Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 560

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“you dare! ”

Feizhou let out an angry shout.

Wu Zhicai, who hadn’t appeared before, flickered and rose into the air.

“Alliance Lord Tang, be careful!”

Shen Lin exclaimed, his palm astral energy hovered and surged into the air.

“go to hell!”

When Zhou Dang started his hands, his face was distorted and his eyes sprayed with morbid madness.

“Just know you have a problem!”

Tang Mubai sneered in his heart, energy hovering around his body, astral energy swept, and the fire broke out.


A silhouette rushed in front of everyone, jumped out from the corner of the yard, opened his mouth, and aimed at the black giant sword dropping from the sky.

“ao ~”

With a roar of excitement, the falling black giant sword, all around suddenly appeared a strange invisible force.

This force wraps around the black giant sword, makes it deviate, and shrinks to the size of an apple-cutting knife at the speed visible to naked eye, and enters the open mouth with the invisible energy. disappeared.

What disappeared together was the horrible imposing manner of the previous moment, and the terrifying breath that was born suddenly and surged in the air.

In less than 3 seconds, the sky and the ground fell into a strange silence, absolute silence.

Wu Zhicai and Shen Lin, who wanted to intercept, were full of hideous faces and vainly tried to inflict heavy damage on Tang Mubai’s Zhou Dang, including Tang Mubai himself. They all stopped their hands, and their eyes moved with the movement of the black giant sword. Finally, they focused on patting A round belly, a hiccup…A Bao was on his body.

That’s right, the silhouette that suddenly jumped out was A Bao.

It rushed in front of everyone, opened its mouth and swallowed the black giant sword!

The little thing woke up yesterday, but nothing changed. Tang Mubai thought it would grow up after waking up, at least it would grow, but nothing changed.

Now that I look again, I know that the little things have indeed grown and activated Innate Ability…


Tang Mubai’s gaze fell on A Bao, a little amused while surprised.

Swallowing Spirit Sword that can become bigger in one bite, Po’s ability to swallow is amazing, too domineering!

With such a big Spirit Sword, you can just swallow it. A Bao’s ability to swallow is obviously extraordinary.


Tang Mubai was excited, but Zhou Dang on the other side had an extremely ugly expression.

“How is that possible! How is it possible!”

He clenched his fists, his eyes were spitting fire, his face was full of disbelief, staring at A Bao, and shouting in his heart, “What is this? What the hell thing! Why can you swallow my sword? Why!?”

“Hu~” Shen Lin exhaled, returning to the original laziness, a pair of exploring eyes fell on Abao, his brain started to move.

This little bear is not simple, it’s amazing!

He wanted to know how A Bao did it?

Also, what Spirit Beast is Abao? It looks like a flower bear, but in essence it is definitely not. The ominous beast and Spirit Beast of bears have never had such terrifying ability to swallow.

This shows that this ability is unique to Abao!


Wu Zhicai also exhaled, took a deep breath, stabilized his mind, and then looked towards A Bao, surprise and incredible in his eyes.

After a long time, before projecting towards Zhou Dang, a wave of anger rose in his heart.

This bastard is actually messing up in this way!

The black giant sword is a five revolutions spiritual weapon, Yin Attribute, which contains Yin Fiend, which can be enlarged and reduced.

Suddenly attacked and smashed into Tang Mubai. The burst of power was 100%.

Wu Zhicai had seen this point before. Even if Tang Mubai could escape, his face fell.

Zhou Dang’s intention is very simple. Since he can’t kill Tang Mubai, he will start from other directions, hit Tang Mubai, and make Tang Mubai lose face.

With this sword going down, Tang Mubai will win whether he catches it or not.


But what happened to this chubby, chubby bear?

He swallowed a black giant sword that was more than ten meters high and the size of a building, and hiccups after eating.

Damn, what wonderful Spirit Beast is this?

Wu Zhicai took a deep breath, retracted his gaze looking towards A Bao, body flashed, and came to Zhou Dang.

“pa ~”

With loud applause, Zhou Dang in surprised and angry, half of his cheeks quickly swelled up and blood sprayed from the corners of his mouth.


“pa ~”

Wu Zhicai raised his hand and slapped again. He swallowed everything Zhou Dang wanted to say. The whole person was spinning in place, and blood was sprayed in the air with his teeth.

“damned bastard !”

Wu Zhicai glared at Zhou Dang, and scolded shouted, “You damned bastard, how do you give this gift? Is your hand broken, or is your brain suddenly lacking? You can’t handle such a small thing, how can you give it to the palace lord? What to do?”

Zhou Dang was silent.

He originally wanted to explode. Hearing the words “Palace Master” deliberately increased by Wu Zhicai, his anger instantly extinguished most of his anger, and he forcibly gathered the other half and buried himself deeply.

“I am sorry……”

“What’s the use of sorry? I wonder if you almost hurt someone just now?”

Wu Zhicai yelled, “damned bastard, Shen Lin is right, you can’t represent anything!”

After speaking, he turned his head and looked towards Tang Mubai, his face disappeared, and he apologized, “Sorry, Alliance Lord Tang, I was frightened just now. In Xiawu, it is Elder of Pure Yang Sword Palace. Zhou Dang made the mistake of this bastard. , You can’t escape the guilt, don’t worry, after I go back, I will report to the palace lord and impose the most severe punishment on him.”

Without waiting for Tang Mubai to speak, Wu Zhicai quickly took out a jade slip, wrapped it in astral energy, and floated towards Tang Mubai, while continuing to say, “I apologize for this five revolutions martial arts “Sunset Sword” and hope the Alliance Lord Tang can accept it.”

The jade slip slowly descended and came to Tang Mubai.


“Then many thanks.” Tang Mubai was silent for a moment, stretched out his hand to catch the jade slip, and said calmly, “On my behalf, thank the lord of the palace, and Tang Mubai will always remember his blessings.”

“…Okay.” Wu Zhicai corner of the mouth twitched, squeezing a smile, “Then don’t bother, I’ll leave first.”

After that, grab Zhou Dang and enter the interior of the flying boat.

“Alliance Lord Tang, we’ll meet again some day.” Upon seeing this, Shen Lin soared into the air. Before entering the flying boat, he said goodbye to Tang Mubai cup one fist in the other hand.

“We’ll meet again some day.” Tang Mubai smiled back.

“Haha, get together again if you have a chance.” Shen Lin laughed heartily, landed on the flying boat, and left with the flying boat.

嗖 ~ 嗖 ~ 嗖 ~

As soon as the flying boat left, Liu Tianxiu, Wu Weilan, Lei 1000fang and other Red Leaves City Grandmasters who had been parked not far away for a while, flew over quickly, surrounded Tang Mubai and asked curiously.

“Alliance Lord Tang, doesn’t it matter?”

“Hmph, people from Pure Yang Sword Palace, bully intolerably!”

“That is, congratulations on the surface, it is a secret attack. If it weren’t for this little bear, the attack just now would definitely cause a lot of damage.”


Liu Tianxiu and the others were filled with righteous indignation and couldn’t understand the style of Chunyang Sword Palace.

While each and everyone said, their eyes fell on A Bao, his eyes full of wonder.

The bear who can devour Spirit Sword, I have to say, it’s amazing!

“It’s not bully intolerably, at least that Shen Lin and Wu Zhicai Elder are very good.”

Tang Mubai chuckled. “They passed by the 38th Territory and learned that I was promoted to Innate Realm. They came to congratulate me. They just saw me. In particular, the gift is a five revolutions martial arts. This “Sunset Sword Finger”, if not I remember it wrong, it belongs to the Absolute Art of Pure Yang Sword Palace. Only the disciplines above Inner Sect can be cultivated. Now it is given to me as a gift. It can be said to be quite generous.”

“That’s true.” Liu Tianxiu hearing this, nodded.

Some of the others are nodded and some have weird faces.

That’s right, “Sunset Sword Finger” is indeed a must-see, but Zhou Dang’s style is still to hit Tang Mubai in the face.

Only Wu Zhi made up quickly. Before Tang Mubai could respond, he immediately apologized, raised his hand and slapped Zhou Dang in the face, and then offered a gift.

The whole process seems to have been arranged long ago, waiting for Tang Mubai to cooperate.

If it weren’t for Ah Bao, after the black giant sword hit, Tang Mubai would fall into a disadvantage anyway, but he couldn’t make a transitional counterattack.

After Wu Zhicai apologized, Tang Mubai couldn’t remember the Pure Yang Sword Palace, at least on the surface, he couldn’t do any more.

Chunyang Sword Palace has already apologized and sent an apologize.

What else can Tang Mubai do?

Can’t call it back?

Regardless of whether you can fight, even if you can fight, you can’t do it in the city or at the Miracle Mercenary Group. Otherwise, this street and the entire Dongcheng District will be seriously damaged, with countless casualties.

Therefore, Tang Mubai cannot go up or down when Chunyang Sword Palace does this.

After Liu Tianxiu, Wu Weilan and the others left, they went back to the room for a while to stabilize their mood.

Immediately, with the help of Transmission Array, I came to the miracle base No. 1, and the idea passed an order to the magic world demon dragon, let the latter dispatch, and teach Zhou Dang a lesson!

When someone came to teach him, Tang Mubai wouldn’t just bear it.

He can’t do it himself, the reputation of “Godly Archer” is, after all, resounding throughout Dongzhou.

The news of the Great Perfection in space also spread to all Sects and forces.

In this case, Tang Mubai would definitely be suspicious if he used the “Sky Split Divine Arrow” shooting week as a flying boat for the entire group.

The Avatar of the stone giant will attack, and the effect will not be very good, because Wuzhi is the realm of the gods.

The stone giant Avatar wants to defeat him, unless he transforms into a real stone giant.

But then, news of the stone giant’s presence in the vicinity will spread. Some experts and powerhouses show up, wanting to hunt or hunt the stone giants.

This is not what Tang Mubai wants to see.

Like the Abyssal Bull, everyone knows that it is Tang Mubai’s mount, Spirit Beast, and dispatching it is equivalent to telling others that Tang Mubai is taking revenge.

Only the magical dragon has been staying in the valley of the miracle 1 base.

No one knew it was Tang Mubai’s battle companion.

Let it come forward, intercept the flying boat, and teach the people on the flying boat a lesson, and it will not contact Tang Mubai.

Huanshi Demon Dragon gladly accepted this, even very happy.

It stays in the area around the valley, although it’s good, don’t be so tired and run around.

But it will get tired after a long time, and there is no other opponent nearby, making it boring.

This time, Tang Mubai’s order made it teach others, and he was overjoyed and gave a chance to vent.

First, the position of the flying boat was locked, and then, the fantasy world demon dragon turned into a light and disappeared over the valley.


Hu~ hu~

The oncoming cool breeze blows, and the clouds on the left and right sides recede.

On the flying boat, Zhou Dang had a dark face and his face was extremely ugly.

“Why, dissatisfied? Unhappy?” Shen Lin stood not far from him, lazily speaking, “I told you to leave a snack, you would be better, but I want to surprise Tang Mubai, and a sneak attack kills him. Hehe, you’re welcome. Yes, just your strength, even with Spirit Sword, don’t want to hurt Tang Mubai’s hair!”

Zhou Dang ignored it and was silent.

“Knowing that you are upset, there is no way if you don’t believe it. Tang Mubai’s strength is definitely more than just breakthrough Innate.” Shen Lin continued, “I can feel it. The aura on his body is very powerful. Divine Ability, at least already. 5 tricks opened!”

“Impossible!” Zhou Dang drank.

“Impossible?” Shen Lin grinned, “I don’t want to believe it, but it is true. If you don’t believe it, you can ask Wu Elder, he should…”

Hong long!

On a sunny day, the thunderclap suddenly blew up over the flying boat.

“Ka-cha ~” “ka-cha!”

One after another Lightning suddenly appeared with thunder, flying up and down around the flying boat.

“What’s the matter?” Shen Lin stopped talking, his face solemnly looked all around.

嗖 ~ 嗖 ~ 嗖 ~

Inside the flying boat, it also rushed out one after another silhouette.

“What’s the situation? I checked, there is no thunder and lightning in this area…”

Bang ~!

A bolt of lightning fell abruptly and struck the flying boat.

shua ~ shua ~ shua ~ ~!

The crowd on the flying boat vacated one after another to avoid the lightning.


Another bolt of lightning landed, and this time it struck Zhou Dang by accident.


Zhou Dang screamed, his figure fell from the air and fell on the flying boat.

Bang! bang! bang!

“Ka-cha ~” “ka-cha ~”

Hong long! hong long! hong long!

Intensive lightning smashed continuously, hitting the flying boat, forming a huge “battery”, stimulating Zhou Dang to scream again and again, all his clothes were broken, and his body was covered in black.

Among the people who rose into the air, several did not evade in time, and were hit and dropped on the flying boat, screaming again and again.

“hmph! ”

Divine sense scanned the black talent in the air, suddenly coldly shouted, his body flickering.

“A good beast!”

He found the invisible Demon Dragon, and a small sword appeared in the palm of his hand.


A bolt of lightning struck him straight.

The silhouette of the fantasy world demon dragon quickly disappeared and left.

There is no need to struggle to the end.

This was ordered by Tang Mubai long ago.

Wu Zhicai was angry, and the Fantasy World Demon Dragon couldn’t keep him.

Rather than being injured, it is better to withdraw early.

Facts proved that Tang Mubai’s command was very useful. As soon as the magical dragon left, Wu Zhicai noticed that the old man roared again and again, the rays of light bloomed all over his body, and released 100 sword energy, sweeping the sky and smoothing all around.

The sky and the ground are all covered.

The power of terrifying destroyed several mountains at once.

The ground was also split, leaving sword pits and cracks with several hundred meters long.

The loud noise of “hong long long” spread far and wide.

The dust in the sky, fluttering and spilling, has not dispersed for a long time.


Miracle 1 base.

“Good job!”

Tang Mubai rushed back and gave a thumbs up.

Without this breath, Tang Mubai would keep holding back.

He is fine now, Zhou Dang is half dead, and several others have been injured.

Wu Zhicai wanted to investigate but had no direction.

As long as Illusory Demon Dragon does not reappear in front of him, this loss, Wu Zhicai’s entire group will be settled!

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