Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 569

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“That is, your Master only remembers the past and does not recognize the present.” Tang Mubai said solemnly.

“Brother is saying, Master doesn’t recognize me now?”

Luo Qinger’s face suddenly became serious.

“Yes.” Tang Mubai nodded, said solemnly, “In the subconscious mind of your Master, we are now rare beasts, demons, and invaders!”

“We entered her dream, and in her perception, it was a group of monsters. If she didn’t notice it, it would be that’s all. If she noticed it, then how could we get rid of us!”


Luo Qinger was in a daze, just about to speak…

“叽zi! ——”

Abruptly, a strange noise came.

I saw that the doll robot standing in the distance seemed to be powered on suddenly, and the tall body bounced out of thin air. Like a falcon, it soars into the air and shoots towards Tang Mubai.


Tang Mubai grabbed Luo Qing’er and shouted, “You find a place to hide…”


The doll robot dropping from the sky, falling on the ground, smashed a big hole.

“Swish!” “Swish!” “Swish!”

Countless rubble was thrown into the air.

Tang Mubai grabbed Luo Qing’er with one hand and threw her in the direction of Building 4. He shook his body, turned back, moved towards the wall on the other side and flew up.


With both feet stomping on the ground, with the help of a few steps, Tang Mubai soared into the air with the blessing of rebounding force and instantly jumped onto the 3-meter wall of Gundam.

This process seems to have been rehearsed countless times, and no weak spot was revealed.

Consciousness Incarnation is different from the real body.

Even if Tang Mubai promoted “Dream Heart Sutra” and “Ling Rhinoceros” to Perfection Realm.

But Consciousness Incarnation is still restricted, especially to enter other people’s dreams.

In other people’s dreams, the other person is the master.

Tang Mubai belongs to Outsider, the invader!

The stronger the mental power of the opponent, the stronger the dream, the more changes, and the more terrifying the “weapon” that evolves to wipe out Outsiders.

Luo Qinger Master is the powerhouse of Tongshen Peak, how powerful mental power is.

The actions of Tang Mubai, the Outsider, were immediately affected and could not be fully displayed.

On the contrary, the doll robot she controls is full of mobility and firepower!


After jumping over the fence, Tang Mubai quickly jumped and returned to the ground. Then, without stopping, the charged body ejected again and ascended to in midair.

Almost at the same time that Tang Mubai rose into the air, the wall was about 3 meters high. Suddenly there was a loud “hong long” sound, and a terrifying white light burst out, turning into countless rubble, splashing wanton.

A terrifying matchless shock wave penetrated through the smoke and struck Tang Mubai’s back with lightning.

There was no time to defend, and Tang Mubai’s body was shot down from the air like a kite with a broken line, rolled and thrown far away, and then hit a stone wall heavily.

The terrifying impact road instantly knocked the stone wall into a human-shaped pothole, and Tang Mubai rolled into it.


Tang Mubai cursed secretly.

Get up quickly, in the moment when the stone wall collapses. The body vacated again, leaping up.

call out!

Tang Mubai stood on the roof of a bungalow, looking at the doll robot from a distance.

哧哧~! !

In the eyes of the doll robot’s glass, there is a glare of red light.


Under Tang Mubai’s surprised gaze, the thick, sturdy, square-shaped right arm was raised flat, and on the outside of its arm, a cannon tube was highlighted, aiming at Tang Mubai far away.

“Did Luo Qing’er be so wild when she was a child?”

Tang Mubai cursed secretly.

The moment the white beam of light flew out from the barrel. The whole person soars again.

“Booming -“

There was a loud explosion.

The bungalow where Tang Mubai stood a moment ago, whether it is a slate floor or a thick stone wall. Under the bombardment of the beam, they turned into countless rubble and burst apart. 4 Overflowing, splashing, throwing away.

This a beam of light, the power caused by it is really amazing. Although Tang Mubai dodges quickly, he also felt the sharp pain caused by the crushed stones hitting his body.

Had it not been for his mental power, the Consciousness Clone would have been blown out.

Even so, the aftermath of the explosion pushed him far away.

Just landed.

The left arm of the doll robot was raised again, white light flashed in the metal barrel on the outside, and a beam of light was ready to go.

“You can’t go on like this, you have to get close to it!”

Tang Mubai was thinking about countermeasures while evading.

He increased his speed to the fastest, jumping back and forth between buildings.

Behind him, the doll robot followed closely.

In the glass eyes, the red rays of light flickered, turning the awkward and huge body, and raising both arms together, in the dazzling white light, two light beams roared and flew out.



The air is turbulent.

The beam broke through the sky and came straight to Tang Mubai.

“come on!”

Tang Mubai drank low, and with the help of his feet, he stepped on a straight building wall and rose into the air.

哧哧~! !

The doll robot captured the movement.

It stood on the spot, arms raised slightly, followed by two light beams shot out from the barrel.

Tang Mubai ran away again.

The mental power is fully utilized, and the attack frequency of the doll robot is calculated.

One chasing one escape.

After more than ten minutes.

Tang Mubai finally figured out the battle mode of the doll robot.

Although this huge, ugly, square iron tower, the beam of light that shoots out is amazing, but not fatal. The real terrifying place is its moving speed. With powerful capture capabilities, Tang Mubai can be scanned wherever he goes.

Coupled with the emitted light beam, the time interval is almost zero, but the energy is endless.

From another perspective, this is not a robot.

It’s a team!

It is the Marshal Luo Qing’er Master, sitting in the center. Controlling from behind, to kill the intruder Tang Mubai!

Her starting point is to clear the intruder.

But Tang Mubai is obviously not someone else. He who cultivation “The Reincarnation Collection” constantly displays various spiritual and consciousness methods. The speed of Consciousness Incarnation has soared again.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Left afterimages in the air.

Tang Mubai jumped to the sky above the doll robot.

Then, the Rhinoceros Knife was dispatched, facing the doll robot that had just turned around, and slammed it down!

Shit! ——

There was a crisp sound.

Under the terrifying spiritual blade, the head formed by the doll and robot, instantly divided into two, collapsed.

What makes people speechless is that the doll robot that has lost its head can actually move. The stout arm trembled for a while, and a huge box fist was squeezed out, and moved towards Tang Mubai blasted.


Tang Mubai dropping from the sky, the clashing box fist, fell back to the ground.

“Hu~ finally got it done.”

Tang Mubai exhales.

Being a rare beast in other people’s dreams is really not so good.

Almost wiped out.

Tang Mubai glanced at the doll robot that turned into nothingness. One turned around and rushed to the community when he came out.

“Brother, you are back.”

See Tang Mubai, it’s okay.

Luo Qing’er was long and relaxed.

She doesn’t know how to leave the dream space. If Tang Mubai is killed by her doll robot when she was a child, there will be no place to cry.

“Brother brother, my robot was killed?” Luo Qinger asked.

“Done. Now go to your Master’s former home. See if you can find the key things leading to the Third Layer dream space.”

Tang Mubai said calmly.

“Okay, go here.”

Luo Qing’er breathed slowly and walked ahead to lead the way.

Tang Mubai followed behind.

2 people walked to the 5th building.

Luo Qinger stepped up, preparing to take the stairs.

“Wait.” Tang Mubai called to stop her. “Let’s take the elevator up.”

Take the elevator?

Luo Qing’er was stunned, “The elevator still has electricity? Besides, the elevator door is closed, we can’t open it.”

“Because it’s closed, it’s suspicious!”

Tang Mubai’s eyes turned, looking thoughtful, and pondered for a while, said solemnly.

“You back away a little bit.”

Hear this.

Luo Qinger walked quickly to the right hand.


Tang Mubai took out Lingxi Knife, and slashed hard against the closed elevator door!


The metal gate is divided into two halves.

It reveals a different kind of wonderful world inside.

A round of sun hangs high.

Gentle and radiant, sway the morning glow. Suddenly, 7 colorful clothes, fluttering in the air, dazzled with a splendid and dazzling color.

Far away.

The mountains stand tall, standing between Heaven and Earth. Nearby, towering old trees stand tall, towering into the clouds, with verdant branches and leaves.

The jade-like sunlight shining directly down from the sky, swaying golden yellow, passing through the gaps between the branches and leaves, and projecting countless spots of light on the soft ground covered with colorful leaves.

This is a multi-colored colorful world!

Countless fish, insects, birds and beasts, flowers, plants and trees are performed together, intertwining and painting a vivid and different kind of real dream world.

The elevator door.

Luo Qing’er looked at this scene, stunned!

The warm sunshine, the warm spring breeze, and the fresh air. Everything is so real. The truth seems to be forgotten, this is in a dream.

“Sure enough!”

Tang Mubai put away the rhinoceros knife, the corners of his mouth were upturned, showing a smile.

He was curious before that such a powerful “weapon” appeared in an ordinary community.

Now it seems.

That doll robot was specially manufactured by Luo Qing’er Master to guard this elevator!

Because the other side of the elevator is the Third Layer dream space!


Tang Mubai stepped up and walked into the elevator first.

Luo Qinger followed in a daze.

2 people stepped into the earth.

Walk quickly along the green grassy path.

Compared with the dead steel city of the 2nd floor dream space, the Third Layer dream space is full of endless vitality.

Flowers and grass can be seen everywhere, with large green trees forming shade.

The breeze blew through, bringing a burst of fragrance. The grass everywhere, rolling up layers of waves, stretches 4 squares. Taking a deep breath makes people relaxed and joyful, and feel comfortable from the bottom of my heart.

2 people are walking while watching.

Soon, we reached the end of the path. A quiet within the valley surrounded by mountains on 3 sides.

In the middle of the valley, a modern villa courtyard is built on the foot of the mountain. In the open space in front of the villa, a cute little girl was standing under the peach tree and jumping and picking peaches.

“Gosh, that was me when I was a kid!”

Luo Qing’er’s eyes widened and her face was incredible.

“This is made up of the ideas in your Master’s mind.” Tang Mubai calmly said with a smile, “She is virtual, and you are real. If you want to save your Master, you have to replace you.”

“what do you mean?”

Luo Qinger was at a loss.

“The meaning is very simple, kill you when you were a kid!” Tang Mubai drank low.


Luo Qinger was shocked, just about to refuse.

“Well, wait!”

Tang Mubai wrinkled his eyebrows, pondered then said, “It doesn’t seem to work to kill it. This will only cause your Master to resist.”


Luo Qing’er put out a breath, looking at Tang Mubai speechlessly.

Let her kill herself, at the expense of Tang Mubai!

Tang Mubai is musing.

“You can’t use the strong, you can only come to the soft… Well, there is!”

Tang Mubai eyes shined, happily said, “I will restore you to the way you were when you were a child!”

“and then?”

Luo Qinger asked.

“Then…hehe.” Tang Mubai chuckled lightly, “Then you are in front of your Master, running against you when you were a kid!”

“This is the dream world of your Master. As long as you succeed in getting the approval of your Master, the virtual you will disappear. At that time, I advise you to wake up Master, with no difficulty!”

“This… well.”

Luo Qinger thought for a while, nodded said, “I will try my best to find a way to get Master’s approval.”

“Well, go. Use your story to impress you Master. I am here waiting for your good news.”

Tang Mubai smiled slightly.

When the voice fell, he used the unique ability of “The Reincarnation Book” and reached out a point on Luo Qinger’s forehead.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Luo Qing’er’s appearance and figure changed rapidly. In less than half a minute, it became a child.

“It really changed back.”

Luo Qing’er looked at herself up and down, excited and curious on her pretty face.

“Go ahead and wish you success.”

Tang Mubai beckoned.

The figure flashed to the side and dashed into the forest, disappeared.

Upon seeing this, Luo Qing’er took a deep breath, walked out of the corner, and entered the villa’s sight range.

In the forest.

Tang Mubai looked away quietly.

The arrival of the real Luo Qing’er caused exclaim at first, but quickly turned into a quarrel.

Two identical little girls quarrel, how interesting it looks.

However, after only less than 5 minutes, a beautiful, elegant woman walked out of the villa.

It is Luo Qinger Master!


The quarrel turned into sensationalism.

Tang Mubai was afraid of causing Master Luo Qinger’s attention, and did not let the divine sense stretch over. Standing in the mountains and forests, waiting to watch.

In a few moments, the real Luo Qinger won, and the virtual she disappeared.

Master Luo Qinger screamed again and again. Luo Qinger comforted her for a long time before calming her down.

Waited again.

Calculating the time is almost up, Tang Mubai has just left the mountains and forests and walked into the clearing.

“Master, he is Brother Tang!”

Luo Qing’er in the form of loli points to Tang Mubai, introduced.

“I have seen Senior.”

Tang Mubai saluted Master Luo Qinger slightly.

“You are welcome, speaking of which, I thank you.” Master Luo Qinger grabbed Tang Mubai’s hand and said gratefully, “If it weren’t for you, I’m afraid I would stay here forever. I really didn’t expect, I I have been in a coma for 3 years.”

“It’s okay.”

Tang Mubai smiled, “It’s very rare for you to perceive that you are in a dream. Let’s go out and talk about the rest.”


Luo Qinger followed nodded, “Master, let’s go out first. Staying here, I’m always worried.”

“This one……”

Luo Qing’er Master hesitated.

“Why, Senior doesn’t want to go out?” Tang Mubai frowned.

“No. I want to go out too. But I…I don’t know how to go out.”

Luo Qing’er Master said embarrassedly.

“Don’t know? Don’t know it’s okay!”

Luo Qing’er was startled at first, and then excitedly said, “As long as we return to the same path, we won’t be able to go out!”

“It’s not that simple.” Tang Mubai groaned, thinking, “Senior, you don’t mean to say, the elevator entrance we came in, it disappeared?”

“Yes, it is.”

Master Luo Qing’er said embarrassedly, “Qing’er’s doll is connected to the exit. It is broken, and the exit disappears. I…I can’t get out.”


Luo Qinger was dumbfounded.


Tang Mubai chuckled, “It won’t work to return to the original path, you can go out if you break it forcibly, but Senior will have nodded pain then.”

“Master ……”


Luo Qing’er Master slightly smiled, “This is just a dream, I just woke up when it was broken. I am afraid it will affect you.”

“Senior, don’t worry, I can keep Miss Luo safe.”

Tang Mubai self-channel.

“Okay. That’s it, it’s Alliance Lord Tang.”

Luo Qing’er Master smiled.

“Then I started.”

Tang Mubai grabbed Luo Qing’er with one hand and “Ling Rhinoceros” started.


“shua!” “shua!” “shua!”


Countless bright knife lights lased 4 directions, tearing the sky.

Next moment.

The whole dream world began to collapse…

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