Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 548

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【Vitality +1499】

The recovery prompt flashed quickly.

Innate realm’s body of heaven and man, not at all, has a life limit of 1500 for any changes caused by the possession of Evil God consciousness.

Tang Mubai can recover 1499 very well.

With the cooperation of the Great Perfection space conception, the 8th floor “Divine Arrow” successfully bypassed the “Divine Realm” and Innate shields, directly immersed in the middle-aged man within the body and detonated.

With the death of the middle-aged man, Evil God’s consciousness lost its carrier, and he immediately got away.

It floats in midair in the form of a group of translucent energy, condescendingly looking down at Tang Mubai.

“I, remember you!”

The low voice of anger echoed in the night sky.

Before Tang Mubai could speak, the energy form of Evil God’s consciousness turned into 2 beams of light, one of which fell into the void, disappeared, and a bolt of lightning flew towards Tang Mubai.

Sou sou ~

Tang Mubai moved and avoided.

The flying light group flew into the air, threw out more than ten meter away, turned back, and stared at Tang Mubai again.


Tang Mubai hides again.

The light group did not touch anyone, and continued to turn back, rushing towards Tang Mubai.

Whoosh~ Whoosh!

Tang Mubai teleported again and again and quickly left the scene.

However, this group of rays of light seems to have eyes. Where Tang Mubai goes, it chases behind.

After chasing and fleeing, Tang Mubai quickly evacuated.

The light group separated by Evil God’s consciousness, chasing him, obviously has a plan.

The super feeling of “Shengxintong” also told Tang Mubai that there was a problem with this group of lights!

Keep chasing him, and swear to never stop until the goal is reached.

When Tang Mubai was avoiding, he suddenly thought about it.

Immediately, cast his eyes to the distance, looking for the target.

Soon, I found the one I wanted.


The speed suddenly increased, and after a few curved flashes, Tang Mubai rushed into a woodland.

“Huh ~”

In the woods, a fat wild boar is digging for soil, digging up plant tubers to eat.

After Tang Mubai rushed in, the wild boar didn’t notice anything. The light group chasing Tang Mubai into the woodland was so fast that the wild boar did not find it.

It wasn’t until Tang Mubai swept past the top of the wild boar’s head, grabbed the wild boar’s ears, and pulled the wild boar’s head slightly, that the digging wild boar made a howling sound, resounding through the woodland.

But there were only two calls, and then suddenly stopped.

After chasing the light ball of Tang Mubai, after hitting the wild boar, it sank into the wild boar’s body.

The two successfully merged into one!

The howling wild boar froze for a while, then hummed his tail, ran away in a panic, and went deep into the woodland, disappeared.

“I don’t know the result, is that’bull god’ satisfied?”

Tang Mubai clapped his hands, looking at the direction where the wild boar disappeared, his mouth raised.

The light that Evil God’s consciousness separates has an 80% chance of being Spiritual Imprint with similar tracking and locking functions.

Once hit, it is estimated that Tang Mubai will be found by the opponent no matter where he is in the future.

Now it’s all right, the light group got on the body of the wild boar, the “Bull God” wants to find him, slowly to find a needle in a haystack.

Tang Mubai waved his hand, turned to leave, and returned to the mining area.


In the middle of the mining area, the luminous beads lifted into the sky again, illuminating the darkness.

The injured people sat up from the ground one by one and started to recover.

Including Cheng Laikang, He Jianjiang, Zhu Zhenluo and other cult Grandmasters who have become demons. At this moment, they did not go crazy again and attacked people everywhere.

It seems that when the Pope and Evil God Avatar die, their influence disappears?

In case of 10000 one, Huang Shengwen still let people watch them.

Cheng Laikang, He Jianjiang, and Zhu Zhenluo’s entire group were also acquainted and did not struggle to resist.

Although Huang province heard heavy casualties here, only Tang Mubai was intact.

“Grandmaster Tang…oh no, Leader Tang, I was also forced. I didn’t know what was going on, so I was hit by them. Everything that happened after being enchanted, now that I think about it, it feels like a dream.” Zhu Zhen Luo lost a smile and looked towards Tang Mubai.

“Yeah, Leader Tang, we are already healed. When Evil God dies, the power it blessed on us is automatically eliminated.”

“Yes, yes, Leader Tang, you are really amazing, what Evil God, not worth mentioning at all.”

“Yes, what are Dong Wang and Xiang Yuannian? Leader Tang, you are the number one genius of Dongzhou!”

“I already said that Heaven’s Mystery Sect’s eyes are always blind! With Leader Tang’s strength, the number one on the Rising Dragon list is not just in name only, but also in reality!”

“Are you stupid? Leader Tang is now Innate realm, what is the rising dragon list?”


Cheng Laikang and He Jianjiang waited for the others to follow suit and slap Tang Mubai’s flattery.

Well, although it is flattery, everyone’s heart is indeed shocked.

Including Liu Fusheng, Lu Zhaoyuan and the others, the eyes looking at Tang Mubai were full of wonder and incredible.

Innate realm less than 20 years old!

In the history of the 38th Territory, there has been and only one in the past 2 100 years.

More importantly, if it weren’t for Tang Mubai this time, all of them would have been wiped out.

Although Tang Mubai didn’t show spirit strength much before, none of them can see that Tang Mubai’s realm has reached Innate.

Grandmaster can only take the air, and Innate can take the air!

As for why Tang Mubai was able to resist the divine might and how he killed the Evil God Avatar, everyone did not ask.

Clearly, this is Tang Mubai’s secret.

Tang Mubai’s Master “Hong Grandmaster” has an unknown background and unknown strength. There are any powerful treasures left to Tang Mubai, nothing strange.

In addition, Tang Mubai himself has just joined the “Sacred Heart Gate” Inner Sect, and got some treasure, which makes sense.

So, under everyone’s deliberate avoidance, no one mentioned it.

Tang Mubai was happy when he saw it.

After he came back, he only said that the pope of the cult was dead and that the Evil God Avatar had been removed. Nothing else was said. Everyone cooperated and didn’t mention anything. He naturally wouldn’t talk nonsense.


“Brother Tang, thanks to you this time.”

Liu Fusheng panted heavily. He was covered in dirt and covered in dirt. After picking it out from the dirt, he was lying on the ground.

“Yes, if it weren’t for Brother Tang, not only would we finish playing, but the 38th Territory would also suffer.” Lu Zhaoyuan exhaled.

“Fortunately, Brother Tang broke through to the Innate realm and successfully pulled strongly against a crazy tide.” Huang Shengwen was relieved, “If the cult succeeds this time, the consequences…”


Tang Mubai raised his finger abruptly and made a silent motion.


“Don’t talk!” Tang Mubai sullen his face, carefully sensing all around movements.

Just when everyone thanked and sighed, he heard a strange movement.

Listen carefully, but hear nothing.

In the field of vision, no abnormalities were found either.

Start “Sacred Heart” induction…

call! call! call!

“Induction” is here!

Not the sound of wind, nor the sound of breathing.

It is a unique Qi machine with three silhouettes, approaching the mining area strangely and quickly from three directions.

The speed was so fast that I went to the mine in a few clicks, and the lightning moved closer to the area where the entire Tang Mubai entire group was located.

Strangely, Liu Fusheng, Huang Shengwen, and the others didn’t even notice during this process.

Only Tang Mubai can sense it with the “Sacred Heart Communication”!


Tang Mubai is slightly frowned and stands ready.

call out!

At this moment, a black streamer suddenly appeared. From the northeast of the mining area, lightning flew over, hitting the luminous bead floating in the air.

Uh ~!

The luminous ball made a muffled sound, the whole bead shook in the air, and cracks appeared on the surface.


Upon hearing this, Huang Sheng looked straight, scolded, “who…”

call out!

Another black streamer burst through the air and went straight to the glowing bead.

Hu bang ~

Tang Mubai punched, and the fiery fist rose up, intercepting the black streamer.


The black streamer shattered and exploded into a light curtain.

But the light curtain did not dissipate, but spread to the luminous bead like flowing water, enveloping it.

Then, in a series of “ka ka ka” abnormal noises, the luminous beads were compressed as hard as possible until they could not bear it, and exploded into fragments with a “bang”.

The huge mining area plunged into darkness again.

“Everyone is careful!”

Tang Mubai immediately yelled.

In his induction, the three silhouettes rushed to the mine immediately after the luminous bead shattered, attacking them.

“Something came up, everyone back to back, gathered together, unanimously outside.”

Tang Mubai took out the dragon’s head bow and reminded while sensing the movement trajectory of the three silhouettes.

“not human!”

Huang Xingwen released the divine sense scanning, which caused the face to be deathly pale and sweat slipped. “It’s not a human being! It’s an ominous beast…No, it’s Demonic Creature! It’s Demonic Creature!”

“What, Demonic Creature?”

“What does Demonic Creature want to do here? Is it also for 7 Heart Lights?”

“What is Demonic Creature?”

Everyone exclaimed, each and everyone looked ugly, and looked scared.

They are all injured now, and only Tang Mubai can resist it. If it is some special Demonic Creature, Tang Mubai can’t take care of them.

Especially Cheng Laikang, He Jianjiang, and Zhu Zhenluo’s entire group all had green faces.

Demonic Creature can kill them no matter they are who.

They can’t run if they want to run now.

“It’s Demonic Creature indeed.”

Tang Mubai held the dragon’s head bow and aimed at the surrounding dark area, opening the mouth and said, “Moreover, they are also Demonic Creatures that move very fast. They seem to blend into the night, and it is very convenient to change positions, almost like teleporting.”

“Night Devil!”

Huang Shengwen looked solemnly and said solemnly, “It’s a night monster! The demonic creature that came is a night monster. Only the night monster can blend into the night perfectly and move freely in the dark. With the help of the night, their power can increase by 3 to 5 times, or even ten times! “

“Damn it, how could it be a night demon?”

“It’s no wonder they are going to knock off the light source, it turns out that it is the night demon… No, when the night demon rushes over, they are still attacking the light source. There are other Demonic Creatures nearby!”

“Yes, it’s not just the Night Demon coming!”


Everyone exclaimed, becoming more alarmed and vigilant.

Liu Fusheng and Huang Shengwen stopped talking, each and everyone looked ugly.

“Leader Tang…”

“Do not worry, give it to me.”

Tang Mubai responded quickly. While speaking, he replaced the dragon’s head bow and took out a sword, the Thunder Falcon Sword.

What is the Demonic Creature outside? I can’t care about it for the time being.

The three night monsters that entered the mine moved too fast and blended into the night, without any trajectory or regularity, and it would be difficult to lock them for a while.

This is also the drawback of “Divine Arrow”. If it cannot be locked, no matter how many layers of space are broken, it is useless.

Evil God is a middle-aged man who possesses the cult pope. The reason is that he is too big, and that he is moving straight and straight. He doesn’t hide himself and is easy to lock.

It won’t work if you change to Night Demon.

If it cannot be locked, it is better to do it yourself by Tang Mubai.

The Thunder Falcon sword is in hand, injecting astral energy.


Tang Mubai’s figure disappeared in place.

“Taiji Qiankun Jue” is unfolded with the spatial artistic conception of Great Perfection.

Every corner of the entire mining area is clearly presented in Tang Mubai’s mind.

The silhouettes of three night demons, Tang Mubai quickly focused on one.


After shaking his body, Tang Mubai was holding the Thunder Falcon Sword and overtook a Night Demon near the 7-heart lamp placement area. Before the Night Demon could react, he slashed with one sword.



sword light blooms, arc flickers.

Like a night demon standing up by a wealthy werewolf, the whole body is divided into two.

The astral energy of the Thunder Falcon Sword burns all the 2 half corpses into black charcoal.

【Vitality +430】


The recycling reminder flashed over here, and someone screamed and was torn apart by the night demon.

The other 2 night monsters rushed into the crowd to buy time for their companions to snatch 7 heart lights.

Seeing Tang Mubai killing their companions, the two night demons suddenly roared and screamed, leaving the others behind, fleeing into the darkness, changing positions from time to time, and rushing towards Tang Mubai.

Shua! Shua!

whiz whiz whiz ~

Tang Mubai flickered, teleporting constantly.

The two night monsters moved as fast as they did, chasing Tang Mubai.

No matter what the night vision ability of other people is, none of them can see clearly.

It is Huang Shengwen scanning with divine sense, which can’t help but be dumbfounded.

too fast!

Tang Mubai and Daredevil move too fast!

The night monsters are okay, they blended into the night, they are terrifying, come and go without a shadow or trace, let people not catch the trace.

Tang Mubai is good. He can compete with the Night Demon in speed, and it has to be amazing.

There is no rule, no track, but it doesn’t follow closely.

This is no longer a simple teleport.

It involves the mystery of space!

Yes, Tang Mubai can go to Hanging Mountain because of the comprehended spatial artistic conception.

Huang Shengwen suddenly realized.

Night Demon relies on race innate talent, Tang Mubai relies on Space Power.

2 are stronger and weaker, really bad…



With 2 abnormal noises, Huang Shengwen, who was still thinking, saw 2 corpses falling out of the void ten meters away on the right.

The corpse of the night demon!

Like the first one, these two corpses were also burned into black charcoal when they were divided into two halves.

“it is good……”


Without waiting for Huang Sheng to speak, a roar suddenly came from the periphery of the mining area.



The air exploded and detonated on the spot.

A large piece of energy is thrown into turbulence, stirring up the airflow, and raising dust.

The invisible but substantive terrorist force suddenly dropped from the sky, oppressing everyone.



The crowd gathered together, facing the surprise attack of this terrifying force, all vomited blood, or lay or lay on the ground, stiff, unable to move even a little bit.

Except Tang Mubai!

“Strong pressure? Is this pure pressure?”

Tang Mubai stood still, gaze as if a torch, looking through a distance of 100 meters, I saw 2 people over 3 meters tall, with hideous faces like evil beasts, 4 limbs thicker and sharper than sharp knives, and the whole body was covered with dark red cuticles. It is a strong Demonic Creature with muscular bumps. Standing on the top of the mountain, the rays of light flicker all over his body, open his mouth, and move towards Tang Mubai and roar silently.


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