Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 568

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The martial arts of each Tongshen powerhouse is different.

This has already begun to manifest in the condensing process.

Just like the three Elders in the Palace of Bliss, the Martial Domain is the illusion of blue desire, or the space of blue desire.

Once you fall into it, you can’t control the desire for youth in my heart, and it keeps rising.

Of course, if the opponent is also a realm, the situation is different.

Because Martial Domains can fight and offset each other, it depends on which function is more complete and the thickness is stronger.

Some Martial Domains even suppress each other, such as flame and ice, which are two types of combat.

Xue An’s “melting furnace” is similar in nature to the “flaming” martial arts domain, and is also a powerful martial arts domain with high temperature as its main ability.

The reason for being called the “melting furnace” is the virtual appearance, which is a huge “furnace.”

This “stove” can play a very important role in many cases.

It also has the upper hand when fighting against other people’s martial arts.

Just like the glamorous and beautiful woman’s youthful martial arts domain, it can be directly penetrated by “burning”.

But now, Xue An is still hit, and it has to be said that the horror of the glamorous beauty of the martial arts domain.

The “melting pot” can indeed “burn through” the qingyu martial arts domain, but if the latter is more capable, Xue An will also be hit.

After all, the power in the martial arts domain of Qingyu has an effect not only on the body of the person trapped in it, but also on the spiritual consciousness.

Xue An was recruited, only to say that he was careless.

Tang Mubai smiled secretly when he was surprised.

Xue An was so old that he was spurred by his youth, and his old face was ashamed this time.

10000 After Shutong and Zhang Zhushi came back to his senses, realizing this, they also held back their laughter and backed away, leaving Xue An to be alone and slowly eliminating the aura of youth in his brain.

Tang Mubai put away the Celestial Stone and followed them away.

After returning to the city, I got a message.

The Great Elder of Bliss Palace was also caught.

The battle between Xue An and the coquettish beautiful woman was so loud that many people in the 25th domain heard it. The stronger the strength, the more alarmed.

The Great Elder of Bliss Palace was in this situation. He left the closed secret room and wanted to take a high-altitude view. As a result, he was caught by the Master of Yaowanggu, who had been ambushing outside for a long time. The Great Elder of Bliss Palace “closed” into his martial arts “pill concocting room”.

If the realm of Tongshen realm is still virtual, it will disintegrate at any time.

The Martial Domain in the Destiny Realm world is completely realised, no different from it!

It is like Xue An’s “forge” martial arts domain, once he is promoted to the destiny, the “furnace” will appear in its true state.

Of course, it is not the kind of stove made of metal in essence, but is built with spirit strength, mental power, qi and blood, divine sense and other strengths.

The Martial Domain of the Valley Master of Medicine King Valley is a “pill concocting room”.

After entering the Destiny Realm world, his pill concocting has been carried out in his own domain.

In some cases, it can also be used as a “cell”.

This time I caught the Great Elder of Bliss Palace with this hand.

After being caught, the Valley Master of Medicine King Valley shattered his spiritual field and lost the source of power. Then he handed it over to the 25 region town envoy who rushed to send it to the opponent.

If the Great Elder conspiracy is successful, the impact is not so bad. If Medicine King Valley does not deal with it, the Great Xia Federation will definitely deal with it. Even Bliss Palace will not escape an explanation.

As for the result, Tang Mubai is not yet clear.

After handing in the Great Elder of Bliss Palace, he went to the Medicine King Valley with 10000 Shutong, Luo Qing’er and the master of the Valley of Medicine King.

Xue An stayed outside to eliminate the aura of youth in his brain.

When will it be removed and when will it be returned?

Someone leads the way, and the speed is naturally fast.

The place where Yaowanggu is located is a small island in the middle of a big lake outside.

It is not accurate to say that it is a small island. Strictly speaking is a protrusion on the water.

The area is as big as 2 beds.

There are several boulders on it, two of which have a seam in the middle.

The “Mountain Beyond the Mountain” space where Medicine King Valley is located is “inside” this seam.

When entering this seam, Tang Mubai keenly sensed that there were Formation fluctuations around.

Formation exists both inside and outside the gap.

This is the normal practice of Peak forces, and they have strict protection of their “home”.

After entering the medicine king space, inside is a world of Birds, Speech, Flowers, Fragrances.

Tang Mubai walked and watched, quite interested.

However, he didn’t look much, but let Luo Qing’er lead the way and go directly to her Master’s place to check first.

Whether it can be saved, and how it can be saved, can only be determined after inspection.

For this, Luo Qing’er and 10000 Shutong are very grateful, and the master of Yaowanggu also admires them.

Getting started right away shows that Tang Mubai is truly saving people.

Immediately, the entire group went to the place where Luo Qing’er Master lived.

In a room full of fragrance, Tang Mubai met Master Luo Qinger, a well-maintained beautiful woman sleeping with her eyes closed.

To keep others quiet, Tang Mubai used “Into the Dreaming Heart Sutra” to enter the Sea of ​​Consciousness of Luo Qinger’s Master, and then find the opponent’s dream bubble.


“What happened?”

Seeing Tang Mubai suddenly stopped moving and eyes opened, Luo Qing’er next to him couldn’t help but ask nervously.

“There is a problem.”

Tang Mubai said solemnly, “Your Master, she has too many layers of dreams. I can’t find the’door’ to enter the back. I want to find her and need your help!”

“Yes.” Luo Qinger immediately replied.

“If you think about it clearly, it is very dangerous to enter a dream state. If you are not careful, you will get lost in it and never get out!” Tang Mubai emphasized.

“I think about it.” Luo Qing’er said calmly, “It was the Master who brought me up, and she taught me the skills. Without her, there would be no me.”

“That’s good.” Tang Mubai nodded, “You will listen to me later.”

“10000 girl, can you please protect the law by the side.”

“Good.” 10000 Shutong answered in a deep voice.

Upon seeing this, Tang Mubai asked Luo Qing’er to sleep first, and then he used the “Into the Dream Heart Sutra” again to guide Luo Qing’er’s consciousness into her Master’s dream space.


The gloomy sky.

Under the gloomy sky, connecting Heaven and Earth can’t see the end.

The land is barren, and the only thing that catches the eye is the high or low broken walls, submerged in the wind and sand. The declining air and desolate atmosphere enveloped the entire sky and the ground.

This is actually a broken world!

Standing in the vast ocean of yellow sand, Luo Qing’er, who was in a mental state, stared at this scene, and was stunned.

“This…this is the Master’s dream space?”

She couldn’t imagine that the Master’s dream was so barren, desolate, and broken.

“This is Dreamland 1st floor space.”

Tang Mubai Divine Consciousness Avatar said indifferently, “Your Master is estimated to have been greatly stimulated. The 1st floor space will be so dilapidated, and the 2nd floor should be much better.”


Luo Qinger clicked nodded stupidly.

“Brother, what do you want me to do, just say it.” She breathes deeply and looked towards Tang Mubai.

“You look around all around to see if you can find something familiar.”

Tang Mubai said, “You are your Master who has been raised since childhood. In her dreams, there must be traces of you. For example, some clothes, toys, cars, etc.”

“it is good.”

Luo Qinger was nodded. Afterwards, turn around and walk around 4 places.

Tang Mubai stood there waiting.

Soon, Luo Qing’er, who walked out 100 meters away, suddenly turned around, facing Tang Mubai, loudly shouted, “Found it! Brother brother, I found the previous car!”

“Well, you stand there and don’t move, I’ll come here.”

Tang Mubai answered, and the Divine Consciousness incarnate quickly flew by.


The afterimage flashed.

Tang Mubai rushed to Luo Qing’er, looked at a car stuck in yellow sand, and frowned.

“There is no Spiritual Fluctuation, this is not the 2nd floor entrance.”


Tang Mubai is looking for the 2nd floor dream channel entrance!

The dreamland that Luo Qing’er Master dived into, at least 3 levels.

If Tang Mubai is forcibly destroyed, he can find the entrance to every space.

But in that case, Master Luo Qing’er will definitely be aware of it and change the dream space.

The purpose of letting Luo Qing’er come in is to find special things through her memory. Those things were deliberately left by Master Luo Qinger. Raising Luo Qing’er since she was a child, her Master must have taken her very seriously. It is most normal to leave traces of Luo Qing’er in the dream.

What Tang Mubai wants is these special things! One of them is the dream channel entrance!


Luo Qinger opened her mouth wide, hearing this, then sighed, “Then I will look for it again.”

“Well, go. When looking for it, it’s best to pay more attention to some prominent things.” Tang Mubai said.


“found it!”

Luo Qinger’s voice sounded again.


Tang Mubai flew quickly.

In the eye is a pink children’s bathtub.

Luo Qing’er stood by and said shyly, “This is what I used when I was a kid, and the Master has always kept it.”

“Well, that’s it!”

Tang Mubai smiled, “You jump in. This is the entrance from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor.”

“Really? Very good!”

Luo Qing’er jumped excitedly and jumped into the bathtub.


As if jumping into the lake, Luo Qinger’s body quickly submerged in, disappeared.

Tang Mubai followed closely.

hua! ——

The vision changes.

A huge city of steel jungle came into view.

Tang Mubai 2 people’s foothold is an empty street. The surroundings are silent, like a cemetery.

“This is… Le Eucalyptus City?”

Luo Qing’er looked all around the scenery, and said in amazement, “This is Le Eucalyptus City ten years ago. Master’s family lived here that year. I remember that summer, Master brought me back, and never thought of a fire…”


There was a sudden loud noise.

A 3-meter high-rise building located several dozen meters away from three people suddenly exploded.

“bang!” “bang!” “bang!”

A dull sound, one after another.

The terrifying heat wave released in an instant, hiding the sky and covering the earth. Like a fierce wave, it crazily rolled away toward the surrounding buildings. Wherever he went, no building could last for half a second and was torn down.

hong long long ~! !! !!

The violent explosion sound echoed the whole city.

The hot, ferocious tongue of fire stretched out its fangs. Constantly raging everything that can be seen in the eyes.

Smoke billows, grandiose.

Countless pieces of large or small gravel, with the horrible strength, fluttered out. The direction that covers the most area is the street where Tang Mubai 2 is located!


Tang Mubai shouted in a low voice, pulled Luo Qing’er and turned around and ran.

“Wh… what’s going on? Why… why did it suddenly explode?” Luo Qing’er paled with fear in her eyes.

She remembered what Tang Mubai said when she came in.

To die in the dream space of others is mental death! The body will become an unconscious walking corpse!

“Your Master has sensed us and made the dream come true!”

Tang Mubai’s face was stern, said solemnly, “You have to remember, don’t lose me with 10000000. Also, where is your Master’s family, where do you live?”


Luo Qing’er panted heavily and stretched out her finger to the corner, “Go over there and cross another street. It’s Master’s home.”

“it is good.”

Tang Mubai drank low, grabbed her, and ran away.

This city is the dreamland of Luo Qinger’s Master. No matter how powerful the Tang Mubai body is, you must listen to her.

call! call! call!

2 people ran fast.

Behind him, countless rubble fell into the air, making a huge explosion. Rows of buildings were torn down one after another.

The trembling sound of hong long long hovered over the city and went straight up into the sky.

“Hurry up! Hurry up!”

Tang Mubai carried Luo Qing’er and ran desperately.

Seeing to reach the destination, a 30th-layer building suddenly collapsed and fell from the side.


Luo Qinger screamed.

Tang Mubai’s eyes condensed, and as his thoughts turned, he gritted his teeth and shouted, “break for me!”


Along with the roar, a blade glow shot out from Tang Mubai’s body. Hit the building accurately.


It is like a sharp knife, cutting the eel.

The building that collapsed, silently, was divided into two halves from the middle part.

Hong long!

The heavy trembling sound echoed in my ears.

Tang Mubai pulled the numb Luo Qing’er, from the vacant middle position, rushed across the street and entered a quiet community.

“Which building does your Master live in!”

Tang Mubai shakes Luo Qing’er.


Luo Qinger gasped and replied, “Building 5…5.”

Hear this.

Tang Mubai pulled him back and continued to run.

No. 2, No. 3, No. 4…

Closer, closer.

But at this moment, a strong sense of crisis suddenly hit my heart!

Tang Mubai’s footsteps stopped abruptly.

Looking up towards up ahead, I saw the flower bed in Building 5. A tall mechanical silhouette, silently, appeared out of thin air.

“My robot!”

Luo Qinger cried out.

“How is it possible! How did the robots I collected ten years ago become so big?”

Unbelievable appeared on her face, only amazement in her eyes.

“Dreams come true, nothing is impossible.”

Tang Mubai took a deep breath.

The silhouette of this tall machine is about five meters high.

The whole body is constructed from a very Q version of the box carapace, under the shining of the fire, it reflects the weird, funny and intimidating rays of light.

That’s right.

This is a doll robot!

The shape is very rough, said it is a robot, but it is actually a bunch of squares.

It’s very similar to the large industrial robots outside, except that this one is a cartoon.

But at this moment, in this dream, this doll robot is very huge.

Tang Mubai 2 people looked at it here, and the robot also stood silently motionless. The whole body exudes an imposing manner, which is more powerful than the real robot built by Yang Kai, giving people a strong visual impact that overwhelms Mount Tai.

“How… what to do?”

Luo Qing’er, who came back to his senses, swallowed her saliva, didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, and said, “Master, how could she kill us? It was an explosion again, and it was a robot when I was a kid, did she take me Forgot?”

Tang Mubai was silent for a while, and sighed and explained, “Your Master’s memory should stay in the past. Therefore, I have a deep memory of the toys you have had.”

“what do you mean?”

Luo Qinger was stunned.

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