Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 541

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“How… what?”

Yang Kai saw this, his face slightly red, and his voice lowered.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Tang Mubai chuckled, “didn’t expect you still have this hand, amazing!”

“Ho ho~” Yang Kai scratched his head and smirked.

Tang Mubai did not pierce, and with a wave of his right hand, the golden bone demon was released.

As soon as the huge golden bone demon appeared, the terrifying aura instantly filled the entire underground space.

putong ~

With average strength and defenseless Yang Kai, he fell to the ground on the spot, his face was pale, his eyes widened, and his eyes were full of fear when he looked at the golden bone demon.

“This this……”

“This is a kind of Demonic Creature and Bone Demon I tamed. It is the highest realm, and down there are low-level Bone Demon such as silver bone, white bone, and gray bone.”

Tang Mubai waved his right hand again and took the golden bone demon back to the demon suppression space, and explained, “I am going to put the bone demon in the mountain range and let them replace the ominous beast, dinosaur, and Half-Beastman! When you control the robot to go out on patrol, Remember to ignore them!”

“Ok… OK.” Yang Kai gasped, nodded replied with lingering fears.

This golden bone demon was too terrifying, and the breath he released almost suffocated him.

Tang Mubai can be tamed, it’s amazing!

In Yang Kai’s emotions, the rice grain retrieved the map, Tang Mubai took it, and said goodbye to the two people.

Coming out of the surface, Tang Mubai also showed the Golden Bone Demon to the Illusory Demon Dragon, telling it that all the Bone Demon are his subordinates.

So that someday the bone demon accidentally broke into the area covered by the fantasy world demon dragon and was crushed into powder and died.

Subsequently, according to the map, Tang Mubai placed the next batch of bone demons near the nests of ominous beast, dinosaur, Giant Insect, and Half-Beastman.

The bone demon who regained the sky suddenly wandered around in the mountain range, excitedly besieging the running animals, ominous beasts, dinosaurs, Giant Insect, Half-Beastman… to obtain soul energy.

Throughout the process, Tang Mubai did not intervene.

He was floating in the high air, only looking down from a distance. Whenever a brood of Inhuman creatures was besieged and killed by the Bone Demon, he landed from the air, recovered the dissipated vitality, and threw the corpse into the edge of the barren hill corner of the Demon Space. , For the corpse demon to absorb.

Nest after nest, nest after nest.

Tang Mubai followed, and vitality collected batch after batch.

Starting in the morning, and continuing until dark, from dark to dawn, and then to dark…

It lasted a total of 3 days and 3 nights before all the bone demons stopped killing, digging holes in the ground, burrowing underground, resting, and breeding demonic energy.

In these 3 days and 3 nights, ominous beasts, dinosaurs, Half-Beastman, Giant Insect, died more than 10000, and the bone demons of 10000 also fell 10%, completely dead.

It doesn’t count those resurrected in situ. Basically, except for the golden bone demons, other bone demons have “Death”.

Tang Mubai converted the vitality recovered by Tang Mubai into lifespan, adding more than 150 to 10000!

Adding the remaining ten 10000 before, the cumulative lifespan reached 1623702!

After millions of years of lifespan, another ability can be improved.

Great Perfection artistic conception, or more High Level will?

Tang Mubai looked at the system panel and decided to keep it for now.

No matter how much lifespan is, if you open it up and consume it, it will be consumed quickly.

Keep waiting for the right opportunity and consume it later.

It takes time for the bone demon to regenerate demonic energy. After 3 days and 3 nights, it is time to return to the city.

Unlike coming out, Tang Mubai flew back directly when returning.

When arriving at the domain wall, it does not land, passes through the void of the domain wall, returns to Red Leaves City, and landed at the Miracle Mercenary Group.

The soles of both feet are on the ground…

“Leader, you are back.”

Xu Dalu, who turned in from the gate, saw Tang Mubai and exclaimed in surprise, “Xiao Xiao has been here for 3 days and said that he is looking for you in an urgent matter, but he has not been able to contact me. I don’t know where you have been. Let him go back and wait.”

“Xiao Xiao?” Tang Mubai wondered, “Who is Xiao Xiao?”

“Uh…” Xu Dalu stopped, and immediately patted his head, thinking, “It’s Xiao Chengpeng! That nephew of Lin Huafeng, who bought the’Awakening Potion’ injection last year, was finally rescued by Xiao Chengpeng!”

“It turned out to be him.” Tang Mubai thought of the image of a young man, nodded said, “Is he looking for me for anything?”

“I don’t know, he didn’t tell me, Leader, wait, I’ll call him and let him come over and talk to you.”

Xu Dalu took out his mobile phone and dialed a number.

“Um, Xiao Xiao… Yes, yes, the Leader is back… OK, OK, I will hold the Leader and prevent him from leaving, you come here quickly.”

Hanging up the phone, Xu Dalu looked towards Tang Mubai, and said with doubts, “This kid is weird in ancient times. He doesn’t tell me what’s going on, he just wants to talk to you personally.”

“When he comes, understood.” Tang Mubai chuckled lightly.

Immediately, I stopped going upstairs and played in the yard with a few children who came in, and waited for Xiao Chengpeng to come over by the way.


Xiao Chengpeng came quickly.

In less than ten minutes, he burst into the gate gasping for breath.

Standing at the door, glanced around, and found Tang Mubai, he ran over again, waved and shouted, “Leader Tang, Leader Tang!”

“Play it yourself.”

Tang Mubai separated from the children, waved to Xiao Chengpeng who was running over, and greeted him to enter the Conference Hall.

Xiao Chengpeng followed Tang Mubai, walked into the Conference Hall, and then closed the door again.

“Leader Tang, Uncle Lin has an accident!”

As soon as he spoke, Xiao Chengpeng revealed a news that shocked Tang Mubai.

Fortunately, Tang Mubai is not what it used to be. He was surprised and calmly on the surface. He said calmly, “Tell me in detail, what happened to Uncle Lin?”

“He is possessed!”

Xiao Chengpeng danced with his hands, worried and excitedly explained.


“Yes! I don’t know exactly when it started. I only remember that after Uncle Lin came back from a trip a month ago, he suddenly changed himself. He stopped cultivation and no longer manages the mercenary group every day. Instead, he rushed around to lobby some people. And gather them for class…”

“and many more!”

Tang Mubai raised his hand and interrupted, “You said Uncle Lin has found some people to come to class?”


Xiao Chengpeng took a deep breath, calmed down a little, and sighed frowning, “I don’t know what’s wrong with Uncle Lin. I just watch him convene people to talk non-stop every day. Like being caught by a demon, he doesn’t care about the outside world. If people interrupt, they will go crazy, snarling at people, and even hitting people.”

“Many people in the Madman Mercenary Group tried to persuade and were seriously injured by him!”

“Really hurt?” Tang Mubai frowned.

“Really! I didn’t lie to you, and there is no need to lie! Don’t even dare to lie!”

Xiao Chengpeng looked serious and said resolutely, “Although I don’t know what happened to Uncle Lin, the way he is now possessed is absolutely abnormal!”

“This kind of abnormality, I dare not even tell others!”

“The buddies in the Madman Mercenary Group also chose to conceal them and did not say anything.”

“Leader Tang, do you think what we did is right or wrong?”

Xiao Chengpeng looked worried.

“Uncle Lin had an accident, but we couldn’t find the reason, and we couldn’t control it, and we were even more afraid of spreading it.”

“For this matter, we haven’t been out of the domain anymore. It’s not that we don’t want to, but we are afraid that someone will find Uncle Lin’s abnormality.”

“Madman Mercenary Group cannot survive without Uncle Lin.”

“But if it goes on like this, things will only get worse.”

“Leader Tang, you don’t know, those who listen to Uncle Lin’s class have also become like him, each and everyone is excited and excited, as if they have been demonized!”

“This…this thing is getting bigger and bigger. We are beginning to be afraid, but we dare not find someone, afraid… afraid…”

At the end, Xiao Chengpeng lost his voice, and his body trembled slightly.

Tang Mubai was silent.

After a while, said solemnly, “Presumably you have guessed what happened to Uncle Lin, what exactly it is, but because you are worried about Uncle Lin, you chose to conceal it. The more you conceal this kind of thing, the greater the impact will be. More and more…”

“Stop talking, stop talking!”

Xiao Chengpeng held his head and shouted in panic, “Stop talking! I beg you to stop talking!”

“…This kind of thing, it’s not that I don’t say it will automatically disappear.”

Tang Mubai coldly said, “You have chosen to hide it for Uncle Lin. I don’t blame you, but this must be suppressed. No more people can become obsessed and become a cult!”

That’s right, cult!

In the past six months, many things have happened all over the world.

The most influential and most serious one is the invasion of Demon Realm and the birth of a cult.

The invasion of Demon Realm has been prevented and intercepted, and a small part of Demon Race and Demonic Creature cannot affect the overall situation.

However, the cults that have appeared in various parts of the world have not been wiped out. Instead, they have lurked and hid in various continents and big countries.

Like the Great Xia of Dongzhou, the shadows of people in the cult haunt the domain from time to time.

Even among the various peak great influences, people in the cult have also appeared.

These cults belong to different sects, each sect has an expert, and the object of bewitching is basically an ordinary person.

Martial artist is strong-willed, and not many people are tempted to teach, but once they are taught, they will become even crazier than an ordinary person!

And the more crazy, the stronger the martial artist.

The specific reason seems to be stimulated by some kind of force.

38th Territory Good luck, there has been no cult before.

The stone giant Avatar left by Tang Mubai has no chance to contact people in the cult.

Now I heard what Xiao Chengpeng said, only to discover that the cult has also entered the 38th Territory.

It’s just that it’s hidden deeply, no one has found that’s all.

Or like Lin Huafeng…

Xiao Chengpeng and the people in Madman Mercenary Group noticed the strangeness and knew Lin Huafeng’s sudden change. 99% of the things they did were caused by cults, but because they were worried about Lin Huafeng, they had to help conceal it.

Since the birth of the cult, the Great Xia Federation has issued a heavy killing order.

Once all members of the cult were discovered, they were all killed!

Because people who have joined the cult are like being demonized or poisoned, so far, none of them have returned to normal.

If you don’t kill, it will only affect other people, like snowballing, the base keeps growing.

If Lin Huafeng is found, he will also be killed.

This is why Xiao Chengpeng and the others have become uneasy and anxious.

He dared not tell Xu Dalu, only Tang Mubai alone, for the same reason.

of course.

Xiao Chengpeng came up because of Tang Mubai’s strength, high status, and close relationship with Lin Huafeng. Maybe there is any way to help Lin Huafeng.

By the way, pull Tang Mubai in to share some of the pressure.


Tang Mubai’s attitude made Xiao Chengpeng’s heart jump.

“Helping Uncle Lin is not so helpful!”

Tang Mubai drank lightly, “I won’t say much about other things, now, you immediately take me to the place where Uncle Lin meets, and first control Uncle Lin!”

“Then…what about the others?” Xiao Chengpeng said nervously.

“Like everyone else, control it first.” Tang Mubai glanced at him. “Don’t worry, I am not a murderer. If there is a way to change Uncle Lin back, I will do it, but before that, I have to change The situation is under control and can no longer develop!”

“By the way, how many people are affected by Uncle Lin?”

Tang Mubai remembered something, and then asked.

“This…” Xiao Chengpeng hesitated.

“Why, so far you still want to help hide it?” Tang Mubai shouted coldly.

“Don’t dare, don’t dare, so what, there are already more than 2.” Xiao Chengpeng sneered.

“…I hope it’s still too late!” Tang Mubai glared at him, “Lead the way!”

“Good, good.”

Xiao Chengpeng didn’t dare to say more, opened the door and walked out quickly.

Tang Mubai followed behind, without waiting for him to go far, grabbing his shoulders directly and taking him into the air.


Xiao Chengpeng was startled and waved his hands vigorously.

“Shut up ~”

Tang Mubai drank low, “Show me the direction!”

“Yes, yes.” Xiao Chengpeng shuddered and pointed in the direction, “Just… just over there…”


Tang Mubai carried Xiao Chengpeng and flew away in the direction he pointed.

Hu~ hu~

The oncoming wind blows away Xiao Chengpeng’s hair, frightening him to close his eyes and dare not open it.

On the way, Tang Mubai asked again, and Xiao Chengpeng answered immediately.

After a while, two people landed in a small remote factory in the suburbs.

At this point, Tang Mubai heard a fanatical voice without Xiao Chengpeng speaking up from a factory building.

The voice is not someone else, it is Lin Huafeng.

“You stay outside.”

Chao Xiao Chengpeng gave an order, and Tang Mubai strode towards the closed factory.

“be careful!”

Xiao Chengpeng lowered his voice and didn’t know what to make Tang Mubai be careful.

Be careful with yourself, or be careful with Lin Huafeng?

Tang Mubai ignored him, walked to the door of the factory building, kicked the iron door open with a “bang”.



As the iron gate fell to the ground, a huge oppressive force was born out of thin air and enveloped the entire plant.

Innate pressure!

In order to prevent casualties, Tang Mubai directly released the Innate pressure to restrain everyone. With the invisible force of pressure, more than 2 people in the factory were forced to fall to the ground and fall into a coma.

The plan was very successful.

The people who stood together in circles, “putong, putong, putong” fell neatly to the ground.

Except Lin Huafeng!

“Bang Bang~”

Lin Huafeng, standing at the front of the crowd on a high platform, actually ignored Tang Mubai’s Innate pressure.

The body flickered and turned into an afterimage, rushing to the left wall, directly ramming a big hole, the whole person burst out with lightning, and fled.

The speed is so fast, in a few jumps, disappeared…

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