Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 540

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What are you fighting for?

All kinds of heavenly materials, earthly treasures born in the stable process of Small World!

The time required for a world from birth to stability can range from 10000 to 100,000 years.

In this process, various spiritual grass spiritual medicines will continue to be generated under the influence of chaotic energy, void elements, and World Strength.

The grades of these spiritual grass spiritual medicine are not generally high, six revolutions, seven revolutions, eight revolutions, and even nine revolutions!

However, although heavenly materials and earthly treasures are good, the quantity is limited after all, and it takes time to grow again.

The main reason for Innate martial artist to pursue and enter Small World is World Strength in Small World, which is the predecessor of Power of Heaven and Earth.

Innate martial artist absorbs World Strength and condenses the spirit strength, the faster and more.

In the outside world, it absorbs Heaven and Earth energy, energy stone, and condenses spirit strength. The speed is too slow and the efficiency is too low.

Small World is different, because it is new, World Strength is very rich, and it is being born every moment.

This gives the Innate martial artist an energy source to become stronger and breakthrough.

Condense spirit strength, wash the body, and gradually open the 5 Divine Ability.

Not everyone has the opportunity of Tang Mubai to open the 5 Divine Ability directly through the system.

Others rely on cohesive spirit strength to get through step by step, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

5 After the orifice is fully opened, spirit strength is also needed to breed divine sense.

Therefore, the Innate martial artist wants to become stronger quickly and save time. In addition to going to “Dragon Burying Abyss”, it is to enter Three Small Worlds.

“Buried Dragon Yuan” is a magical place located in the southernmost part of Dongzhou.

There is a natural prohibition, and there is a lot of energy bar called “Milung spirit root”, which can be absorbed by martial artist and can condense spirit strength.

It is worth mentioning that.

Whether it is Three Small Worlds or Burial Dragon Abyss, only the breakthrough to the Innate realm, with the body of heaven and human, can set foot.

The body of the human body can only enter the special area.

Compared with Small World, Dragon Burial Abyss is even more restrictive.

Affected by natural restriction, martial artists above Grandmaster and below Nirvana can survive in the Dragon Burial Abyss.

And, the higher the realm, the greater the suppression.

That is, Innate, Tongshen, and Destiny, the martial artist of the three realms. In “Dragon Burying Abyss”, the Innate realm comes and goes freely, with almost no influence. The Tongshen realm has a little restraint, and the scope of coverage is limited when the Martial Domain is opened. Destiny Realm is almost always carrying a big mountain at all times, and the Martial Domain can only cover the range within ten meters.

This factor has led to the martial artists who haunt the “Dragon Burial Abyss”, most of which are Innate realm, and there are occasional Tongshen realm, but Destiny Realm is very rare.

Tang Mubai was wondering before that, why the 38th Territory is so big with a few 10000000 million people, but there are only a few martial artists in Innate realm.

After listening to Zhao Guanlin’s introduction, he suddenly realized.

That is the martial artist from the breakthrough to the Innate realm. Either went to “Dragon Burying Abyss” or went to Three Small Worlds!

These 2 places to go.

“Dragon Burying Yuan” has a lower risk factor, but fish and dragons mixed in together are very chaotic. Almost every force on the stage in Dongzhou has a representative there, seeking to seize the “Spirit Root”.

Three Small Worlds is easy to absorb World Strength. It is convenient for breakthrough to become stronger, but the risk factor is high. In addition to the powerhouse of Inhuman creatures, the source of Demonic Creature and the races in Demon Realm are also active in it. Once encountered, it is irreconcilable. .

2 places, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Which one to choose, Tang Mubai put it aside for now.

Because he has the Demon Orb…

If other Innate martial artists want to become stronger quickly, they have to go to “Dragon Burying Abyss” or Three Small Worlds.

Tang Mubai No need!

He who has the Demon Suppression Orb, only needs to capture the Demonic Creature, put it into the Demon Suppression Space, and then regularly extract the demonic energy, and the energy will be continuously transformed into spirit strength.

Currently, there is a corpse demon, a stone demon, half a shadow demon, and several 10000 bone demons in the demon suppression space.

The bone demon needs to absorb soul energy to regenerate demonic energy.

Tang Mubai thought about this, released the Bone Demon and cast it into the mountain range outside the 38th Territory to kill dinosaurs, ominous beasts, and Half-Beastman!

Especially Half-Beastman, Tang Mubai hates most.

If he can pass the Bone Demon and kill the Half-Beastman in the mountain range, Tang Mubai will only be happy.

When these Inhuman creatures are alive, soul energy supplies the bone demons, and the corpses left behind after death provide the corpse demons.

The demonic energy of bone demon and corpse demon can be transformed into spirit strength again!

Taken together, Tang Mubai is the biggest winner.


Since he concealed the news that he was already an Innate realm, Tang Mubai confiscated all the benefits that Zhao Guanlin mentioned, and kept it temporarily.

The “Sacred Heart Jue” dedicated to condensing spirit strength, Tang Mubai will not need it for a while.

Seven revolutions Divine Weapon, Tang Mubai has to think carefully before taking it.

Going to Three Small Worlds is not necessary at all.

In this way, Tang Mubai stayed in the “temple” for a period of time, and after obtaining an exclusive “house”, his control consciousness withdrew.

With this exclusive “house” in the “temple”, it will be much more convenient for Tang Mubai to fetch and deposit things in the future.

Don’t worry about other people anymore. You can collect the weapons and Treasure Items you want, and use them as you want.


The next morning.

Through the Transmission Array, Tang Mubai came to the miracle 1 base, ready to go out and drop the bone demon.

But when I walked out of the door of the underground space, I heard a sound of mechanical friction and cutting, and I couldn’t help but walked over with curiosity.

Passing through the power passage and entering a spacious cave in the belly of the mountain, a scene is greeted, making Tang Mubai eyes slightly shrink.


Robots are everywhere in the field of vision.

Looking around, thousands of robots are neatly arranged, standing on the spacious cold ground.

And behind the robot army, passing through a passage, in another underground space, an assembly line robot factory is roaring around, creating a robot, stepping on heavy footwork, walking through the passage, and joining the robot army.

Each of these robots is equipped with alloy battle saber, metal cutter, surveillance camera, infrared scanning, etc. The combination of modern and ancient.

The inside of the robot is hollow, without that many electronic components, but only clever mechanisms and connection lines.

Most of the locations controlled by Tang Mubai with “Proshen” are cancelled, only a few have settings.

“Didi ~”

The alarm signal sounds.

A beam of light suddenly hit Tang Mubai, and the next second, an electronic synthesis sound echoed in the cave in the belly of the mountain.

“Welcome to Leader!”

“Old Yang, the leader is coming! Old Yang, the leader is coming!”

Tang Mubai raised his eyebrows and looked at Yang Kai coming out of the corner and rice grains coming out in the other direction.

“Haha, Leader, you can count back!”

Yang Kai, who was holding the head of the chicken coop, ran towards Tang Mubai with his legs, and while running, he exclaimed excitedly, “Leader, how is it? My achievements in the past six months have not disappointed you, right?”

“There are 7600 thirty two fully automatic armed combat robots, 1520 mobile signal patrol robots, 900 43 ground-boring robots, and 180 flying surveillance robots!”

Yang Kai pointed to the neatly arranged, 4 robots with different shapes and introduced them separately.

After speaking, he looked towards Tang Mubai with expectation, with an expression waiting for praise.

“…Not bad.”

Tang Mubai was nodded and praised, “This result has been achieved in half a year. It’s very good, but the guns don’t seem to be equipped?”

4 types of robots, less than 100 equipped with machine guns and small artillery.

Regarding this, Yang Kai said bitterly, “Guns are not easy to obtain, and I have trouble making them myself. As for the ones currently equipped, Xiaomi has hacked many group companies’ systems and smuggled them from hidden warehouses.”

“I don’t dare to black out the official system.” The rice grains coming over hearing this, bowed their heads and said shyly.

“It’s okay.” Tang Mubai hearing this laughed, “I will solve the gun problem. You continue to make robots, the more the better. When you get 10000 combat robots, I will be useful and I will take it away.”

Tang Mubai thought of going to “Dragon Burying Abyss”!

He has the Demon Orb, which absorbs demonic energy and transforms it into spirit strength.

However, whether it is a corpse demon or a bone demon, it takes a certain amount of time to breed demonic energy.

It’s not just that you can make up for it right away.

Of course, Tang Mubai can do other things during the waiting time.

But Tang Mubai is not alone, he has an Avatar!

The moment he saw the robot army, Tang Mubai suddenly realized that he could control the stone giant Avatar, lead the robots to “Dragon Burying Abyss”, and collect “Milon spirit root”.

Entering “Dragon Burial Abyss” requires the body of heaven and human, because the acquired body can’t bear the pressure of natural restriction. Skeleton, blood vessels, and internal organs can’t stand the squeeze, and will break after a long time.

Robots are not afraid of this question!

A robot with a metal body is not afraid of pressure, let alone pressure.

There are 4 types of robots that cooperate with each other. The Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar can definitely collect the “Milon spirit root” in the chaotic “Dragon Burying Abyss”!


“If possible, it is best to put a layer of human skin on the surface of the robot.”

Tang Mubai beamed his eyes and suggested, “Pretending to be an adult is more conducive to the actions of the robot.”


Yang Kai hearing this, surprised joyfully said, “Artificial skin is not difficult. Xiaomi can find daoist leather technology on the Internet, but the material is not easy to make.”

“If you need any materials, please count them and I will find them.” Tang Mubai raised his eyebrows.

“it is good!”

Yang Kai clapped his hands and said, “Leader, don’t worry, as long as the materials are delivered, I will immediately replace the robot with human skin!”

 € 垜 wait and see 銆 傗 €

Tang Mubai chuckled, preparing to leave, remembering something suddenly, and then asked, “Have you used the patrol robot and flying surveillance robot you made?”

“Of course I have used it.”

Yang Kai grinned said with a smile, “Not only did I use it, I also drew the half of the mountain range map to the north here, including the distribution locations of various precious plants, special minerals, and those ominous beasts, dinosaurs, and half. -Beastman and Giant Insect’s lairs are marked with their locations! What about Leader, do you want a map?”

Without waiting for Tang Mubai’s answer, Yang Kai waved his hand at the rice grains, instructed, “Xiaomi, go get the map for the leader!”

“Oh.” The rice grain responded and turned and left.

“Leader, wait, Xiaomi will be back soon.” Yang Kai turned his head and looked towards Tang Mubai.

Tang Mubai looked ambiguous.

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