Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 546

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A dull and violent explosion sounded continuously over the mining area.

The Heaven and Earth energy in a radius of 100 miles, this moment became extremely chaotic, and Power of Heaven and Earth was all mobilized to take time out.

The bursts of vigor from the battle swept across the sky and ground like waves, hitting the top of the mountain and shaking, and the earth shook.

The dust filling the sky whizzes and floats everywhere with the wind.

On the ground, the Flying Deer Army expert and more than 60 fanatics were grouped together.

In midair is a battle between Grandmasters. Dozens of people mobilize astral energy and collide with each other. The vigorous qi and blood fluctuates together, giving people depression and heart palpitations.

High in the sky, the battle between Innate was the fiercest, and the space was impacted with ripples.



Accompanied by a violent popping sound.

Tang Mubai rushed to the ground and rushed towards Lin Huafeng.

After stepping on the ground, I found that all around has a weak array fluctuation.

Slightly sense to determine whether it is Formation force or imaginary formation.

If there is no accident, this imaginary formation should have been prepared by Huang Shengwen and Liu Fusheng for the cult.

It is a pity that Lin Huafeng and the others who have become fanatics only have to rush towards the “7 Heart Lamps” and kill any people and things that block them.

The power of imaginary formation hardly interferes with them.

On the contrary, on the expert side of the Flying Deer Army, after the anti-imaginary formation equipment on his body fell, he had to withdraw to the side and did not dare to do it again.

Tang Mubai is not afraid, this imaginary formation power, the spiritual impact released, whether it is mental power, Divine Soul barrier, or perfect level will, can easily offset.

With his body flickering, he came behind Lin Huafeng, and before he turned around, a hand knife was cut on the back of his neck.

I thought Lin Huafeng would fall down, didn’t expect Lin Huafeng just bowed his head slightly, then quickly turned around, red eyes, and attacked Tang Mubai.


Tang Mubai teleported, re-circled behind Lin Huafeng, and continued to chop his hand knife.

When Lin Huafeng turned around, he attacked his chest, then shook his head with astral energy.

After several iterations, Lin Huafeng finally fell to the ground and fell into a coma.

Tang Mubai all around took a look and made sure that no one was paying attention to him, opened the Demon Suppression Space, and threw Lin Huafeng in and placed it on the barren mountain.

After getting it done, he slapped the head of a mad believer who rushed forward.

There is a difference between relatives.

For Lin Huafeng, Tang Mubai was patient, and temporarily took him into the Demon Suppression Space, and later found a solution.

And other fanatics, come and shoot one by one.

These fanatics are not afraid of death, tireless, like a machine.

It was difficult for others to resist, and Tang Mubai took one palm.

【Vitality +79】

【Vitality +82】


The recycling prompt keeps flashing.

Tang Mubai flickered, teleporting on the ground.

Seeing that the fanatics are almost solved, move to a remote corner, take out the dragon head bow and aim it at a cult Innate realm powerhouse in the air.

Liu Fusheng, Lu Zhaoyuan, and the brawny Innate in military uniforms, the three of them fought against the cult and the four great Innate, and they were always weak.

Among them, Innate, the brawny man in military uniform, is estimated to have just broken through, and is the weakest. At this time, his face is pale, the corners of his mouth are blood flowing, his breath is constantly weakening, and his body shakes from time to time.

In spite of this, he remained brave and did not retreat in the slightest.

The target that Tang Mubai’s dragon head bow aimed at was precisely to select his opponent.

Xiu xiu xiu!

pu~! pu~! pu~!

First, there are 3 breaking winds and then 3 breaking airs.

The 3 arrows of astral energy formed by the condensed dragon head bow penetrated the space and disappeared. When they appeared again, they reached the chest of the cult Innate opposite the brawny Innate in military uniform.


In the first arrow, the Innate shield of the cult Innate’s body all around shattered.


With the second arrow, the cult Innate’s figure was shaken, and a blood hole was raised in his chest.


On the third arrow, the blood hole in the cult Innate’s chest expanded until the whole person burst open, turning into a ball of blood mist, coloring the night sky.

【Vitality +1025】

The recovery prompt flashed.

High in the sky, the enemy and us in the fight against each other were both startled, subconsciously each stepped back and looked towards each other.

“Who? Who did it!”

As a middle-aged man who is a cult pope, looking at the blood mist in the sky, his eyes surged with murderous intent and his voice roared hoarsely.

“What does it matter who did it? Anyway, you cultists, all of you will die!”

Huang Xing drank, and rushed to the middle-aged man.

Liu Fusheng and Lu Zhaoyuan also fought with their opponents again.

One missing cult Innate, they happened to be 3 vs. 3, and the battle situation was eased.

Moreover, the death of the cult Innate martial artist was abrupt, which made the other three cult Innate feel jealous, part of their minds, and vigilance all around.

This undoubtedly gave Liu Fusheng, Lu Zhaoyuan, and the brawny Innate an opportunity to successfully reverse the situation.

Tang Mubai took the opportunity to target a cult Innate martial artist again, and shot out.

xiū xiū xiū ~

Pu! pu! pu!


The 3 arrows of astral energy that were still without warning, weirdly drilled out of the void, shattering the shield of the cult Innate martial artist, and then leaving a blood hole in the body of heaven and man, and finally piercing through the body of heaven and man. The body burst open.

【Vitality +1130】

The second cult Innate martial artist has fallen!

“who is it!!!”

The middle-aged man who is a cult pope is crazy.

Speaking of Huang Shengwen, release divine sense to scan the ground.

“It’s you!!!”

The middle-aged man has eyes like fire, staring at Tang Mubai.

“How dare you…”


With a muffled sound, the middle-aged man was repelled, with blood overflowing in his mouth.

“It doesn’t matter who it is!”

Huang Shengwen’s face was cold, loudly shouts, and rushed to the middle-aged man, not giving him a chance to attack the ground.

In terms of strength and realm, 2 people are evenly matched.

With Huang Shengwen blocking it, the middle-aged man couldn’t make any move.

However, the middle-aged man was obviously unwilling to do so, and while dodge, he took out a Treasure Item with the size of a ping-pong ball and threw it at Huang Shengwen.


The Treasure Item exploded, releasing a ring of substantial ripples that swept the air.



Groaning sound, screams, and exclamations all sounded for a while.

Grandmasters who fought in mid-air, regardless of the enemy and us, fell to the ground one after another.

Liu Fusheng, Lu Zhaoyuan, and Innate, a brawny man in military uniform, could hold on, except that Liu Fusheng’s face turned pale, and the other two also fell.

It was Huang Xingwen, his body also shook for a while, and his brain appeared temporarily dull.

Spirit Bomb Treasure Item!

Huang Xingwen’s heart sank, and his face was ugly while steadying his body.

The middle-aged man detonated and successfully brought the situation back.

Because the remaining 2 cult Innate martial artists are not affected by the Treasure Item.

To my surprise, the two cult Innate martial artists did not rush to the ground to attack Tang Mubai, but quickly came to the side of the middle-aged man, facing Huang Shengwen.

“Ho ho ho~”

The middle-aged man grinned grimly, just as ignorant of Tang Mubai, and raised the corners of his mouth towards Huang Shengwen, gloomy and coldly said, “Huang Shengwen, you want to destroy us, are you really ready for it!”

Huang Shengwen was silent, but his alarm bell was a masterpiece.

The middle-aged man this remark is obviously a sign, is there any killing move?


Huang Xing drank, and rushed to the middle-aged man.

Intuition tells him that he can’t give the middle-aged man time, he must be killed earlier!

However, as soon as he moved, the remaining two cult Innate martial artists immediately began to intercept.


The three people formed a ball, and powerful blood waves swept through the air.

Heaven and Earth energy is still disordered, but Power of Heaven and Earth is becoming scarcer.


The middle-aged man laughed when he saw it, “Huang Shengwen, you’re scared! It’s too late to wake up!”


Liu Fusheng, not far away, hearing this, rushed towards him.

“Liu Fusheng, you are not qualified enough.”

The middle-aged man swept his eyes, sneered, and said, a black palm print was born out of thin air, sweeping towards Liu Fusheng.

Liu Fusheng waved the long stick in his hand to resist.

As a result, the black palm print disappeared, and he himself was also driven by the burst of shock waves within the body. The breath was disturbed and the blood rolled, and the whole person quickly withdrew back.


The middle-aged man laughed, and wisps of black air flow around his body. At this moment, it suddenly intensified, becoming bigger and thicker and thicker, until it formed a strip of Flood Dragon entangled around the middle-aged man. Drives the middle-aged man’s body to expand.

Just like inflating, the middle-aged man becomes taller, bigger and stronger at the speed of naked eye.

A fierce, ancient, domineering, and fierce aura, with the expansion of the middle-aged man, it became bigger and exploded suddenly.

Hum ~!

Void trembles.

In the space where the middle-aged man is standing, there are ripples like water waves.

A majestic, vast and terrifying pressure followed, covering the entire mining area.

Bang! bang! bang!

The amount of terrifying oppression force is like a missile washing the ground, the suppressed mine swayed, and each and everyone huge potholes appeared at the site of the suppression, and the holes were full of cracks.

“God … divine might!”

Huang Shengwen, who was forced to fall back to the ground, felt the terrifying pressure from the air, and his face was horrified.

Divine might !

The middle-aged man turned out to be a powerhouse in the God Realm!


Suddenly, Huang Shengwen found something strange, that is, the middle-aged man at this time. In addition to swelling and getting bigger, the five officials on his face are also distorted, making it hard to see clearly.

The most amazing thing is that the middle-aged man has a pair of “horns” on top of his head.

It’s not real horns, but it’s composed of black air, but it’s very realistic.

Curved, sharp, sharp.

Like two scimitars, thrust into the sky.

The breath of the middle-aged man has also inexplicably changed to be vast, majestic, and afraid to look directly.

“Evil God?”

Huang Shengwen’s heart jumped wildly, “No, it’s not the real body of Evil God, it’s the Evil God Avatar! The Evil God Avatar has descended on this pope!”

“Evil God Avatar?”

On the ground, Tang Mubai, who was not affected by divine might, also narrowed his eyes at this time.

The middle-aged man invited the Evil God Avatar.

Is this pope doing well?

Although there is an Evil God behind the cult, not every pope of the cult can invite the Evil God Avatar.

In the process, both parties need to meet a certain condition, so that Evil God can successfully descend on Avatar and take possession of the Pope across space.

And these Evil Gods are essentially the collective term for Inhuman creatures reaching the mythical realm.

To harm the human world and enslave mankind as the goal!

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