Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 559

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38th Territory outside.

The buffer zone between the wilderness and the mountain range.

A piece of grass is not very dense.

“Tsk tsk, really unexpected.”

“Can’t think of anything?”

“What else? Of course, Tang Mubai was promoted to Innate! You said how old he is, he broke the day after tomorrow and entered the Innate realm!”

“Hey, they are geniuses, operate normally!”


On the grass, a group of mercenaries sweeping the grass, looking for the target herbs, could not help but feel emotion or envy.

“Yes, this kind of genius is incomparable. Compared with him, it is self-seeking.”

“So don’t think too much, obediently and honestly be your mercenary, follow the boss, at least eat and drink.”

“That’s right, but in life, don’t you just want to eat and drink? Like Tang Mubai at a young age, becoming a Grandmaster and being promoted to Innate is what my generation pursues!”

“Then you ask for it slowly, I hope it will come true in the next life.”

“haha ……”

A group of people laughed.

The mercenary who was laughed didn’t mind, shook his head and sighed, “You people, it’s really boring, chasing… chasing…”

“Chasing what? Don’t stammer.”


The mercenary who was laughed didn’t respond, just widened his eyes and looked at the sky behind everyone in horror.

“What did you see?” Upon seeing the mercenary group Leader, he turned his head and looked towards behind him. The scene in front of him made his eyes wide open and his face was stunned.


“It’s Feizhou!”

The others turned around, looked towards the air, and saw a huge ship floating in the air, slowly approaching them and slowly descending.

“gu lu ~”

Seeing this scene, a group of people couldn’t help tightening their bodies and swallowing subconsciously.

The picture in the sky was too shocking.

The 100-meter-long flying boat crashed through the clouds and floated in the sky.

This kind of scene, only the leader in the mercenary group, had the honor to see it.

He swallowed hard, took a deep breath to calm himself down, gritted his teeth and said, “It’s the Pure Yangmen…no, it’s the flying boat of the Pure Yang Sword Palace!”

Pure Yang Sword Palace! ?

Knowing that these 4 words stand for and so on mercenary group, I was shocked.

People who didn’t know, although they didn’t say anything, they were also stopped by Feizhou.

Pure Yang Sword Palace…

One of the top 6 Sword Sects in East Asia.

I didn’t expect, today I drove the flying boat and came to the 38th Territory.

Well, from the perspective, it seems to be passing by?


“Hu~ hu~!”

The wind swept through, and energy was blowing.

The huge flying boat came to the sky above the grass and stopped above the mercenary group.

“I have seen a few friends in Xia Chunyang Sword Palace and Zhou Dang.”

A young man dressed in white, with gold rims engraved on the cuffs and neckline, a sword pattern on his chest, dashing eyebrows, handsome out of the ordinary, standing on the bow of the ship, condescending, moved towards mercenary group everyone cup one fist in the other hand , Said with a slight smile, “I was fortunate to pass by just now. I heard this friend told me that Tang Mubai was the leader of the nearby Red Leaves City, Miracle Mercenary Group, and Tang Mubai who came back from Hanging Mountain some time ago?”

“It’s… it’s him.” The mercenary group Leader inhales, nodded replied.

“It turns out that it is really him.” The young man was slightly startled, and immediately returned to smile, and asked again, “Then the Tang Mubai and Leader Tang mentioned by this friend just now are promoted to Innate realm, is it true?”

“Yes.” mercenary group Leader nodded, “Just two days ago, a cult invaded the 2th Territory. Alliance Lord Tang found out first, and then cooperated with Flying Deer Legion to destroy them. In the process of extermination, the Innate realm was exposed. The strength of this. The entire 38th Territory knows about this.”

“Oh, yes, Alliance Lord Tang is now our Martial Arts leader in Red Leaves City!”

“Is the Martial Arts leader?” The young man squinted slightly and gave a thumbs up. “Amazing, Leader Tang deserves to be the contemporary Heaven’s Chosen! Where does the Thang Long List fit his identity, Wind Cloud List is almost the same!”

“This, hehe…” The mercenary group Leader did not dare to respond, cooperating with a smirk.

“What I’m saying is true. The Wind Cloud List is the list that Alliance Lord Tang is fighting for.” The young man opened his hands with a serious face.

“Okay.” An old man with a short beard walked over and waved down. “If you have anything, go ahead and leave us alone.”

“Okay.” The mercenary group Leader slowly backed away, greeted the others, and left quickly.

When everyone disappeared completely, the smiling young man immediately became gloomy, with jealous glances in his eyes.

“Innate realm! Surnamed Tang was promoted to Innate realm!!!”

“What’s wrong with Innate realm? You want to do it, but you can’t do it!” A lazy young man with long hair fluttering across his shoulders walked slowly out of the flying boat pavilion, and said in disapproval.

“Shut up for me!” The handsome young man hearing this, turned his head and glared at the people, and said angrily, “Shen Lin, don’t forget your identity and where you are from!”

“Don’t worry, I know who I am, but you are a bit obsessed. I don’t know how many catties I am.” Lazy young man, Shen Lin, grinning said with a smile, “Zhou Ya was abandoned by Tang Mubai in Secret Realm, pure He found it himself. You Zhou Dang wanted to take revenge. I can understand the mood, but please remember that your Zhou Dang is just an Inner Disciple, not a true biography, not a Sect Master, let alone a master. It does not represent a pure Yang Jian Gong. !”

“You…” The young handsome man and Zhou Dang, whose faces were flushed, breathed fire in their eyes, “Surnamed Shen, what do you want to do?”

“Tsk tsk, I didn’t do anything, but you, what idea do you want to hit Tang Mubai?” Shen Linchong raised his eyebrows and showed abusive expression.

“hmph! ”

Zhou Dang coldly shouted, ignoring Shen Lin, slightly sideways, and saluted the short beard old man, “Wu Elder, we just passed the 38th Territory, not far away is Red Leaves City. Before coming out, the palace owner said, Red Leaves City’s Tang Mubai, try to make friends as much as possible. I think this opportunity is very good. I can take this opportunity to send Tang Mubai a gift and wish him promotion to Innate!”

“Oh, what gift do you want to give?” Shen Lin asked curiously after hearing this.

The short beard old man and Wu Zhicai also looked weird, “What do you want to give away?”

Zhou Ya, the big brother of Zhou Dang, was a genius on the Thang Long list before.

Joined Secret Realm with Tang Mubai, Yuan Buzha and the others.

When Secret Realm collapsed, Tang Mubai rescued others, entered Hanging Mountain and left.

Zhou Ya, like Yuantai, Tang Mubai chose to ignore and died in Secret Realm.

The scene of “seeing death without saving” was seen outside by the “Sky Mirror” projection. After being seen by the people of Pure Yang Sword Palace, Zhou Dang was naturally very angry and wanted to find Tang Mubai for revenge.

As a result, the palace owner of the Pure Yang Sword Palace ordered that no one should trouble Tang Mubai. On the contrary, they should try their best to befriend Tang Mubai.

Zhou Dang was aggrieved, helpless, and unwilling, but he had to obey, and held hatred in his heart.

Passing by the 38th Territory this time, I just heard a few mercenaries talking, it was Zhou Dang’s order to stop and let the flying boat stop and approach the question.

The news received made Zhou Dang envy and hate.

In this case, he actually wants to give Tang Mubai a gift?

Weird! There is definitely a problem!

“As a person from Pure Yang Sword Palace, the gift I gave is naturally a sword!”

Zhou Dang ignored Shen Lin, facing Wu Zhicai, and said again, “Give Tang Mubai a sword. It will be very helpful for us to befriend him. I hope Wu Elder will do it.”

“You have such a good heart?” Shen Lin didn’t believe it.

“Cough cough.” Wu Zhicai coughed slightly and waved Shen Lin away. He stared at Zhou Dang, said solemnly, “Okay, I can promise you to go and take a look. I hope you also promise me, don’t make trouble!”

“Many thanks Wu Elder! Don’t worry, Wu Elder, I know how to measure!” Zhou made a promise.

Shen Lin, “hehe.”

Intuition tells him that Zhou Dang will definitely cause trouble!

Wu Zhicai also noticed this, but Master Zhou Dang’s status and strength in the Pure Yang Sword Palace were higher than him. Before Zhou Dang did nothing, he could not stop him.

Moreover, Wu Zhicai is confident that he can control the situation before Zhou Dang gets involved.

Based on this, he decided to go to Red Leaves City after some thoughts.

The flying boat took off again and flew through the wind.


Outside the domain.

Miracle 1 base.

Underground cultivation space in the woods outside the 1st floor.

Tang Mubai is at a moderate pace Refining Space Treasure Item “Miracle Order”.

The refining of Treasure Item is very cumbersome.

It is necessary to have suitable materials and completeness, as well as a special flame for Temperature Control.

Tang Mubai tried it for the first time, and it was completely unprepared at first, but after it stabilized, it quickly entered the rhythm.

Mainly in terms of “flame”, Tang Mubai is better than any Refiner Master.

Because of the “Temperature Control” Divine Ability, it is the best help for refining Treasure Item.

A little bit higher and a little bit lower can be accurately controlled.

In this case, the forging process of the “miracle order” went very smoothly.

Seeing to be finished, Xu Dalu suddenly ran out of the 1st floor cultivation space and shouted to Tang Mubai from afar, “Leader, someone came to congratulate you and celebrate your promotion to Innate!”



Tang Mubai listened, without raising his head, and quickly replied, “Do you know who it is?”

Xu Dalu, “They said they came from Chunyang Sword Palace.”

“Pure Yang Sword Palace?” Tang Mubai raised his eyebrows, feeling more interesting.

The people from Pure Yang Sword Palace actually came to congratulate him?

If Tang Mubai remembers correctly, there were people from Pure Yang Sword Palace in Secret Realm, and Yuantai, together with Yuantai, prevented him from taking the bone demon.

Afterwards, Tang Mubai ignored him and did not take him to Hanging Mountain and left Secret Realm.

This matter, after the projection of the “Sky Mirror”, the people of the Pure Yang Sword Palace were impossible to know.

As a result, the people from Pure Yang Sword Palace now come to congratulate and give gifts.

How weird it looks!

“Let them wait.”

Many thoughts flashed through his mind quickly, and Tang Mubai still did not lift his head to replied, “Just say I’m busy, and I can see them later.”

“Okay.” Xu Dalu didn’t say anything. After answering, he turned and left and returned to the Miracle Mercenary Group location via Transmission Array.

Coming out of the next room, walked to the yard, and shouted at the flying boat in the air, “Sorry, Leader, he is busy, so how many people need to wait? Or, how about some people coming down first and having a cup of tea?” “

“It’s okay.” Shen Lin heard it, his figure leaped into the air and landed on the ground.

Zhou Dang looked ugly, gritted his teeth and said, “I don’t need it, just wait here.”

Hearing this, Xu Dalu spread his hands and stopped persuading him. Please Shen Lin enter the reception room and serve tea and water.


Miracle 1 base.

In the underground forest.

It took more than an hour for Tang Mubai to finally complete the “Miracle Order”.

Of course, there was only one “miracle order” for the first time.

Tang Mubai’s plan is to refine ten yuan, one for each person.

With the first experience, the next few pieces will save much effort.

Of course, Tang Mubai did not continue refining.

The people in the Pure Yang Sword Palace are still hanging out in the resident. No matter what the other party wants to do, since they didn’t do it, but the formal process, just and honorable gifts, then Tang Mubai, as the leader, had to go and receive it.

After receiving the first “Miracle Order”, Tang Mubai walked back to the 1st floor of the cultivation space, passed the Transmission Array, and returned to the Miracle Mercenary Group.

After coming over, I strengthen my hearing a little bit and hear a few voices and silhouettes.

Right now, I knew it. I came out of the room next to Transmission Array and looked at 4 places.

“I don’t know where the friends from Chunyang Sword Palace are?”

“Leader, that’s them.” Xu Dalu heard the voice, pointed at the flying boat in the sky, and Shen Lin coming out of the reception room, and said quickly, “They are the people who visited and congratulated.”

“In Sinking Lin, from Pure Yang Sword Palace.”

Shen Lin, who was holding the tea cup, raised the cup like a toast to Tang Mubai, grinning self-introduced.

“It turned out to be Brother Shen, under Tang Mubai, from the Sacred Heart Gate.” Tang Mubai replied.

“I know.” Shen Lin was interested in looking at Tang Mubai, “Leader Tang…oh no, it should be Alliance Lord Tang now. I have heard about the deeds of Alliance Lord Tang. I have heard about it. It’s amazing. Compared with you, I I feel that I have lived in vain these years.”

“Brother Shen praised, I’m just good luck.” Tang Mubai smiled, “It’s Brother Shen, young…”

“Hmph, he’s young? He’s a young shit!” There was a sneer in the air.

Zhou Dang’s silhouette appeared at the bow of the ship, condescendingly, looking down at Tang Mubai, coldly said, “Isn’t Alliance Lord Tang? I’m Zhou Dang. This time I came here to congratulate you on Alliance Lord Tang. I celebrated that you were less than 20 years old. I was promoted to Innate, 30 years earlier than this guy Shen Lin!”

“Haha.” Shen Lin didn’t get angry, and laughed loudly, “Alliance Lord Tang didn’t expect, I’m actually 50? Haha…”

“… Indeed didn’t expect.” Tang Mubai smiled.

Compared to Shen Lin, Zhou Dang in the air is clearly looking for trouble.

Well, wait.

Zhou Dang? Zhou Ya?

Tang Mubai thought of something, the corners of his mouth raised.


On the flying boat, Zhou Dang was also laughing, but he was sneer, his eyes were also on Tang Mubai, ignoring Shen Lin.

“Alliance Lord Tang was promoted to Innate at a young age. It is really my East Island contemporary Heaven’s Chosen, my Pure Yang Sword Palace…”

“Hi, hi.” Shen Lin raised his hand and interrupted, “Surnamed Zhou, I have told you how many times, you can’t represent the Pure Yang Sword Palace, please be careful when you speak!”


Zhou Dang clenched his hands, killing intent shot in his eyes.


After taking a deep breath and a long sound, Zhou Dang calmed his mind, looked down towards Tang Mubai, and said coldly, “Alliance Lord Tang has been promoted to Innate. I just passed the 38th Territory. After hearing this, I couldn’t help but worship, so I came over to celebrate. This sword, Hope Alliance Lord Tang can accept it!”


Zhou Dang waved his hand abruptly and released a black dagger.

Surprisingly, the black dagger suddenly became bigger after it leaped into the sky. It changed from a dagger into a huge sword as high as a ten-meter-high building within 3 seconds, wrapped in a terrifying imposing manner, and slammed into Tang Mubai. !

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