Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 539

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To be precise, in a city!

This city is very weird, at least for Tang Mubai’s perception, very weird.

Although the buildings, roads, and various facilities are all real, they feel fake…

Yes, it is fake!

Although the building itself is a dead thing, it is really real and has its own mass and weight.

In the city in front of Tang Mubai, all the buildings are like plastic, which seems to be pierced with a single tap.

Looking all around, even over the city, there are obviously no light bulbs, tubes and other light-emitting objects, but Tang Mubai’s perception is very bright.

and also……

“Huh, is there a newcomer?”

A voice suddenly sounded.

The source seems to be in the ear, and it seems to be in the horizon.

Tang Mubai’s heart beat, subconsciously about to quit.

“Ha, is it Tang Mubai, Brother Tang?” The voice sounded again, this time full of surprises.

“…Who are you?” Tang Mubai stopped and asked thoughtfully.

“My name is Zhao Guanlin. Just like you, I am also a member of the Sacred Heart. You can call me Lao Zhao.” The person who spoke kindly said, “It seems that Old Lu didn’t tell you about the situation here, right, Brother Tang?”

“Uh… Old Brother Lu, gave me a new Sacred Heart Order, and then told me the method of spiritual reading, nothing else.” Tang Mubai responded, and tried to ask, “Dare to ask Old Zhao brother, here Where is it? An Independent Space inside the Sacred Heart?”

Sacred Heart Order is to transmit Treasure Item.

Regardless of the old version or the new version, there is no doubt about this.

It’s just that the new version is more High Level, with one-to-one, or the function of chatting with multiple people, unlike the old version, which can only send messages?

“It is indeed the Independent Space, but it is not inside the Sacred Heart Order, but in the’templar’.”

Zhao Guanlin explained with a smile, “‘Sanctuary’ is the name we gave it. In fact, this is the interior of a Seven Revolutions Treasure Item. The function is to facilitate face-to-face communication between the Sacred Heart Gate and where the items are stored…”

Zhao Guanlin explained in detail.

After Tang Mubai listened, he was surprised at the same time.

seven revolutions Treasure Item!

The place where he is now, this seemingly real, actually fake city, is actually a Treasure Item inner space!

This seven revolutions space Treasure Item has been specially modified to accommodate the people of the Inner Sect of the Sacred Heart and enter the spiritual consciousness.

Tang Mubai felt right before, his consciousness was out of the body.

Cross over an unknown distance and enter this seven revolutions space Treasure Item named “temple”.

In the “temple”, everyone is a spiritual consciousness and communicates face to face, through the spirit.

Because it is a space Treasure Item, the “temple” can naturally be stored.

Every Sacred Heart can be assigned a “house” in the city.

This “house”, equivalent to safe, can store items, through the new Sacred Heart Order.

The new version of the Sacred Heart Order, to put it bluntly, is the key, the key to the “temple”.

If Tang Mubai doesn’t have the system space and the Demon Orb, then there will be an extra mobile safe at this moment.

No matter where you are, you can use the new version of the Sacred Heart Order to open the “temple” and store objects. The objects are naturally dead, not living.

This function allows the “temple” to act as a “transit station” in addition to acting as a safe.

When conducting transactions between members, there is no need to run all over the world, and they can be transported directly in the “temple” by others.

The same is true when transporting bulk items.

For example, Tang Mubai wants ten tons of iron ore to send to 77 domains.

It can be done through the “temple”, whether it is to let the Sacred Heart of 77 domain help to extract it, or put the iron ore in the “temple”, Tang Mubai goes to the 77 domain empty-handed, and then enters the “temple” to take it out.

Similar uses, very effective.

Tang Mubai fell in love instantly.

Especially after the inquiry, I learned that the “templar” refining method only needs to meet two conditions.

Void stone, small perfection space mood!

That’s right, the “temple” is refined from the void stone, and has its own spirituality consciousness.

It’s just that this consciousness is still very weak and needs guidance.

Zhao Guanlin is Guide.

After the consciousness matures and becomes independent, the “templar” will have its own steward “Artifact Spirit”.


“Brother Tang, if you want to refine the space Treasure Item similar to the’templar’, it is best to learn from Old Xia, which is the Refiner Master.”

Zhao Guanlin reminded.

“Many thanks Old Zhao brother.” Tang Mubai thanked.

“You are polite, Old Xia is not in the’temple’ now. After he comes, I will tell him and make an appointment with you.”

Zhao Guanlin chuckled, “In addition, Brother Tang, you are a newcomer. Our Sacred Heart Gate has an Initiated reward for newcomers. The first is “Sacred Heart Jue”, a seven revolutions martial arts for condensing spirit strength. Although only the first half of it, But it can be used.”

“Secondly, you can choose a seven revolutions Divine Weapon at will. Well, what weapon do you like to use, Brother Tang?”

“…I don’t seem to particularly like it, nor is it particularly good at.” Tang Mubai was a little embarrassed and laughed.

In the bottom of my heart, there was some shock.

seven revolutions martial arts, seven revolutions Divine Weapon!

It is worthy of being the Inner Sect of the Sacred Heart, and it is great generosity when it is shot.

People who are outside can’t even imagine.

Of course, there are benefits and constraints.

That is, Tang Mubai cannot join other Sects and forces in the future.

Sacred Heart Gate Inner Sect, different from outer sect. Everyone has their own identity, and who has it.

Inner Sect is different. Once Initiated, it can only serve the Sacred Heart Gate.

If you quit, you have to complete 3 tasks and return martial arts and Divine Weapon.

Tang Mubai can accept this.

He also introduced the identity of Zhao Guanlin, one of the left Right Protectors of the Sacred Heart Gate.

He is Right Protector!

As for what realm, Zhao Guanlin did not say.

But Tang Mubai can guess how much, 80% chance is the Destiny Realm world!

What Zhao Guanlin comprehends is the artistic conception of space, and the level is Great Accomplishment.

Compared to Tang Mubai’s Great Perfection, it’s not a bit worse.

Even so, the use of space made Tang Mubai admire.


“Third, Brother Tang, when you enter the 3rd battlefield for the first time, someone will protect the way.”

Zhao Guanlin continued, “Who is Dao Protector, I won’t tell you for the time being. Although you can’t enter the 3rd battlefield right now, you can tell me when you want to go.”

“Good.” Tang Mubai thanked.

The so-called 3 battlefields actually refers to Three Small Worlds.

The main body of New World is the outside world, with a planet surrounded by Supreme Sun Star.

In addition, there are 3 new Small Worlds.

This Three Small Worlds, the earliest one, was born in Ancient Era. I don’t know how many years.

The second appeared 2 years ago, and the third appeared 8,000 years ago.

For countless years, the powerhouse on the human side and the powerhouse on the Inhuman creature have entered the Three Small Worlds to fight and fight!

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