Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 565

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Xie Frame yelled at a strong man with few hairs on top of his head.

“Oh, there is no need for Third Elder to deal with these guys.”

Surnamed Chen’s bald and brawny man, sneaked, exploded in an imposing manner, and released Innate Wia, rushing towards Zhang Zushi.

“bang bang ~”

2 strands of Via collide in the void, bursting with energy, sweeping all around.

“And you!”

The other two strong men laughed grinningly and rushed towards Jin Bushen, He Chengru, and Tang Mubai.

10000 Shu Tong and Luo Qing’er seem to have deliberately left aside and ignored them first.


10000 Shutong didn’t let them go. Innate Peak’s imposing manner was fully opened, a palm of astral energy hovered, rays of light flashed, and suddenly turned into a white jade. He slapped a palm and went straight to one of the strong men.


The air blew up.

Tang Mubai was shot almost at the same time in “The Palm of Extinguishing Sky”, and he knew the strikes to another strong man.

“Zhenriwangquan” is powerful, but it consumes too much power.

To deal with these two Innate realm’s brawny, it is enough to perform “Missing the Sky”.

10000 Shutong’s white jade palm print is on the front, and Tang Mubai’s translucent palm print is on the back.

It was the same time when the two strong men who hit the rushing over came at the same time.



The two sturdy men with silver shoes on their faces hurriedly resisted. The Body Protecting Astral Energy on their bodies broke first, then their chests were sunken, and the whole person retreated quickly.

Boom ~ Boom ~

They retreated in one breath, flew into the underground warehouse, installed on the stone pillar of the wall, and made a loud noise.


An angry shout came from the underground warehouse.

Next moment, accompanied by a manic wind, a middle-aged man with a cold face and a thin body flew out from the entrance.

Behind him, there was a series of breaking wind sounds followed.

Soon, more than a dozen men and women who were either Grandmaster or half-step Innate showed their bodies.

“Manager Wang!”

Xie Jian saw the middle-aged man and was overjoyed. He ran over, pointed at the Tang Mubai entire group, and quickly said, “Manager Wang, these people know our actions. Zhang Zushi is the general counsel of 25 domains, 2 women The one is from Yaowanggu, and the man is Tang Mubai.”

“Tang Mubai?” The cold-faced Manager Wang glanced at Tang Mubai unexpectedly when he heard the introduction, “Unexpectedly, it is a pity that the famous Tang Da genius came here.”

“What a pity?” Tang Mubai raised an eyebrow.

“Isn’t it? If you meet me in other places, I will be somewhat interested and chat with you, but here!” Manager Wang looked cold and shouted in a low voice, “Meeting here, you only have one end. , That’s death!”


The air detonated.

Manager Wang releases a sun-like terrifying aura, fierce, cruel, and bloodthirsty!

He stood still, just punched out and came straight to Tang Mubai.

“Boom ~”

Tang Mubai didn’t move either, and straight forward with a fist to greet him.

“Zhenri King Boxing”!

bang! bang~

Fist and punch.

Manager Wang’s fist marks disappeared immediately and vanished.

Cracking its “Zhenriwang Fist” imprint, there was no delay for half a second, and continued to move forward, hitting Manager Wang who was shocked and his brain was blank in an instant.

When the latter woke up, it was too late.


Like a broken watermelon, suddenly burst.

The white and red ones were sprayed out for a while, splashing all over the place.

Manager Wang’s body turned into a pile of debris, spreading on the ground.

【Vitality +1305】

The recovery prompt flashed, and the scene was silent.

Including the bald, brawny man lying on the ground who had just been restrained by a stretched stone, his eyes widened and his face in disbelief.

Xie Jia and Xie You are even more sluggish and stupid.

a punch…

Tang Mubai actually hit Innate Peak with a punch, almost being the Manager Wang of Tongshen Realm! ?

What fist technique is this? What realm is Tang Mubai?

Isn’t he just a Grandmaster? ? ?


The entrance of the underground warehouse, at this moment, was extremely silent, and the tip of the needle could be heard.

He Chengru, Jin Bushen, Zhang Zhushi, Xie Jia, Xie You, and even sprayed blood on his face. The dozens of experts in the Bliss Palace came out of the underground warehouse, and none of them spoke.

Each and everyone stayed in place, shocked and silent.

Kill one and a half steps with one punch…

This kind of power, even 10000 Shutong and Luo Qing’er, two people who have seen the power of Tang Mubai fist technique, can’t help being shocked again.

too strong!

Although they have never faced Tang Mubai this fist before, they saw it twice and felt the deterrence of the fist technique somewhat.

It feels like being stared at by a true king-level ominous beast!

If you are not careful, you will…


In the silence, Tang Mubai suddenly flickered, with a Bone Blade in his hand, disappearing and appearing sometimes.

“Puchi ~” “puchi ~” “puchi ~”

Only heard a series of abnormal noises.

Accompanied by it, there is one after another blood flower, splashing in the air.

When Tang Mubai stopped and returned to the original position again, the dozen or so Grandmasters and half-step Innate who followed Manager Wang had all separated their corpses and fell to the ground without screaming.

【Vitality +98】

【Vitality +68】

【Vitality +77】


The recovery prompt flashed.

Tang Mubai flicked the Bone Blade, threw off the blood on it, and recovered the system space.

Afterwards, looked towards the dazed 10000 Shutong, and said calmly, “Now I can ask, what does Bliss Palace want to do in Shuanghe City?”

paused, then said, “Go inside and ask, the smell of blood here is a bit heavy.”

After that, he stepped into the underground warehouse and passed by the two burly men who were seriously injured but not dead. They slapped each of them on the head and killed them easily.

In less than half a minute, only the bald burly man remained alive on the side of Bliss Palace, and everyone else was dead.

After Xie Jia and Xie You came back to his senses, they shuddered uncontrollably, shaking constantly.

“walk into!”

He Chengru and Jin Bushen took a deep breath and took them into the underground warehouse.

Zhang Zhushi also followed the bald burly man.

10000 Shutong and Luo Qing’er are at the end.

The entire group enters the underground warehouse.

Tang Mubai, the most advanced one, released divine sense to scan the warehouse, and found no other people hiding or escape exit.

The most conspicuous and unique place of the entire underground warehouse is in the center, a Formation is depicted!

On the gully that serves as an array inscription, there are also placed the same herbs, ominous beast parts, and special stones.

One of the stones is very strange, emitting a faint brilliance, giving Tang Mubai a different breath.

“Sky Wheel Stone!”

10000 Shutong came in, saw this stone, blurted out.

“Sky Wheel Stone? What do you mean?” Tang Mubai hearing this, curiously looked towards her.

10000 Shutong did not respond immediately, but his pupils shrank, looking towards the herbs, ominous beast parts, and special ores. The more he looked at his complexion, his face became more pale, and even a little panic appeared in his eyes.

“This this……”

“What’s the situation?” Zhang Zhushi couldn’t help asking.

“Formation.” Tang Mubai interface, “The function of this Formation is nothing outstanding, it is simply distributing…well, wait, distributing? 10000 girl, what effect will these things combine together?”

“Desire.” Luo Qinger’s face flushed, shy and shocked, and said quickly, “The combination of these things will form a terrifying fragrance, which can stimulate people’s desire, especially youth! Trapped in a illusion, unable to extricate itself, uncontrollably out of control, becoming only knowing and knowing…”

“Just know what? You guys have to make it clear!” Jin Bushen was anxious.

“What else can it be? It stimulates youthful desires and loses control. Of course, it becomes a beast that can only drive instinctive desire!” 10000 Shutong gritted his teeth.

“This…” Jin Bushen was shocked hearing this.

Zhang Zhushi’s pupils also shrank for a while, and He Chengru’s expression was even more sluggish.

Xie Jia and Xie You lowered their heads, and dared not say a word.

10000 Shu Tong and Luo Qing’er said very clearly.

The herbs, minerals, and ominous beast parts on the ground are materials, and when combined, they form a kind of strange fragrance.

The fragrance can make people lose their minds and become a wild beast with only youthful desires.

And the ability of Formation is to distribute, that is, to spread the fragrance!

Once Formation is successfully launched, the fragrance will permeate the entire Twin River City.

When the time comes, the people of Shuanghe City will all fall into the ocean of blue desire and become a wild beast!


Tang Mubai couldn’t help but slapped his hand on Xie Frame’s face. He slapped him around three times. The teeth and blood spattered together. Finally he stood firm. Tang Mubai kicked him on his stomach again. Kicked him into the air, hitting the wall behind, knocking out a hole.

“Say, what do you want to do?” Tang Mubai stared at Xie You, resisting the urge to blow the opponent’s head.

“hahaha ~”

Xie You didn’t speak, the bald brawny man who was held by Zhang Zhushi suddenly laughed, “Hahaha, what do you want to do? Haven’t you guessed it? We are going to revel in the whole city and let everyone immerse themselves in the ocean of desire! It will be an unprecedented event, and everyone will get the enjoyment of Supreme! They will enter from then on…”


Zhang Zhushi pressed hard on the bald man’s head and smashed him to the ground, his face touching the ground at a negative distance.

“A group of frenzied beasts! You also want to start Formation and dream!”

“Hahaha…” Half of his face was sunken to the ground, but he still laughed excitedly, “It was discovered by you, so what? Our plan is not just here! Hahaha…”

“Brother Chen, don’t laugh, what about Third Elder, Fifth Elder, and others?” Xie You yelled shiveringly, “They won’t come again, your plan is truly over!”

“Shut up!” The strong bald man raised his head vigorously, glaring at Xie Al, “If it weren’t for you two, how could you be found here? Please also ask Third Elder and Fifth Elder to avenge you? You really think too much, I tell you, wait Third Elder and Fifth Elder are back, you can’t escape death!”


Xie You’s complexion greatly changed, and fear emerged in his pupils.

The surviving thank-you frame just slipped off the wall. Hearing these words, he coughed, and blood poured out of his mouth.

Yes, because of their relationship, the array was found in the underground warehouse.

Regardless of whether Third Elder or Fifth Elder returns, this Formation will be ruined. It is already destined.

As for the two of them, there is only one way to go, and that is to accompany this Formation and destroy it here!

Thinking of this, Xie Jia, Xie You, the body could not control the tremor.

At the next moment, Xie You was full of horror and shouted in anger, “I said, I said all!”

“The Great Elder of the Palace of Elysium, in order to break through the realm and set foot in the Destiny Realm world, prepare to set off a Yin-Yang Joined Together carnival. He chose Shuanghe City, Xianmen City, and 3 Xiacheng. As the base, he is located in the cloud Dream City, 3 days later, Shuanghe City, Xianmen City, 3 Xiacheng, the 3 cities array will be activated at the same time to start the carnival.”

“At that time, the Great Elder of Bliss Palace will practice exercises, absorb the yin and yang lust in the 3 cities, break the power of God, and advance to the destiny!”


Tang Mubai, He Chengru, Jin Bushen, Zhang Zhushi, 10000 Shutong, Luo Qinger heard these words, all of them popped out a word.

The Great Elder of Bliss Palace is simply a lunatic.

It’s just that this madman is very amazing. He is not really crazy, but deliberately.

In order to break through and communicate with God, we actually created a carnival at the cost of the reason and morality of 3 people in 1000000 cities.

This breakthrough method is almost the same as Jiao Family in Canghecheng.

However, Jiao Family Old Ancestor is for the Great Perfection of chaos.

The latter is to throw the entire domain into chaos, and the former is to let 1000000 people party together.

If this is really successful, the impact will be too great, and the whole Dongzhou and the whole world will have to be a sensation.

Only a madman, a beast like Sect, like Bliss Palace, can do such a thing.

At this moment, Zhang Zhushi, Jin did not sink, and his scalp was numb.

Xie Jia and Xie You, then bowed their heads and kept shaking.

They know this plan is crazy, but the benefits given by the Palace of Bliss are too great. At the same time, there are not only benefits, but also threats.

“We can’t help it!”

Xie You thought of this and couldn’t help crying, “They came to our Xie Family and threatened us. If they don’t cooperate with them, they will kill all of us Xie Family!”

“General Counsel Zhang, I just want to ask you, in the face of this situation, do I have a choice? Do we have other options?”

“Once the news is leaked, we Xie Family, several hundred people, will all die! Including my newly born granddaughter, there will be no escape!”

“So, are you doing things for them wholeheartedly?” Jin Bu was angry and asked.


Xie You exclaimed, “We have no choice! Besides, even if their plan is successful, what does it matter? Anyway, it won’t be dead, everyone is happy together, what’s the big deal…”


10000 Shutong rushed to him and threw away with a slap. Xie You’s face was flushed, blood and teeth shot.

“Asshole, beast, beast!”

10000 Shutong’s face was green and angrily roared, “You are still a grandfather because you can even say this, why don’t you die?”


A hard kick on Xie You’s body, kicked Xie You’s flight, and also hit the wall, knocking out a hole.

“A bunch of beasts are going to die!”

10000 Shutong was puzzled and rushed over again and kicked Xie Jia and Xie You.

Zhang Zhushi couldn’t help but shoot at the bald strong man, kicking and cursing.

“Everyone in the Palace of Bliss, damn it!”


Tang Mubai said softly, “Don’t beat them to death, there is still more to ask.”

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