Su Lingxi is gone?” Tang Mubai “Different”, then comforted, “Don’t worry, with your Sister Su’s strength, it is enough to protect yourself.”

“Really?” The little cousin raised her head with a worried look on her face.

“Really, you can put 100 hearts.” Tang Mubai patted little girl’s head, letting everyone spread out.

“That’s good.”

The little cousin smiled and regained her joy, pulling Tang Mubai towards the house.

I haven’t seen Tang Mubai for half a year. She has a lot to say to Tang Mubai, and she also has a lot of food, drinks and fun to share with Tang Mubai.

After playing with the little girl for a while, Tang Mubai looked towards Cang who walked slowly into the house, raised his eyebrows and said, “Yes, I haven’t seen you in half a year, you seem to have changed a lot.”

This time it was not acting, but really surprised.

The stone giant Avatar who stayed in the city has been secretly guarding the Miracle Mercenary Group, but his body has never been exposed, even as the “Hong Grandmaster”.

Naturally, I have never entered the resident area and contacted Xu Dalu, Fang Shuixian and the others.

even more how is Cang!

I haven’t seen it for half a year, Tang Mubai keenly sensed that the aura on brat’s body has become very solid, like a perfect jade, without a trace of loopholes or gaps.

The whole person looks ordinary, but the invisible breath of Perfection from time to time reveals an indescribable sense of sublimation…

Yes, it is sublimation!

“Are you going to ascend?” Tang Mubai couldn’t help but blurted out.

Cang, “…”

“You just ascended!” brat said ill-humoredly, “I’m so good, why do you want to ascend?”

“Heh.” Tang Mubai grinned, disapprovingly, “You know what I mean.”

“Really.” Cang Ye said with a smile, “If you want to play with me, you should practice again. When it’s you, go out and do this major event, which is admirable. Over 10,000 years, come, Hanging Mountain, where no one can go, actually let you go! Tell me, how did you find the mountain gate? Then, go up quickly?”

“You want to know?” Tang Mubai chuckled. “If you want to know, just tell me, who you are?”

This is the first time Tang Mubai asked straightforwardly.

The origin of Cang is mysterious, and he stayed at Miracle Mercenary Group for so long. Although he has no malice towards Tang Mubai and Xu Dalu and the others, he is always curious.

Tang Mubai endured it for so long, and couldn’t bear it at all.

“Hey, want to know who I am?”

Cang also smiled, “Okay, as long as you let Xiaojiang’s little girl worship me as a teacher, I will tell you where I came from!”

“…It’s been so long, haven’t you given up?” Tang Mubai was speechless.

“Of course!” Cang raised his head, said resolutely, “You don’t know, no matter where you are, the natural Sword Dao seeds like Xiaojiang are very popular. You have good luck and picked one back. If others find out, it will be early I brought back Sword Sect, when Core Disciple was trained. I have been looking for successors for that many years, but I am still not satisfied. Only I met Xiao Jiang…”

“Oh, yes, don’t speak so nicely.”

Tang Mubai interrupted, “I have been looking for a successor for that many years. Since you are so awesome, how could you be injured and become like this brat?”

Cang, “…”

“Why, speechless?” Tang Mubai was amused. “If you want to accept Xiaoyan as a disciple, first you have to show your cards, not your cards. Who knows if Xiaoyan followed you, is it good or bad?”

“Yes, yes!” Although the little cousin didn’t understand, she agreed, “Little Baldy, you have anything delicious and delicious, please take it out!”

Cang, “…”

“I’m too lazy to talk to you two.” Cang shook his hand, turned and walked away, and said as he walked, “I just want to tell you that the past six months have changed a lot, in addition to the Demon Realm invasion, there are…”

“Leader Tang!”

There was a call from outside.

“Is it Lord Zhang?”

Tang Mubai expression straightened, leaving the sky, quickly out of the room, came outside, and saw Zhang Hairui standing in the sky.

“I have seen Lord Zhang!”

Tang Mubai cup one fist in the other hand.

“Haha, don’t need to be polite.” Zhang Hairui raised his hand to say with a smile, “I haven’t seen you in half a year, Leader Tang is even more impressive, I…”

“That is, Brother Tang’s strength and potential have never let me down!”

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