Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 547

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Look at the whole world.

There are not many mythological realms.

Tang Mubai does not know the specifics, and few people know.

Tang Mubai only knows the existence of all mythological realms, they are all in 3 battlefields…

That is, Three Small Worlds.

Innate realm wants to become stronger, there are at least two places to go.

One is the 3 battlefield, and the second is the Dragon Burying Abyss.

The myth realm wants to become stronger, so you can only go to 3 battlefields!

As for how to enhance it, Tang Mubai is unclear.

Before that, no one knew how to enhance the mythical realm.

It wasn’t until six months ago that the myth of Inhuman creatures revealed a way to become stronger.

That is the incarnation of Evil God, to seduce and confuse human beings, worship them, and absorb the power of sentient beings.

Strengthen oneself by absorbing the thought power of sentient beings.

In order for the people below to work hard, the Inhuman creature of the mythical realm will give the pope of the cult, protector of the law and other high-level powers.

Different beings have different ways of giving, and the power of giving is also different.

Only one thing is the same, and that is the ultimate move and unique move of the Evil God Avatar.

Although the prerequisite is that each other meets the requirements.

The Evil God Avatar who came down is not like Tang Mubai’s Avatar, but he has different powers.

The power of the Evil God Avatar comes from the Inhuman creature of the mythical realm.

Avatar is essentially only part of the consciousness of this myth, and the power it carries is limited.

Even so, the strength of the Evil God that came after being possessed by the middle-aged man, the pope, has reached the realm of the gods!

A simple divine might was released, and everyone except Tang Mubai was suppressed, lying down or lying on the ground.

Huang Shengwen looked ugly at this moment, and his eyes were full of horror.

My heart is full of regret, why not wait for Zhang Hairui to come back and initiate another action?

Compared to the annihilation of these people, no matter how much the ordinary person is bewitched, what is it!

Besides, just two weeks, how many people can be developed by the secretive missionary method of middle-aged man?

Now it’s alright, the Evil God Avatar is coming, and the power of the god-passing realm can’t move the suppressed them!


Rampant, excited, and arrogant laughter echoed in the night.

Like the middle-aged man of Little Giant, his voice resounded like a muffled thunder in the night sky.

“Huang Shengwen! Do you have any last words to say?”

The middle-aged man holds a distorted five-man, his voice is loud and weird.

It’s like audio distortion, sudden noise, sharp and harsh.

“Dare to design ambush me, don’t you know how to write dead words?”

Huang Sheng heard the silence, the complexion ashen.

“hehehe ……”

The remaining two cult Innate martial artists have not been suppressed. At this moment, both hands crossed near chest, floating in the air, looking at Huang Shengwen, Liu Fusheng and the others with a cold smile on their faces.

The middle-aged man possessed by Evil God consciousness is even more proud.

“Huang Province heard that the old saying goes that well water does not offend river water. If you pour it well, you want to wade the well water and the river water!”

“Why, I thought I was a town envoy and wanted to manage everything?”

“It’s okay for you, the problem is to continue to be bullish! What does it mean not to speak now?”

“Hehe, it doesn’t matter if you don’t say it, don’t worry, none of these people can run away, they will die today!”

“For the sake of your leader’s face, I will leave you a whole body so that you can be well…”

Suddenly, the voice changed, turning into a hoarse, low-pitched voice, “Don’t talk about that many nonsense, kill them immediately!”

“Yes, yes.” The voice changed back to before, “I will kill them!”

Woo! Woo! Woo!

“Pu ~” “pu ~” “pu ~”

Abruptly, a series of arrow shadows broke the wind, shuttled between the void, lightning hit the remaining two cult Innate martial artists.

Thinking that the winning ticket was in hand, the two people who did not open the Innate shield had their chests burst on the spot, their chests pierced through their backs, and the screams were too late, and the whole person burst into a cloud of blood mist.

【Vitality +1056】

【Vitality +973】

The recovery prompt flashed.

Tang Mubai silhouette flashed and disappeared in place.

The sky and the ground suddenly fell into silence, absolute silence.

Everyone is jealous!

Liu Fusheng, Lu Zhaoyuan, and Huang Shengwen all opened their eyes.

They thought they were desperate and were unwilling to wait for death, but they didn’t expect that things are still changing.

Under divine might, can Tang Mubai still be active?

This discovery made them overjoyed.

Compared to it.

The middle-aged man possessed by Evil God consciousness and Evil God are mad.

Cult 4 Great Protector, all of them died unexpectedly, and they died in the same hands.


The monstrous anger instantly flooded the middle-aged man all over his body.

“kill him!”

“Damn bastard, Laozi wants your life!”

Two different voices sounded one after another from the mouth of the middle-aged man.

His body that swelled to a height of nearly ten meters suddenly soared into the air and turned into a hill, suppressing Tang Mubai.

Scanned by divine sense, Tang Mubai’s position is clearly presented.


The earthquake trembled and shook.

The middle-aged man fell to the ground, smashing a big hole.

Tang Mubai’s figure has long been disappeared.

“Taiji Qiankun Jue” is running, Tang Mubai may not be the fastest speed, but under the teleport, there is no afterimage. No matter how fast the divine sense scans, it cannot keep up with Tang Mubai’s moving frequency.

On the contrary, Tang Mubai took this opportunity to come to the back of the middle-aged man, and the strongest move of “External Palm” was shot quickly.


The palm prints mixed with space power flew behind the middle-aged man, blocked by a light curtain that suddenly appeared, and rippled.

pa pa pa ~

Weng! !

The light curtain shattered, and the surrounding space shook open, but it quickly recovered.

The last move of “Extinguish Palm” is power enough, but the continuity is not very good, and it can’t crush the middle-aged man’s “martial domain” at once.

Well, maybe it should be called “Divine Realm”?

At this moment, the middle-aged man is possessed by the Evil God consciousness, and the martial domain released can be called “Divine Realm” to some extent.

The martial arts realm powerhouse!

The last move of “Extinguish Palm” could not be broken. Tang Mubai immediately changed his attack, mobilized his blood and condensed astral energy, while continuing to teleport, he used “fire and wind”.

The wind assists the fire, and the fire assists the wind.

Two forces fuse together to form a terrifying vortex of wind and fire, which impacts the heart of the middle-aged man.

“Boom ~ boom ~ ~”

When the wind and fire vortex collided with the light curtain, it made a huge noise, and at the same time, a circle of dazzling rays of light was blasted out. The shock waves produced by the shots are even more wave after wave, and one after another swarms all around. Wherever he went, the space was distorted, one after another ripple appeared, and the energy of Heaven and Earth within the range was in disorder.

“Damn shit!”

The middle-aged man growled, his voice was hoarse and distorted.

In the face of “fire and wind”, although the light curtain around his body was not broken, it was constantly compressed, and the degree of squeezing once pushed his body to jump forward.

When the power of the “fire and wind” was exhausted, the huge body of the middle-aged man pushed forward 100 meters away and almost fell to the ground.

“ao ~”

The middle-aged man stands firm and roar towards the sky.

At this moment, his face flushed and his breath was confused.

Although “Fire and Fire” did not break “Divine Realm”, it did not cause damage to the interior of the middle-aged man’s swollen body.

However, the power of this trick is not good for middle-aged man.

His breath is extremely disordered, and his swollen body has reached the critical point of collapse.

If Tang Mubai had another “Extinguishing Palm” just now, the middle-aged man would be beaten back to his original shape immediately.

“Damn bastard, damn bastard!!”

“Kill that human!!”

The middle-aged man with lingering fears, his consciousness and Evil God consciousness, roar together and roar.

Scanned by divine sense, a pair of bloodshot eyes stared at Tang Mubai.

“I (I) want you to die!!!”

bang! ——

The void trembled suddenly.

The terrifying sound spreads around 1000 li.

Under everyone’s gaze, the middle-aged man controlled the “Divine Realm” to zoom in, covering half of the mining area.

Whoosh! Whoosh~

Tang Mubai, who was aware of the crisis, moved the lightning to prevent himself from being covered.

Almost at the moment Tang Mubai left–

“Boom ~!”

A deafening explosion detonated the night sky.

In the “Divine Realm”, a “ox hoof” formed by the condensation of black fog was born out of thin air, and “stomp” on the top of a mine. The top of the mountain collapsed on the spot, and the upper half of the mountain was turned into countless pieces of gravel and soil. , Throwing away.

Those Flying Deer Army soldiers who were hiding near the mine, unable to avoid and could not move, all died in an instant.

Huang Sheng heard that his eyes turned red all of a sudden, and the roar of suffocation and anger resounded throughout the night.

“hahaha ~!”

The middle-aged man laughs and laughs wildly.

During the movement, continue to release the “ox hoof” to step on the mine.

“Boom~” “Boom~”

The dull loud noise suddenly sounded continuously.

The huge “cow hoof” was born out of thin air, and strikes fell.

Both the enemy and the enemy who fell on the ground were injured to varying degrees.

Crushed stones were thrown, and clods flew across.

The venting coverage attack caused Lu Zhaoyuan to be half-buried, Liu Fusheng buried all, and the whole person was submerged in the dust.

Huang Sheng heard vomiting blood repeatedly, and his body was thrown everywhere.

Whoo~ whoo~ whoo!

In the chaos, 3 astral energy arrows broke through the air and went straight to the middle-aged man door.

“hong long! ”

A “ox hoof” dropping from the sky in “Divine Realm”, smashing the arrow of astral energy.

“Aren’t you going to kill me, then come on.”

Facing the fire-breathing gaze of the middle-aged man, Tang Mubai beckoned.

The voice fell, and his figure soared into the sky, teleporting out of the mining area in the least crowded direction.

Continue to stay in the mining area, covered by the destructive power of middle-aged man, divine might, Liu Fusheng and Huang Shengwen will all have to die.

Tang Mubai didn’t want to see them die.

Therefore, leading the middle-aged man out of the mining area has become the first choice.

The middle-aged man didn’t mind this at all, or did he not pay attention to Liu Fusheng, Huang Shengwen and the others?

Still laughing wildly and controlling “Divine Realm” to chase behind and out of the mining area.

“Boom~” “hong long!”

Loud noises continued, spreading far away in the night.

Tang Mubai is in the front and the middle-aged man is in the back, huge “bull hooves” appear from time to time in the middle, falling on the ground, blasting each and everyone big pit.


“Die Kong Palm” and “Wind and Fire” can’t break the “Divine Realm”.

To break the pursuit of middle-aged man, Tang Mubai had to find other ways.

With the power shown by middle-aged man, the power of “Divine Realm”, martial arts under seven revolutions can hardly play a role.

The actualized “Taiji Sword” may work, and so should the 9-Layer Perfection of “Ba Dao”.

But these two things, the former does not, the collection of yin and yang fiend energy is not easy, the content is still enough. The latter needs to comprehend the sword intent to consume lifespan to upgrade to 2-Layer Perfection.

“3 Yang Yi Qi Jue” is seven revolutions martial arts, but this is condensing qi and blood martial arts, by the way, it has good defensive ability.

As for the spiritual martial arts “Ling Rhinoceros” and “Reincarnation Collection”, Tang Mubai tried it, but was blocked.

The middle-aged man is now possessed by the Evil God consciousness. In terms of mental power and the level of protection of the soul, it is stronger than Tang Mubai.

“Rhinoceros” was released, like a big fish disappearing in the water, no trace.

Like “Reincarnation Collection”, the offensive ability has no effect.

While flying, while thinking in his mind, Tang Mubai found that he wanted to defeat the middle-aged man, and only the “infinite” trick was left.

However, there are no volcanoes nearby, no earthquakes, and no strong wind or water.

With Tang Mubai’s own control of Power of Earth, the “infinite” power that can be displayed is limited.

During the teleportation and dodge, Tang Mubai tried to let it go. The strikes were on the middle-aged man who was catching up. The result was similar to the “fire and wind”, and the “Divine Realm” could not be broken.

To this end, Tang Mubai had to think about it, and he had to fly up high and fall down with the help of gravity…

Hmm, wait!

“Maybe you can try Divine Arrow?”

Suddenly, Tang Mubai thought of the characteristics of Divine Arrow.

Finish shooting across the space!

The currently mastered “Divine Arrow” is on the 7th floor. It cannot penetrate the Innate shield and the space blockade of Divine Realm. It has to be broken forcibly, but what about the 8th floor?

Is it possible to ignore the barriers of the Innate shield and the periphery of the Martial Domain for the “Divine Arrow” on the 8th floor?

After all, in the process of flying up high and then falling down, you cannot move and change the position, and you must always maintain a straight line.

During this period, the middle-aged man will never stand still, letting Tang Mubai continue to grow stronger with the help of gravity, he can still chase behind and control the “Divine Realm” to release the “hoof” trampling.

Cast “Divine Arrow”, and the arrow will be no problem.

While teleporting and shooting arrows, middle-aged man can only be beaten!

Think of it here.

While Tang Mubai continued to teleport and dodge, he split out some mind-boosting “divine arrow”.


[Whether it consumes 600000 years of lifespan to upgrade “Divine Arrow” to the 8th floor? 】



His brain was dizzy, and his figure shook slightly.

came back to his senses suddenly, teleported violently, avoiding the trampling of a “bull hoof”.

After teleporting and dodging again, Tang Mubai sensed the ability brought by the 8th floor “Divine Arrow” and slowly put out a breath.

60 10,000 years lifespan!

In the front 6-Layer of “Divine Arrow”, the lifespan consumed is 100 years.

The 7th floor is in units of 1000 years.

Didn’t expect 8th floor, actually 10000 years as a unit.

of course.

The consumption effect of 6 100,000 years is very strong.

8th floor “Divine Arrow”, can break through 3 floors at once!

With the Great Perfection and power, Tang Mubai immediately started to try.



After another teleportation, Tang Mubai condensed the arrow of astral energy, went around behind the middle-aged man, and shot it out.


Scanned by middle-aged man divine sense, I laughed sarcastically while angry.

“Despicable kid, I have said it several times. Although your Archery is powerful, it is useless to me. It can’t break the’Divine Realm’. How do you hurt…”

The following words stopped abruptly.

The middle-aged man stopped moving, bowed his head stiffly, and looked towards his chest.

There, an arrow of astral energy appeared out of thin air, piercing the chest and back.

“You… how are you…”


With a muffled sound, the huge body of the middle-aged man burst into a cloud of blood mist!

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