Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 558

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Old man is silent.

He can see that Tang Mubai is very sincere, not playing with him.

It’s a rare opportunity to send it to your door, do you really want to refuse?

Old man is silent.

Tang Mubai said softly, “Where I live, uncle must know. For this opportunity, I hope uncle will go back and consider carefully before making a choice. Just tell me the answer before this time tomorrow.”

After speaking, Tang Mubai body flashed and returned to the martial arts school.

The old man who stayed in place had a complex face. After a long silence, his eyes suddenly lit up. Under the envy and jealous eyes of other people around, he raised his hand and slapped his forehead.


“Why am I so stupid, forget this!”


Inside the Wu school.

Tang Mubai stood in the air, looking down at the distraught people below.

“Today’s test is over here, where should everyone go back?”

After leaving a sentence, Tang Mubai body flashed and disappeared into the air.


“Don’t go, why is there only one chance? Can there be more tests?”

“I don’t accept it, I don’t accept it! Why can an old man be OK, but I can’t?”


In the martial arts school, the crowd fryers, like boiling water, boils extremely.

All kinds of calls fluctuate with each other, constantly ringing.

Half of the people accepted their fate, and half were unwilling.

Especially the selected person is an old man, which makes them more uncomfortable.

How long can an old man live, no matter how good the innate talent is?

The age is there, and you can see the end at a glance.

Old Guy is impossible, they don’t believe that they can advance to the Innate realm before they die.

If you don’t enter Innate, you will die as soon as the old man is over.

Dust returns to dust ,earth returns to earth .

What is the use of Tang Mubai’s receipt of such a discipline? What is the use!

Unwilling, resentful, jealous.

This half is full of resentment, and their faces are more ugly than the other.

Unfortunately, no matter what they called, Tang Mubai never reappeared.


This apprenticeship test is to get rid of trouble. Tang Mubai will not go back unless his head gets water.

Now the test is over and the results are out.

He gave the opportunity he should give.

If anyone dares to harass those around him, don’t blame Tang Mubai for being rude!

Even if on the surface is not easy to use, Tang Mubai secretly has a means.

in this way.

After returning to the station, Tang Mubai left the matter behind and stopped thinking about it.

How old man chooses depends on what he thinks.

If the old man is really unwilling, Tang Mubai will not force it.

A strong will is good, but it is not a must income mercenary group.

In short, he was given the opportunity, and it depends on the old man’s choice.

Back to the room, just sat down.

The phone rang suddenly, and when I opened it, it was Liu Fusheng’s call.

“Mr. Liu, the test is over…”

“I know it’s over, but how did you really play it?” Liu Fusheng cried out strangely on the phone. “It’s not like doing a show, just acting in a scene. How can you really see the master? The key is this luck. Hey, he is still an ordinary old man of more than 70!”

“It’s an old man.” Tang Mubai chuckled. “You don’t know Mr. Liu. This old man is a little capable. It is not clear what the Martial Arts innate talent is, but his will is very strong!”

“A strong-willed person, if they practice martial arts, they might be able to produce a talent!”

“…Okay.” Liu Fusheng listened and said with emotion, “The old man with a strong will is also very interesting. If he grows up, maybe he is really an individual.”

“Yes, such a person, income from mercenary group, can help a lot.” Tang Mubai said bluntly.

Liu Fusheng, “…”

“So you made such an idea!” Liu Fusheng didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“Haha.” Tang Mubai laughed.

After another chat, 2 people hung up.

When he went home, Liu Fusheng called.

It seems that this test will not stimulate other people lightly, otherwise, the spread will not be so fast.

Tang Mubai thinks in another way, and it is normal and understandable.

Great luck, let an old man take it, which is not acceptable to others.

Did not run to kill the old man, it was considered restrained.

Of course, if the old man is really killed, this person will also be finished.

The person Tang Mubai liked was killed by Tang Mubai in the face.

For this reason, in various cities in the 38th Territory, people discuss and discuss, but they are not reconciled, but no one is courting death.

Tang Mubai squatted at the Miracle Mercenary Group station, ignoring the wind and rain outside, preparing to refine the “Miracle Order”.

The Sacred Heart Gate has a “Sacred Heart Order”, and Miracle Mercenary Group naturally has a “Miracle Order”.

As for the refining space Treasure Item, there is a lot of preparatory work.

When Tang Mubai got everything done, let the old man who went back to think carefully and found the door.

Unlike yesterday, he brought a person with him this time.

A girl with white hair, thin body, and eight-nine years old.

“This is…” Tang Mubai turned his gaze around the timid little girl.

“This is my granddaughter.” The old man curled his neck, crouched back, cautiously said, “She… she’s Gu Yuer, 9 years old this year.”

“En.” Tang Mubai nodded, motioning for him to continue, “Then, what is your choice?”

“That, that…” The old man was embarrassed, his eyes were distraught, hesitating, it was a long time, and he didn’t say it completely.

“Is it so difficult to make a choice?” Tang Mubai couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows, “Will you or not, I only gave a chance, but I didn’t force you, as long as you don’t want to, I promise not To anger you.”

“No, I didn’t mean that, I just…Aiya!”

The old man was anxious and flustered, scratching his head and slapped his thighs, and simply went out, clenched the teeth, pointed out the purpose, and said quickly, “I want Yu’er to apprentice, I don’t care!”


Tang Mubai looked at the old man curiously and funny, and looked at the little girl.

“You mean, give the opportunity to your granddaughter?”

“Yes, yes.” The old man forced nodded, breathing deeply, “My granddaughter is very difficult to deal with, she has an ability that no one else knows.”

“What ability?” Tang Mubai came with interest.

The old man’s eyes glowed and his hands gestured, “She can talk to animals and make them obey orders!”


Tang Mubai’s heart jumped, his eyes revealed amazement, once again looked towards Gu Yuer’s gaze, there was a hint of incredible.

The latter lowered his head, hiding behind the old man, without saying a word.

“Are you sure? Didn’t lie to me?” Tang Mubai withdrew his gaze and looked towards the old man with a sharp look in his eyes.

“OK, for sure!” The old man exhaled, said resolutely, “If you don’t believe it, you can let Yuer perform, and you can confirm it soon.”

“…I believe it.” Tang Mubai’s eyes were bright, looking at Gu Yu’er with a strange face.

I heard the old man say that Gu Yuer can talk to animals and can order animals to do things.

Suddenly, there was a movement in his heart, and he used the “eye orifice” Divine Ability, looked towards Gu Yu’er.

From this look, it was Tang Mubai who was ready in his heart, and his pupils couldn’t help but shrink slightly.

Silver !

This little girl named Gu Yu’er had silver bones, emitting silver rays of light.

Silver bone?

It was the first time that Tang Mubai saw that the skeletons of people were all silver.

“Eye orifice” Divine Ability’s micro perspective, can see through flesh and blood, skeleton.

In the past, only lines and specific outlines could be seen when “looking” at buildings and human bodies.

This time I saw the skeleton, the skeleton is silver from head to toe!

Is silver bone a special constitution?

There is also Gu Yu’er’s white hair. Tang Mubai scanned it carefully and found that it was also born.

This little girl has a problem, I am afraid it is not simple!

“Who are her parents?” Tang Mubai stared at the little girl and suddenly asked.

“Dead,” the old man said sadly. “Not long after she was born, she died outside the territory.”

“Sorry.” Tang Mubai apologized first, and then asked again, “Then her parents, how strong are they, is there anything special?”

“Strength master realm.” The old man replied uncertainly, “As for the special place, her mother is from the Western Region, is that special?”

“… Is she a mixed-race?” Tang Mubai became more interested.

The little girl had white hair and black eyes. Tang Mubai didn’t think much about it. He thought she was just suffering from something wrong. He never thought it was caused by a mixed race or a mother?

Western Region people…

Compared with Dongzhou, the people who live in them are all yellow people and a few white people.

In the Western Region, the opposite is true, with the majority being white and a minority of the yellow race.

As for black people, there are almost none in Dongzhou and Western Region, and they are distributed on some islands.

Tang Mubai is in the 38th Territory. Although he has never seen white people, he has seen it in the 59th Territory.

Therefore, it is nothing strange that the old man’s son married a Western Region white.

“It’s a mixed race.”

The old man nodded hard, “Yu’er’s hair comes from her mother, her ability to communicate with animals, I think it should also come from her mother, even though her mother has never been shown in front of people.”

“Understandable.” Tang Mubai nodded, “Western Region people are on our side. Be cautious and normal.”

Speaking, looked towards the little girl, said with a slight smile, “I agree, I can accept her into Miracle Mercenary Group.”

“Huh?” The old man hearing this, slightly stunned, after reacting, cautiously said, “Well, isn’t it worshipping… a teacher?”

“I can’t communicate with animals. What’s the use of her worshipping me as a teacher?”

Tang Mubai spreads his hands. The reason is particularly strong. “On the contrary, she joined the mercenary group and became a member of the miracle. I, the leader, can help her a lot. I can provide everything for her to study, practice martial arts, eat and drink. Wait for her. Growing up, I can even recommend her to worship other big sects and embark on a wider road.”

“This…” The old man hesitated, his face blank, not knowing what to do.

Obviously, after listening to Tang Mubai’s words, he couldn’t turn around.

“Stop this and that.” Tang Mubai urged when he saw it, “I have given the opportunity and promised you to exchange. If you refuse again, then go home early, so as not to delay you and waste me. time.”

Hearing this, the old man waved his hand, nervously replied, “I promise, I promise!”

As he said, he pushed the little girl, instructed, “Come on, Yuer, call Leader, in the future, you will be a miracle person!”

The old man emphasized the word “miracle”.

Although he was fooled, he didn’t want his granddaughter to waste her ability in vain, hoping to be reused or valued by Tang Mubai, even if the little girl was only 9 years old.


After listening, the little girl screamed timidly, lowered her head and looked towards Tang Mubai carefully.

“Hello.” Tang Mubai smiled, “Yu’er, yes, don’t be afraid, from now on, we are a family, you can live here with peace of mind. By the way, there are many children here who are younger than you. Including my younger sister, she is about the same age as you, I believe you can become good friends with her.”

“Really?” Gu Yuer’s eyes lit up a little when he heard it.

“Of course it’s true.” Tang Mubai smiled, “It will be over soon. When my younger sister comes back, you will know if I am lying to you.”

“That’s very good.” Gu Yuer was slightly happy.

With peers, she feels at ease.

Although Tang Mubai is not old and looks handsome, but the imposing manner is too strong, Gu Yu’er, who is still a little girl, is a bit introverted and naturally does not dare to touch more.

Tang Mubai can naturally see this, so the little cousins ​​and Little Xi who deliberately talked about them.

It now appears that the results are pretty good.

Little girls like to communicate with peers.

Accepting Gu Yuer, the number of people on the retinue really increased.

Send away the old man.

On the way to accompany the little girl to watch TV in the cafeteria, Tang Mubai divided his mind and concentrated on the “retinue” on the system panel.


retinue ——

Xu Dalu (strengthen body+, raise spirit+, durable+), Friendship value 99/100

Fang Shuixian (strengthen body+, raise spirit+, perception +), Friendship value 99/100


Fang Lin (strengthen body+, raise spirit+, sleepwalking+), Friendship value 96100

Hongxiao (strengthen body+, raise spirit+, self-healing+), Friendship value 95100

Jiang Xiaoyan (strengthen body+, raise spirit+, Jianxin+), Friendship value 84100

Gu Yuer (strengthen body+, raise spirit+, Yu Beast+), Friendship value 23/100


Just joined the friendship value of only 23%, not bad.

I did not see that Jiang Xiaoyan has reached 84%.

And Gu Yuer’s innate talent of “controlling the beast” proved that what the old man said was true.

The little girl can really communicate with animals and even make them obey her commands.

For this reason, Tang Mubai even took her to the next door and let Gu Yuer and the Abyss Mingniu try to communicate.

The Abyssal Bull is too big.

Gu Yuer was shocked at first, and finally stabilized, seeing Tang Mubai also nearby, cautiously approached and communicated with the Abyssal Bull.

“Oh ~”

“Leader, it said it was hungry.” Gu Yuer translated to Abyss Mingniu.

“Don’t pay attention to it.” Tang Mubai glared at the latter with no anger.

“Moo~” The Abyss Dark Bull groaned again.

“Well, Leader, it said it was thirsty.” Gu Yuer secretly held back, not daring to laugh.

“…Let’s go.” Tang Mubai waved to Gu Yu’er, ignoring the Abyss Dark Bull, took her away and returned to the station.

“Moo~” The Abyss Dark Bull yelled from behind.

Gu Yuer, “Leader…”

“Don’t pay attention to it, this lazy guy, he either slept and ate or slept after eating.” Tang Mubai explained with a light smile.


Gu Yuer, “…”

That’s not what the Abyss Pluto said!

It said that it was under the order of Tang Mubai to stay here.

Had it not been for Tang Mubai, it would have returned to the mountains to be chic!

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