Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 537

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In the distant sky, a silhouette fast as lightning burst from the sky.

After shaking, it reached the sky above Miracle Mercenary Group.

“Old Lu.” Tang Mubai nodded to the incoming person and said hello.

“It’s called Old Brother.” Lu Zhaoyuan smiled, “You and I belong to the same family. They are both senior and junior brothers. If you are a few years old, just call Old Brother.”

“…Lu Old Brother.” Tang Mubai held back a smile.

Lu Zhaoyuan is more than a few years old. Calculated by age, it is enough to be a great-grandfather.

“Brother Lu, although Leader Tang and you are both members of the Sacred Heart, don’t the senior and junior brothers count?” Zhang Hairui interjected with narrowed eyes. “The Sacred Hearts are independent of each other. Wu?”


A voice of catering came from the direction of the eastern domain wall.

Accompanied by it, there is also a silhouette rushing through the air.

Whoosh~ Whoosh!

After a few breaths, he reached the sky above the Miracle Mercenary Group, revealing his figure.

“Yellow Leader?”

Tang Mubai looked towards Huang Shengwen, who came in a hurry, showed doubts on his face.

“Leader Tang I trust you have been well since we last met, welcome back.” Huang Shengwen responded with a smile, then cast aside Zhang Hairui, stared at Lu Zhaoyuan, and said loudly, “Brother Lu, when will Leader Tang worship your teacher? Up?”

“When did Brother Lu have a teacher?” Yuankong flew another silhouette.

After approaching, his face was revealed, it was Liu Fusheng.

“It’s so lively, how can I be missing from such a lively scene.”


A silhouette rose from the ground, rushed up into the air, and flew quickly towards Tang Mubai.

“Sect master?”

Tang Mubai looked at the visitor, his expression unchanged, and asked, “Sect master is a coincidence. Are you bored to come to me for tea?”

“Haha, a cup of tea is naturally the best.” Duan Dingcai smiled, “I’m afraid that my brother will not bear it.”


Tang Mubai did not answer.

Zhang Hairui, Lu Zhaoyuan, Liu Fusheng, Huang Shengwen, Duan Dingcai.

Five people came one after another, and their words had hidden meanings.

Tang Mubai is not an idiot, how can I see that there is a situation in it!

5 people came over, obviously there are plans…

“Ha, boy, are you very popular!”

The frivolous voice sounded, Cang lay on the outer wall of the corridor, looking at the five people, Huang Shengwen and Zhang Hairui, floating in the air. He was full of excitement and winked at Tang Mubai. , I have to say, boy, you are pretty good!”

“That is, my big brother is the best!” The little cousin who walked out of the room, heard these words, solemnly nodded.

“Hehe…” Cang smiled very much.

“…Can you smile normally?” Tang Mubai gave him an angry look.

“I’m normal!” Cang raised his eyebrows, turned his head and looked towards the little cousin, and asked, “Girl, don’t I smile?”

“Well, it’s ugly!” The little cousin nodded hard.

Cang, “…”

“Cough, this is this?” Zhang Hairui couldn’t help but, lightly coughed, looked towards Cang, and looked suspicious at Tang Mubai.

“This is a kid of mine.” Tang Mubai’s expression remained unchanged, replied, “My kid likes to join in the fun, listening to 7 and 8 stories, don’t worry about him. A few rare people come to me, please move to the hospitality room Let me entertain you.”

“it is good……”

“Entertain Mao!”

Cang jumped up and shouted, “You brat is stupid, isn’t it? I said that they are here to win you over, and if they want to entertain you, they are the only ones who entertain you!”

“…Shut up.” Tang Mubai stared.

My heart is full of doubts.

What is Cang doing?

In the past, when other people came to the door, brat stayed far away and never showed up.

This time it was good, not only showed up, but also made it clear that he was deliberately making trouble.

What do you want to do?

Tang Mubai runs “Sacred Heart Tong”, trying to read Cang’s heart.

As a result, nothing was read.

In other words, what he wants to say is the same on the surface!

“Stare what?”

Cangsi was not afraid, raised his neck, pointed at the five Zhang Hairui, one by one.

“Now, this Zhang Hairui, Lord Zhang, represents the Federal Supreme Court. He wants to pull you into the Supreme Court as a reserve seed.”

Cang pointed to Zhang Hairui and quickly explained.

After speaking, before Zhang Hairui’s expression changed, he immediately turned to Huang Shengwen.

“The leader of Huang Province who heard about Huang, represents the military department… Yes, you heard that right, it is not the Flying Deer Legion, but the entire Federal Army! The military department and the Hyperion Academy belong to two systems. Although they cooperate with each other, The root systems are independent of each other!”

“Huang Leader is here to bring you into the army. If you are willing, it is more than enough to be a general.”

After that, without waiting for Tang Mubai and Huang Shengwen to speak, he changed his target and pointed at Liu Fusheng, grinning said with a smile, “This General Counsel Liu Fusheng Liu represents the Martial Pacifying Department… Yes, you still heard that right, Liu Fusheng The representative is the Martial Pacifying Department. Although the Martial Pacifying Department is also a federal agency, it is also separated from the Military Ministry and the Super Academy, and has its own independent system. He will come to win you over and join the Martial Pacifying Department. In the future, you will sit on the 38th. Territory, becoming a general counsel is extremely easy.”

“As for this Duan Dingcai Duan sect master, you must have known that he is from Scarlet Cloud Sect. He has done a lot to win you into Scarlet Cloud Sect. Of course, you have a lot of benefits. However, I don’t. I suggest you join Scarlet Cloud Sect because there are as many factions inside Scarlet Cloud Sect.”

Cang Fu Duan Dingcai’s face was ugly, and each minding their own business said, “The Great Heaven Academy, the Military Department, the Martial Pacifying Department, the Scarlet Cloud Sect, these factions, joining one of them, although there will not be less resources, but the constraints are too great. Wanting to quit is almost impossible, except for death in battle, otherwise, you can’t get out.”


Huang Shengwen couldn’t help coughing and said, “This little friend, what you said is too serious, right? Hu Chuanman is not like you!”

“…That, many thanks for your explanation, but how about you go back to the house first?” Tang Mubai held back a smile, looked towards Cang, and suggested.

“Go back to what room, it’s not too late until I finish talking.”

Cang raised his hand, ignoring Huang Shengwen, and said disapprovingly, “What I said has always been reasonable and well-founded, and you can check and verify it at any time. Boy, the best of these 5 factions is the Sacred Heart!”

He pointed at Lu Zhaoyuan, whose eyes were shining, and grinned, “The Inner Sect of the Sacred Heart Gate is your best choice. If you join in, there will be no shortage of resources and backing, but the restraints are not. If you want to quit halfway, you only need to complete 3 tasks of medium difficulty.”

“haha ……”

Lu Zhaoyuan heard this and laughed, “This little friend is too right. Since the little friend has already said it, I won’t hide it, brother Tang, I’m coming here this time indeed to invite you to join The Inner Sect of the Sacred Heart Gate is also the core of our Sacred Heart Gate! I wonder what your intentions are?”

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