Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 553

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This is the truth of Tang Mubai.

However, listening to Liu Xinyi and Liu Tianxiu is a subconscious shirk.

Can’t teach people?

What a joke!

Innate is not a Grandmaster, just enough energy and blood. Every Innate martial artist can be said to be a master of Martial Arts, and he is very clear about his own Martial Arts path.

Maybe not omnipotent, but in the martial arts of cultivation, they all have their own unique understanding and attainments.

This is like someone who is good at long sword, knives, fists, and palms.

Their comprehension and control of Sword Art, saber technique, and fist technique all achieve One with the Heaven Realm.

As for Tang Mubai, the external performance is bow and arrow!

The art of bow and arrow is well-known throughout the 38th Territory.

Even the Innate realm martial artist can be shot.

This is what many of the flying deer soldiers like Liu Fusheng and Huang Shengwen have seen with their own eyes.

The Dao of Archery of Tang Mubai has entered Perfection, One with the Heaven Realm. Otherwise, how could the Innate martial artist of the cult be killed?

Because of this, Tang Mubai said that he didn’t understand Martial Arts and had little experience. It was a lie.

Of course, even if Liu Xinyi and Liu Tianxiu knew why Tang Mubai said so, they would not dare to say it directly.

Tang Mubai is unwilling. No matter how they complain, it doesn’t matter if they don’t become a teacher. It is a big miscalculation if Tang Mubai is annoyed.

Therefore, the two people did not mention the matter of apprenticeship anymore, and sat with them for a while, got up and said goodbye.

The matter of apprenticeship was not realized, but the appointment of Tang Mubai as the leader of Red Leaves City Martial Arts was achieved.

The name of Alliance Lord Tang can be promoted everywhere in the future.

Tang Mubai didn’t say anything about this. Since he agreed, he was ready.

In comparison, the matter of apprenticeship, not at all, faded with his rejection of Liu Xinyi and Liu Tianxiu, but became worse and worse.

Not long after Liu Xinyi and Liu Tianxiu left, Wu Weilan came to the door brazenly and wanted Tang Mubai to accept a child of his Wu Family. Tang Mubai declined and left disappointed.

Then Lei 1000 released. As the president of Red Leaves City Martial Arts Society, he followed suit and wanted Tang Mubai to accept one of his friends and sons.

Well, he was interceding for others, and Tang Mubai naturally declined.

Followed by the Zheng Family in the North District and the Huang Family in the South District. They also came to visit their teachers. Tang Mubai made it clear that he would not accept apprentices.

Since then, Tang Mubai has understood that after the news of his Innate realm spread, the impact was beyond imagination.

Achieved Grandmaster last year. Although some people wanted to apprentice or join Miracle Mercenary Group, they weren’t as enthusiastic as this.

Yes, it is fanaticism.

The enthusiasm of these people who came to Tang Mubai was crazy.

If it weren’t for the fear of Tang Mubai being angry, they would be sure to make whatever gestures they would make.

Outside the gate of Miracle Mercenary Group, people kneel at dawn every day.

From morning to night, even if Tang Mubai does not show up, he has been kneeling.

Last year, although people gathered outside the gate, they were not at the kneeling level.

Well now, Tang Mubai is promoted to Innate, these people are completely crazy.

Of course, Tang Mubai ignored this behavior and wanted him to accept his apprentice on his knees?

What a wonderful idea!

There were too many people begging to come, and Tang Mubai didn’t want to bother, so he just prepared to leave the city.

However, before starting, he was stopped by Duan Ding.

“Sect master, you don’t want to intercede for others, let me accept a disciple?”

Tang Mubai looked at Duan Dingcai who was blocking the road and said with a smile.

“Uh…” Duan Dingcai laughed in embarrassment, “Well, Alliance Lord Tang, I can’t help it. After being persuaded, I have to come and discuss with you.”

“Talk to me?” Tang Mubai chuckled, “Let me accept disciples? I have made my mind clear. In ten years, I will not accept disciples. No matter anyone, will not accept!”

“I know.” Duan Dingcai took a deep breath, “Alliance Lord Tang you don’t accept disciples, I can understand, but this kind of thing doesn’t have to be so absolute. If it can, Alliance Lord Tang can try to accept Miracle Mercenary Group first. Inside, maybe…”


Tang Mubai interrupted directly, “This will not be possible, I have no time, no energy, and no experience. I teach other people. You should go back as a sect master.”

“…Okay.” Duan Ding had no choice but to accept Tang Mubai’s statement and leave.

Speaking of which is also funny. He is the representative of Scarlet Cloud Sect in Red Leaves City. As a result, other people asked him to apprentice Tang Mubai.

Of course, the main reason is that the opponent can’t enter Scarlet Cloud Sect, and secondly, they want to worship Tang Mubai.

As for the real apprenticeship Tang Mubai, or apprentice “Hong Grandmaster.”


Duan Dingcai left.

Tang Mubai set off, took the air route, and went straight to the domain wall.

However, he still didn’t reach the domain wall and was still on the way, and received a call from Di Xiaochuan.

Di Xiaochuan chuckled on the phone, congratulated, wrangled, and chatted. After a long time, he returned to the topic and wanted to ask Tang Mubai to accept his daughter.

Not to accept disciples, but to enter the Miracle Mercenary Group.

In a word, Di Xiaochuan’s idea was the same as Duan Dingcai’s. He came to Tang Mubai first before speaking.

Enter the Miracle Mercenary Group and look for opportunities to apprentice.

Otherwise, Tang Mubai at first will clearly reject it, and simply has no chance.

Innate realm, it’s crazy.

However, Tang Mubai still declined. If the matter was just started, it was because of Di Xiaochuan’s face, he could open up and let Di Shuangshuang enter the Miracle Mercenary Group.

But now that the matter has spread, it will not work.

As long as the first opening is made, don’t stop the subsequent openings.

Di Xiaochuan and Duan Ding did not discover the circuitous route, but others also noticed it.

If Tang Mubai agrees, then rejecting others will invisibly offend many people.

Although Tang Mubai is not afraid of these people, some unnecessary troubles can be saved.

The same is true.

After Tang Mubai refused, many people in the unconscious group called, either tactfully or directly, wanting Tang Mubai to accept someone.

Among them are the cousin of Nian Nian and son of Han Chengzu.

In addition, Gu Qingyan’s Gu family also came to the door and wanted to enter the Miracle Mercenary Group.

Tang Mubai refused without exception, and went out of the domain wall to hunt Inhuman creatures in the wilderness.

After leaving the domain, there was no signal on the mobile phone, and it finally quieted down.

After spending a day in the wild, in the evening, Tang Mubai passed Transmission Array and returned to the station.

This is because he doesn’t want to reveal the news of his return to the city, lest other people come to the door or call.

Refusal all the way down, Tang Mubai is annoying.


After returning home, after dinner, Tang Mubai was dragged by his little cousin, who hesitated, trying to say something, but didn’t dare to speak.

Tang Mubai was a little amused, and asked, “What’s wrong? Isn’t you the best thing to say in the past? How dare you not today?”

“I…I.” The little girl gritted her teeth and bowed her head. “I accidentally agreed to Xiaoli, saying that you can take her elder sister and come into our group.”

Tang Mubai, “…”

Too shameless, too good at plot against!

Even the little cousin was targeted by others!

Xu Dalu and Fang Shuixian were targeted, hoping that through them, Tang Mubai could agree to accept disciples or enter Miracle Mercenary Group.

But Xu Dalu and Fang Shuixian are adults, so naturally they will not be fooled.

The little cousin is only a few years old, and she is naturally easily deceived by being slightly induced by others.

Tang Mubai was angry for no reason, and the complexion is gloomy down.

These people are going too far.

To plot against the little cousin, it is already beyond his bottom line!

“That, big brother, don’t be angry.”

Seeing this, little girl hurriedly waved her hand nervously, “I will not accept any delicious food from Xiaoli in the future. I was wrong this time. I can make it clear to Xiaoli that our group is full, no Recruit people. Her elder sister wants to come in, wait…wait…”

She couldn’t talk about the latter words, maybe she forgot.

These words were told by Fang Shuixian, the purpose was to comfort, but the little girl was anxious, how could she remember, her eyes were red and tears rolled in her eyes.

“it’s okay no problem.”

Naturally, Tang Mubai would not vent her anger at the little girl. Seeing the little girl shed tears, she quickly recovered her smile, patted her head, and whispered, “Big brother is not angry, you don’t have to worry about Xiaoli’s elder sister, this matter, big Brother will take care of it.”

“Really?” The little girl took a breath, wiped her eyes, and whispered.

“Of course it’s true, when did the big brother lie to you?” Tang Mubai smiled, “Okay, don’t worry about it, go watch TV.”

“Oh, that big brother, I’m leaving now.” Seeing that Tang Mubai didn’t seem to be a fake, the little girl regained her smile and clapped her hands to leave.

Tang Mubai waited for her to leave before coldly shouting.

“That, Leader.”

Jiang Xiaoyan’s ventriloquist came from the door, and the latter was lying on the front door, watching Tang Mubai cautiously.

“What’s the matter?” Tang Mubai turned his head and looked towards her.

“That.” Jiang Xiaoyan held his hands and lowered his head, a little shy.

“… Say whatever you want, I don’t eat people.” Tang Mubai said with a smile.

“That…” Jiang Xiaoyan clenched the teeth, looking up at Tang Mubai, whispering, “I want to apprentice, and worship under your leader, Leader!”

Tang Mubai, “…”

He is very speechless.

Even Jiang Xiaoyan was moved and acted!

The temptation of Innate realm is so great for others.

Before that, he refused Cang’s non-stop persuasion and wanted to accept her as a disciple, but Jiang Xiaoyan refused, but now he sent it to the door by himself, wanting to apprentice Tang Mubai.

The problem is that Tang Mubai doesn’t have a deep understanding of sword dao, and there is nothing like sword dao that can be taught to her.

Jiang Xiaoyan’s sword dao innate talent, if you really worship him as a teacher, it would be a waste.

A waste of innate talent!

Tang Mubai doesn’t want to see Jiang Xiaoyan go the wrong way ever since.

Especially Cang repeatedly wants to accept Jiang Xiaoyan as his apprentice. The guy has a mysterious background and his strength is unknown. If he returns, he finds that Jiang Xiaoyan has been apprentice to Tang Mubai, and he might have to work hard with Tang Mubai.

These thoughts flashed quickly in the brain.

Tang Mubai did not move his expression on his face, took a deep breath, squeezed out a smile, and said softly, “Xiaoyan, your idea is good. If I am sword dao Innate, then worship me as a teacher, it is indeed a good one. But it’s a pity that I’m not. I have a good understanding of bows and arrows, and I don’t have much experience with sword dao. If you worship me as a teacher, you’re going the wrong way, and you won’t have any high achievements.”

“Then… okay.” Jiang Xiaoyan lowered her head and turned to leave.

“Wait.” Tang Mubai stopped her, comforted, “I’m not lying and don’t want to accept you, but you have a better choice. As the leader, I must be responsible to the people in the team. Your innate talent is very Well, it’s a pity to waste it!”

Jiang Xiaoyan felt the love that this remark said sincerely.

She immediately nodded and bowed to Tang Mubai, replied in her ventriloquist, “Thank you Leader, I understood.”

“Well, just be clear, don’t think too much about going back.” Tang Mubai chuckled, “Your Master is not in a hurry. If there is no accident, Cang will be back soon.”

“That…” Jiang Xiaoyan was obviously hesitant when it came to Cang, frowning, “Well, Leader, Cang brat, what kind of sword dao powerhouse is it?”

“I’m not very clear.” Tang Mubai didn’t hide it, said resolutely, “I can only tell you that Cang is not a weak person. No one knows his origin and strength. But one thing is certain, he will not harm him. you!”

“I understand.” Jiang Xiaoyan nodded, bowed again and left.

Tang Mubai watched her leave, and immediately put out a breath.

Jiang Xiaoyan’s innate talent can be maximized only if he has the right teacher.

As for whether it is Cang or not, to be honest, Tang Mubai cannot be sure.

Only when Cang comes back can I be sure whether or not to apprentice a teacher.

Now, Tang Mubai will take care of himself first.

However, what made Tang Mubai didn’t expect was that Liu Fusheng also called.

“Haha, Brother Tang, are you annoying these two days?” Liu Fusheng said with a smile on the phone.

Listening to the tone, it seems that some taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

“Mr. Liu, you don’t have to be so happy?” Tang Mubai was speechless.

“Haha, that’s because I also encountered what happened to you now.” Liu Fusheng said on the phone, “Innate realm is more attractive to the people below. If they can succeed in apprenticeship, they will ascending to The skies with a single leap, this kind of opportunity is too few. Some people will never touch it in their lives, so after seeing the opportunity, they will try to get it. In this case, it is natural to behave so crazy. Matter. If you are annoying, go to other places to stay for a few months, and then it will not be too late to come back.

“A few months out?” Tang Mubai was surprised, “Would you like to be so exaggerated? It will take a few months before this turmoil passes?”

“Haha.” Liu Fusheng said with a smile, “I didn’t say that in a few months, this gust of limelight will pass. In fact, as long as you don’t accept disciples for a day, this kind of thing will not pass.”

“Then you still…”

“What I mean is very simple. If you don’t want to be bothered all the time, then do a show.”

Liu Fusheng said with a smile strangely.

“Make a show?” Tang Mubai wondered.

“Yes, it’s just a show!” Liu Fusheng affirmed, “If you keep rejecting, those who want to be a teacher will always find ways to get close to people around you and use various means to contact you. After a long time, whether you like it or not. , Will get angry.”

“I’m getting angry now.” Tang Mubai sighed, “Those bastards, actually hit my younger sister!”

“Haha, this is their method!”

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