Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 544

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Xie Jiu opened his eyes wide and his face was shocked.

The others behind him were almost the same, all with their mouths open and horrified.

In the mining area, loud shouts, noises, and screams were heard at the right time.

From time to time, there were several gunshots.

The whole mine became lively and noisy at this moment.

The beam of light connecting to heaven penetrating the earth lasted about 3 minutes before it gradually dissipated.

Xie Jiu helped a bunch of people and slowly came back to his senses.

“gu lu ~”

A member swallowed his saliva and breathed harder, “Leader, let’s…”


Xie Jiugang didn’t wait for him to finish, and waved to interrupt, “Although the mining area is in chaos, it will calm down soon. Entering at this time is no different from courting death.”

“But that’s rare treasure!” The other member couldn’t help but said.

“Rare treasure is good, but you have to get it before you can use it.”

Xie Jiubang coldly scolded his face, scolded, “Do you think that only a few of us saw the beam of light just now? This beam of light is so high and bright, I dare say that people from 100 miles away can see it! “

“People within a radius of 100 will see that the mining area will only become chaotic in the future, but this chaos will not last long before it will be calmed down. After all, the place where rare treasure was born is not other wilderness, but a military-controlled mining area! “

“When the expert of the Flying Deer Army arrives, those who dare to enter the mine have only one way to go, and that is death!”


The others were speechless.

Yes, rare treasure is good, but it must be used for life.

These people, the most powerful Xie Jiu Gang, are only Specialist Grade 7.

Taking advantage of the chaos of the mining area, you can sneak in, but wanting to get rare treasure is simply a idiot.

As soon as I thought of this, the greed that had arisen in everyone’s heart slowly dissipated.

After Xie Jiu helped to explain, no more words.

He raised his head and looked deeply at the place where the Heavenspan beam of light disappeared, waved his hand, and led everyone to leave.

On the way, several groups of people were met and they went straight to the mine.

Xie Jiu’s group of people didn’t know if anyone else rushed there, but the people they met were scared into a cold sweat.

The power gap is too big!

One of them was actually Grandmaster, and flew directly over their heads!

So soon the Grandmaster will arrive, and if Xie Jiu’s gang steals into the mining area, they are probably killed.

As soon as I knew it, I put out a breath, pulled my legs to speed up, and rushed to Red Leaves City.


At noon of the same day, Red Leaves City exploded, followed by Canghe City, and throughout the 38th Territory, everyone knew that a rare treasure was born outside the domain wall, on the mountain in the military control mining area.

The moment this rare treasure regained the sky, the Heavenspan beam of light released was witnessed by 100 people.

Everyone who saw it didn’t want to get it.

However, those who rushed into the mine were expelled for the first time and killed directly for the second time.

Originally, the Feilu Army had killed the killer in order to “smooth” others.

But this kill, on the contrary, stimulated the crowd to argue.

“Tsk tsk, it seems this rare treasure is not simple, otherwise, would Feilu be so nervous?”

“It must be the rare treasure. Judging from the soaring beam of light, this rare treasure is at least six revolutions!”

“I think it’s seven revolutions, Divine Item level!”

“The key is what rare treasure, if the ability is average, or very tasteless, then there is nothing at the worst.”

“You do not understand!”


The online “rare treasure” incident is extremely noisy.

Tang Mubai’s “Uneasy” group is also very lively.

[7 times a night]: “Guess everyone, what is this treasure that regained the sun?”

[Tyrant Blade Sect is a fart]: “How did you know it was a baby? Could it be rubbish?”

[Taoes are different from each other]: “Pharaoh just loves to lift the bar, don’t talk about other things, just the soaring beam of light, it is impossible to release garbage!”

[18 years old]: “That’s right, Lao Wang, you should stay and watch the screen.”

[Carp does not leaping over the dragon’s gate]: “I think there are more than six revolutions, seven revolutions are possible.”

[7 times a night]: “Who knows, the place where the rare treasure was unearthed is in the military-administered mining area. Apart from the Flying Deer Army, no one else knows what it is.”

[Tyrant Blade Sect is a fart]: “Hey, what, how many, do we want to go over and take a look?”

[Favorite small steamed buns]: “Not interested!”

[I am really Great Appetite King]: “Not interested in +1”

[18 years old]: “I’m not interested in +2, why don’t you go and play forward first?”

[Dao disagrees with each other]: “Old Wang forward +1”

[Carp does not leaping over the dragon’s gate]: “Lao Wang forward +2”

[7 times a night]: “Pharaoh Forward +3”

[Tyrant Blade Sect is a fart]: “You are all cowards, I’m really going to make a deal tonight!”

[Favourite small steamed buns]: “Really?”

[I am really Great Appetite King]: “Pharaoh, don’t miss it!”

[Believe in miracles]: “…”

[Believe in miracles]: “Brother Wang, don’t participate in the matter of’rare treasure’, because there is a secret behind it.”

[Tyrant Blade Sect is a fart]: “Other secrets?”

[Favourite small steamed buns]: “Will it be fake?”

[Believe in a miracle]: “…it is true, but the situation is very complicated. You should be able to know the specific situation in a few days.

It’s not that Tang Mubai refuses to say it, but it involves cultists and can only hide it for the time being.

Although the people in the “Uneasy” group are Sacred Hearts, they don’t speak nonsense.

But what if it is 10000?

10000 When you say that you miss your mouth, is it heard by the people around you?

Just like Lin Huafeng, if his performance is normal, he doesn’t reveal much.

He happened to chat with Tang Mubai. Tang Mubai leaked his mouth and was heard by him. He told the pope behind the scenes that the birth of the so-called “rare treasure” was a scam, and the trouble would be big.

The “rare treasure” that appeared in the military control mining area was just obtained from the Governor’s Mansion.

Liu Fusheng took it out to lure the cult into the bait.

This is a conspiracy!

Whether you are willing to accept the move, or not, depends on how the cult chooses.


Xin’an City.

In a bungalow behind Chengyun Building.

Wearing a black robe, a tall middle-aged man with a face shrouded in a hood, sitting cross-legged, a black breath hovering around him.

Suddenly, there was a soft cry outside the closed door.

“Reporting to the Pope, the’rare treasure’ in the military control mining area has confirmed the true body.”

“What is it?” The middle-aged man’s slightly hoarse voice sounded in the room.

“7 Heart Lights!”


The middle-aged man stood up abruptly, a pair of eyes under his hood shot sharp rays of light.

“You say it again, what is it?” he asked again in a low voice.

“Muslim, it’s seven lights!”

“7 heart lamp? hahaha…” The middle-aged man laughed loudly, and then laughed, “Okay, what a 7 heart lamp, this is God for helping me! hahaha…”

“…That, reporting to the Pope, a few law guards analyzed, this may be a conspiracy!”

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