Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 567

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Celestial stone that is neither gold nor wood nor stone.

It is called this name only because the appearance and the stone are too similar to that’s all.

The touch of the Tang Mubai 2 piece in your hand is very unique.

A bit like jade, but also a bit like meat.

Release divine sense to scan, how surging energy inside is not at all.

There is only a stream of cold and hot air flowing slowly.

Tang Mubai tries to absorb, it is easy to absorb.

However, considering the role of the Celestial Stone, it immediately stopped and moved into the system space.

There are 3 Formations arranged in the Palace of Bliss, each with a sky wheel stone.

Tang Mubai is also ready to get this third piece.

According to the words of Third Elder and Fifth Elder who were bombarded by him, and further analysis, the leader of the third Formation layout location is not unexpectedly Seventh Elder of Bliss Palace.

A coquettish woman who is also a realm, who likes to absorb yang and replenish yin.

Compared with Third Elder and Fifth Elder, this Seventh Elder has been in the realm of Tongshen for a long time. It is stronger. Once it enters it, or is enveloped, few people below Tongshen can stop. , Within a few seconds, he will fall into the illusion of blue desire, unable to extricate himself.

Zhang Zhushi didn’t dare to disturb such existence.

Tang Mubai can try to shoot through the sneak attack.

But in the end, he chose to give up.

There is no insurance, and there is no guarantee that you can kill with one arrow.

Because this Seventh Elder is always on the move, looking from a distance through the “micro-perspective”, the coquettish beautiful woman is in Formation’s arrangement place, 3 in an underground parking lot in Xiacheng, around Formation, constantly wandering around.

The others around did not leave, but they were also fully guarded and alert to the outside world.

For a moving target, Tang Mubai couldn’t do a sneak attack through the “Divine Arrow”.

It’s not that it can’t hit, but it can’t guarantee 100% shooting.

After all, the opponent is Tongshen realm, and belongs to the kind of veteran expert.

A little carelessness is to beat the grass to scare the snake.

In the past 2 years, 10000 Shutong came back and flew directly to Yukong. The speed was very fast. She hurried to Yaowanggu and brought 2 people.

The Valley Master of Medicine King Valley, and Great Elder!

The former is the Destiny Realm realm. After arriving in the 25th realm, I immediately went to Cloud Dream City to prevent the Great Elder of the Palace of Bliss from jumping over the wall.

The latter is Tongshen Peak, half a step away from the destiny, is a kind-eyed old man named Xue An.

It is enough for him to stay with the coquettish women.

However, to deal with this Seventh Elder of the Palace of Bliss, you must first lure her out.

The first is to prevent coquettish women, activate Formation in advance, and release the fragrance of youth.

Second, if the battle between the realm of the gods takes place in the city, the entire city will have to be destroyed. The cost is too great, and it is unknown how many people will die.

and so……

“How to lure?” Tang Mubai raised an eyebrow.

“Simple, that enchantress likes men, especially strong and handsome men. Find a man and hang around in the underground parking lot. She will come out 100% to seduce.” Zhang Zhushi said solemnly.

“Yes.” 10000 Shutong was nodded, his eyes fixed on Tang Mubai.

The others also stared at Tang Mubai without blinking.

“It all depends on what I do?” Tang Mubai’s heart beat.

“Haha.” Xue An stood up his face and said with a smile, “Because Alliance Lord Tang is the best candidate.”

Tang Mubai, “…”

Young and handsome, strong, indeed the most suitable.

But this kind of thing is really going to be done, how awkward it feels.

I think Tang Mubai is also an Innate Peak expert now.

To seduce a silver slut who sucks yang and nourishes yin, and can’t afford to lose that person…

“I have other methods.” Tang Mubai corner of the mouth twitched, replied, “You don’t have to use an example as bait. Other methods can also lure the twitch out.”

“Okay, as long as it can be drawn out, no matter what method, it will do!”

Zhang Zhushi patted his thigh and exclaimed, “Alliance Lord Tang tell me, what is the method?”

Xue An and 10000 Shutong also watched with great interest.

“This, I will understood when the time comes.” Tang Mubai chuckled lightly, without explaining immediately.

There is more than one way to lure people out.

The coquettish woman was turning around in the underground parking lot, obviously for some reason.

Third Elder and Fifth Elder have not appeared for so long, 80% of the enchantress knows and guesses the reason.

Therefore, she was on guard, not staying in place for a long time, and never leaving the underground parking lot.

In this case, the best way to get her out is to find that something in Formation is missing.

For example, Sky Wheel Stone!

The Celestial Stone can make the power of Qingyu Luoxiang stronger, and when it is absorbed by the body faster and more.

The sky wheel stone placed in the material is Tang Mubai’s goal.

Looking from a distance, we can see through the layers of the walls slightly, locking the skywheel stone.

With a movement of mental thoughts, the control skywheel stone disappeared in place.

Essentially, it is taken into the system space!

But soon, Tang Mubai took it out again, through mind control, “Star Plucking Hand” firmly “grabbed” it, and quickly flew outside the city.

In the underground parking lot, Seventh Elder, the palace of bliss, which revolves around Formation, took another turn, only to suddenly find that the Celestial Stone was missing.

This made her furious, furious, and directly released divine sense to scan the ground and the ground.

Standing in a shopping mall, Tang Mubai immediately restrained aura. Like everyone else, he pretended not to notice the slightest and continued to look at things, feeling helpless when he wanted to buy but couldn’t afford it.

The mind-controlled sky wheel still flew fast and went straight to the outside of the city.

This is the advantage of powerful mental power and two-use.

Seventh Elder of the Bliss Palace in the underground parking lot. As expected, no abnormality in Tang Mubai was found. Divine sense scanned the sky wheel stone and flew outside the city. In anger, lightning left the underground parking lot, rising into the sky, and chasing behind.

Outside the city.

Xue An, 10000 Shutong, and Zhang Zhushi have been paying attention to the situation.

They were all amazed when they found the Celestial Stone flying in the air.

“Alliance Lord Tang is amazing.” Zhang Zhushi gave a thumbs up.

“This method is also good.” Xue An echoed and nodded.

“I just don’t know how Alliance Lord Tang did it. He stole the Sky Wheel Stone.” 10000 Shutong was curious.

“No matter how he does it, in short, it works.” Xue An said calmly.

This kind of magical method is deceptive if you are not curious.

But everyone has their own secrets. Since Tang Mubai didn’t tell them, he didn’t show them in front of them. That means Tang Mubai does not want to be exposed, and they are not enemies, so there is no need to pursue them to the end.

Still the same sentence, just effective.

Now that Tang Mubai has succeeded, the next step is to kill the coquettish women who are chasing behind.

The sky wheel stone flew rapidly in the air, breaking through the wind, and went straight to the outside of the city, the domain wall.


call! call! call!

In the violent whistling sound, the sky wheel stone flew out of the domain wall from the air above 100 meters high like a beam of light.


Like a thunderstorm, the glamorous woman’s body is imposing manner soaring, just like launching a missile, locking the target and chasing her.

During this period, Xue An, at a faster speed than her, rushed out of the domain wall first and went straight to the agreed wilderness area.

When the sun stone arrived and fell to the ground, when the coquettish woman appeared, Xue An suddenly attacked and launched a sneak attack.

Bang ~!

Above the wilderness, above the sky, there was a sudden loud noise that detonated the sky.

Tang Mubai, who quickly left the domain, looked from a distance and saw two silhouettes shrouded in different rays of light, intertwined and collided in the college entrance examination.

In just an instant, all the energy between Heaven and Earth was triggered, stirring and boiling.

Constantly colliding, the energy waves projected from this, sweeping across the sky and the ground, stirring the void, causing ripples like water waves. With a range of more than 500 metres, the air is completely turbulent in this area.

Obviously it is daytime, the rays of light that erupt at this moment, like a small sun, hanging high in the sky.



“bang! !!!”

The huge explosion sound, grandiose, thunder is generally transmitted to all around.

Clouds, night wind, and dust disappeared wherever he went.

Within 1000 meters, the sky is as blue as washing, and there is no dust.

Even standing on the ground, Tang Mubai can sense the surging energy fluctuations in the air that are several thousand meters away and 1000 meters above the ground.

The two unique auras among them are particularly clear.

Under the traction of these 2 Qi machines, all the energy between Heaven and Earth gathers together.

Clash with each other, cancel each other, entangle each other, and collapse each other.

After each other for a while, suddenly, a stronger force suddenly appeared, and they collided with each other with stronger and fierce force.

“What kind of power is this? It doesn’t seem to be blood?”

While staring, Tang Mubai said in a daze.

“Spirit strength.” Zhang Zhushi’s voice sounded. He flew over with 10000 Shutong and the others. Hearing Tang Mubai’s words, he looked up into the sky while subconsciously replied, “This is based on spirit strength. In combat, natural forces are stronger.”

“You mean, use spirit strength like qi and blood?” Tang Mubai raised his eyebrows.

“Yes.” Zhang Zhushi nodded, “After all, the’spirit strength’ of Innate martial artist is not much, and it is not like’qi and blood’, which can be quickly recovered. Once exhausted, it is very troublesome to replenish. So in general, They all draw a little bit and pull Power of Heaven and Earth to fight. But when encountering a strong opponent, the surrounding Power of Heaven and Earth is also emptied. Then it will consume the spirit strength to fight and burst out more terrifying power. .”

“…” Tang Mubai opened his mouth, took a deep breath, nodded and said, “That’s right, spirit strength can’t withstand consumption.”

“Less than as a last resort, spirit strength usually doesn’t twitch.” 10000 Shutong said, frowning, “It seems that the enchantress of Bliss Palace is very strong.”

“Forcing your Great Elder to use spirit strength, it’s more than just normal.” Tang Mubai echoed.

“It should be the use of the Treasure Item.” Zhang Zhushi followed, “Once the Treasure Item is released, Elder Xue will score half of his mind to deal with the Treasure. At this time, if the Treasure Item is used, Elder Xue has no choice. , Only inspire spirit strength.”

tone barely fell down——


A dazzling green glow that seemed to separate the sky suddenly appeared, dividing the small sun in the sky into two.


The heaven-shaking, earth-shattering explosion sound, for a time, resounded through the sky and the ground.

The little sun exploded, releasing the limit rays of light, and passing it far away.

The invisible but powerful energy shock wave swept across the sky and the ground like a tsunami, sweeping the entire wilderness.

At this moment, only the dazzling white light remained in the entire Heaven and Earth.

The mercenaries who were not far away from the domain wall had to bow their heads and close their eyes.

Tang Mubai kept his gaze and saw a silhouette high in the sky that was repelled by the terrorist shock wave and flew back 1000 meter away.

There is a burly silhouette left, with two strikes in the void.

“Bang! bang!! Bang! !!!”

The terrifying impact sound, like thunder, with a rhythmic sound, for a time, echoed the sky and the ground, resounding all around.

It’s Xue An!

Xue An was even stronger and knocked off Seventh Elder in the Palace of Bliss.

The coquettish beautiful woman vomited blood. After flying out, she smashed into the ground, smashing a large hole, surrounded by cracks, and extending out like a spider web for 100 meters.

She was wading at the bottom of the pit, her clothes broken, panting, and struggling constantly.

But before she got up, Xue An’s fist marks were like shooting stars, dropping across the sky, dropping from the sky, and strikes falling into the big pit.

“Boom~” “Boom~~” “Boom~~~”

As if the missile hit the ground, the force of terror set off a mushroom cloud.

At the place where the fist mark fell, the coquettish beautiful woman was able to hold on at first, and the supported green martial arts domain wrapped her body before reaching the fist mark impact.

But it only lasted for less than half a minute, and the qingyu martial arts realm was broken, and the coquettish beautiful woman could only fight with her body. As a result, the whole person was all split up and in pieces being smashed into pieces.

When the fist marks were gone and the smoke dissipated, only a pile of minced meat and mixed blood was left at the bottom of the pit.

The silhouette of the coquettish beautiful woman completely disappeared.

“Win!” Zhang Zhushi grinned, excited.

“Fighting with spirit strength is indeed stronger and more terrifying.” Tang Mubai echoed.

In my heart, there is a silk plan.

It is indeed troublesome to replenish the spirit strength of others after consumption.

He is different.

There are 10000 bone demons providing demonic energy. After the demon bead is converted, the transformed spirit strength is enough for Tang Mubai to consume.

Although the Bone Demon was released, it was just as convenient to take it back.

at worst Afterwards, there will always be 2 bone demons in the town magic beads, which can be filled up to 10000 times!

It is more convenient to add spirit strength after the stone giant Avatar goes to Dragon Burial Abyss and gets more spirit roots of Milon.

Thinking of this, Tang Mubai was determined.


The wind broke.

Xue An came in the air and walked back towards Tang Mubai.

“Great Elder, how about it, are you okay?” 10000 Shutong was the first to meet him and asked concerned.

“It’s okay.” Xue An was afraid of patting the powder on his body, shaking his body and grinning, “Although this temptress is a bit difficult, it is still done.”


Having said that, his face suddenly flushed, and he stretched out his hand to signal 10000 Shutong not to come near.

“Great Elder…”

“do not come!”

Xue An was embarrassed and shouted, “Don’t come here. I’m caught by the temptress. I was invaded by her lust martial realm and invaded my brain. For a while, I can’t rule it out.”

“This…” Zhang Zhushi was dumbfounded.

10000 Shutong was even more stunned.

The martial arts of the coquettish beautiful woman is so terrifying.

Xue An, an expert of Peak, also said.

Don’t forget, Xue An also has Martial Domain, and his Martial Domain is still a melting pot!

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