Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 554

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Liu Fusheng laughed again.

“If you are a lonely family, then you do not need to care about other people. But you obviously are not. Other people can’t find you, they will target the people next to you.”

“At this time, it is necessary to cooperate with the show!”

“That… can I trouble Mr. Liu to elaborate more?” Tang Mubai asked humbly.

“Haha, it’s very simple to put it bluntly.” Liu Fusheng said with a smile, “You only need to gather all the people who want to be a teacher, conduct a test, and finally announce that none of them are satisfied, and the problem can be solved.”

Tang Mubai, “…”

Although a little speechless, Liu Fusheng’s method was great.

That’s right, there are many people who want to apprentice a teacher, but whether to accept disciples, it is Tang Mubai who has the final say!

Tang Mubai is now an Innate martial artist and leader of Red Leaves City Martial Arts. If he really wants to accept a discipline, he will accept it by anyone?

Needless to say, the first prerequisite for this discipline is to possess superhuman innate talent, which is satisfied by Tang Mubai before it can be accepted.

As for how satisfied, simple, a fair test!

Only those who pass the test are eligible to become a discipline.

Can’t get through… where it came from, where to go back.

After all, Tang Mubai has already given a chance. It is because you fail to meet the requirements. Who is to blame?

Thinking of this, Tang Mubai gratefully said, “many thanks Mr. Liu!”

“Haha, no thanks, I just reminded that’s all first. With my brother’s ability, this method can be thought of.” Liu Fusheng responded with a smile.

“When I think about it, I don’t know when.” Tang Mubai sighed and said again, “Anyway, this time, many thanks Mr. Liu!”

“All right.” Liu Fusheng helplessly, “After reminding, I have to hang up too, brother, are you busy.”

After the conversation, hang up the phone.

Tang Mubai smiled and shook his head, put down his phone, went to Xu Dalu immediately, told him his plan, and then asked Xu Dalu to communicate and promote.

Xu Dalu was shocked after hearing this, and said in astonishment, “Leader, really want to accept disciples?”

In the past two days, people from all sides came to the door to apprentice. Xu Dalu, Fang Shuixian, and the little cousin were all disturbed, and Tang Mubai was annoyed.

Xu Dalu thinks that Tang Mubai will resist to the end and will not accept disciples.

Now that we are good, we have to openly recruit the discipline!

Moreover, the chosen location is the playground of a martial arts school in Hongye!

“I figured it out.”

To Xu Dalu’s astonishment, Tang Mubai laughed, “If there is an innate talent, it would be good to accept it. After all, Miracle Mercenary Group cannot do without people.”

“Yes.” Xu Dalu hearing this, after thinking about it, nodded said, “Leader rest assured, I will do this for the whole city… No, the whole world knows it!”

“Well, it’s hard work.” Tang Mubai nodded, holding back a smile.

He asked Xu Dalu to find a local martial arts school in Red Leaves City and borrow the venue to gather people who want to apprentice.

Then, after 3 days, start the test.

Those who pass can become his discipline!

As for how to pass, Tang Mubai has the final say!

In other words, no matter what the result is, how many people can survive.

Tang Mubai has all excuses to explain and eliminate them!

This is what Liu Fusheng said about making a show.

Acting in a scene in front of everyone…


Tang Mubai is ready to “act” in the play.

Red Leaves City and even the entire 38th Territory are boiling.

Xu Dalu worked very quickly. He contacted the martial arts school, borrowed the playground, and promoted Tang Mubai’s open recruitment of the discipline. As long as he passed the test, he would be accepted as Initiated.

Once the news was announced, it made a sensation in the whole city, and it made a sensation in the whole world without the promotion of Xu Dalu.

“Success! Tang Mubai can’t fight it anymore!”

“Haha, it’s really useful. With that many people coming together, Alliance Lord Tang really couldn’t hold it, so he had to accept disciples publicly.”

“Hmph, it’s too early to be happy now. Since Tang Mubai is open for recruitment, the test in 3 days will be extremely difficult!”

“Anyway, as long as Alliance Lord Tang lets go, we have a chance!”


38th Territory In every city, there are people discussing everywhere, and the exciting and lively atmosphere covers the whole area.

People who were looking for relationships and wanted to meet Tang Mubai didn’t worry anymore. Instead, they tried to find out what Tang Mubai said. In the test after 3 days, what exactly was tested?

In this regard, Xu Dalu made it clear that the test method will only be announced at that time.

Before that, no one knew, it was Tang Mubai who took the shot himself anyway.

The news spread. Although some people had objections, most of them chose to wait.

Again, Tang Mubai finally let go, it is already a great opportunity.

At this time, if Tang Mubai is unhappy again, it will be the biggest loss.

After all the noise, it finally eased down.

Tang Mubai relaxed, receiving Huang Shengwen who came to the door.

Huang Shengwen, Liu Fusheng, Lu Zhaoyuan, and the brawny Innate in military uniform were all injured this time.

Relatively speaking, Huang Shengwen was the least injured and was able to walk around, so Liu Fusheng could only call at home.

He came to Tang Mubai not for apprenticeship, but to thank him.

Thank you Tang Mubai for saving the Flying Deer Army in this operation against the cult!

Without Tang Mubai, the Flying Deer Army would have been disabled.

This is not an exaggeration, but a fact.

Therefore, Huang Shengwen came to the door in person, and was grateful on behalf of the Feilu Army.

“Alliance Lord Tang, from now on, you are the benefactor of my flying deer army, as long as you have instructions, my flying deer army will arrive immediately and serve you!” Huang Shengwen said resolutely.

“Passed, passed.” Tang Mubai shook his head and raised his hand. “I accept Huang Leader’s intentions, but the service and so on will be avoided. Once 10000 is passed out, will the Flying Deer Army become my private military?”

“Don’t worry about this Alliance Lord Tang.” Huang Shengwen laughed mysteriously, “Private army and so on will never happen. In fact, our Legions are very independent. As long as there is no major event, there will be no other Legion or even the Federation. contact.”

“and so……”

“So, don’t worry, Alliance Lord Tang, as long as our Flying Deer Army can do it, just give it to you.” Huang Shengwen said again.

That’s how it is said, but if Tang Mubai takes it seriously, he is naive.

The Flying Deer Army is grateful to him, there is nothing mixed up, but if Tang Mubai really seeks to benefit from Huang Shengwen and ask the Flying Deer Army to keep doing things for him, then this sentiment will soon be used up.

And nothing is good.

After thinking about it, Tang Mubai probed, “I really have one thing, I would like to ask Huang Leader for help.”

“Alliance Lord Tang, please.” Huang Shengwen’s expression was correct.

“I want to collect a batch of special materials recently.”

Tang Mubai told Huang Shengwen about the most important materials needed for imitating daoist leather.

The latter listened, and immediately said, “Alliance Lord Tang can rest assured that the few materials will be delivered within 3 days.”

“Thanks first, then.” Tang Mubai looked happy at hearing this.

Imitating daoist leather materials, the most important ones are available, and other materials are much easier. Tang Mubai and Yang Kai are both available.

Tianni’s Demon Race and Kun collected the arms. Tang Mubai also let the stone giant Avatar go there for these 2 days, took all the arms and gave them to Yang Kai.

At this moment Yang Kai is actively transforming the robot.

If the daoist leather material is obtained again, the day before the stone giant Avatar will go to the Dragon Burying Abyss!

In this respect, Tang Mubai really thanked Huang Shengwen for using military channels to get the materials easily.

When Huang Shengwen left, Tang Mubai sent him out specially.

After arriving at the door, I suddenly remembered Cheng Laikang, He Jianjiang, and Zhu Zhenluo’s entire group, and asked subconsciously.

“By the way, Huang Leader, how are Cheng Laikang, He Jianjiang and Zhu Zhenluo?”

“Crazy.” Huang Shengwen sighed.

“Crazy?” Tang Mubai was slightly surprised, “Cheng Laikang, He Jianjiang, Zhu Zhenluo, they are crazy? Why are they crazy?”

“I don’t know.” Huang Shengwen shook his head. “After they were detained, they went crazy on the second day of the night. After researching, we found that they were insane, and all consciousness became a ball of hemp, which could not be saved.”

“This…” Tang Mubai frowned, his face a bit heavy.

“Don’t blame yourself.” Huang Sheng heard this, comforted, “Cheng Laikang, He Jianjiang, Zhu Zhenluo, they can only say that they are destined to be a lunatic, at least better than being reduced to a puppet.”

Tang Mubai was speechless.

A madman is better than a puppet?

Either one is not good, okay!

Tang Mubai vomited in his heart, and said nothing on the surface.

Has become like this, it is too late to say anything.

What Tang Mubai has to worry about is not the entire group of Cheng Laikang, He Jianjiang, and Zhu Zhenluo, but Lin Huafeng.

Cheng Laikang, He Jianjiang, and Zhu Zhenluo became lunatics. Could Lin Huafeng also have an accident?

Mindful of this, after Tang Mubai sent away Huang Shengwen, he prepared to go to Miracle No. 1 Base, release Lin Huafeng, and study carefully to see if he could be rescued.

However, as soon as I walked to the legendary door, a shout came from outside the door.

“Leader Tang, excuse me, Heaven’s Mystery Sect is here to visit.”

Heaven’s Mystery Sect?

Tang Mubai step one stopped, turned his head and looked towards the outside, thought for a moment, and walked towards the gate, and he saw a middle-aged man with good temperament, looking at him with a smile.

The shout just now was not through speech, but similar to spiritual sound transmission.

Because of this, the people gathered outside the door do not know who the middle-aged man is.

“Heaven’s Mystery Sect” three words, no one else heard.

Only Tang Mubai listened. He came out now and saw a middle-aged man. He raised his eyebrows, controlled the Divine Ability, condensed the voice into a line, and asked, “Are you Heaven’s Mystery Sect who?”

“Under Su Yimu, the new Heaven’s Mystery Sect sect master.” middle-aged man Su Yimu bowed his hand.

“…Don’t dare.”

Tang Mubai stepped back a little to the side and continued to ask, “Heaven’s Mystery Sect sect master, what can I do?”


Su Yimu was embarrassed, knowing that Tang Mubai was angry.

Yes, Tang Mubai is indeed annoyed.

Heaven’s Mystery Sect’s name is naturally very famous, there are not many expert powerhouses, others don’t know.

But the mysterious of Heaven’s Mystery Sect, that has been circulating over 10,000 years.

If Secret Realm does not happen, Tang Mubai is naturally willing to communicate with Su Yimu.

It is a pity that the scene of Tang Mubai’s desperation in Secret Realm was circulated by Heaven’s Mystery Sect, and it was seen by many people, which indirectly offended Moon Demon Palace and other forces.

There was no such trouble. It was brought by Heaven’s Mystery Sect.

For this reason, Tang Mubai is strange to give Su Yimu a good face.

“Alliance Lord Tang…”

“Forget it.” Tang Mubai raised his hand. “Sect Master Su wants to say anything, just say it here. When you’re done, you can leave. My temple is small and can’t accommodate your big Buddha.”

Su Yimu, “…”

The embarrassing expression on his face became thicker, and his heart was a little angry, but he didn’t rise, so he was forced to hold it back.


Chang Su Yimu let out a long breath, helplessly said, “Leader Tang is angry, we can understand that no matter how this matter is calculated, it is our Heaven’s Mystery Sect’s fault.”

“Don’t dare.” Tang Mubai shook his hand, “I don’t dare let Heaven’s Mystery Sect admit it.”

“…” Su Yimu took a deep breath, “Anyway, we have acknowledged our fault. For this, we have specially offered an apologetic gift and hope that Alliance Lord Tang can accept it.”

With that said, without giving Tang Mubai a chance, Su Yimu quickly took out a box with the same packaging but a large area and handed it to Tang Mubai.

When it was sent to Tang Mubai, it opened halfway, revealing ten crystal-like objects inside.

“What is this?” Tang Mubai asked subconsciously.

“Milon spirit root.” Su Yimu smiled slightly.

“Milong spirit root?” Tang Mubai’s heart beat.

Great handwriting!

In order to apologize, Heaven’s Mystery Sect sent ten Milon spirit roots.

This is Innate martial artist’s favorite heavenly materials, earthly treasures, and a unique product of Burial Dragon Abyss.

That many Innate went to Burying Dragon Abyss, fighting each other privately, for this root thing.

Moreover, according to rumors, Milon spirit root is difficult to dig.

Su Yimu delivered ten roots in one go, indeed full of sincerity.

If it was something else, Tang Mubai immediately refused.

But Milon spirit root…

He hesitated, but took it.

In a word, this benefit should not be for nothing.

Heaven’s Mystery Sect originally owed him!

If it weren’t for Heaven’s Mystery Sect, how could he somehow become evil with that many Great Influence?

Get compensated now, nothing at worst.

“I hope Alliance Lord Tang likes it.”

Su Yimu saw this with a smile on his face, “This time it is our fault. I promise that Heaven’s Mystery Sect will never do the same thing again.”

“Really.” Tang Mubai smiled slightly.


Su Yimu saw this with a smile on his face, “This time it is our fault. I promise that in the future, Heaven’s Mystery Sect will not do the same thing again.” Su Yimu smiled on his face, “This time it is us. I promise that Heaven’s Mystery Sect will not do the same thing again in the future.” Su Yimu saw this, with a smile on his face, “This time it is our fault. I promise that in the future, Heaven’s Mystery Sect will not do the same thing again. Su Yimu saw this with a smile on his face, “This time it is our fault. I promise that Heaven’s Mystery Sect will not do the same thing again in the future.” Su Yimu smiled on his face when he saw this. It is our fault. I promise that Heaven’s Mystery Sect will not do the same thing again in the future.” Su Yimu saw this, with a smile on his face, “This time it is our fault. I promise that in the future, Heaven’s Mystery Sect will not do the same thing again. Su Yimu saw this, with a smile on his face, “This time it is our fault. I promise that Heaven’s Mystery Sect will not do the same thing again in the future.” Su Yimu saw this with a smile on his face. This time it’s our fault. I promise that Heaven’s Mystery Sect will never do the same thing again.”

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