Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 552

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Tang Mubai was also amused.

This deputy bishop is an individual talent.

While yelling hysterically, he turned and ran away without warning.

Switching to someone else might really make him run away!

When Tang Mubai laughed, he took out the dragon’s head bow, the “eye orifice” Divine Ability was opened, his eyes caught up with and locked on the deputy bishop who had run out of the manor, and the arrow of astral energy condensed instantly.


Tang Mubai just bend bow and place arrow on this side, the vice-bishop there immediately sensed it, and immediately “putong”, turned around and knelt on the ground, moved towards Tang Mubai’s location, kowped his head vigorously, and begged for mercy.

“Leader Tang, spare your life! I was wrong, I am willing to surrender, as long as Leader Tang bypasses me, I can tell Leader Tang a big secret!”

The big secret?

Tang Mubai raised his eyebrows.


The body flashed and disappeared in place.

When he appeared again, he appeared on top of the vice master Instructor.

The latter was startled, and at the same time, his voice became louder and louder.

“Leader Tang be merciful, Leader Tang be merciful!”

The vice-bishop kept kowtow and yelled.

“Are you sensitive?” Tang Mubai chuckled lightly.

“This is so-so, so-so.” The vice-bishop smiled, “I am also capable of this, and you are totally incomparable with Leader Tang, Leader Tang, you are the sun in the sky, the glory of mankind 100000000 10000, and the night sky. The brightest star is…”

“Okay.” Tang Mubai corner of the mouth twitched, raised his hand to stop, “You just said that you know a big secret?”

“Yes, as long as Leader Tang promises to let me go, I will tell you this great secret.” The vice-bishop expressed excitement and replied nervously.

“Heh.” Tang Mubai smiled, “Dare to talk to me about the conditions, good, good.”

Hearing this, the deputy bishop’s heart burst, gritted his teeth and said, “Leader Tang, forgive me, I’m just…”


The air trembled suddenly.

A terrifying force was born out of thin air, oppressing the vice-bishop, pressing him on the ground, unable to move even a little bit, and his face was in zero distance contact with the ground.

“Don …”

The frightened vice-bishop wanted to ask for mercy.

Tang Mubai didn’t give a chance. After he calmed down the vice-bishop, he immediately released divine sense, used the soul-searching ability of “The Reincarnation”, invaded the brain of the vice-bishop, and forcibly read the memory.

Did he let him tell?

Thinking too well, dreaming is almost the same!

It is a must-kill target in itself. Forcibly searching for the soul will lead to the consequence of becoming an idiot, and Tang Mubai will not have any psychological burden.

This reading really let Tang Mubai know a secret.

Yaowanggu has nine revolutions divine medicine!

If you swallow it, you can go directly to Nirvana!

This huge secret, the vice-bishop learned from the pope that the cult they belonged to had the first stage goal, and for this reason it was the Valley of the King of Medicine.

As a result, it was destroyed before departure, and no one didn’t expect it.

In addition, the memory in the brain of the vice-bishop is useless to Tang Mubai.

For example, how to join a cult, how to become an assistant bishop step by step, who have been killed over the years, how much money do they have, which martial arts of the cultivation…

None of these Tang Mubai are interested.

Well, that’s not right!

Tang Mubai experienced a little bit of the martial arts “Big Heavenly Dragon Slash” by the vice-bishop’s cultivation.

Tang Mubai already has “Little Heavenly Dragon Slash”, a full member of Miracle Mercenary Group, all have cultivation.

As for “Big Heavenly Dragon Cut”, I have never had a chance to get it.

It was a surprise to discover from the brain of the vice-bishop that the accidental collision.

Compared with “Little Heavenly Dragon Slash”, “Big Heavenly Dragon Slash” has more explosive power, more difficult cultivation, and more convenient to cast.

“Big Heavenly Dragon Slash”, not only through battle saber, but also through the palm and arm.

Using the hand as a knife, cast “Big Heavenly Dragon Slash”, the lethality is as terrifying.

This martial arts belongs to six revolutions, Metal Attribute.

After the vice-bishop was obtained, it took decades to cultivation to the 5th floor.

Tang Mubai has a system to open and hang, directly consume lifespan, and upgrade to 9-Layer Perfection in one breath.

“Shua hu~”

“bang! !——”

A hand knife splits out, and the air is divided into two.

The Blade Qi formed by the astral energy condensed, slashed out diagonally, and where the sharp aura passed, quietly chopped off more than a dozen large trees and cut off half of the mountain.

“Not bad!”

Tang Mubai closed his hand satisfied and slapped the vice-bishop to death.

Then, the body flashed, returned to the sky above the manor, and performed “Great Heavenly Dragon Slash” again.

shua ~ shua ~ shua ~ ~

call! call! call!

The sound of breaking wind swept the entire manor.

A large number of astral energy blades flew everywhere, beheading 4 cult experts who had escaped.

All the three bishops were killed. Except for a few strong ones, the other mad believers were an arrow at the end of its flight.

After Tang Mubai killed several experts, other cultists were also killed.

Since then, all the cults in the manor have been wiped out.

These people are the backbone and leadership of the cult. Without them, the bewitched people in Xin’an City will no longer be a problem, and they can be dealt with easily.

Don’t need Tang Mubai to help.

Even so, the news of Tang Mubai’s promotion to Innate realm still spread throughout Xin’an City, then Red Leaves City, Canghe City, and even the entire 38th Territory.

Everyone, without exception, was shocked!

“Gosh, Innate realm, less than 20 years old, how did Tang Mubai do it?”

“Last year Grandmaster, this year Innate, next year I’m afraid it will be psychic?”

“Tsk tsk, this is the real genius, contemporary Heaven’s Chosen! Heaven’s Mystery Sect’s eyes are blind, and it ranks Tang Mubai so low, right now?”

“What kind of face? The person who is promoted to Innate on the Thang Long list is not Tang Mubai, nor is Tang Mubai the fastest. The Winter King and Gong Feixue are already Innate, okay?”

“I just want to know, how did Tang Mubai do it? Innate is not a Grandmaster. It just depends on accumulating vitality and blood. The Taoism does not condense, does not refining, how to break through Innate? How to develop a spiritual field?”

“Oh, how could Tang Mubai tell other people about these things? Don’t forget that he has a Master, Hong Grandmaster. That Hong Grandmaster is very mysterious. After so long, no one knows his origin. Hong Grandmaster helps. , Tang Mubai breakthrough Innate, nothing at the worst. Tang Mubai can’t break through, it’s a problem!”


Every city in the 38th Territory is full of discussion groups.

Red Leaves City is the most enthusiastic.

Because Tang Mubai is a member of Red Leaves City, a native of Red Leaves.

Prior to this, Tang Mubai became the Grandmaster, which made most residents of Red Leaves City envy and proud.

Now that Tang Mubai has advanced to Innate, all the people in Red Leaves City are boiling.

No better than Grandmaster, Tang Mubai took a “shortcut”.

This time I was promoted to Innate, Tang Mubai didn’t use foreign object…

Well, in the eyes of others, Tang Mubai’s promotion to Innate is a comprehensive manifestation of innate talent, opportunity, ability, and so on.

Compared with the Grandmaster, which is achieved by “Ren Dan”, it is more enviable and admired.

Coupled with the huge gap, almost no one is jealous of Tang Mubai anymore.

Instead, there is yearning, worship, and pride from the bottom of my heart.

Tang Mubai comes from Red Leaves City, no matter how you count it, it belongs to Innate of Red Leaves City!

This kind of honor is too important for everyone in Red Leaves City.

After going out, I can straighten my chest and tell others that there is an Innate martial artist in their city, and this martial artist is less than 20 years old!

It is no exaggeration to say that Tang Mubai is now Red Leaves City’s internal and external business card.

To this end, Liu Tianxiu and Liu Xinyi personally came to the door and begged Tang Mubai to be the leader of Martial Arts in Red Leaves City.

Every city has Martial Arts leaders and all want to be Martial Arts leaders.

The leader of Martial Arts is a status honor and a symbol of strength handed down since ancient times, representing the prosperity and embodiment of local Martial Arts.

It’s just that the leader of Martial Arts is not someone who can be.

Not only must be strong, but everyone must be convinced.

The second point is the most important. It cannot be convinced. Even if it is a realm, you can’t be the leader of Martial Arts.

Although the leaders of Martial Arts have no real rights, the martial artists in the city must listen and think about what they say and do. At critical moments, you have to follow orders.

Yes, the leader of Martial Arts was the Martial Arts Alliance Leader of a city in ancient times!

Everyone wants to be the Alliance Leader, but not everyone can be.

In ancient times, Martial Arts leaders had more power.

Although modern has no real power, it is equally attractive.

Aside from other things, this identity alone will make people look up high.

When doing something, it is more convenient and easy to get help from others.

For this reason, many people want to be, but are not qualified to be.

Over time, most of the time, the leaders of Martial Arts in various cities have become vacant. When a powerful martial artist is released, it will be relaunched.

Liu Tianxiu and Liu Xinyi came to the door on behalf of others and asked Tang Mubai to be the leader of Martial Arts. Although Tang Mubai’s strength is part of the reason, more often, age has the advantage.

Less than 20 years old!

Innate realm of this age, looking at the entire East Continent, even in the whole world, is also a genius and enchanting level.

Even if other people don’t accept it from the bottom of their hearts, they have to accept it on the surface.

In addition, Tang Mubai has a good character. Since becoming a Grandmaster, there hasn’t been any disgusting things such as bullying, buying and selling, robbing women, spending time and money, and not making trouble and showing off.

All aspects were combined to get everyone’s approval, and Liu Tianxiu and Liu Xinyi came to the door.


“Leader Tang, you are the leader of Martial Arts. It is a decision jointly recommended by everyone. If you have any requirements, you can just ask them.”

Liu Xinyi saw Tang Mubai not speaking, but smiled opened the mouth and said.

“That, I’m just a little surprised.” Tang Mubai came back to his senses, laughed.

He was really surprised.

Liu Tianxiu and Liu Xinyi, when they talked about asking him to be the leader of Red Leaves City Martial Arts, Tang Mubai was somewhat confused.

This matter is not simple. Tang Mubai only needs to agree. There are no certificates or certificates. The so-called Martial Arts leaders have no real power, but the significance is too important.

It is more than ten times stronger than Liu Tianxiu, a consultant to the Admiral’s Office.

Tang Mubai has heard of the leader of Martial Arts, but never thought that he will be elected one day.

Surprised, somewhat stunned.

I can’t help but say with a smile, “Although I really want to refuse, it would be too hypocritical. I think you will look down on me and despise me. My dead parents may even be in a dream. scold me.”

“Haha.” Liu Xinyi and Liu Tianxiu laughed hearing this.

“and so……”

“So, I agreed.” Tang Mubai said sternly, “It’s an honor to be the leader of Martial Arts in Red Leaves City. I don’t say anything big. In the future, Red Leaves City needs my help, as long as it is within my ability. I will do my best.”

“it is good!”

Liu Tianxiu and Liu Xinyi are hearing this, their faces are full of joy, and sincerely took a deep breath.

Martial Arts leaders have no real power and high status. For some people, they are not very willing to be.

This seems contradictory, but it is true.

Because to be a leader of Martial Arts, you have to consider your city.

Although there is no requirement, must contribute to the city.

But at least on the surface, you can’t discredit yourself or do something morally corrupt.

Otherwise, not only the person but also the face of the city will be lost.

In Red Leaves City that many years, Tang Mubai was not the first to be promoted to the martial artist of Innate.

There are a few people who have had the opportunity to be the leader of Martial Arts, but for other reasons, they all failed in the end.

Tang Mubai now agrees and is willing to help. This is the greatest joy.

At least Liu Xinyi and Liu Tianxiu are full of joy.

“Congratulations to Alliance Lord Tang!”

The two stood up and congratulated Tang Mubai.

“Alliance Lord Tang?” Tang Mubai was slightly different, and then said with a smile, “Yes, Alliance Leader sounds better than Leader.”

“Haha.” Liu Xinyi hearing this said with a smile.

Liu Tianxiu coughed after congratulating him.

When Liu Xinyi saw this, her face changed, and immediately squeezed out a smile and asked softly, “Um, although it’s a bit presumptuous, I still want to ask Alliance Lord Tang a question.”

“Please speak.” Tang Mubai was curious.

“That is, does Alliance Lord Tang plan to accept disciples?” Liu Xinyi asked carefully.

“Accept disciples?” Tang Mubai raised an eyebrow.

“Yes.” Liu Tianxiu took it, “Alliance Lord Tang is now my Red Leaves City number one expert, and I am already qualified to accept apprentices. If Alliance Lord Tang has this intention, I wonder if we can give us a quota for Liu Family? We Liu Among the younger generation, there is an innate talent that is good…”

“Etc., etc!”


In order to catch up with full attendance, the following is the copy part, modify it immediately!

“Yes.” Liu Tianxiu took it, “Alliance Lord Tang is now my Red Leaves City number one expert, and I am already qualified to accept apprentices. If Alliance Lord Tang has this intention, I wonder if we can give us a quota for Liu Family? We Liu Among the younger generation, there is an innate talent that is good…”

“Wait, wait!” “Yes.” Liu Tianxiu took it, “Alliance Lord Tang is now my Red Leaves City number one expert. I am already qualified to accept apprentices. If Alliance Lord Tang has this intention, I wonder if I can give Is there a quota for our Liu Family? Among the younger generation of our Liu Family, there is an innate talent that is not bad…”

“Wait, wait!” “Yes.” Liu Tianxiu took it, “Alliance Lord Tang is now my Red Leaves City number one expert. I am already qualified to accept apprentices. If Alliance Lord Tang has this intention, I wonder if I can give Is there a quota for our Liu Family? Among the younger generation of our Liu Family, there is an innate talent that is not bad…”

“Etc., etc!”

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