Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 549

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The horrible amount of oppression force came again with the explosion.

The space is distorted at this moment, and it appears as clear as water waves.

The coming terrifying pressure, like two Qingtian stone pillars, smashed against Tang Mubai.

Hum ~ hum ~

Tang Mubai still stood still, the void above his head twisted and trembling occurred.

Strong pressure!

Like the muscle Demonic Creature, Tang Mubai also released strong pressure.

It’s just that the former is downward and Tang Mubai is upward.

“Pressure Control” Divine Ability was launched, condensing 2 waves of strong pressure, and the start of the confrontation with meet force with force.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! ~

Bang! bang! bang!

The 4 strong pressures offset the up and down collisions, exuding violent fluctuations, and the bursting force stirred up the air flow in the mining area.

Regardless of Huang Shengwen or Liu Fusheng, at this moment, everyone only feels that there are 4 mountains above their heads. The invisible but real heaviness and oppression force make them difficult to breathe, and they can’t do it when they lift their heads.

“Hello ~”

100 meters away, the muscle Demonic Creature roared.

Tang Mubai was shocked and annoyed by the pressure released.

Another muscle, Demonic Creature, immediately followed and attacked.

Bang! bang!

Two more terrifying pressures are coming.

Hum ~ hum ~

The void is distorted and trembling.

Tang Mubai also released 2 waves of strong pressure and met force with force to resist.

The strong pressure attack of the muscle Demonic Creature, it is not clear whether it can only control 2 channels.

However, Tang Mubai’s “Pressure Control” Divine Ability has no quantitative limit.

As long as it is within a certain range, it can be suppressed.

In this way, Tang Mubai easily blocked four strong pressures alone.

With his eyes flickering, his heart came to mind, his feet were off the ground, while maintaining the “Pressure Control” Divine Ability, he dragged 4 strong pressures, slowly lifted into the air, and floated towards the muscles Demonic Creature.

“roar!” “roar!”

Two muscles, Demonic Creature, saw this scene, and when they were shocked, they increased their pressure.

Weng! weng!

In an instant, the void above Tang Mubai’s head and all around became more distorted.

each and everyone Irregular ripples vortex, keep popping up.

However, it is useless for Tang Mubai!

With 4 strong pressures to increase the strength, Tang Mubai volleyed close to the 2 muscle Demonic Creature.

Then, without waiting for the muscle Demonic Creature to respond, he suddenly increased his pressure.

4 The strong pressure is thickened and enlarged together, against the surprised and angry roar of the muscle Demonic Creature, forcibly pushing upward!

Push all the way!

In turn, it drives all the strong pressure to the top of the 2 muscles Demonic Creature.

“roar!” “roar!”

The scream of the muscle Demonic Creature rang out through the night.

But after a few screams, it exploded into slag as the terrifying pressure came.

“Bang!” “Bang~”

The tall body of the 2 muscular Demonic Creature turned into minced meat and sprinkled the ground.

【Vitality +1029】

【Vitality +1380】


Almost at the moment when the Demonic Creature of the two muscles died, ripples appeared in the void in the center of the mining area. A silhouette suddenly appeared out of thin air, grabbed the 2-heart lamp, and then quickly sank into the void, disappeared.

“and also?”

Tang Mubai, who has been paying attention to the mining area, has sensed this change.

Subconsciously teleported, the lightning buckled back, and stepped into the void where the silhouette disappeared.

I didn’t expect to “see” a door in this void.

Space Gate !

The spatial artistic conception of Great Perfection allows Tang Mubai to “see” the Space Gates, but cannot open them.

The strongest move of “External Palm” can only be broken, not opened.

Break Space Gate, Chaos Void, go in courting death.

Open Space Gate, but you can travel through space!

For this reason, Tang Mubai had been “watching” before this, and had never launched an action against Space Gate.

Space Gate is constantly changing, born a while, and annihilated.

Tang Mubai purely “watches” the excitement.

But the situation is different now.

The silhouette that robbed the 7-heart lamp, I don’t know what method was used, opened the Space Gate, and it has not been completely closed.

When Tang Mubai teleported over, the Space Gate was only half closed.

Although the “closing” speed is very fast, less than half a second.

However, for Tang Mubai, it was enough.


At the moment the Space Gate was completely closed, Tang Mubai was immersed in it.

After entering, “see” that another Space Gate is also closed.

Body flashed again, passing through the Space Gate as an exit.

Drilling out of the void, Tang Mubai looked all around and found that he had come to the edge of the mountain range.

It is more than 2 kilometers away from the military control mining area!

In an instant, it spanned more than 2 kilometers.

Space shuttle is a cow!


Tang Mubai was surprised. Not far from the opposite side, he snatched the silhouette of the 7-heart lamp and was equally astonished.

This is also a Demonic Creature.

But unlike other Demonic Creatures, it has the same five officials and four limbs as a human.

Judging from the posture and appearance, he is a male with a slender figure, wearing a weird costume that covers the whole body and is not gold or cloth. A pair of pupils appear golden, like gems, extremely dazzling. The ears are slightly pointed, without hair, and the scalp is covered with fine pale-gold scales.

At this moment, this humanoid Demonic Creature was surprised, and the golden pupils glanced at Tang Mubai with jealous eyes.

After speaking, he noticed something was wrong and made a decisive right hand stroke to separate the void and jump into it.

In Tang Mubai’s induction, a glove on the right hand of this humanoid Demonic Creature suddenly burst into a mysterious air force, opening the Space Gate behind the humanoid Demonic Creature.

That’s right, it was the mysterious glove that opened the Space Gate, not the humanoid Demonic Creature!


Tang Mubai went into the Space Gate and then came out of the other door.


Seeing the humanoid Demonic Creature, complexion sank, continue to open Space Gate and jump into it.


Tang Mubai teleported, still before Space Gate was completely closed, stepped in and out, chasing the humanoid Demonic Creature.

“wu! !”

The face of the humanoid Demonic Creature became more and more ugly.

This time, it shot out suddenly and attacked Tang Mubai coming out of Space Gate.

The monstrous demonic energy suddenly broke out, grandiose, flooded Tang Mubai.


Tang Mubai runs “3 Yang Yi Qi Jue” to condense “astral energy armor”. At the same time, “Extreme Overlord Fist” blasted straight out, with 10000 cards of Qi and blood exploding, and a frontal hard fight.

Bang Bang Bang~

The fist marks and demonic energy collide, cancel each other, and continue to melt away.

In a few moments, the demonic energy dissipated and defeated, and the fiery red fist marks shrank and rushed towards the humanoid Demonic Creature.

“Wu! ~”

The humanoid Demonic Creature snorted, ignoring the fist mark, and opened Space Gate again to escape.

“Want to go?”

Tang Mubai closed his fists, took out the dragon’s head bow, teleported into the Space Gate, and then exited, condensing the arrow of 10000 calories of astral energy, aiming at the demonic creature with an angry face.


The humanoid Demonic Creature roars, the demonic energy bursts, and is released suddenly, covering itself and the range of Tang Mubai 100 meters.

Within this range, half is fire and half is ice.

Ice and fire blended, two different attributes, but the same terrifying power, under the explosion, Tang Mubai immediately tasted what is called Fire and Ice Two Layer Heaven.

However, he only tasted for half a second before he was under control.

The circle of ice and fire released by the humanoid Demonic Creature is obviously a domain similar to the domain of martial arts.

In this domain, Ice and Fire Strength is controlled by the humanoid Demonic Creature, but it is not affected.

Hot and cold, two extreme forces envelop Tang Mubai.

Tang Mubai did not dodge, or trembled or screamed, but only used the “Temperature Control” Divine Ability to offset the attack from the external Ice and Fire. Then, the astral energy arrow on the dragon’s head bow shot out from the string.

call out!

The distance is too close and the speed is fast.

The humanoid Demonic Creature couldn’t escape and was hit on the spot.

Surprisingly, after hitting the arrow of astral energy condensed by 10000 calories of blood and energy, it just shook its figure, then opened the Space Gate and walked away in embarrassment.


Tang Mubai teleported in, and when he exited another Space Gate, he saw the color of the clothes on the humanoid Demonic Creature turned gray.

So the arrow just didn’t fail, it was just offset by external forces?

The corners of Tang Mubai’s mouth rose, and the arrow of 10000 calories of astral energy was once again condensed on the dragon’s head bow, aiming at the humanoid Demonic Creature.

“wu! !!”

The humanoid Demonic Creature golden pupils are widened, and his complexion is ruthless.


Open the Space Gate with a wave, and walk in.

Tang Mubai teleported to follow. After entering, he saw the humanoid Demonic Creature undressing his gloves and detonating in the center of the Space Gate that went out.


The force of terror blows up Space Gate and returns to nothingness.

At this time, the Space Gate behind Tang Mubai has been completely closed.

Tucked in the void, Tang Mubai, in a flash, used the strongest move of “Exit Palm” to break the next Space Gate.

Outside, it’s not reality, but nothingness.

Fan 2, keep breaking!

Outside the door is still nothingness.

Fan 3, break again!

Outside the door… is reality!

Tang Mubai immediately teleported out and flew forward quickly.

It stopped after being far away from several hundred meters, looked towards the void behind him, and saw the Space Gate shattered, returning to the void black hole position, slowly dissipating.


put out a breath, Tang Mubai relax.

In my heart, I sincerely admire the humanoid Demonic Creature.

In order to get rid of him, he actually detonated the mysterious glove capable of opening Space Gate!

This hand is too cruel.

The Space Gate that went out was shattered, Tang Mubai was almost trapped in the void, body dies soul extinguished, and even the body could not be kept.

On a certain level, Tang Mubai was also lucky, only breaking 3 Space Gates and returning to the world.

If just a few seconds later, Tang Mubai would be trapped in the void.

Compared with the shameful Demonic Creature, it is undoubtedly more profitable to save your life.

Of course, if you continue to follow along, it is unknown whether you can win the humanoid Demonic Creature.

This humanoid Demonic Creature, divided by the strength of the human side, should be a realm.

How can the ice and fire “wuyu” not be able to Tang Mubai does not mean it has no other means.

After all, the humanoid Demonic Creature is too rare.

Tang Mubai even guessed that this guy is not a Demonic Creature, but a member of the Demon Race!

2 The passage was destroyed, but many people in Demon Race remained here.

I came across one this time, and it didn’t seem to be the worst at all?



Take a deep breath and stabilize your mind.

Tang Mubai pressed down on the humanoid Demonic Creature, looked around all around, and found that he was in a wasteland. At the moment, he found his direction and drove back.

In the dark, various Inhuman creatures are moving on the wasteland.

Neighing, roaring, and screaming sounded from time to time.

Giant Insect, ominous beast, and dinosaurs fight each other.

Tang Mubai flew all the way from high altitude and turned on the Innate pressure. No one came to look for bad luck, but instead took a wave of vitality along the way.

When I was about to reach the edge of the mountain range, I heard a loud noise coming from the northeast.

Accompanied by it, there are piercing ringing and familiar roars.

Humanoid Demonic Creature?

Tang Mubai was overjoyed and gathered his eyesight to maximize the Divine Ability, looking all the way, and seeing the source of the loud noise.

A giant bird that spreads its wings more then 300 meters, and a familiar silhouette, is exactly the humanoid Demonic Creature!

“This guy actually fought with an owl?”

Tang Mubai couldn’t help but rejoice.

I thought I lost the humanoid Demonic Creature, but didn’t expect that the other party was also still in the wasteland, and was fighting with an owl at this moment.

The realm of this owl is very high, not a true king, and not far from the true king.

The humanoid Demonic Creature fights with it, quite embarrassed.

Tang Mubai looked from a distance and looked at the humanoid Demonic Creature for a long time before finally beheading the owl.

Whoosh! Whoosh~

The figure flickered, teleported over, moved slightly closer, and recovered a wave of vitality. Tang Mubai was condescending, looking down at the humanoid Demonic Creature with torn clothes on his body that was not lightly injured, and grinned, “Hello, we meet again.”

Humanoid Demonic Creature, “…”

“Don’t speak?” Tang Mubai raised an eyebrow. “Or, you don’t understand human language?”

Humanoid Demonic Creature, “…”

“Okay, it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand, anyway, you don’t need to understand.”

Tang Mubai chuckled, “Whether it’s your Demonic Creature or Demon Race, now that you are here, stay…”


A black beam of light suddenly burst, released from the silent humanoid Demonic Creature, and lightning strikes towards Tang Mubai.

Speed ​​to the pinnacle, not for a while.

Hum ~ hum ~

A huge Taiji illusory shadow appeared in front of Tang Mubai, blocking the black beam of light.

shua ~ shua ~ shua ~ ~

Taiji illusory shadow turns, Taiji Fish circulates.

The black beam of light dissipated at the speed visible to naked eye and vanished into nothing.


The humanoid Demonic Creature looked in his eyes, and roared in shock and unwillingness.


Space vibrates.

A wave of strong pressure was born abruptly, and it was severely suppressed on the humanoid Demonic Creature, pressing it on the ground, and smashing a hole.

“Ling Rhinoceros!”


The invisible spiritual blade was released, hitting the humanoid Demonic Creature.


The humanoid Demonic Creature that had just gotten up again fell back into the pit, his face pale.

Buzz ~


The second wave came under strong pressure, and the demonic creature wanted to resist, but his head became dizzy and passed out on the spot.


Put out a breath, Tang Mubai slowly landed from the air, came to the side of the humanoid Demonic Creature, and ran the “Reincarnation Book” to search for the soul of the humanoid Demonic Creature.

Demonic Creature, a non-killing figure, just wants to figure out the origin of this guy.

Is it Demonic Creature or a member of Demon Race?

Tang Mubai’s idea is simple, and the method is in place.

Under “The Treasure of Reincarnation”, the soul search is activated, and the identity of the humanoid Demonic Creature is immediately known.

Sure enough, he is not a Demonic Creature, but a real member of the Demon Race.

And it still belongs to the heavenly demon clan in Demon Race.

heavenly demon!

Tianni tribe, one of the upper 3 tribes in heavenly demon.

Demon Race respects the concept of powerhouse is respected and has a clear class division.

The upper, middle, lower, and slaves.

The lowest class of slaves is the slave!

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