Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 564

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The 25 domain is the closest large domain to Yaowang Valley.

As one of Dongzhou Peak forces, Yaowanggu naturally also has subordinate departments.

In the 25th domain, it is the “100 Grass Group”.

Tang Mubai followed 10000 Shutong and Luo Qing’er. After arriving at Shuanghe City, the three immediately went to the building where the “3 Grass Group” is located.

10000 Shu Tong identified his identity, and the Chief-In-Charge of the “100 Grass Group” Shuanghe City, who had received the news, hurried over.

Yaowanggu Big Senior Sister, this name is both a status symbol and a representative of strength.

The Chief-In-Charge’s name is He Chengru. He hurried to meet 10000 Shutong. He was restless along the way, thinking that he had made some mistakes, so he was targeted by the 10000 Big Senior Sister from Yaowanggu.

After seeing 10000 Shutongs, I was relaxed and relaxed.

Just because 10000 Shutong didn’t ask him about it, he just asked him to immediately call the Martial Pacifying Department, Martial Society, Admiral’s Mansion, and the 25-region Governor’s Mansion in Twin Rivers City, and asked the heads of these departments to come. She has important things. talk over.

If this is replaced by other people, the Martial Pacifying Department of Twin Rivers City, the Admiral’s Mansion, and the 25-region Governor’s Mansion will not be a bird.

10000 Shutong is different. She reveals her identity publicly and invites people to meet.

After receiving the news, the director of the Martial Pacifying Department of Twin Rivers City, the president of Martial Society, the adviser to the Admiral’s Office, and the General Counsel of 25 Domains, immediately put aside his business and rushed to the building of “100 Grass Group” in Twin Rivers City.

The entire group meets in the large office on the top floor of the building.

“Girl 10000, what is it that needs to be so urgent?” 25 Domain General Counsel, Zhang Zhushi, asked before sitting down.

“Yeah, we are all here, what can I say.” Martial Pacifying Department Director, Xie Jia, followed with curiosity.

“Don’t worry for two people.” He Chengru hearing this said with a smile, “Since Deacon Wan invites everyone to come, there must be a major event EQ.”

“We know, don’t we know, just rushed here right away?” Martial Society President Jin Bushen responded.

While speaking, he looked at Tang Mubai and asked hesitantly, “This Little Brother, is it Tang Mubai from 38th Territory Red Leaves City, a genius of Tang?”

“Don’t dare to be.” Tang Mubai laughed at him.

“Really Tang Mubai?” After being confirmed, Jin Bu Shen cheered up and said, “haha, didn’t expect to meet Leader Tang here, it’s a great pleasure to meet him.”

“Not bad.” Zhang Zhushi couldn’t help but looked towards Tang Mubai, nodded said, “Leader Tang’s name, I have heard of it for a long time, and it is the first time I saw Daoist in person. It is indeed the contemporary Heaven’s Chosen, rarely seen in 100 years. Genius!”

“Mr. Zhang has won the prize.” Tang Mubai chuckled in return, “Compared to others, I just have better luck that’s all.”

“Haha, overly modest, it becomes pride.” Jin Bushen laughed heartily, “I don’t comment on how other people are, but Leader Tang, you shot at that time, I admire very much, this is a real man, a hero !”


This touted, Tang Mubai didn’t know how to reply.

Fortunately, at this time, the consultant of Shuanghe City Admiral’s Mansion, Xie You coughed and said resolutely, “Miss 10000, you let us come. Wouldn’t it be to introduce Leader Tang to us?”

“……of course not.”

10000 Shutong beautiful eyes blinked, and solemnly said, “I invite everyone to come, just to tell everyone that people from the Palace of Bliss are here!”


Jin Bushen didn’t smile anymore, hearing this complexion greatly changed, “Is 10000 girl telling the truth?”

“Elysium Palace?” He Chengru eyelids twitched.

“Who is the Palace of Bliss?” Zhang Zhushi asked, grasping the center of gravity.

“Two Tongshen realm Elder.” Luo Qinger replied, “We saw it with our own eyes.”


Jin Bushen, Xie Jia, Xie You, and Zhang Zhushi were all startled.

Including He Chengru, his face also became strange.

“Don’t you believe it?” The 10000 Shutong expression remained unchanged, and he said calmly, “Think we are cracking a joke?”

“No, that, it’s just… somewhat shocked.” He Chengru laughed embarrassedly.

He is a member of Yaowanggu, and he actually questioned 10000 Shutong and Luo Qinger, whether he wanted to courting death?

But in my heart, I still didn’t believe it, and even felt that 10000 Shutong was fooling people.

Because this is too much!

Two realm’s Elder?

What kind of stuff are the people in the Palace of Bliss, the ordinary person may not know, which one of them does not know?

That is a group of silver devils and silver sticks!

And 10000 Shutong and Luo Qing’er are young and beautiful big women.

Such two beauties were bumped into by Elder of Bliss Palace. Can they escape?

It’s not bad to eat it with the bones.

You know, Luo Qing’er is only half-step Innate, and 10000 books are only Innate Peak.

Encountered 2 Tongshen, they…

“I know you don’t believe it.”

10000 Shutong suddenly raised her voice and didn’t explain anything else. He just said resolutely, “I don’t want to explain either. I invite you to show that the two Elders from the Palace of Bliss appeared here. Most of them are conspiracies! All you have to do is find this. What is the conspiracy! I believe that there are not only two Elders in the Palace of Bliss, but there must be others! We first know where these people are and what they are going to do!”

“But…” Jin Buchen wanted to say something.

The thank-you frame on one side already waved and interrupted, “It’s ridiculous, I’m not talking about 10000 girls, but this thing is ridiculous. Just because there are two Elders in the Palace of Bliss, we judged that there was a conspiracy in the Palace of Bliss. Isn’t it too arbitrary? Nothing, how can it prove that there are many people in Shuanghe City, or 2th Realm?”

Zhang Zhushi was silent.

Xie You also kept silent.

They can’t say anything, after all, the strength and identity of 10000 Shutong lies there.

Xie Jia dared to speak so bluntly. It was purely due to his character, and there was nothing to hide.

He Chengru didn’t believe much in this matter, but his identity made him the only choice to shut up.

“Why don’t you believe it?”

After listening to Luo Qing’er, she said anxiously, “The two gods Elder in the Palace of Bliss, after meeting us, really wanted to take us away, but they were…”

“Alright.” Tang Mubai suddenly stopped, lightly said with a smile, “This matter is indeed lacking important evidence, and everyone’s doubts are reasonable. In this way, let’s investigate separately before deciding how to act?”

“Yes.” Jin Bushen was the first to support, “Whether anyone from the Palace of Bliss appeared in Shuanghe City, how many people there are, and what they want to do, really needs to be investigated first. For this, I support Leader Tang.”

“I also support it.” Zhang Zhushi slowly nodded.

“Yes, investigate first before talking.” Xie Frame followed.

“It’s okay to investigate first, I’m afraid…” What more Shutong 10000 wanted to say.

Tang Mubai interrupted again, “Let’s do that first. Girl 10000, don’t worry.”

While talking, Tang Mubai blinked at 10000 Shutong.

The latter was taken aback, and immediately thought of something, and said nothing.

Wait for Zhang Zhushi and Xie Jian’s entire group to leave.

She frowned and asked, “What happened just now? Why not let me…”

“Don’t talk! Just follow me!”

Tang Mubai motioned her to shut up.

Hearing this, 10000 Shutong stagnated, beautiful eyes flashed, still choose to cooperate.

Luo Qing’er wanted to say something, but when she saw this, she stopped talking.

He Chengru did not dare to make any noise.

Three people followed Tang Mubai, out of the building first, and then caught up with Jin Bu Shen.

“Leader Tang, this is…”

“I’ll explain later, now I have to trouble President Jin to stay silent and follow me.” Tang Mubai stopped Jin Bushen’s questioning and asked him to go with him.

Jin Bushen looked confused, but seeing that He Chengru and 10000 Shutong were cooperating, he couldn’t help but stop curiosity and followed behind.

The entire group continued on the road and caught up with Zhang Zhushi.

“you guys……”

“Mr. Zhang, please follow me first, and I will explain later.” Tang Mubai also interrupted, making Zhang Zhushi shut up.

Zhang Shishi opened his mouth and looked at He Chengru and Jin Bushen. After a while, he was silent and chose to cooperate.

The entire group, follow Tang Mubai and set off again.

This time Tang Mubai didn’t look for anyone, but went straight to the south of Twin Rivers City.

Along the way, entire group restraining aura, moving fast.

Until I arrived at the entrance of an underground warehouse, I waited in a corner outside.

This wait is more than 2 hours.

During this process, Jin Bushen, Zhang Zhushi, and 10000 Shutong tried to speak several times, but they all held back.

Fortunately, the result of waiting for them made them reap full.

Thank you frame, thank you!

They hid in the corner and saw Xie Jia and Xie You, two high-level brothers in Shuanghe City, sneaking to the entrance of the underground warehouse.

After showing up, he opened the key to the underground warehouse and discussed in a low voice.

“You said 10000 Shutong, that lady, is it true or false?”

“It must be fake. If the two of them were met by Third Elder and Fifth Elder, they would have been humiliated long ago.”

“Then how do they know that Third Elder and Fifth Elder are here?”

“Who knows, I probably found it by accident. After all, it will be time for hands-on after 3 days. There are more people coming in these days. The more people there are, the greater the chance of being recognized.”

“Yes. The guys in the Elysium Palace are all beasts. If you don’t touch a man or a woman for a day, you can’t stand it. It was discovered by accident, as expected. It is the trouble that it has caused, which is simply fucking. We have to give it. They wipe their ass!”

“Otherwise, what can I do?”


The conversation between two people was very quiet.

However, who are Zhang Zhushi, He Chengru, Jin Bushen, 10000 Shutong, and Luo Qinger?

The lowest is also Grandmaster realm!

Xie You, Xie Jia, this exchange, all the conversations they listened to, they heard clearly, perfectly clear!

The shock, horror, and anger in my heart also broke out in an instant.

Bliss Palace!

There really are people from the Bliss Palace in Twin River City! There are still a lot!

They are creating a conspiracy, ready to break out in 3 days!

10000 What Shutong and Luo Qinger said is true.

There are really two Elders in the Bliss Palace, they met.

The two Elders are not surprisingly the leaders.

10000 Shutong asked them to act together and investigate. I didn’t expect, thank you for the frame, and thank you for being so happy. I have long since joined the Palace of Bliss to serve this beast Sect.

If it weren’t for Tang Mubai, they would never have known that traitors would appear in their team!

At this moment, whether Zhang Zhushi or 10000 Shutong, he sincerely admires Tang Mubai.

I don’t understand how Tang Mubai knew that Xie You and Xie Frame had problems?

Luo Qing’er looked at Tang Mubai with big eyes on this, her eyes full of curiosity.

I just saw the problem once I saw it. How did Tang Mubai do it?


How did you do it?

Of course, the “Sacred Heart” ability to read the mind!

Xie Jian and Xie You were puzzled on the surface of the office on the top floor of the “100 Grass Group” building, 10000 Shutong, Xie Jian and Xie You even spoke out a rebuttal, but in fact, the opinions of the two of them were different. .

Third Elder and Fifth Elder, who shocked the palace of Bliss, were met by 10000 Shutong and Luo Qinger, and let them escape.

I am also worried that the plan of the Palace of Bliss will be exposed, which will affect them.

You know, Xie Family is a real local tyrant in Twin River City.

The two brothers became the director of the Martial Pacifying Department and the advisor of the Admiral’s Office, which is the best embodiment. I don’t want this kind of power, because other accidents lead to defeat.

Therefore, after separating from the Tang Mubai entire group, Xie Jia and Xie You hurriedly found them and prepared to consult Third Elder and Fifth Elder on how to deal with this matter.

Tang Mubai, who had always been thinking about them, naturally followed behind, and found out that the underground warehouse, one of the strongholds of the Palace of Bliss in Twin Rivers, rushed over in advance and waited.

Now the results are very good.

Zhang Zhushi, Jin Bushen, He Chengru, 10000 Shutong, and Luo Qing’er all saw the true colors of Xie Jia and Xie You!


“They are going in, what are you waiting for?” Tang Mubai reminded, pointing to the Xie Ji and Xie You who were about to enter the underground warehouse.


The wind broke.

Zhang Zhushi took the lead, and the whole person was like Tucker, rushing out from the corner, pounced on Xie You and Xie Ji.


Jin Bu Shen followed closely, his figure flickering.

Then there are 10000 Shutong, Luo Qinger, and He Chengru.

Tang Mubai is at the end.

“How are you here!”

Xie Frame’s panic cry sounded.

Xie You also complexion greatly changed and wanted to escape.

“I still want to run?”


Zhang Zhushi releases Innate Weiya, and accurately locates Xie Frame and Xie You.

“You two are so bold, they betrayed…”

“Who is that noisy?”

In the opened underground warehouse, there was a sudden voice.

Three brawny men with weird auras walked out from the inside, looking at everyone.

Within a few clicks, 10000 Shutong and Luo Qing’er were locked, eyes lighted, and mouth drooling.

“Haha, 2 top grades!”

“Thank you, Xie You, Xie You, you did a good job, and you actually sent 2 top grades. When this event is over, the benefits promised to you will double!”

“In the future, how many top grades will there be, and how much will be given!”

Three strong men spoke, their faces covered with silver shoes.


10000 Shutong sneered at this.

Zhang Zhushi, Jin Bushen and He Chengru are complexion ashen.

looked towards Xie Jia, Xie You’s eyes were full of anger.

When things came to this step, Xie Jia and Xie You also gave up.

“Yes, what if we betrayed?”

Xie Frame stiffened his neck and shouted, “Zhang Zushi, do you think you are Innate, so you can eat us? Tell you, what a good idea!”

“Brother Chen, go ask Third Elder, these people understood our secret, let Third Elder kill them!”

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