Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 545

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The middle-aged man sneered, “What if it is a conspiracy?”

“The 38th Territory has the strongest strength but Innate Peak, Flying Deer Deputy Leader and Huang Shengwen.”

“The township envoy, Zhang Hairui, just went to the 2th domain two days ago, and will never come back in a short time.”

“As far as Huang Shengwen and Liu Fusheng are two people… plus Lu Zhaoyuan and 2 Innates at most, how deadly is the plot set up?”

“Besides, they have a conspiracy. Are we fools, rushing to die without preparing for anything?”

Silence outside the door.


The middle-aged man sneered, “Don’t worry about other things, let us order, and use all our active methods! I’m going to see, this conspiracy set up by Huang Shengwen…maybe it is a conspiracy? 7 Heart light! tsk tsk, It is estimated that they have discovered our existence, but for the sake of safety, this bureau was specially set up, using the ‘7 Heart Lights’ as the bait to lure us to the military-controlled mining area outside the territory!”

“They want us to go out, okay, I will fulfill them! Don’t move the people below, all the people above are dispatched, including the’guardian’!”



Night has just fallen.

Tang Mubai, who had had dinner, received a call from Liu Fusheng, and there was news from Xin’an City.

The cult has taken the bait!

Immediately, Tang Mubai rushed to the domain wall, joined Liu Fusheng and Lu Zhaoyuan, and headed to the military control mining area.

On the way–

“General Counsel Liu, the cult has taken the bait, and the movement that has caused a large number of believers to attack the mine?” Tang Mubai asked.

“No.” Liu Fusheng shook his head. “Not many people have been dispatched by the cult, only a few dozen. Not surprisingly, they should be aware of our plan.”

“En? Old Liu, you mean, the cult knows that we use the ‘7 Heart Lamp’ as bait to deliberately lure them to the bait?” Lu Zhaoyuan raised his eyebrows.

“Pretty close.” Liu Fusheng chuckled. “The Treasure Item of the ‘7 Heart Lamp’ has a great effect on the cult. It suddenly appeared in the world and happened to be in the military control mining area. As long as the cult pope is not a fool, he will definitely be suspicious. . But also because it is the ‘7 Heart Lamp’, even if he guesses it, he will not give up!”

“That’s true.” Tang Mubai nodded.

7 Heart lamp, a kind of six revolutions Treasure Item of lamp, as long as it is activated with astral energy, it can emit special rays of light. This rays of light ability can be said to be very weak, because it has no attack power, but it can also It is very strong because it can strengthen the power of sonic martial arts.

It’s still ten times, dozens of times stronger!

For example, in Lion’s Roar, with the bonus of 7-heart rays of light, the power can be increased by 20 times.

It was originally just a roar through the wall, but after the increase, it can roar through a mountain!

The cult’s eyes are hot and the 7 heart lights are used to deceive.

As for all cultists, the initial method is to use hypnotism, bewitching techniques, and special sonic martial arts with a single mouth to achieve the purpose of bewitching people, making people addicted and crazy.

Before getting the 7-heart lamp, the cult can only proceed in secret, developing believers one by one, but if you get the 7-heart lamp, then through the 7-heart lamp, the cult pope can hide in a small community. Bewitched by dozens of individuals, even the entire community, be bewitched at the same time!

This kind of effect comparison of tens to 100 times, no cult pope is not tempted.

Liu Fusheng’s words are very accurate.


“The cult only dispatched dozens of people, and it seems that they are all experts.”

Tang Mubai guessed, “There are even other means!”


Liu Fusheng said solemnly, “Since they know it is a trap and dare to come out, they are definitely prepared! In this regard, we have also considered that the cult is prepared, why are we not?”

Tang Mubai gave a thumbs up.

Yes, Liu Fusheng and Huang Shengwen must think a lot.

Compared with cults, their side is the positive official, with a lot of manpower and material resources to adjust.

Needless to say, the think tank behind it takes all aspects into consideration.

To lure cults to military-controlled mining areas will inevitably make multiple preparations and various countermeasures.

Next, it depends on who on both sides is more prepared!

If it is not time pressing.

When Zhang Hairui comes back, he will implement the “7 Heart Lights” plan, and the success rate will be even greater.

Unfortunately, the incident has already happened, the cult has been exposed, it is imminent, and it has to be posted.

Tang Mubai can only cooperate.


The night is deep.

in the sky Thick clouds are continuous, blocking the moonlight, making the earth black.

Military control mining area.

There was silence on several mines.

Under the night, this hill like a giant beast creeps on the ground.

Thick, depressed, and silent.

Only the controlled “7-heart lights” rays of light project a small beam from time to time, illuminating the night sky briefly.

This situation until-

“Bang~! Bang~! Bang~!”

A muffled sound suddenly sounded.

There were 5 fires rising from the wilderness to the east of the mining area, 5 shells dragging the tail flames, tearing the night, and coming straight to the mine.


There was a roar from the mine, next moment ——

“bang bang bang!”

Accompanied by the muffled sound, 5 fire lights were also raised in the Central Zone of the mine, which rose into the sky to meet the cannonballs flying through the air.

“Boom ~” “Boom ~” “Boom ~”

The explosion sound resounded through the sky and the ground.

The mining area was successfully intercepted, and 5 dazzling sparks bloomed in the air, and the light and heat released dispelled the night.

“Whiz whiz whiz ~”

The sound of breaking through the air started again.

On the 4 sides of the mining area, there was another burst of fire, with more than a dozen artillery shells rushing towards the mine from 4 directions.


There were artillery shells in the same four directions in the mining area and launched interception.

When they collided with each other and exploded, the noise and firelight produced, like a fireworks event was being held.

Others don’t know, Tang Mubai looks very comfortable anyway.

In my heart, I also sigh with the great generosity of the cult.

In order to snatch the “7 Heart Lights”, shells were used.

I don’t know where the cult got these shells.

Such a big battle, changing to other forces, really may not be able to sustain it.

After all, artillery shells can attack from a long distance, and can plow the mining area from a distance…

“Well, wait!”

Steeply, Tang Mubai stared at the sky to the northwest with his eyes cold.

There, a cloud of dark green is flying towards the mine with the night wind.

“Poison energy!”

Tang Mubai drank low, picked up the walkie-talkie, and quickly said, “Attention, everyone, there is poison energy floating in the northwest!”


Liu Fusheng’s voice sounded.

After 3 seconds, a burst of white light bloomed from the northwest of the mining area.

As the white light turns on, the originally disorderly air currents in the sky are immediately drawn by invisible forces, drawn over and gathered together.

Including the dark green air mass that happened to fly over, it was also pulled.

Tang Mubai used Divine Ability to see the source of the white light.

It is actually an ash-gray bottle gourd!

The poison energy released by the cult was swallowed by this ash-gray bottle gourd.

During the whole process, the dark green poison energy did not poison a single person.

Without touching anything, let the ash-gray bottle gourd absorb it all.

The cult’s second wave attack failed.

Tang Mubai couldn’t help but look funny. The bottle gourd that can swallow poison energy, this spiritual object is also amazing.

I don’t know what the cult Third Wave attack is?

Didn’t make Tang Mubai wait much.

To the east of the mining area, a large area of ​​thick fog suddenly appeared.

The thick fog is not quite clear in the dark.

Common martial artist can’t find it at all, even with night vision goggles, it’s easy to get confused.

Because these mists fuse together perfectly with the night.

It’s not poisonous.

At least Tang Mubai didn’t see any color in the fog, and “Poison Control” Divine Ability didn’t respond.

Not a poison mist!

What would it be?

Tang Mubai pondered, his body suddenly cold, as if his clothes were stripped.

Fortunately, soon after, Tang Mubai came back to his senses and realized that this was a divine sense scan.

Huang Shengwen started!

He scanned with divine sense and found an abnormality in the dense fog?

Tang Mubai is suspicious.

In the next second, this guess was verified.

I saw a group of golden light rising from the center of the mining area and going straight to the sky.


The dazzling rays of light disperse the night while penetrating the dense fog that has drifted over.

The dense fog that blends perfectly with the night, at this moment, is completely exposed to the golden light.

The source of golden light is also exposed to everyone’s eyes.

A pearl!

A luminous round bead, rounded all over, with winding lines on the surface.

It is like a small sun, hanging high in the sky, dispelling the night and thick fog.

Below the ball, Huang Shengwen stood in the air, his face stern, his bright eyes staring directly at the eastern sky.


A laughter sounded.

In the eastern sky, under the dark clouds, wearing a black robe, a tall middle-aged man with a face shrouded in a hood, the air surging all over his body, and a burst of electric arcs burst into the black air, showing his position.

“Huang Shengwen, do you have a lot of Treasure Items.”

The middle-aged man lowered his voice and spoke with a sneer.

“Do you want it?” Huang Shengwen coldly shouted, “If you want, come and try to take it away.”

“Then many thanks.”

The middle-aged man raised his mouth, “You Treasure Item that many, if I don’t take one or two of them, wouldn’t I waste your kind arrangement!”

The voice fell–

Woo! Woo! Woo!

A series of rapid blasting sounds sounded.

On the 4th side of the mining area, dozens of silhouettes suddenly appeared, and went straight from the air to the direction illuminated by the rays of light.

At the same time, on the ground, more than 60 silhouettes howled and launched a charge. These people were fast, and no afterimages were left between running, only the screaming wind continued to spread.

Xiu xiu xiu!

On the air and on the ground, an attack was launched for a time, and it rushed towards the mining area.

“Da da da ~”

“Boom~!” “Boom~!” “Boom~!”

On the mine, gunfire sounded in 4 directions.

Bang! bang! bang!

The sound of shells hitting the ground and the sound of machine guns breaking through the wind reverberated all of a sudden.

However, the shocking thing is that these attacks are all useless.

Fortunately, the Grandmaster in the air said that the machine gun couldn’t shoot, penetrate, or hit the shell.

There were more than 60 people on the ground, but they couldn’t make a hit, which was shocking.

Tang Mubai was amazed, he used his “eyes” Divine Ability and watched it carefully, only to discover the strangeness.

Those cultists who rushed over were covered by a faint black-gray light film on the surface of their bodies.

The speed is too fast, this layer of light film is not quite clear.

But it was this light film that bounced off the bullets and avoided the shells.

The mysterious means of the cult?

Tang Mubai groans, his hands are not slow.

Take out the dragon’s head bow, condense the astral energy arrows, and shoot them in the air.

Guns are useless, his astral energy arrow doesn’t know how cultivation works.

call out!

A stern breaking wind sounded.

The arrow of astral energy penetrated the space and disappeared, when it appeared again——


With blood bursting, a cult Grandmaster’s head shattered in the air, and the forward attack stopped immediately, and the headless body fell to the ground with the blood.

【Vitality +98】

The recovery prompt flashed.

Tang Mubai reunites the arrow of astral energy and chooses the target again.

Sure enough, the mysterious means of the cult can deal with guns, but it can’t resist his astral energy arrows.

call out!


With blood spraying, another cult Grandmaster was headshot.

Tang Mubai saw a few familiar faces at the right time.

Cheng Laikang, He Jianjiang, Zhu Zhenluo!

Among these three people, Zhu Zhenluo is the director of the Martial Pacifying Department of Xin’an City.

Cheng Laikang is the president of the Martial Society of Xin’an City.

He Jian will be an advisor to the Admiral’s Mansion of Xin’an City.

Before the Chinese New Year last year, Tang Mubai met with them because of Xu You 3’s Puppet Insect.

I didn’t expect that I met again. The three people became members of the cult. They were driven by the cult pope to attack the mining area.

From this, it can be judged how bad the situation in Xin’an City is.

Even the director of the Martial Pacifying Department, the president of the Martial Society, and the adviser of the Admiral’s Office have all become demons and bewitched by cults.

Tang Mubai stared coldly, his eyes shifted, looked towards the ground.

Sure enough, I found the silhouette of Lin Huafeng.

Lin Huafeng, who was covered in light film, was among more than 60 people, his eyes were red, and his mouth made a roar sound like wild beast.

After rushing into the mining area, he saw the person blocking the road and rushed forward and attacked brutally.

“Roar~roar! roar!”

The roar resounded through the mining area.

There are more than 60 people, including Lin Huafeng, who are powerful, fast, and keen on nerves. The expert of the Flying Deer Army, one-on-one is not an opponent at all. Only 3 people can barely compete against one.

Mad believers!

Tang Mubai had such a thought in his mind.

Lin Huafeng’s situation is obviously passive.

Become a fanatic who is tireless, painless, and fearless of death.

If this state continues for a long time, it will cause great loss to the body.

Immediately, Tang Mubai put away the dragon head bow and rushed towards Lin Huafeng before the cult pope found it.

Two cult Grandmasters were shot and killed quickly. As the cult pope, the middle-aged man was undoubtedly both shocked and angry. Amidst the roar, he was frantically looking for the murderer.

Without seeing Tang Mubai, I had to target Huang Shengwen.


The middle-aged man gave a long roar, turned into an afterimage, and rushed towards Huang Shengwen.

Whiz whiz whiz !

On the 4 sides of the mining area, a silhouette flew from the air by lightning almost at the same time. The moment he appeared, he pulled the Power of Heaven and Earth above his head and gathered above the mining area.

Innate !

The four cult Innate descended at the same time, followed by the middle-aged man, arrived in the sky above the mining area and launched an attack.

shua ~ shua ~ shua ~!

Liu Fusheng, Lu Zhaoyuan, and a brawny man in military uniform with a short stature and a simple face, soared to the sky to intercept them.

An Innate realm expert is hidden in the Flying Deer Army!

3 people soared to the sky, resisting the 4 cult Innate.

Huang Shengwen played against middle-aged man.

A fierce battle broke out immediately.


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