Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 561

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“Hu~” “hu~!”

The breeze blows and the dust falls.

The sky and the ground slowly returned to quietness, and the clear sky was ten thousand li.

On the flying boat——

“damn it!”

Wu Zhicai complexion ashen, gritted his teeth and hated.

The monster dragon ran too fast, almost in the blink of an eye, it escaped from the scanning range of his divine sense.

Wu Zhicai wanted to track him, but he was too late, so he could only watch the other party run away.

“Damn beast, don’t let me meet again!”

Wu Zhicai growled.

At this moment–

“wu~ !”

The flying boat floating in the air made a strange noise.

The huge hull tilted first, then fell down at the end.

2 A series of sparks burst out following “pa, slap, slap”, lasing everywhere.

At the front part, one after another black smoke burst out quickly and rose in the air.

“Not good, the flying boat is broken!”

“Go, take the injured and go!”


On the flying boat, a group of people in fright were busy each and everyone soared into the air and left the flying boat.

Afterwards, floating in the air, watching the huge flying boat, tilted and rolled and fell, smashing into the col, making a huge noise.

Amidst the smoke and dust, a group of sparks lifted into the air, releasing a hot breath.

“It’s over.”

Shen Lin patted his head, looked at the flying boat on the ground, and sighed, “This is over. There is no flying boat. It takes at least half a month to rush to Yaowang Valley.”

“It doesn’t matter if the time is longer, I’m afraid I missed the birthday banquet. The Master of the Valley of Medicine King, 200 years old, if we are late, we will definitely be punished by the Palace Master when we return.”

“Hey, I hope it’s too late, at worst, go back and admit punishment.”


Others hearing this, followed by sighing.

Wu Zhicai did not speak, his face was ugly, and he was extremely angry.

After a while, put out a breath, said solemnly, “Okay, nonsense, no flying boat, we can still arrive before the birthday banquet begins, and the road behind is regarded as a cultivation Lightweight Art!”


Including Shen Lin, everyone looked dark, but they didn’t dare to say anything, their faces were bitter.

What Wu Zhicai said is lightweight, as a cultivation Lightweight Art…

But fuck, the distance of 700-800 miles, flying all the way, do they have that many blood consumption?

Even the Innate realm will consume a lot of spirit strength!

Due to Elder’s identity, a group of people complained in their hearts and closed their mouths tighter than anyone else.

Wu Zhicai didn’t comfort him, and shouted with a cold face, “You two stay, repair the flying boat, take care of the injured, and everyone else will go with me!”

He stretched out his hand and nodded two people. Then he rose into the air, pinpointed his position, and flew away.

When the others saw this, they had to keep up.


Miracle 1 base.

Tang Mubai, who listened to the conversation of Shen Lin’s entire group from a distance, couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows.

“Yaowanggu? The 200-year longevity of the owner?”

“By the way, is Yaowanggu a bit lively recently?”

Tianni Demon Race, Kun’s accomplices, went to Medicine King Valley.

Tang Mubai killed the vice bishop of the cult and sought to seize the nine revolutions divine medicine in the Valley of Medicine King.

Now there are more Valley Masters from the Medicine King Valley, and they celebrate their 200-year birthday.

Things seem to be concentrated all at once. The key part in the middle is Yaowanggu, and Tang Mubai wants to take a look.

Of course, just think about it.

First of all, Tang Mubai has never been in contact with Yaowanggu…

Well, it’s not right. I have had several contacts with Luo Qing’er from Yaowanggu in Secret Realm before. Luo Qinger, ranked 10th on the Thang Long Ranking, was able to escape from Secret Realm, but Tang Mubai helped to pull her into Hanging Mountain.

Calculating this way, Tang Mubai and Yaowanggu also have a little relationship.

But this relationship is not enough for Tang Mubai to attend the birthday banquet.

Unless the people from Medicine King Valley invite…

Secondly, the people in Demon Race are mixed into Yaowanggu, and there is nine revolutions divine medicine in Yaowanggu. These two points indicate that Yaowanggu is a bit messy, and it might lead to battle.

Tang Mubai does not want to enter this muddy water when it is not necessary.

Thinking of this, I quickly passed it through my brain.

Tang Mubai left the matter of the King of Medicine Valley behind.

Complimenting the fantasy dragon, let it continue to stay at Base 1. Tang Mubai did not rush to refine a new “Miracle Order”, but returned to the Miracle Mercenary Group with the help of Transmission Array.

First, to appease other people, show that things are over. Then, take out the jade slip that records “Sunset Sword Finger”, and infiltrate the divine sense for inspection.

Wu Zhicai gave this five revolutions martial arts. It sounds good, but it is not true. Whether it is incomplete or not can be determined after inspection.

In order to prevent 10000 one, Tang Mubai even ran the “Reincarnation Book” to cooperate with “Taiji Xuan Gong” to prepare.

Fortunately, after entering, I found that there was no other means in the jade slip, and indeed only recorded the martial arts of “Sunset Sword Finger”.

Tang Mubai reads with divine sense and scans the mystery.

“Sunset Sword Finger”, five revolutions Yang Attribute martial arts, can be used not only with sword weapons, but also with fingers as swords for release.

The completeness is only half, and the other half is not recorded in the jade slip.

Obviously, Wu Zhicai deliberately did not want to give Tang Mubai complete martial arts.

If this were replaced by someone else, it would really only be glaring.

Can run into Tang Mubai ——

[Whether it consumes 250 years of lifespan to deduce and complement “Sunset Sword Finger”? 】



The brain was agitated, and a lot of information suddenly appeared out of thin air, perfectly connected with the first half of “Sunset Sword Finger”.

Complete martial arts, very easy.

[Whether to consume 750 years of lifespan to upgrade “Sunset Sword Finger” to Great Accomplishment? 】


[Whether to consume 1800 lifespan to upgrade “Sunset Sword Finger” to Perfection? 】


Hum ~ hum ~

The brain is slightly swollen and painful. Regarding the mastery of the main points of “Sunset Sword Finger”, Tang Mubai quickly became familiar with it, reaching the realm of do as one pleases, and using it whatever he wanted.

One more five revolutions martial arts is about “sword”.

Like other Sword Art, if “Sunset Sword Finger” cooperates with sword intent, the power can be increased several times, even ten times.

Tang Mubai wanted to try it, but unfortunately, sword intent is not generally difficult to understand.

Without the sword intent, the “Baiyun Sword Manual” can only be placed there staring, unable to cultivation.

in case……

[Whether it consumes 3000 years of lifespan and integrates “Heart Fist”, “Heavenly Dragon Claw”, “3 Yang Yiqi Jue” and “Sunset Sword Finger” to introduce new martial arts? 】

A familiar reminder suddenly popped out of his mind.

Tang Mubai was taken aback first, then overjoyed.

Appeared again!

Finally, there is another reminder to integrate other martial arts and deduct a new martial arts!

Previously, “Flying Sky Dance Technique” and “Divine Sword” all came in this way.

It didn’t happen again later, and several martial arts of cultivation failed to meet the conditions.

This time, thanks to Zhou’s blessing, Wu Zhicai lost “Sunset Sword Finger”, and when he touched the fusion point, he finally showed a prompt.

Think about it carefully, “Heart Fist”, “Heavenly Dragon Claw”, “3 Yang Yiqi Jue”, “Sunset Sword Finger”, these 4 martial arts are Yang Attribute.

With only the same attribute, the chance of integration is greater.

As for the consumption of more lifespan than before, it is not surprising that it is related to the integrated martial arts.

For example, “3 Yang Yi Qi Jue”, itself is seven revolutions martial arts.

Integrating seven revolutions martial arts with other low-level martial arts will undoubtedly be more difficult and consume more lifespan.

Tang Mubai didn’t feel distressed about this, and responded “Yes” in his heart!

Hum ~!

There was a tremor in the body.

The brain went blank for a moment.

I don’t know how long it took before I regained consciousness, and at the same time there was a cloud of information in my mind.

“Zhenri King Boxing”!

Incorporating Four Revolutions “Heart Fist” six revolutions “Heavenly Dragon Claw” seven revolutions “3 Yang Yi Qi Jue” five revolutions “Sunset Sword Finger” deduced by eight revolutions “Zhenri King Fist”!

This martial arts already belongs to Divine Art, not only a fist technique, but also a body refinement martial arts.

The method of cultivation is very simple, just stand in the sun!

Because “Zhenriwangquan” can automatically absorb sunlight, concentrate on the human body, slowly transform the body, and perform tempering.

At the same time, it can also condensing qi and blood. The more intense the sun, the faster the absorption rate, the denser the tempering, and the faster the blood increases.

This is a closed virtuous circle, and the source is sunlight.

In addition to its domineering, arrogant, and terrifying attack power, the fist seal released can also suppress and seal. This aspect is the most effective for cold martial arts and lifeform.

With one punch, the ghost will be killed in seconds, and the ominous beast will be suppressed for decades and 100 years. This is something other martial arts can’t imagine.

Tang Mubai experienced it carefully and realized the profound mystery, and it took a long time before he stopped quitting.

[Whether to consume 12000 years of lifespan to upgrade “Jianri King Boxing” to the 4th floor? 】


[Whether to consume 28800 years of lifespan to upgrade “Jianri King Boxing” to the 6th floor? 】


Hum ~ hum ~ hum ~

The brain is blank again and loses consciousness.

Regarding everything about “Zhenri Wangquan”, methodically experience, comprehend and master.

For a long time, Tang Mubai woke up and turned around, feeling the profound mystery of “Zhenri King Fist”, subconsciously making a fist.

Fortunately, it was released in time, and there was no real outbreak, punched out.

Eight revolutions martial arts, power is too strong.

When “Zhenriwangquan” is performed, it can use qi and blood as the power source, or spirit strength as the power source.

In a sunny environment, the burst of power can increase several times immediately.

If comprehended “Yang Yijing”, then power will increase several times again.

Without comprehending the “Yang’s Artistic Conception”, “Zhenriwangquan” only reaches the 6th floor. If you want to rise to the 7th floor, the prerequisite is to understand the “Yang’s Artistic Conception”.

Tang Mubai is not in a hurry. After feeling the emotion, savor the changes brought by “Zhenri Wangquan”.

Compared with the body refinement of “3 Yang Yiqi Jue”, the body refinement effect of “Jinri King Boxing” is more than ten times stronger.

This allowed Tang Mubai impatient to come outside, stand under the sky and absorb the sunlight.

Sure enough, there is a trace of warmth in the body all around, drilling down the pores within the body.

The speed is still very fast, after drilling in, half condenses into blood and half tempering body.

After Tang Mubai stood for half an hour, he added 3 cards of Qi and blood, and his body trembled faintly again.

Such a fast speed is several times more powerful and refreshing than the exchange of lifespan.

For a while, Tang Mubai became a little addicted.

Until Xu Dalu’s voice sounded from behind.

“Leader, a girl came to visit.”


Tang Mubai slowly withdrew from the operation of “Zhenri Wangquan”, stabilized his mind, and was slightly curious.

A girl looking for him?

Xu Dalu don’t know him yet, could it be who?

With curiosity, Tang Mubai went to the meeting room and saw the visiting girl.

didn’t expect, was an acquaintance.

Luo Qing’er who Tang Mubai just thought of before!

“Miss Luo, long time no see.” Putting away the brief surprise, Tang Mubai said with a smile to Luo Qing’er.

“It’s long time no see, didn’t expect. Last time we had a goodbye and met again, Tang Shixiong has already been promoted to Innate.” Luo Qing’er looked at Tang Mubai, and beautiful eyes appeared in surprise.

Innate, less than 20 years old, Tang Mubai’s innate talent, opportunity, and perseverance are obviously not inferior or even higher than Dongwang and Yuantai.

This is a true contemporary Heaven’s Chosen!

“Compared to Brother Tang, I can’t do it anymore.” Luo Qing’er calmed his mind and sighed with emotion. Ever.”

“I believe it won’t take long for Miss Luo to cross over.” Tang Mubai chuckled, “As for me, it is better luck.”

Hearing this, Luo Qing’er smiled and shook his head, “Brother Tang is humble. Luck itself is a part of strength. How can it be independent?”

Before Tang Mubai could speak, she raised her hand and turned away from the subject, “Forget it, don’t talk about this, if you continue, it will only make me even more disappointed.”

“Ha.” Tang Mubai laughed blankly.

Luo Qing’er also said with a smile, “I came to disturb Brother Tang Shi today for two things.”

“Please speak.” Tang Mubai motioned for her to continue.

“The first one, ten days later, is the 200-year birthday of our Valley Master. At that time, representatives of various forces in Dongzhou will gather at the Medicine King Valley to participate in the birthday banquet. On behalf of the Valley Master, I hope Brother Tang will come and participate. Invitation card.”

Luo Qinger took out a beautiful invitation letter and handed it to Tang Mubai.

“The second item is our Medicine King Valley, we have something to ask for.”

Luo Qing’er’s expression slightly straightened, said solemnly, “7 years ago, my Master went out and met a true king-class ominous beast, and immediately started a fierce fight. In the end, although my Master won and the ominous beast died, I The Master was also injured. Divine Soul was still injured. Not long after returning, he fell into a coma and has not been awake until now.”

“Vegetable?” Tang Mubai interfaced.

“It’s not the same, but it’s the same.” Luo Qing’er took a deep breath, “We tried all kinds of methods and found all kinds of spiritual medicine, but we couldn’t wake up the Master. Until the teacher of Taixuanguan came here once Yaowanggu, check the Master to find the cause.”

“That’s my Master. She was traumatized by Divine Soul, her consciousness was immersed in the depths of the Sea of ​​Consciousness, and she was lost in the ocean of dreams.”

“So…” Tang Mubai’s heart moved when he heard this.

“So, I want to ask Tang Shixiong for your help.” Luo Qinger’s beautiful eyes stared straight at Tang Mubai, her voice increased, “I know that Tang Shixionghui is a unique spiritual martial arts, “The Dreaming Heart Sutra”, through It, Tang Shixiong can enter the dream of others and launch an attack.”

“Yes.” Tang Mubai was calmly nodded. Many people know about this and there is no need to hide it.

“What you mean is, let me enter your Master’s dream with “Into Dream Heart Sutra”, find her consciousness, and get out of the dream space, right?”

Tang Mubai asked.


Luo Qing’er nodded, said resolutely, “I know there is danger in this, but we Yaowanggu are willing to pay.”

“What pay?”

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