Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 566

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Jin Bushen took a deep breath, suppressed the anger in his heart, gritted his teeth and bitterly said.

“According to them, the Bliss Palace has a Formation in Shuanghe City, Xianmen City, 3 Xiacheng, and 3 cities.”

“Here array, we have found the location, it is a matter of time to destroy it.”

“But the location of the other 2 Formations is still unclear!”

“Say!” 10000 Shutong listened, kicking and beating Xie Mei while cursing, “You have arranged the array in Xianmen City and 3 Xiacheng, where is the location?”

“Bang ~ Bang ~”

pu~ pu!

Xie You kept vomiting blood, begging for mercy, “Don’t… don’t fight!”


10000 Shutong took a deep breath, stopped doing it, gritted his teeth and said, “Say!”

“No… I don’t know.” Xie Youyou trembled.


10000 Shutong gave him a kick, kicked it out, hit the wall and broke several bones.

She lied down on the ground again, curled up like a boiled red prawn, clucked into a ball, her face pale and speechless.

“I…we…really…don’t know!”

The thank-you frame not far away looked in his eyes and spoke intermittently, begging for mercy and shouted, “We are only in charge of Shuanghe City, Xianmen City, and 3 Xiacheng. We really don’t know! Xianmen, 3 Xia, after all, they are not For our chassis, Bliss Palace has found other people to serve them.”

“Yes, he didn’t lie.” Tang Mubai’s eyes flashed, “The Palace of Bliss is located in Shuanghe City, Xianmen City, and Xiacheng at the same time. Formation is arranged at the same time. Regardless of the consideration, will not use the same batch of solicitation. People go to work.”

“Then you must know!”

Zhang Zhushi raised his foot and stepped on the head of the bald burly man, coldly said, “Say, where are the other two Formation locations?”

“Jié jié jié…” The bald man grinned strangely, “Want to know where the Formation is arranged, dreaming! Don’t even think about it in the next life! Third Elder, Fifth Elder, will give us revenge!”

“I think you are also dreaming.”

Luo Qing’er couldn’t help but confided, “Your Third Elder and Fifth Elder are dead, but you still want to come back!”

“impossible !”

The strong bald man exclaimed and screamed, “Impossible, you are lying! With you, Third Elder can kill it alone!”

Zhang Zhushi didn’t speak, but just turned his head and looked towards 10000 Shutong.

“it is true.”

10000 Shutong took a deep breath, pointed at Tang Mubai, introduced, “I didn’t finish it before. We were in the mountains outside the city, and we were discovered by Third Elder and Fifth Elder in the Palace of Bliss. They wanted to take us away… but were found by the Alliance Lord Tang took advantage of them and quickly killed them.”

“impossible !”

The bald brawny screamed again, “You are lying! With Tang Mubai as a Grandmaster who wants to kill Third Elder and Fifth Elder, it will be impossible in 200 years!”

Zhang Zhushi was silent.

Jin Bushen couldn’t help it. He looked at Tang Mubai and asked, “Leader Tang, what Miss 10000 and Miss Luo said is true?”

“Well, I’m also good luck, just like the 10000 girl said, only after sneak attack, they killed them.” Tang Mubai laughed.

Before he stopped 10000 Shutong and Luo Qing’er and didn’t tell the matter, it was unnecessary.

It felt like showing off.

Now it’s okay, the time has come!

“you are lying!”

The bald brawny screamed, “Liar, you are all liars! Third Elder, Fifth Elder, are not dead at all, you can’t kill them!!”

Although he shouted loudly, his tone was flustered.

Because Tang Mubai used only one punch when he killed Manager Wang before.

Manager Wang is only one step away from Tongshen realm.

Third Elder, Fifth Elder, advanced power, less than half a year.

In terms of strength, it is not much different from Manager Wang. The only strong point is the possession of Martial Domain. Theoretically, if the Martial Domain is not broken, they will not die.

However, as long as the speed is fast enough, before the Martial Domain is opened, it will hit the body, and it will be body dies soul extinguished.

Is Tang Mubai getting fist speed fast?

Everyone present has seen this answer with their own eyes.

It’s so fast, it’s just space teleportation! Unbelievable fast!

Upon thinking of this, Zhang Zhushi, He Chengru, and Jin Bushen looked towards Tang Mubai with complexity.

The two brothers Xie You and Xie Jia were even more confused. Although the brains of the two of them are already dizzy at the moment. But after hearing this news, he was still shocked.

Tang Mubai killed Third Elder and Fifth Elder in the Palace of Bliss?

Even if it is a sneak attack, it is also a realm! When was Tongshen realm so weak?

“Brother Tang is not a Grandmaster, he is already Innate now.” Luo Qing’er thought of something and added.

The voice fell and the scene became more silent.

Innate ?

Tang Mubai is Innate realm?

Innate less than 20 years old! ?

Jin Bushen, He Chengru, Xie Jia, Xie You, shocked again.

The bald man stopped screaming, his face was dull and shocked.

Zhang Zhushi is better. He was at the entrance of the underground warehouse and doubted the real realm of Tang Mubai.

It was confirmed now, although a little surprised, but quickly accepted.

Innate realm expert less than 20 years old, great!


“Needless to say, it is important to figure out where the other two Formations are arranged.”

Tang Mubai opened his mouth to break the silence, his eyes fell on the bald man, “Give him a taste, if you don’t have the means to torture, I will come.”

“No, I’ll come.” 10000 Shutong walked towards the bald burly man with a cold face, and the rays of light flashed in his hand, and there were 3 more small long needles.

“Hahaha…” the balding man twisted his body and yelled sickly, “Even if you kill me, don’t you guys want to know…Ahhh~~!!!”

A sharp scream suddenly came from the bald man’s mouth. His five officials twisted into a ball, shaking constantly. Even the eyeballs shook together, and the green veins on the body were exposed one by one on the skin, and they shook together.

“Ahhh ~!!!”

The screams became hoarse in an instant, reverberating in the underground warehouse.

After 10000 Shutong’s 3 needles were inserted into the bald, burly man, his screams never stopped, and they were louder than ever.

Life is better than death!

With such methods of torture, Jin Bushen and He Chengru took a few steps back subconsciously.

Xie Jia and Xie You even trembled together, their faces full of horror.


Zhang Zhushi didn’t respond, and he scolded and shouted, “If you say it, you can die happily. If you don’t say it, you can’t die if you want to die!”

“I said, I said!”

The strong bald man shouted hoarsely, “I said, I said~”

Uh ~

10000 Shutong quickly put away 3 long needles and stood aside, ice-cold saying, “Where is the place where the Formation is arranged?”

“Huh, huh, huh…”

The bald burly man panted, his face was full of sweat, his hands and feet kept shaking, and the trembling replied, “I said, I said…the Xianmen City array, arranged in…in your ancestral grave!”

“Be careful!”

Tang Mubai’s heart beats, his body flickers, pulling Luo Qing’er, He Chengru, Jin Bushen, and retreating far away.

“bang! ——”

As soon as he flashed away, the balding man exploded, and the blood and blood splashed on the ground.


Invigorate blood, Self-destruction body!

In order to be tortured by the three needles, the bald man directly chose Self-destruction.

In this explosion, power was still very strong, and the two brothers Xie Jia and Xie You were also killed.

Xie Jia and Xie You were already seriously injured and unable to escape. Before they could scream, they went to see their ancestors.


In a hurry, Zhang Zhushi and 10000 Shutong, who supported the Innate shield, removed the shield, looked towards the ground and blood, and his face was extremely ugly.

Once the bald man died, it was difficult to find the location of Xianmen City and 3 Xiacheng array.

Shuanghe City, Xianmen City, 3 Xiacheng.

The latter two are more in number, all exceeding 2.

In such a big place, with that many population, find a place similar to an underground warehouse, and it is not simple.

Especially since they didn’t take long, they had to find out within 3 days!

Otherwise, Shuanghe City, Xianmen City, 3 Xiacheng, 3 cities, Shuanghe City array is gone, Xianmen City, 3 Xiacheng can also be activated to release the fragrance of youth.

“How to do?”

In the silence, Jin Bushen said, “There is no clue, it may take a lot of time for us to find out.”

“That can only be found.” Zhang Zhushi Complexion Ashen said, “This matter has too much influence. The Great Elder of the Bliss Palace is not something we can deal with. I have to report to the town envoy.”

“The town envoy’Sword Battle King’ is probably not the opponent of the Great Elder of Bliss Palace.”

10000 Shutong coldly said, “To ask for help, only Huigu.”

“…Yes.” Zhang Zhushi silently nodded.

The town envoy of the 25 region, nicknamed “Sword Battle King”, is an expert in the super palace who has just been promoted to the realm of Tongshen.

He might be able to deal with one of Third Elder and Fifth Elder.

But against the Great Elder in the Palace of Elysium, and preparing to advance to the Old Demon of Destiny Realm, 99% will lose and die.

In addition, this matter involves so much, to be on the safe side, only someone who is stronger can come.

The Medicine King Valley, which is not far from 25 domains, meets this condition.

10000 Shutong and Luo Qing’er were originally from Yaowanggu, if they go back, 100% can invite powerhouse.

So, when Tang Mubai heard this, he swallowed it back.

He wanted to say that a powerhouse in the Inner Sect of the Sacred Heart was hiding in closed-door cultivation in a hidden mountain forest outside 25 territories. He could come forward and invite it.

This is the news that Tang Mubai got into the “temple” last time, chatting with other people.

Tang Mubai did not insist on the automatic request of 10000 Shutong.

After all, he also needs time to find someone, not everyone is like him, carrying the Sacred Heart Order with him.

Please come from experts from Yaowanggu, it will take less time and the effect will be better.

Knowing the realm of the Great Elder of Bliss Palace, the strength of the people coming from the Medicine King Valley will only be Destiny Realm!


“Then trouble 10000 girl.”

Jin Bushen saluted 10000 Shutong, thank you.

10000 Shutong clicked nodded and said quickly, “Time is pressing, I will go back to the valley, quickly go and quickly return. Qing’er, you will stay and act with Alliance Lord Tang and Zhang Zonggu to find Xianmen City, 3. Array layout location in Xiacheng!”

“Good.” Luo Qinger responded immediately.

“Then I will take a step first.”

After leaving a sentence, 10000 Shutong’s figure flickered, turned into an afterimage, and rushed towards the exit.

“We also set off immediately, heading to Xianmen City and 3 Xiacheng.”

Zhang Zhushi clapped his hands and said, “Before leaving, I will destroy this place.”

“I’m coming.” Jin Bushen was nodded, the palm of astral energy hovered, releasing flames, and igniting all the materials for making incense.

“Wait.” Luo Qing’er stretched out her right hand, released astral energy to wrap one of the stones, took it out, and grabbed it in her hand. “The other materials burned the death ends all one’s troubles, this’sky wheel stone’ No need to be together.”

“Sky Wheel Stone?” Zhang Zhushi hearing this, said curiously, “Is that kind of not metal, not jade non-stone, which can make the human body become a weird spiritual object that can absorb external energy more easily?”

“Yes.” Luo Qing’er nodded, “It’s it, but the Celestial Wheel Stone has more than that. It also has the ability to strengthen the body. As for the specific level it can reach, it depends on the individual.”

As he said, he threw the stone in his hand to Tang Mubai, lightly said with a smile, “Brother Shi is the person who found the Xie Frame and Xie You, this’Sky Wheel Stone’ will be kept by Brother Shi.”

Said it is safekeeping, in fact it is spoils of war.

In this regard, Zhang Zhushi, He Chengru, and Jin Bushen have no objection.

“Yes, Leader Tang has the greatest credit this time, and the’Sky Wheel Stone’ should be kept by Leader Tang.” Jin Bushen said with a slight smile.

Zhang Zhushi followed nodded, and He Chengru had no objection.

“Then many thanks.”

Tang Mubai didn’t have any pretense when he saw it, and collected the “Sky Wheel Stone”.

Luo Qing’er gave him the “Sky Wheel Stone”, which actually had another meaning.

It is convenient for Tang Mubai to go to Yaowang Valley, after entering the “medicine divine pond”, it is easier to absorb the pool water!

Zhang Zhushi, Jin Bushen, He Chengru did not know this.

Tang Mubai himself would not be foolish to speak out.

Luo Qing’er is so cooperative, how can he pierce it on the spot?


Burn all materials and destroy the underground warehouse array.

The entire group quickly left and was divided into two operations.

Zhang Zhushi returned to Yunmeng City to mobilize official power and secretly searched for the location of Formation.

With the representative of Yaowanggu, Luo Qinger mobilized the “100 Grass Group” to secretly search for branches in other cities.

The reason for doing it secretly is that the people of Bliss Palace will detect it, and then start Formation in advance.

Therefore, the search process is not smooth, for fear that beat the grass to scare the snake.

Fortunately Tang Mubai is together.

When torturing a bald brawny man, Tang Mubai can actually search his soul directly and learn the memory of the other party.

But then, the ability to search for souls would have to be exposed.

“Into the Dream Heart Sutra” has been leaked, if the “soul search” ability is exposed again, other people will only be more afraid of Tang Mubai.

It might even attract prying eyes from opponents.

For example, Moon Demon Palace, if they knew it, they would be happy to dispatch the powerhouse of Tongshen and Destiny Realm to attack Tang Mubai.

So, thinking about 3 more times, Tang Mubai chose to watch.

Coupled with the fact that the self-destruction of the bald man is too fast, this matter is buried in the bottom of my heart.

Look for different layout locations for Formation.

The martial artist of Innate realm has a keen intuition that is superhuman.

Through the “Sacred Heart Communication”, Tang Mubai obscurely led other people, approaching the Formation arrangement point, without who noticed it.

Zhang Zhushi and Jin are not sinking. They all thought they were good luck. They found the Xianmen City array arrangement point on the first day.

Xianmen City was originally guarded by Fifth Elder.

Without Fifth Elder, other people in the Palace of Bliss, under the expert raid led by Zhang Zhushi, quickly solved the problem and broke the Formation.

Tang Mubai also got a “Sky Wheel Stone” again!

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