Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 555

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Mindful of this.

Tang Mubai’s face slightly slowed down, opened the mouth and said, “Then many thanks. If necessary, I will find Sect Master Su. I don’t know how to contact Sect Master Su?”

“Alliance Lord Tang can contact me through it.”

Su Yimu took out 3 jade pendants with 4 overflowing lights and handed them to Tang Mubai.

“This is a transmission jade, and each piece will be automatically destroyed once it is used.”

“…Okay.” Tang Mubai took the jade pendant, and the expression on his face returned to grimness.

3 pieces of one-time communication jade.

Su Yimu told Tang Mubai unabashedly.

After 3 chances were used up, Heaven’s Mystery Sect’s debt to Tang Mubai has since been cancelled!

In the future, Moon Demon Palace and other forces will find Tang Mubai trouble, and it has nothing to do with Heaven’s Mystery Sect.

Tang Mubai saved Yuan Buzhe and the others, and indirectly saved Heaven’s Mystery Sect’s kindness and paid off from then on.

Such a frank announcement of showing a stance and putting aside the relationship is a bit unpleasant, but Tang Mubai has no complaints.

After all, Heaven’s Mystery Sect is one of the 9 Great Strange Sects, with an ancient influence that inherits over 10,000 years.

Even if Su Yimu didn’t send an apologetic gift and promised 3 mobile meetings, Tang Mubai couldn’t help them. He was impossible because of Secret Realm’s affairs, so he went to Heaven’s Mystery Sect for benefits.

With this result now, Tang Mubai is already very satisfied.

Not satisfied with Milon’s spirit root, but satisfied with Heaven’s Mystery Sect’s 3 mobile phone meetings!

Compared with ten Milon spirit roots, 3 mobile phone sessions are the real big head.

This mobile phone meeting is not only to kill or save people, but also to let Heaven’s Mystery Sect replace Tang Mubai up and down to survey the secrets, deduct the trend, and find the Secret Realm.

As long as Tang Mubai is willing, Heaven’s Mystery Sect will find the next Secret Realm, and he can monopolize the benefits!

Or, let Heaven’s Mystery Sect take action to block Evil God and block Evil God’s perception of Tang Mubai.

These benefits are the source of Tang Mubai’s satisfaction.


The two people tacitly agreed to each other and reached the conditions. Su Yimu decisively said goodbye, and Tang Mubai did not send it away, watching him disappear into the crowd.

After a while, I collected the communication jade, carried the box containing the spirit root of Milon, and turned back to the building.

When I reached the top of the stairs, a silhouette suddenly flashed and threw out from the side.

“……What are you doing?”

Tang Mubai lowered his head and looked towards A Bao who hugged his thigh.

“Hmph hum ~”

A Bao raised his head, his nose moved, his black eyes staring straight at the box containing the spirit root of Milon, saliva constantly flowing from the corner of his mouth.

“…Do you want to eat this box?” Tang Mubai corner of the mouth twitched.


A Bao twisted his body, his eyes looking at the box were full of longing.

“…Alright.” Tang Mubai held back a smile, opened the box, and took out the spirit root of Milong.

Although this box is a bit special, like wood but not wood, like gold but not gold, it is not a treasure.

Tang Mubai has already felt this.

Unimportant things, Abao wants to eat, so let him eat.

After all, the golden beans pulled out by Little Brat play a very important role in the manufacture of robots.

After such a long time, it has no credit and hard work.

Only a special box, Tang Mubai can still produce…

Oh, no!

What Abao is focusing on is not the box, but the spirit root of Milon!

Tang Mubai wanted to take out the spirit root of Milon and give it the box to eat.

As a result, Abao’s gaze was not to lock the box at all, but to the spirit root of Milon in the box.

Tang Mubai took out the spirit root of Milong, and Abao’s eyes turned around immediately, his body twisted more frequently, and the corners of his mouth flowed more saliva.


A Bao who stood up directly, his arms moved towards Milong spirit root kept thumping, and the longing and coveting in his black eyes overflowed.

With that expression and expression, Tang Mubai’s mouth twitched.

Lifting his feet up the steps, he led Ah Bao to the transfer area in the middle of the stairs, avoiding the sight of the outside door to explore.

Tang Mubai holds a Milong spirit root in one hand, and pats Abao’s head with the other, saying with a smile, “Is your nose good enough? Even Milong spirit root can smell it, it’s amazing! It’s based on past credits.” For sake, I will let you have a taste!”

Abao, “hmph hum~”

Tang Mubai handed over a Milon spirit root, immediately hugged it in his arms, opened his mouth, biting the ice cream like “Kaki, Kacha”, and finished eating in a few clicks.

Looking up, his black eyes continued to stare at the spirit root of Milon in the box, and A Bao shouted “Wow~”.

Tang Mubai, “…”


This is not ice cream, nor ordinary crystal stone, but Milong spirit root!

A milong spirit root can fill the spiritual field of the Innate martial artist ten times.

To put it bluntly, Milon’s spirit root contains surging energy.

The martial artist under Innate dare not absorb it at all.

Tang Mubai also looked at Abao’s special constitution, so he gave it one and let it try to eat.

In fact, from the moment A Bao hugged the spirit root of Milon and started to eat, Tang Mubai was highly concentrated and vigilant against A Bao’s changes to prevent Little Brat from being killed by the surging energy.

didn’t expect, not only was the little thing okay, but I wanted it!

Tang Mubai could clearly sense that many energy was lowered and entered within the body. There was no leakage, and it was all concentrated in Abao’s body.

Abao is fine!

The constitution of small things seems to be more abnormal than Tang Mubai imagined.

“Hmph hum ~”

A Bao continued to shout, wanting to eat, Hu hu’s arms, hugged Tang Mubai’s thigh again, and then shook it up and down.


Tang Mubai took a deep breath, his eyes lighted and said, “It’s just the spirit root of Milong, how about eating it all for you!”

With that said, Tang Mubai took the second Milon spirit root and handed it to Ah Bao.

The latter took it, “Kachi, Kachi” and ate it.

Like the first root, there are still few clicks, and the second root will be eaten clean.

“Here you are.” Tang Mubai took the third root.

“Ha!” A Bao grinned, took it, and immersed himself in “Kacha, Kacha” again.

The third root …

The third root …

The third root …


If this were replaced by someone else, he would have screamed out of heartache a long time ago, so that he would not answer Abao.

Tang Mubai is different.

He has no shortage of sources of spirit strength and supplementary channels.

Counting 10000 the demonic energy on the bone demon is still waiting for him to absorb it.

Ten milong spirit roots are certainly a good treasure, but compared to the changes in Abao, Tang Mubai wants to see the latter.

After nibbling on one Milon spirit root one after another, A Bao started the mutation.

The surface of the chubby and small body is shining, and the energy within the body gathers together, like a river, washing everywhere, with a large Bloodline and a strong skeleton.

And there is a mysterious breath, faintly blooming.

Ancient, far-reaching, deadly…

People shudder inexplicably, and fear for no reason.

Tang Mubai felt it, but did not stop, and continued to give Milon spirit root.

Because “Shengxintong” suddenly sent an omen, if he stops and doesn’t give Milon spirit root, he will be very evil!

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