Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 563

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For the martial artist of the cultivation Way of Yin and Yang, the broken woman, and the unbroken woman, the effect is the difference between Heaven and Earth.

10000 Shutong and Luo Qing’er, both of whom happened to be unbreakable.

In the eyes of two tall and short strong men, these are two delicious pieces of fresh meat.

You have to get everything you say!


“Since you know that your big brother is who, why don’t you lie down immediately and let your big brother take you to the sky?”

The tall burly man followed his hand, the palms of the rays of light surged, releasing the strange energy, covering 10000 books.

The short, strong man let go and specifically covered Luo Qinger.

“Beauty, come here obediently!”

He gave a silver smile and lifted his palm, Luo Qing’er suddenly exclaimed, and the whole person rose off the ground uncontrollably and flew towards the short and strong man.

“courting death !”

10000 Shutong drank low, his imposing manner was rising, astral energy surged.


Hear only 2 muffled noises, and break away from the strange Qi machine that covers him.

In the next instant, she raised her hand to the short, strong man, and shot a red light out of her palm.

One after another strong fluctuations suddenly broke out.


The red light broke through the air, blinked and rushed to the short and strong man, but was blocked by a translucent pink energy wall, stopped moving forward, and quickly dissipated.

Hum ~ hum ~

The air quivered.

In front of the short burly man, the pink energy wall expanded its range, forming a sphere in less than 3 seconds, protecting the short burly man.

Luo Qing’er, who was dragged, took the opportunity to escape and retreated to 10000 Shutong.

2 The person’s face is ugly, panic in horror.


The short and strong man is actually a realm!

The pink energy sphere that appeared was nothing but the Martial Domain, which belonged to the Martial Domain of the short and strong man.

Without breaking the Martial Domain, 10000 Shutong’s attacks would not hurt a short, strong man at all.

On the contrary, short and strong men can easily catch them.

If this falls into the opponent’s hands, the consequence is that life is worse than death!


10000 Shutong, whose brain was spinning fast, shouted loudly, “Run separately!”

When the words fell, he turned and rushed to the left and back.

Luo Qing’er hesitated a little, and ran to the other side.

“Don …”


Nether tremor.

A terrifying Viagra, suddenly dropping from the sky, enveloped the entire woodland.

Whether Innate Peak’s 10000 Shutong, half-step Innate’s Luo Qing’er, they were all stunned, stiff in place, unable to move even a little bit, and their faces were full of shock and panic.

Divine might !

The short and strong man released the divine might.

Tang Mubai was also suppressed, but he quickly recovered his freedom.

The accident happened too quickly, and the two tall, short and strong men only stared at 2 Shutong and Luo Qing’er, and directly chose to ignore his existence.

When this made Tang Mubai funny, he didn’t rush to shoot, but stood there waiting for the opportunity.

After all, there are 2 Tongshen…

That’s right, a tall and strong man is also a realm!

He then released the Martial Domain, not knowing whether it was for show off or for pure protection.

A psychic, Tang Mubai is sure to hit the opponent hard under a surprise attack.

But if there are two, you have to add them up.

Aside from the deal with Yaowanggu, Tang Mubai couldn’t help but save her just by watching the two women being taken away by the people from the Palace of Bliss.

Even if it is replaced by someone else, the same is true.

For this kind of people who go wrong and take pleasure in harming women, it will only be very happy if they are eliminated!


As soon as the divine might came out, the atmosphere of the scene changed suddenly.

10000 Shutong and Luo Qinger’s faces are ashen, unwilling in panic, madness in despair.

“Alliance Lord Tang, sorry, it hurts you.”

10000 Shutong smiled sadly.

“It’s my fault.” Luo Qing’er’s voice was trembling, “If I hadn’t insisted on asking Brother Shi, we wouldn’t be here at all, and if we didn’t appear here, we wouldn’t have encountered these two beasts!”

“Jié jié…” The tall, strong man walked over with a silver smile, “It’s too late to regret now, but don’t worry, you guys will love you so much!”

“Jié jié jié…” The short burly man agreed to come over, smiling.

“As for you!”

The tall and strong man cast his eyes at Tang Mubai and said with a sneer, “The old 7 is not there. If she is there, she will definitely not like it. Young and handsome, handsome guys like you are just as popular for them. ,or……”

“What’s wrong with him?” The short, strong man interrupted, “This kind of brat, just kill it!”

With that said, he used his hand as a knife to cut out a blade of light and flew towards Tang Mubai.



bang! ——

As soon as Luo Qing’er’s scream rose, it was overwhelmed by 2 loud noises.

Tang Mubai confronted the short brawny with a “fire and wind”, dissolving the flying sword light, rushed to the short brawny, and collided with the martial arts.

One-handed “Zhenri King Boxing” strikes the tall and strong man, releasing hot light and heat to drown the opponent.

Both hands strike at the same time, but the moves are different, and the speed varies.

Originally, the “fire and wind” was the same as “Jinri King’s Fist”, but because the former defuses the knife first, I had to take a slow shot, which caused the tall and strong man to bear the impact of “Zhenri King’s Fist” in a few tenths of a second The Martial Domain was shattered, and after half a second, the whole person flew off the ground, and the person was in the air, exploding, turning into a pile of minced meat, sprayed into the air with the blood mist.

At this time, the short and strong man’s martial arts are still offsetting each other with the wind and fire dragon, bursting with strong fluctuations, sweeping all around, plowing one after another ravine on the ground.

Tang Mubai killed the tall man with a punch. Seeing this, he punched out again with his backhand and went straight to the short man.

The same “Zhenri King Boxing”, the same horror light and heat.

In the face of the terrifying fist mark that flew up after the lightning, the short and strong man suddenly shook his body.

His body, soul, and mind were all shocked at this moment, and his brain lost its thinking.

Just as stunned in the same place, watching the wind and fire dragon dissipate, the fist-print light ball in the field of vision shattered the thinning martial arts, and then strikes on the chest, the short and strong man felt the pain at the moment, and just wanted to scream , The consciousness has dissipated, and the eyes are plunged into complete darkness.


Minced meat and blood mist were sprayed again in the air and dropped to the ground.

【Vitality +1034】

【Vitality +1257】

The recycling prompt flashed, and the scene was silent, absolute silence.

10000 The book is dumbfounded!

Luo Qinger is stupid!

When two tall and short strong men died, the divine might that enveloped the scene automatically disappeared.

10000 Shu Tong and Luo Qing’er still maintained their stiff postures, their eyes widened, and looked at Tang Mubai dumbly. There was no sound and they didn’t know what to say.


This is the powerhouse of 2 Tongshen realm!

Although it depends on the situation, the two tall, short and strong guys should have just broken through and become acquainted with God, and the Martial Domain is not very strong.

But Wuyu is Wuyu, and Tongshen’s spirit strength reserve exceeds Innate by so much.

Such two experts were hit and killed by Tang Mubai.

Should Tang Mubai’s strength be so exaggerated?

Innate martial artist’s killing of Tongshen expert is not unprecedented, but like Tang Mubai with absolute strength, forcibly bombarded, can be counted on one’s fingers for countless years.

Anyway, 10000 Shutong and Luo Qinger were shocked, and they couldn’t recover for a long time.

I don’t know.

Tang Mubai himself was a little surprised at this moment.

Astonishment, the power of “Zhenri King Boxing” is so powerful.

The martial arts energy field supported by Tongshen realm powerhouse almost broke in seconds!

This kind of power is too strong, worthy of the name of Divine Art.

“3 Yang Yi Qi Jue” is also seven revolutions Divine Art, but its ability is to gather energy and blood, and assist cultivation body defense.

In terms of attack power, Tang Mubai did not feel deeply.

At this moment, the outbreak of “Jianri King Boxing” made Tang Mubai finally realize the horror of Divine Art.

With such power, I am afraid that the missiles will not be able to wash the ground.

too strong!

It’s the energy and blood consumed, well, it’s also a lot of exaggeration.

30000 cards…

Dispatch “Zhenri King Boxing”, it needs 30000 cards of blood.

In other words, Tang Mubai used up 2 cards for the 60000 punches just now!

This is not the limit, but the foundation.

To start “Jianri King Fist”, you must have at least 30000 cards of blood reserve.

Without 30000 cards, you can’t make a punch!

“One punch is 30000 cards, which means I can punch up to 6 punches?”

Tang Mubai thought of this and couldn’t help taking a deep breath.

Tang Mubai was very satisfied with the original blood reserve of 200,000 calories, and even a little proud of it.

However, the outbreak of “Zhenri King Boxing” made Tang Mubai suddenly wake up.

Qi and blood are not enough!

With 200,000 cards of vitality, up to 6 punches can be made.

If you want to play “Zhenriwangquan” happily, 1,000,000 cards of blood is not too much, and 2,000,000 cards of blood is not too small.

Thinking of this, Tang Mubai opened the system panel and looked at the accumulated life essence.

It was found to have increased by more than 50 10000 years.

There were more than 100 and 10000 left before, which consumed a lot, but I didn’t expect to increase it to more than 150 and 10000.

These increased lifespans are the blessing of the bone demon.

Over 10000 bone demons continue to move in the mountain range, taking the extermination of Half-Beastman as their mission, and beheading various Inhuman creatures.

The stone giant Avatar is on the side, recovering the lost vitality, so that Tang Mubai does not need to do it himself, the vitality is reclaimed in large quantities and converted into life essence.

Lifespan increases so fast.

More than 150 10,000 years lifespan, consumes 1,000,000, presumably it will be refilled soon.

Immediately, Tang Mubai consumed 100 10,000 years lifespan and exchanged 50000 cards of blood.

Increase the blood reserve from the original 200,000 to 250,000!

250,000 cards of vitality and blood. After the blood is regained, “Jingri King Fist” can produce 8 punches.

With 8 punches at a time, Peak may also be able to kill!

Thinking of Tang Mubai here, subconsciously clenched his fists and raised the corners of his mouth.

If you don’t try, you don’t know, it’s amazing to try.

The power of Divine Art is so amazing!


“Good… great…”

A dreamlike voice sounded, but Luo Qinger came back to his senses, looking at Tang Mubai, whispering in a low voice.


10000 Shutong took a long breath, stabilized his mind, looked towards Tang Mubai intricately, and didn’t know what to say.

Tang Mubai can ignore the suppression of divine might, she can understand.

Because there are many Treasure Items in this area.

But killing Tongshen with a punch made her a little bit unable to understand…

Well, you can also say that you don’t want to accept it.

Tang Mubai was only a few years old, and he has grown to the ability to kill the gods.

濂 憿 锛

When I was a teenager, I was suppressed by a divine might, unable to move even a little bit.

2 In comparison, 10000 Shutong is like a vase!

This gap is really shocking for the proud 10000 Shutongs in the past.

Therefore, came back to his senses of 10000 Shutong, only one sentence of emotion, did not speak again.

After Luo Qing’er murmured, she looked at Tang Mubai with beautiful eyes, and said joyfully, “Brother Tang, can I hold your thigh?”

10000 Shutong, “…”

Tang Mubai, “…”

“Cough cough.” Tang Mubai looked towards Luo Qing’er with a bit of amusement, “Unexpectedly Miss Luo, you also like to surf the Internet.”

“It’s okay.” Luo Qinger’s face was slightly red, “When I’m not busy, I usually go online to kill time.”

“Cough cough!” 10000 Shutong coughed slightly, and stared at Luo Qing’er out of breath, and took a deep breath, “Okay, let’s not talk about other things, let’s find these two guys and discuss the reasons for being here. Other not later.”

“By the way, many thanks Alliance Lord Tang came to the rescue. If it weren’t for you, the two of us would have been completely planted this time.” 2 Shutong saluted Tang Mubai and thanked him.

“Yes, without Brother Tang, I don’t know what would happen to me.” Luo Qinger shuddered.

“No thanks.” Tang Mubai shook his head, “No matter who encounters this kind of thing, he will help him.”

The premise is that he has this ability!

Tang Mubai in the heart added a sentence.

Two realms are realm, which Tang Mubai dares to try.

Because he can’t fight, he can escape.

Change to other people, let alone rescue, it is too late to run.

“Elder of the Bliss Palace, appearing here is indeed weird.”

The brain flashed quickly, and the other Tang Mubai said, echoing the topic of 10000 Shutongs, and then went on, “generally speaking, the realm must be dispatched for something, even if the two gods are the palace of bliss of!”

“I agree with this.” 10000 Shutong nodded, “The people in the Palace of Bliss, for the purpose of cultivation, are mainly latent and hidden in the crowd. Most of the time, they will not do too much. After the cultivation, they will catch Let go of those who come. Only a very small number of people will be taken away by them, and they will lose track.”

“Well, you mean, these two gods Elder of the Palace of Bliss, appeared in the 2th domain, what is the conspiracy?” Luo Qinger speculated.

“Pretty close.” Tang Mubai nodded, “It’s basically nothing good for the realm experts like them to show up.”

“Then what shall we do?” Luo Qinger asked, “Is it clear to investigate?”

“Of course.” 10000 Shutong said resolutely, “The evil Sect of the Palace of Bliss, that’s all if it doesn’t appear, since it appears, there must be a conspiracy. We didn’t encounter it, then it can be regarded as not knowing, but now we encounter, You have to figure out what they want to do!”

“…Okay.” Luo Qing’er was nodded.

“What is the closest city to here?” Tang Mubai asked.

10000 Shutong, “Shuanghe City.”

“Okay, then go to Twin River City first!” Tang Mubai decided.

“Yes.” 10000 Shutong nodded.

At the moment, the three people were not in a hurry to leave the domain and headed to the Valley of the King of Medicine.

Change directions and go straight to the nearest Twin River City.

Just like 10000 Shutong said.

If something is not encountered, forget it.

Now that you have encountered it and know the harm, you have to figure out what you say.

This is Tang Mubai’s bottom line.

As for 10000 Shutong, she hates the Palace of Bliss more than Tang Mubai.

2 Tongshens were killed by Tang Mubai.

The little girl below can also let her vent her anger.

Without such a breath, 99% of her Martial Arts road will stop here and stop going forward!

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