Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 542

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Tang Mubai swayed following his figure and made a big hole.

At the same time, a translucent spiral mark shot out through the air.

Uh ~

The air made a slight trembling sound.

Lin Huafeng, who had ran out of several hundred meters and escaped into a small hill, shook his body suddenly, and there was a mark on the back of his neck.

He ignored it and continued to flee, crossing the mountainside and flying forward.

In a small factory.

Tang Mubai stopped chasing and looked at Lin Huafeng who was running away, his eyes cold.

Not against Lin Huafeng, but against those who lured Lin Huafeng into joining the cult!

This is why he didn’t catch up and let Lin Huafeng go.

With Tang Mubai’s strength, Lin Huafeng can be left behind.

But he didn’t do it, the purpose is to find the people behind Lin Huafeng.

Every cult sect has a pope, and this pope is the culprit.

Lin Huafeng is just a believer that’s all who have learned the Tao and become demons.

Let Lin Huafeng go, and through him, unearth the pope behind the scenes, can we destroy the cult that invaded the 38th Territory!

The “Samsara Seal” condensed from “Reincarnation Collection” has the function of “tracking”.


“What happened?”

Xiao Chengpeng’s panicked voice sounded, and he, who was guarding outside the factory building, hurried in when he heard the noise.

As a result, he saw “corpses” all over the floor, and his legs were frightened.

“Tang…Grandmaster Tang, you…you killed them all…?”

Xiao Chengpeng shook his hands and stammered.

While speaking, he turned around and looked for Lin Huafeng’s “corpse”.

“……not dead.”

Tang Mubai, who walked back to the factory building from the hole in the wall, coldly said, “These people are just unconscious and not dead.”


Xiao Chengpeng put out a breath, patted legs, said with a smile, “I thought…what about Uncle Lin? Why is Uncle Lin missing?”

Without saying more, Xiao Chengpeng changed the subject.


“Run?” Xiao Chengpeng’s eyes widened, “Leader Tang, you said Uncle Lin ran away?”

What strength is Tang Mubai?


Innate also defeated in half a step!

What realm is Lin Huafeng?

Specialist Grade 8!

The distance between 2 people is 2 great realms, OK?

In this way, Lin Huafeng can still run?

Unless Tang Mubai deliberately let Lin Huafeng go…

Xiao Chengpeng thought of this, with a thumbs up, “It’s hard for Leader Tang.”

Tang Mubai, “…”

Too lazy to explain, Tang Mubai took out his mobile phone and dialed the numbers of Liu Fusheng, Wu Weilan, and Huang Shengwen.

The presence of cult members in Red Leaves City must be taken seriously.

With Tang Mubai alone, even if the pope behind the scenes is found, the whole incident cannot be quelled.

In this regard, we have to rely on the strength of the government and the military.

When Liu Fusheng, Wu Weilan, and Huang Shengwen received a call and were told that someone from the cult had appeared, they decisively put aside their business and rushed to the small factory.

Within ten minutes, they arrived one after another.

More than three of them arrived, including Lei 3fang, Liu Tianxiu, and Gu Qingyan.

Wu Weilan represents Red Leaves City Martial Pacifying Department, Liu Fusheng represents 38th Territory General Counsel, Huang Shengwen, Gu Qingyan represents Feilu Legion, Liu Tianxiu represents Admiral’s Mansion, and Lei 1000fang represents Red Leaves City Martial Society.

Xiao Chengpeng was taken aback when this high-level person appeared, and he kept winking at Tang Mubai.

Tang Mubai ignored him, only letting Wu Weilan, Liu Tianxiu and the others watch the more than 2 followers of the cult lying on the ground in the factory.

“In front of one’s eyes, in front of one’s eyes, that many people secretly joined the cult. This is my negligence and shame.” Wu Weilan sighed.

“Director Wu doesn’t need to blame himself. If Leader Tang discovered this, no one would know.” Liu Tianxiu comforted and thought, “Moreover, these people are actually very easy to solve. The problem is that the Pope will hide behind the scenes. Don’t hurry and find him out, heaven knows how many people will be deceived and become a cult!”

“The missionary who ran away is also critical.”

Gu Qingyan said solemnly, “Since the cult has come to the 38th Territory, it will definitely not only spread in Red Leaves City, Canghe City, Zhonghe City, Linnan City… There should be a missionary envoy acting in the dark, like here, secretly Hold a rally to lure an ordinary person into a cult.”

“If you can find the missionary and follow him all the way, there is a very good chance that the pope will be found!”

After speaking, he looked straight at Tang Mubai.

The eyes of Wu Weilan, Liu Tianxiu, Liu Fusheng, and Huang Shengwen also fell on Tang Mubai.

Seeing this, Xiao Chengpeng couldn’t help swallowing his saliva.

“Yes, I deliberately let go of the missionary.”

Tang Mubai didn’t hide it, and said indifferently, “I left a mark on the opponent. As long as he stops, he can be found immediately and locked in his position!”

“it is good!”

Huang Shengwen exclaimed, “Leader Tang did a beautiful job! Indeed, if you kill the opponent, you might as well put a long line to catch a big fish, so that you can get it all done once and for all, and find out the Pope. No matter how many other people are making trouble, you can quickly calm down.”

“Just… just like these people, kill them all… killed?” Xiao Chengpeng couldn’t help but interjected, his voice trembling.

“Be detained for now.”

Wu Weilan replied, “When these people joined the cult, the dates are not consistent, some are early, some are late, and they are affected by the bewitching. Therefore, they are different. If it is a deep patient and the cult is too deep, it can only be eliminated.”

“What about mild?” Xiao Chengpeng asked again, “Is it okay for mild patients?”

“It depends on the person.” Huang Shengwen explained, “Those who are lightly insulted, isolate for a period of time, and when it is determined that there will be no impact, then let go. However, on this point, no one has succeeded so far. Basically, As long as you join a cult, you will become a fanatic, and will no longer listen to other people’s words.”

“The attack by the mad believer is very mad. It belongs to the kind of madman who doesn’t take his life seriously.”

“The most important thing is that if you become a fanatic, their strength will soar!”

“The last point, I just saw it,” Tang Mubai said, “The missionary is very strong.”

“Yes.” Wu Weilan sighed, “This matter is not easy to solve, but it can’t be solved.”

“For the time being, let me call someone.” Gu Qingyan called.

There are more than 2 100 people, and the people who rely on the Martial Pacifying Department are simply too busy.

Moreover, the barracks are also most suitable for detention. The barracks are located near the corner of the domain wall. If something goes wrong, it can be resolved quickly without affecting the city.

Tang Mubai did not participate in the entire escort process.

He returned to the premises of Miracle Mercenary Group to sense Lin Huafeng’s location.

Throughout the day, Lin Huafeng paused, but it didn’t take long to resume movement.

It didn’t stop until after ten o’clock in the evening.

Tang Mubai immediately flew into the air and operated the “Divine Ability” to lock his position.

Xin’an City!

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