Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 543

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Lin Huafeng’s final foothold was actually Xin’an City.

38th Territory is the least populated city.

If you think about it, it seems to be more convenient.

Unlike the original Earth, among the residents of major cities, the proportion of floating population is very large.

The larger the city, the more complicated the personnel and the more difficult it is to manage.

Unlike New World, there is almost no floating population.

The number of cities in a domain was determined as early as 100 years ago.

Corresponding to the residents of the city, it has been fixed for several generations, even more than a dozen generations.

People in the city, if they are not martial artists, seldom go outside.

Therefore, the relationship between the residents is very familiar, one street, one city, everyone is familiar.

A slight change will cause everyone around you to pay attention.

In this case, the spread of cults, Early-Stage cannot choose places with large populations.

The smaller the number of people, the better the control, and the best results can be achieved at the least cost.

For example, controlling a community at a time affects a street or even an urban area!

As long as the speed is fast enough, controlling the entire city is not a problem.

Xin’an City was selected, and it became a surprise.

Lin Huafeng stopped after entering Xin’an City. It is extremely possible that the cult headquarters behind him is located in Xin’an City.

The pope behind the scenes is hiding in a corner of Xin’an City.

Tang Mubai sees through the air and looks at Lin Huafeng’s current location.

Chengyun Building!

The building of a large group in Xin’an City, Chengyun Group.

The situation in the building was very strange. There were 1000 people gathered. Instead of working on various floors and offices, these people gathered together selectively, bowed to a statue, bowed to the ground, and muttered.

Tang Mubai listened carefully through the “ear orifice” Divine Ability. After a while, he felt dizzy.

At the same time I was suddenly awakened, it was my first experience of terrifying a cult.

Corrupt people’s hearts and contribute to oneself.

It can be said that the purpose of the cult from the very beginning is to collect the mind power of sentient beings.

The more people are enchanted, the stronger this force becomes.

If the whole city is really controlled, the power will be beyond imagination.

Tang Mubai doesn’t want Red Leaves City to fall.

The people of Xin’an City, so we must get it done quickly!


Put away Divine Ability.

Tang Mubai flew into the air and flew to the Martial Pacifying Department quickly to find Huang Shengwen, Wu Weilan and the others who had been waiting for news.

“How? Are there any results?” Liu Tianxiu asked first.

Huang Shengwen and Liu Fusheng also all looked at Tang Mubai.

Including Lu Zhaoyuan who came here with a look of expectation.

“Found it.” Tang Mubai didn’t sell it, said resolutely, “In Xin’an City! The escaped guy entered a building in Xin’an City. As for what’s inside the building, it’s not clear for the time being.”

“Enough.” Wu Weilan was overjoyed. “What is the name of that building and where is it located?”

“Chengyun Building!”

“Chengyun Building? Chengyun Group?” Liu Tianxiu asked.

“Yes.” Tang Mubai clicked nodded, “The target enters the Chengyun Building subordinate to the Chengyun Group. After entering, he does not come out again. It is not very clear what to do, but there is one guarantee, that is, the people in the Chengyun Building. Absolutely abnormal.”

“According to the information I have investigated, 80% of the people in Chengyun Building have become followers of the cult!”

“This…” Wu Weilan was dumb.

“In other words, the Chengyun Group is also controlled by a cult?” Huang Shengwen pondered then said.

“70% probability, yes!” Tang Mubai nodded, “The Chengyun Group is controlled by the entire group, so the news will not be leaked. The cult has a big plot, and the 1st Step control of the Chengyun Group is undoubtedly much easier.”

“They are convenient, but we are in great trouble.” Liu Fusheng said solemnly, “Since the cult controls the Chengyun Group, other people must control more. No one knows what status and status these people are. What is the total number? No one knows. If they break out and destroy everywhere, we will only fall into passiveness.”

“This is indeed a problem.” Lu Zhaoyuan nodded, “If there are too many recruits, our actions will undoubtedly be affected. To put it mildly, actions against cults cannot be carried out in Xin’an City!”

“Yes, once a battle starts in the city, I don’t know how much casualties it will cause.” Wu Weilan echoed, sighing.

“The main reason is how many people are recruited and where are these people distributed.” Liu Tianxiu said in a low voice.

“No matter where the believers are, Xin’an City cannot be a battlefield.” Tang Mubai couldn’t help but said, “We currently don’t know how many experts, Grandmasters, Innates, and even the gods are in the cult. How many cults are there in these three realms? “

“When the situation is unknown and the other party cannot be disturbed, once we start the encirclement and suppression, it will inevitably lead to the cult’s crazy counterattack. At that time, the cult’s talents will not control the safety of the residents in Xin’an. They will definitely kill one or the other. .”

“Then what to do?” Wu Weilan caught numbness.

“Of course there are ways. The best one is to lead the cult members from the city to outside the domain wall.” Tang Mubai chuckled.

“To pull a snake from its hole?” Huang Shengwen eyes shined.

“Yes, to pull a snake from its hole, lead the cult people out, the problem will be smaller.”

Lu Zhaoyuanxin joyfully said.

“But, how do we lead the cult members outside the domain wall?” Liu Tianxiu was equally excited, but she was only happy for a while before frowning again, “The cult members are not stupid, so why listen to us?”

“It’s simple, I have one thing that can definitely get a cult!”

Liu Fusheng hearing this, grinning said with a smile.

“What is it?” Tang Mubai couldn’t help asking.

“As long as it is sect, it will be something that you will love!”


Xie Jiubang is the leader of a small mercenary group in Red Leaves City.

Early this morning, he led the team to hunt in the wilderness.

By the evening, the harvest was not bad.

It was the last prey, the giant-eared pig, who was noticed because of his hypersensitivity and ran away early. They chased for a long time but did not catch up.

The two ears of the giant-eared pig are the most valuable. They can be used as medicine and can also be used for pill concocting. Xie Jiubang said that he was reconciled and let it go.

Ever since, with the team members unwilling to chase behind.

Xie Jiu Gang didn’t have to stop until the giant ear pig ran into a mountainous area.

“Leader, why didn’t you catch up? We were almost able to catch up.” A team member couldn’t help but said.

“The front is the military control mining area.” Xie Jiu gritted his teeth and held his breath.

“Uh…” The team members were dumbfounded.

Others were full of anger.

Military control of the mining area, prohibit anyone else from entering.

Once he is killed without checking, he will die in vain.

No matter how good a giant ear pig is, it can’t lose its life because of it.

Suddenly, a group of people was silent.

After a while, Xie Jiu helped put out a breath and encouraged, “It’s okay, don’t be discouraged, it’s just a giant-eared pig, we…”

Hum ~!

A loud bang suddenly sounded.

In The earth shook and the mountain quivered, on a mountain at the edge of the mining area, a golden Heavenspan beam of light suddenly appeared, straight into the sky.

A breath that makes people trance and consciousness intoxicated, followed by grandiose in between Heaven and Earth.

Exciting and fascinating!

“Also… rare treasure was born?”

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