Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 551

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Hum ~ hum ~ hum ~

The void trembles, energy dances, blood energy floats.

The entire group is each a pillar, forming a weird pattern in midair.

The vice-bishop stood at the center, with the most violent imposing manner on his body, one after another naked eye visible air current, as if Dragon Snake penetrated from his body, constantly surging all around.

The air currents shuttle to each other, and then rush to the top of the head, like boiling water, flowing continuously.


The vice-bishop yelled and waved the bull’s head statue in his hand. Suddenly, the entire group’s body all around suddenly burst into bright radiance.

“A group of trash, go to hell!”

The deputy bishop shouted and waved his hands.

The others followed the action, circling and waving their hands quickly in the void, making a one after another mark, controlling the emerging rays of light, condensing to form a light belt 3 meters wide and 20 meters long, and swept out of the air.


The speed of the light belt flying by is amazing.

In the blink of an eye, they floated in front of the Flying Deer Army fighters. All the Flying Deer Army fighters on the scene had no time to escape, so each and everyone flew off the ground.

Tang Mubai stopped, but was a step slower.

each and everyone The Feilu Jun expert either vomited blood, or fell to the ground and groaned, without the follow-up battle strength.

one strike!

With just one blow, the strikes of guns were dismantled.

People in the cult who saw this scene were all to be wild with joy.

The orthodox bishop showed offense and abuse, let the deputy bishop entire group continue to control the Formation, dance and fly again, attacking Tang Mubai in midair.


Tang Mubai chuckled, looking at the light belt floating towards him, without avoiding, he said calmly, “Your Formation is good, but it’s only good that’s all.”

“What is your opinion?”

The Orthodox Bishop sneered, “Tang Mubai, do you think you are’Hong Grandmaster’?”

“Hong Grandmaster?”

Tang Mubai was different, and then lightly said with a smile, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

The voice fell.

The rays of light flashed in the palm of the palm, and the blood condensed to form astral energy, which continuously swallowed and condensed quickly in the up ahead void, forming 5 twisted and intertwined patterns.

As soon as the pattern was completed, the light belt rushed to the front.

Suddenly, the two were in midair and collided head-on.


“pa !!”

“bang! !!”

The impact was louder than every other.

When the sound stops, the light band dissipates and vanishes.

However, the pattern formed by the five twisted and intertwined lines did not disappear, and still burst out energy fluctuations, rushing towards the entire group of the archbishop.

“Be careful!”

The vice-bishop’s entire group quickly retreated, but half of them still did not escape. After being caught up, they were struck and died on the spot.

【Vitality +98】

【Vitality +67】


The recovery prompt flashed.

Tang Mubai’s mouth raised.

“How can it be!”

The orthodox bishop is eyes shrank, his face is astonished, and his eyes are filled with astonishment.

“Are you Innate?”

The vice-bishop and the others who escaped were also stunned, forgetting the others, looking at Tang Mubai stupidly, with horror in their eyes.

People in other cults all face deathly pale and tremble.

Innate !

The power of their Formation can only be broken down by Innate and above martial artist.

Although Tang Mubai did not use spirit strength, the power of the move just now surpassed the Grandmaster realm.

In the predictions of the Orthodox and the others, Tang Mubai should be slapped severely, and his whole skeleton broke.

didn’t expect, Tang Mubai was not only okay, but easily broke the Formation!

And the power it possesses is equivalent to Innate realm.

Nobody didn’t expect this, but next moment, including the orthodox bishop, people in all the cults were frightened.

Before that, they did not believe that Tang Mubai killed the Pope and the 4 Great Protector.

Now look…

“hmph! ”

The orthodox bishop coldly shouted, his body rising in an imposing manner.

The two vice-bishops are the Grandmasters, which is understandable because they lost to Tang Mubai.

But he is Innate!

The Innate realm of Divine Ability is still opened!

“Even if you are Innate, what about?”

The orthodox bishop forced himself not to think about other things, while boosting morale, he stared at Tang Mubai firmly.

“Innate realm, it will die as well!”


The air suddenly exploded.

The orthodox bishop suddenly jumped up into the air and jumped into midair.

Then, the palms of both hands were released with rays of light.

The astral energy hovered, the energy erupted, swirling around the air.

Suddenly –

“Moo!” “moo!” “moo! “

3 energy giant cows trampling on the void were born out of thin air, running up and down around the orthodox bishop in the air, roaring forever.

Each head is ten meters long and 3 meters high. The horns, tails and hooves on the body are lifelike and vivid.

Between running, the violent and barbaric imposing manner, hiding the sky and covering the earth, spread out.

Accompanied by Innate realm’s pressure, fuse together, dropping from the sky, an almost substantial transparent energy cover is formed, covering the entire manor.


The amount of terrifying oppression force, everyone who suppresses, each and everyone all lie on the ground, shiver coldly.

Except Tang Mubai!

“The power of’Bull God’?”

Tang Mubai squinted slightly, next moment…

shua ~ shua ~ shua ~!

The astral energy is released, controlling the Bone Blade, flying in the air, and under the control of divine sense, it heads straight into the 3 energy giant cows in the sky.


Yan Bone Blade broke through the air.


ox roar shakes the sky.

Three energy giant cows roared and swooped down from the air.

In the halfway, and Yan Bone Blade collided head-on.

Suddenly –

“hong long long !”

The tremor was muffled and thunderous.

in midair All the air currents are stirred, lashing violently.

The flame-bone blade glowing with rays of light hovered and danced and collided fiercely with three violent energy giants.

With each impact, dazzling rays of light burst out.

The resulting shock wave, like a wave, swept all around.

On the ground, the buildings in the front yard of the manor, at this moment, are like paper, shattered and split, thrown into the air with the fierce wind.

“It’s a bit capable, but lie down obediently!”

In midair, the orthodox yelled, his hands quickly sealed, and he pressed hard against Tang Mubai who was up ahead.

“moo! !!”

The 3 energy giants that madly “catch” the Yan Bone Blade suddenly roar towards the sky, and the rays of light on their bodies are released, and their movement speed soars instantly.

At one end, there was a flick of the tail, and a muffled sound of “peng” was heard immediately, hitting the flame Bone Blade dancing up and down, making it like a kite with a broken line, ejected to the left, submerged in the forest, disappeared.

In this regard.

Tang Mubai didn’t rush to take it back. Instead, he took a palm, exploded with blood, condensed astral energy and released a palm print.


The palm print trembles, moved towards 3 energy giant cows, rushing away quickly.

Only the abnormal noise of “puchi, puchi, puchi” was heard constantly.

After 5 seconds, all three energy giants were decomposed and vanished.

In midair.

The orthodox bishop shook his body slightly, then retreated a little later, his face flushed.



5 The Orthodox Bishop who had all his apertures turned on was defeated!

For a time, the sky and the ground, absolute silence.

Each and everyone of the Flying Deer Army soldiers opened their mouths wide and their faces were dull. The gaze looking towards Tang Mubai was shocked in addition to shock.

They didn’t participate in the ambush in the mining area before, but they came directly to Xin’an City. They didn’t know that Tang Mubai was an Innate martial artist.

Seeing it with my own eyes at this moment, my heart is full of shock.

Tang Mubai, even Innate, just broke through recently.

The Orthodox Bishop has all the 5 Divine Ability open, belonging to the old Innate.

As a result, Tang Mubai not only did not die in the hands of the bishop, but instead turned his head and defeated the bishop!

All the flying deer soldiers shocked speechless.

Everyone on the cult side also stayed.

“How is this possible, how is this possible, how is this possible!”

The vice-bishop roared in his heart, he could not accept this fact.

Tang Mubai can defeat the Orthodox Bishop, so the news that he killed the Pope and the 4 Great Protector is most likely true!

The Pope is dead?

“No! No! This is impossible! This is impossible!”

The vice-bishop shook his head desperately.

Tang Mubai actually killed the Pope and 4 Great Protector!

This irritating news made his heart tingle, breathing hard, and his head dizzy.

An indescribable fear suddenly came to mind at this moment.

He didn’t run away immediately. He just took a sigh of relief and stayed in place, staring at Tang Mubai on the empty courtyard wall.

There are similar people in other cults, each and everyone dumbstruck.

What the vice-bishop can think of, how can others not think of it?

The defeat of the orthodox bishop shows that Tang Mubai’s strength is extremely terrifying.

With this strength, it is entirely possible to kill the Pope and the 4 Great Protector!


In the silence.

The Orthodox bishop took a deep breath, and his imposing manner resumed its surge.

Innate realm’s pressure, hiding the sky and covering the earth!

All the cult members in the sluggishness were stimulated by this pressure, and then they immediately came back to his senses.

I was frightened and shouted desperately.

“Kill him! Kill him!”

“Don’t keep your hands, use the strongest attack and kill him!”

“Innate will die as well!”


All the cult members who are afraid of later roar loudly.


In midair, the orthodox bishop’s eyes were full of overflowing eyes, staring at Tang Mubai.

“I admit that I missed you, the newly promoted Innate is amazing, you can beat me!”

The cold voice of the bishop sounded in the air.

“Nonsense, do it directly.”

Tang Mubai responded calmly and calmly.

“hehe ……”

The Orthodox bishop sneered and released the spirit strength, pulling the surrounding Power of Heaven and Earth, gathering the body all around.

At the same time, qi and blood exploded, condensed to form astral energy, merged with Power of Heaven and Earth to form a huge black giant cow.

“xiu!” “xiu!” “xiu!”

rays of light fly by, the tiger roars to the sky.

The black giant cow is more than 20 meters long, a substantial body, a pair of red to golden light eyes, like rubies, blooming dazzling rays of light.

Without launching an attack, just standing there released a terrifying imposing manner three times more powerful than the previous three energy giants.

Face this black giant cow.

Many people on the ground can’t help feeling their legs feel weak, and they can’t stop fear.

The vice-bishop and all the cultists, while shaking all over, were ecstatic and excited.

“kill him!”

“kill him!”


Some trembling shouts sounded intermittently.

In the end, they gathered together and resounded through the sky.

“The cow is good.”

Tang Mubai glanced at the orthodox bishop in the sky, and his eyes fell on the giant bull formed by astral energy, blood energy, murderous aura, Power of Heaven and Earth, with the corners of his mouth slightly raised.

“Such a giant cow looks really good, but it’s a pity…”

Tang Mubai shook his head.

“Hmph, pose!” The orthodox bishop sneered.

After the words-


The loud Niu Xiao, trembling in the void.

The bishop quickly both hands forming seals, and the black giant suddenly spread 4 hooves, turned around, and launched a swift attack against Tang Mubai.

Not close yet.

The sharp horns on the top of the head broke away from the head first and rushed towards Tang Mubai fiercely!


The wind screamed and energy rolled.

Seeing the horns rushed in front of him.

Tang Mubai raised his hand and gathered within the body astral energy, aiming at the horns close at hand and tapping gently.


The air vibrated suddenly.

A large number of invisible auras, drawn by a strange force, hovered and gathered together, condensed to form strands of bright golden rays of light, crushing the horns, and then moving on.

“Shua ~ shua ~ shua ~!”

Streamer flying.

The black giant rushing over, surrounded by strands of golden rays of light, suddenly stopped moving, stiff in midair.

The whole picture, at first glance, seems as if time has stopped passing!

All the people on the ground have their mouths open and their faces dull.

Only the orthodox bishop, the heartbeat speeds up suddenly!

I just wanted to replenish my strength and attack again.

Tang Mubai, whose palms flew past and aimed at the black giant cow, suddenly shouted lightly.


Hum ~!

Void shakes.

The space in front of Tang Mubai suddenly rippled like water waves.

“Hua! ””hua! ””hua! ”

“Hu hu hu! ~”

The wind swept through, hot and fierce.

The “fire and wind” offensive, wrapped in wispy streamers, burst out a dazzling rainbow light.

The rainbow light turned into a vortex again, piercing through the air and piercing the body of the black giant close at hand, causing it to disintegrate in an instant, like broken glass, splitting apart.

The vortex didn’t disappear.

After smashing the black giant cow, he continued to break through the air and shot out.

The power of terrifying penetrated a huge spiral channel in the sky forcibly.

At the end of the passage is the orthodox bishop!

The speed is too fast, the whole process happened in half a second.

The orthodox bishop did not react at all, and the vortex shock wave transformed by the rainbow light penetrated his chest and back!



“Ka!” “Ka!” “Ka!”

The body of the orthodox bishop split from the wound to the periphery.

Like the black giant cow, like a glass, it cracked quickly and was thrown into the air.


The sky and the ground fell into deathly silence for a while.

Regardless of the Fei Deer Army soldiers, the deputy bishop and the others, all of them opened their mouths and looked up at the sky with dull faces, silent.


The Orthodox is dead?

5 Divine Ability The fully-opened Orthodox, dead? !

No one can accept this fact for the vice-bishop and all members of the cult.

5 The full-bodied orthodox bishop was killed by Tang Mubai?

How can this be!

“No, no, no, I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!”

The vice-bishop hissed.

In the next second, his body suddenly turned around, and towards the back of the manor, lightning flew away.

Cult others, “…”

Flying deer soldier, “…”

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