Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 550

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Tianni Demon Race, as one of the upper three races, is extremely large in terms of power and strength.

The number of subordinate races and slaves is 10000.

It is the Peak group in Demon Realm, with countless expert as clouds and powerhouses.

of course.

Demon Realm is what humans call Demon Race and the world where Demonic Creature is located. People in Demon Race don’t call this.


It was Tang Mubai who knocked out the Demon Race while the opponent was injured. His name was Kun.

The specific writing method is different, and the title is very similar to “Kun”.

Tang Mubai was lazy and simply called him Kun.

As expected, this Kun was one of the few people in the Demon Race who was left here after using the 2 world passages.

It has an accomplice, but it is not by his side and does not act together.

The two were separated and gathered a lot of Demonic Creature to do things for themselves.

Kun was active near 38th Territory, 47th Territory, and 59th Territory. After learning about the human situation, he stole a batch of arms.

That is an arsenal of Flying Leopard Legion.

Kun took the Night Demon, the Overwhelming Demon, and a batch of tamed Giant Insects, taking advantage of the night, and ransacked all the weapons in the arsenal.

After being smuggled out, Tang Mubai found the place where it was stored, and the corners of his mouth could not help but rise.

He was about to get a batch of munitions to arm the robots made by Yang Kai. The arsenal that Kun looted was just cheap for him.

As for Kun’s accomplices, they went to the Valley of the King of Medicine to seek a large number of High Level medicine pills.

People in the real Demon Race can also strengthen themselves by devouring medicine pill and spiritual grass Spirit Fruit.

Like Kun, its purpose of snatching 7 heart lights is to make things easier, and its ideas are similar to those of a cult.

Tianni Demon Race is strong, yes, but coming here is also cautiously.

Because the 2nd pass was destroyed, too few people remained.

Found one, and died. If one died, one would be missing.

Kun didn’t want to expose himself, so he thought of a way to trick mankind into working for it.

Unfortunately, it was destroyed by Tang Mubai.

During the soul search, Tang Mubai took the opportunity to learn the language of Demon Race.

Kun Ke has been learning the human language, Tang Mubai in turn learns the Demon Race language, just as useful.

Only halfway through, Kun’s brain suddenly collapsed, all memories and mental consciousness disappeared, and the whole brain was empty, with nothing.

“what’s the situation?”

Tang Mubai divine sense exits and enters again, carefully scanning Kun’s brain.

The result was the same as before, still empty and nothing.

In short, Kun became cerebral palsy, idiots, and vegetatives are not counted!

“How is this going?”

Tang Mubai frowned.

He also wanted to plant the Samsara Seal in Kun’s brain and turn him into a puppet.

didn’t expect, suddenly Kun’s brain was blank, what the hell is happening?

“Perceive something wrong, self-destruct?”

Tang Mubai can’t figure it out, and guessing is useless, after all, Kun has become an idiot.

However, judging from this situation, Kun Fang made it clear that he did not want to expose too much information, and realized that Tang Mubai was spying on his memory, and immediately destroyed himself.

This method is ruthless!

Tang Mubai cannot admire it.

Of course, in order to prevent 10000 one, Tang Mubai still released astral energy, condensed into flames, retrieved the 7-heart lamp from Kun, and burned Kun’s entire body to ashes.

This matter is only finished without leaving the body.


Back to the military control mining area, it was almost dawn.

The finishing work does not require Tang Mubai’s help.

Retrieving the 7 Heart Lights and extinguishing the members of Demonic Creature and Demon Race is already a great effort.

Regarding Kun’s origin, Tang Mubai did not say because it is difficult to explain.

I can’t say that he has “The Reincarnation Book” and will search people for souls, right?

Spiritual martial arts are too scarce, and spiritual martial arts that can search for souls are even poorer.

Basically it is not eight revolutions or nine revolutions.

Such existence is to provoke right and wrong.

For example, “The Treasure of Reincarnation” involves the perishing “Samsara Sect”, and the influence behind it is not so big. Tang Mubai doesn’t want to burn himself.

Fortunately, Huang Shengwen, Liu Fusheng and the others did not ask.

After all, they also know that humans and the people in Demon Race cannot communicate normally.

Really want to talk, just like a chicken and a duck.

Tang Mubai can catch up and kill the opponent, which is already pretty good.

In other respects, I had little hope.

In any case, the Demonic Creature and Demon Race that have appeared are all killed.

In comparison, the destruction of cults is more critical.

The pope of the cult, 4 Great Protector, and dozens of fanatics are dead.

However, according to Cheng Laikang, He Jianjiang, and Zhu Zhenluo’s entire group, the cult still has one principal, two officers, and three bishops, all of whom are in the cult’s secret lair.

In addition, there are more than 100 fanatics.

The secret lair is located in a private estate on the outskirts of Xin’an City.

That is also the industry of Chengyun Group.

In order to prevent the leakage of information, the cult personnel ran away.

Huang Shengwen decisively dispatched Feilu Legion’s men and horses, and asked Tang Mubai to lead the team to the outside of Xin’an City to wipe out the remnants of the cult.

The reason why Tang Mubai led the team was because Huang Shengwen, Liu Fusheng, Lu Zhaoyuan, the brawny Innate in the army, were all seriously injured.

In addition, they will also guard the entire group of Cheng Laikang, He Jianjiang, and Zhu Zhenluo.

Although Cheng Laikang, He Jianjiang, Zhu Zhenluo and other Grandmasters who were bewitched by the cult did not show their crazy side anymore, it was obviously not safe to just let them go.

To be on the safe side, Cheng Laikang, He Jianjiang, Zhu Zhenluo, and the others were isolated in a Safety Sector outside the territory, in an underground military fortress.


Outside Xin’an City.

One is located in a private estate within the valley.

The spacious hall was full of people. The leader was a cult member, two officers, and three bishops. The others were experts who were trapped by the cult. At this time, everyone was silent and waiting.


“bang bang bang !”

A rush of footsteps came from outside the door.

The people sitting in the hall raised their heads neatly and looked towards the door.

At the next moment, a man strode in.

“How is it? Has the Pope returned?”

“4 Great Protector, plus the Pope, 5 Innates will take action together, and 7 Heart Lights must be available.”

“Huang Shengwen is not that simple!”


There was a lot of noise in the hall, and everyone spoke one after another.

Only the orthodox bishop, gloomy face Pang, looked towards the incoming person, and asked, “How?”


With a solemn expression on his face, the man uttered four words, “The Pope and the Protector, as well as everyone, are wiped out!”


The noisy hall suddenly fell silent, absolute silence.

Everyone looked at the man with stunned expressions, and they were shocked.

“impossible !”

A burly man stood up abruptly and said in denial, “Even if Huang Shengwen is Innate Peak, it is impossible to kill the Pope and the 4 Great Protector!”

“Yes, you won’t be excited about the transition, will you be dizzy?”

An old man with a goatee, good said with a smile.

“Yeah, yeah. Huang Sheng heard that they could kill the Pope and the protector? Don’t crack a joke! Unless Zhang Hairui is also lying in wait there!”

There is another Dahan interface said with a smile.

“Zhang Hairui is not there, but I didn’t crack a joke either!”

The man said solemnly, “Those guarding the periphery of the mining area, through Telescope, saw Liu Fusheng and Huang Shengwen that they were severely injured by the Pope, but 4 Great Protector they all died at the hands of Tang Mubai, including the Pope…”


A dull impact sounded abruptly, interrupting the man’s explanation.

Next moment.

Tang Mubai’s flat but extremely loud voice echoed over the entire manor.

“All the people in the cult will be killed!”


In the hall, the cult members who were arguing suddenly exploded.


“Everyone in the cult will be killed? What a big tone!”

“Damn it, how could it be found here?”


A crowd of cult members rushed out of the hall in anger or fear and ran away in four places.

The reporting man, the complexion greatly changed, trembled, “It’s him, it’s him!”

“who is it?”

The orthodox who was walking at the end, hearing this, stopped, looked towards the man, said solemnly, “Who are you talking about?”

“It’s Tang Mubai!”

The man gritted his teeth and said, “This is Tang Mubai, killing the Pope and the 4 Great Protector!”

“Tang Mubai?”

After listening, a cold light flashed in his eyes, lightly said with a smile, “You must be mistaken. If it is Tang Mubai’s Master and Hong Grandmaster who killed the pope, then I believe, as for Tang Mubai How can he be a young martial artist who is not Innate?”

“This…” The man was silent.

Yes, Tang Mubai is very famous, but it is only a Grandmaster after all.

How could it be possible to kill the pope and protector of Innate realm?

is it possible that, the person who delivered the message, really read it wrong?

“This Tang Mubai is so courageous enough that he dares to hit the door. I will meet him!”

Another burly vice-bishop said, his figure flashed, and he rushed towards the door.

“Whether or not Tang Mubai did it, it’s not safe here anymore.”

“Yes, the location has been exposed, so let’s evacuate soon.”

“If you want to evacuate, solve the people outside.”

“Liu Fusheng and Huang Xing heard that they were seriously injured, so they should not be able to come. If the outside is just a Grandmaster expert from Tang Mubai, then it is easy to get him… easy!”


A group of people said, walking outside.

Most people do not believe that Tang Mubai can kill the Pope and the 4 Great Protectors.

The latter five are Innate realm.

Tang Mubai, a Grandmaster, how could it be all killed?

Hong Grandmaster!

It must be Hong Grandmaster, or the town envoy, Zhang Hairui!

If they were these two people, they were found here, and they had to rush out to survive.

In any case, charge ahead is the key!


at this time.

The entire manor has become a mess.

A group of soldiers from the Flying Deer Army, armed with guns and artillery, shot and killed the cult members.

The flying deer army experts above the Master level dispersed and surrounded the entire manor.

You must do it and don’t let go of a cult member!

Facing the flying deer soldiers throwing shells and machine guns, the cult members who lost one’s head out of fear could not resist.

Even if it is a fanatic, it is almost half of the casualties.

When the bishop and vice bishop rushed over with a group of experts, the floor of the manor was already full of cult members, most of whom were fanatics.

“Ahhh! Go to death!”

The burly bishop who came out first was irritated and roared with red eyes, holding a huge battle axe, rushing to the wall, and facing an expert of the same tall Flying Deer Army, it was an axe.


The wind is blowing, cold light blooms.

The tall flying deer army expert who was intercepting only felt a cool brain, standing stupidly on the spot, watching the huge battle axe, dropping from the sky.


Bloodbath 4 splashes and throws the night sky.

The tall flying deer army expert, subconsciously fell backward. However, just halfway back, I suddenly found out that I was not dead!

Reached out and touched his face, the blood was not his own.

Looking up, I saw the vice-bishop holding a huge battle axe, his head and body separated.

At the neck of the fracture, the blood rushed outwards!


The tall flying deer army expert, opened his mouth and laughed.

It is not him who died!

But the vice-bishop holding a huge battle axe!

A Grandmaster Grade 8 expert!

As for who moved the hand, don’t guess, the tall Flying Deer Army expert also knows who it is.

Tang Mubai!

Yes, it is Tang Mubai.

Whenever a cult martial artist above the Master level appears, Tang Mubai directly controls the flame bone flying knife, or builds an arrow of astral energy with a dragon head bow, and kills them in the air.

At this moment, he was standing by the gate of the manor, the tall courtyard wall was empty, overlooking the entire manor, the very warm battlefield.

“Swish!” “Swish!” “Swish!”

The flame bone flying knife under the control of divine sense is like Death God’s Scythe. No cult member can escape.

When the Orthodox Bishop arrived, he saw Tang Mubai standing in the air like a human being, manipulating a bone throwing knife with a flame tail to slay the martial artists of the cult in the air.

“hmph! ”

The Orthodox Bishop’s eyes flashed with rays of light, and he scanned the surroundings to make sure that there was no other expert. He immediately hit the Flying Yan Bone Throwing Knife with his palm, and his eyes fell on Tang Mubai, coldly said, “Tang Mubai, are you alone?”

“Pack you, I’ll be enough.” Tang Mubai retracted the Yan Bone Flying Knife and responded with a chuckle.

“Hahaha…” The orthodox laughed.

Others behind him also laughed.

The fighting cult members and flying deer soldiers heard this string of laughter, and subconsciously stopped their hands, and each went backwards.

“Tang Mubai!”

The bishop raised his head and looked at Tang Mubai in the air, shouted, “You are too confident, don’t you know if you are too confident, are you arrogant? You think you can kill me, you have to have that strength!”

“Listen, everyone, the one who came is Tang Mubai, a Grandmaster, and the others are rubbish! Clean up this rubbish, and return to the world!”


All the fanatics roared and rushed to all around.

“Kill! One does not stay!”

Tang Mubai also drink low.


All the Feilu army roared in unison, and continued to shoot and kill.

boom ~ boom ~ ~

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The violent blasting sound and blasting sound kept ringing in the valley for a time.


“Start Formation!”

The orthodox bishop scanned the audience and shouted.


There was a neat voice behind him.

The remaining vice-bishops and other cult experts each took out a palm-sized bull head statue, activated it with astral energy, and placed it on the chest.

Next moment ……

“bang!” “bang!” “bang!”

A dull sound of abnormal noise suddenly came from these people, and the bull head statue on each person’s chest bloomed with pale-gold rays of light, covering them.

This makes the imposing manner of the entire group expand 3 to 5 times in an instant.

The vigorous, majestic blood, like a blaze, burns blazingly, emitting terrifying temperature.

An ancient, bloody, and violent breath detonated!

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