Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 571

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At his age, it is enough to be a young man father.

But age does not represent his identity, status, or strength.

Compared to a young man, he is only the ordinary medicine king’s theory that’s all, and he became a lowest Alchemist by hard work.

It’s called Alchemist, but it’s actually a pill concocting assistant.

The young man is the grandson of a Supreme Elder in Yaowanggu, named Xin Zhaolang.

This Xin Zhaolang rumor is Luo Qing’er’s future husband-in-law, and it was ordered by Luo Qing’er and Gu.

Therefore, neither his position in the Medicine King Valley nor the innate talent of Pill Recipe can be compared with Xin Zhaolang.

Not only him, but most people in Pill Pavilion also call Xin Zhaolang the big brother!


“Sure enough, this guy.”

To get a definite answer, Xin Zhaolang pushed away, and put his hands on his chest, coldly smiled.

The chill in his eyes grew stronger and stronger.

“Damn, I learned Fu Elder’s “Ten Directions of Fire Control” so quickly!”

Xin Zhaolang is both angry and jealous.

A group of Elders and valley owners in the Valley of Wrath liked Tang Mubai and wanted to win in. In order to pull Tang Mubai into the Valley of Medicine Kings, they even used sexual entrapment, but this beauty did not object, and did not say a word for 2 days!

Jealous Tang Mubai just came to Pill Pavilion and learned “Ten Directions of Fire Control”!

You know, Xin Zhaolang identified Luo Qing’er as his woman five years ago!

Until now, Xin Zhaolang always regarded himself as Luo Qinger’s fiance.

After all, Yaowanggu is based on pill concocting.

And Xin Zhaolang, on the way of pill concocting, is quite innate talent. A genius that even Alchemist and Fu Elder have praised!

With Xin Zhaolang, Yaowanggu will not fall.

In addition, Xin Zhaolang’s cultivation base is not very low. He just broke through Innate realm half a year ago.

2 The combination is enough to be worthy of Luo Qing’er!

Xin Zhaolang even prepared to let grandfather come forward after a while and propose him to Master Luo Qinger.

Where do you think.

Tang Mubai unexpectedly jumped out and was favored by everyone including Gu Zhu, competing with him for Luo Qing’er!

Xin Zhaolang refused!

Yes, he is not convinced!

Why is surnamed Tang?

Tang Mubai is Innate, and so is he!

He Xin Zhaolang is also the King of Medicine Valley, and he has refined 1000 Three Revolutions and below medicine pills.

Regardless of strength or credit, they are worthy of Luo Qing’er.

Surnamed Tang wants to grab Luo Qing’er, no way!

This is anger.

And jealous, motherfucker and Xin Zhaolang don’t understand. How could a kid who just came to Pill Pavilion less than two hours later learned Fu Elder’s “Ten Directions of Fire Control” so quickly?

Based on Xin Zhaolang’s understanding of Fu Elder, during these two hours, Fu Elder has almost been immersed in self-pill concocting, and will not deal with the surnamed Tang kid.

Under such circumstances, the surnamed Tang kid actually learned “Ten Directions of Fire Control” by watching.

What does Xin Zhaolang think of such a terrifying fire-control innate talent, how frustrated!

In anger and jealousy, he clenched the teeth, caught the person who had been interrogated earlier, and ordered, “Go, give him some stuff!”

“Huh? Huh?”

The person who was caught looked blank and did not know why.

“What’s the addition? Big brother Xin, can you be more careful?”

After he came back to his senses, he lost his smile.

“Hmph, what else is there, of course it’s the material to let this kid eat!”

Xin Zhaolang spoke sadly.

While speaking, he grabbed the arrested person by the neck, pulled him over, and whispered in his ears.

“What? No, no, no, I’m going to do this, don’t want to stay here, no!”

After the latter listened, his head kept shaking and desperately refused.

“Hmph, are you sure not?”

When Xin Zhaolang saw this, his face immediately turned dark, his eyes were hazy, and fierce light burst out, “You are believing or not, I will let you out of the Pill Pavilion now?”


The complexion greatly changed the man who was arrested, and his body trembled because of anger.

Bully intolerably !

In order to put aside the relationship, Xin Zhaolang drove him to shoot. If he doesn’t agree, he will use his identity to expel him.

Too bully!


Clenched both fists, hatred burst into his eyes.

“Why, you still want to hit me?”

Xin Zhaolang stared into the eyes of the arrested young man, and said with a smile, “Just because you are a deflated man, and I give you two hands, you can’t move my hair! Nonsense, do you agree or not? “

Xin Zhaolang lowered his voice and pressed harder.

“Crunchy, crunch~”

The latter’s fists were tightly clenched, and emotions such as anger, unwillingness, hatred, and fear flashed in his eyes. For a while, with a long sigh, helplessly said, “I agree.”

“Haha, that’s good, don’t worry, as long as you work hard, I won’t let you suffer. Even if you really leave Pill Pavilion, I will have other benefits for you. In short, follow me, eat and drink! “

Xin Zhaolang turned from cloudy to sunny, patted the other party’s shoulder, smiled, and said gently, “Go. Remember, don’t be nervous, just feel free.”

“Yes, big brother Xin.”

The man who was arrested stubbornly replied.

After finishing speaking, he turned around and walked to the nearest material pile to Fu Elder, pretending to be an assistant who was responsible for helping Fu Elder to add materials into the alchemic furnace for smelting.

Then, calmly picked up the only one piece of reddish-brown plant roots from the pile of materials and stuffed it into the package that he carried.

Afterwards, Barabara said a lot of useless nonsense, then turned and left and returned to his post.

The whole process is not a bit strange. Being familiar is just like eating and drinking in the normal way.

No one else noticed anything wrong.

Even the pill concocting assistant who gave Fu Elder a helping hand and handing in materials did not know that he had lost a material.

All things, Xin Zhaolang alone, closed his eyes.

The corners of his mouth can’t stop rising, and his eyes are filled with a grin. After waiting for a while, he gestured with his eyes to the man who was arrested and sent the materials to Tang Mubai.

Upon receiving the prompt, the person who was arrested gritted his teeth and hesitated for a while, and headed towards Tang Mubai. The action was the same as before, leaving nothing unusual.

After walking to the Tang Mubai side material frame, pretending to look for other materials, mixed the reddish-brown plant roots in the package into the material.

Then, after searching for a while, he picked up a good piece of ore from the material frame and placed it in his hand. With a smile on his face, he walked back to his post.

During the walk, except for a familiar Alchemist who made fun of a few words, the others still didn’t notice.

With the huge fire within the valley, the fire of “huhuhu” swept through and echoed endlessly.

After the arrested man returns, let out a long breath. Only then did he realize that he was covered with sweat.

Fortunately, everyone is the same, brow beaded with sweat. Otherwise, it is so strange that people have long discovered something wrong.

After a sigh of relief, he calmed his mind and turned his head slightly to make a gesture of OK to Xin Zhaolang.

“it is good!”

Xin Zhaolang was lowly cried, clenched his fists, secretly proud, “haha, surnamed Tang, I see how you stay this time!”

The root of the reddish-brown plant mixed in the Tang Mubai material frame has a beautiful name.

Buddha Yangen!

It is to refine a Fire Attribute Spiritual Pill, the most important main material.

Under normal circumstances, it is held by Fu Elder, and others are not eligible to use it.

Now Tang Mubai has “stolen” it. Once Fu Elder notices, no matter how Tang Mubai excuses, he will be expelled from the Pill Pavilion and the Medicine King Valley.

This is what Fu Elder does!

Xin Zhaolang was proud, ready to watch the show.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long—

“Who took the old man’s buddha root!?”

Suddenly, angry roar, release the sound, rolling, grandiose, sweeping across the spacious within the valley.

“Huhuhu ~!”

The fire snake danced.

Dozens of alchemic furnaces, in this terrifying imposing manner, the flames are blowing wildly.

All Alchemist and pill concocting assistants, most of them fall back, hit the wall, trip to the ground, or wipe the stove.

Screams, screams, and painful screams…for a time, they continued to hear.

It’s just that everyone just yelled twice and shut up immediately. Shrinking his neck trembling with fear, holding his breath, the atmosphere did not dare to breathe.

For fear of touching Fu Elder in anger!

That’s right, at this moment Fu Elder, hair stands up in anger, his eyes are like torches, and his body is wrapped around with a strong breath of shock.

The terrifying pressure is like ten big mountains, pressing on the heads of everyone at the scene.

Except for Tang Mubai, he is still immersed in the comfort of controlling the flame.

“Fo Yangen? It seems to be with him!”

Under Xin Zhaolang’s suggestion, the person arrested, pointed to Tang Mubai’s medicine box, opened the mouth and said.


Fu Elder cast his eyes immediately.

“Hahaha, idiot, it depends on how you explain it!”

Xin Zhaolang, who was in the crowd, laughed.

As an Alchemist, Fu Elder speaks well in general. But when it comes to pill concocting materials, it will become irritable, without the slightest human touch.

The material of Buddha Yangen is not very unusual. At other times, it will be gone if it is gone.

But right now, Fu Elder is refining a Four Revolutions Spiritual Pill of Fire Attribute, and the roots of Buddha Flame are in short supply!

Suddenly, the Buddha Yangen was taken away, and it is only strange that Fu Elder is not crazy.

Moving his thick thighs, Fu Elder quickly walked towards Tang Mubai…

“Hahaha…it’s started, it’s started!”

Xin Zhaolang in the crowd was excited and unbearable, his whole body trembling constantly.

“Surnamed Tang, you are dead!”

Xin Zhaolang was extremely excited, and his restless mood stimulated him to open his mouth and yell a few times.

However, at this time Fu Elder was in a state of “furious”. Once disturbed, he is the one who suffers.

Xin Zhaolang did not bear the idea of ​​blessing Elder’s anger for Tang Mubai. Forcibly enduring the excitement in his heart, without blinking his eyes, looked at Fu Elder, and walked to Tang Mubai’s side.


“Boy, are you using’Ten Directions Fire Control Technique’?”

Fu Elder’s rough, loud voice sounded.

Xin Zhaolang excitedly almost agreed and shouted,’Yes, it’s the Buddha Yangen he stole! ‘

It’s just that the words came to my lips, forcibly held back. With a pair of raised eyes, he stared straight at Fu Elder and Tang Mubai in amazement.

“What’s the matter? Why didn’t Fu Elder get angry?”

Xin Zhaolang looked in disbelief, his breathing gradually increased, “Impossible, how could this be? Isn’t the Buddha Flame Root the main material of the Fire Attribute Spiritual Pill that Fu Elder is refining? Without the Buddha Flame Root, his Spiritual Pill could not be completed at all. !”

“Surnamed Tang took the Buddha Yangen, why didn’t Fu Elder get angry at him? Drive him out of the Pill Pavilion?”

Xin Zhaolang’s face was tangled, and he didn’t understand what went wrong.

Only the fire-breathing eyes stared at the two people, hoping for a turning point.

Other people around also kept silent, looking at Tang Mubai and Fu Elder, waiting for follow-up development.

The person who was forced by Xin Zhaolang to mix the roots of the Buddha flame into the Tang Mubai material frame before was frightened, nervous heartbeat, “peng peng peng” quickly accelerated.

My heart is about to burst out of my throat!

The huge Pill Pavilion is silent.

Under the gaze of dozens of people, Tang Mubai stopped controlling the fire, looked at the situation in the pill furnace, and answered Fu Elder’s question, “That’s it.”


Fu Elder wrinkled his eyebrows, “What do you mean? Yes, yes, no, no! Where is that many not sure!”

After finishing speaking, I came to see the situation in the pill furnace, scanned for a moment, nodded and said, “Yes, what you brat refined is… well, wait, what is this?”

Fu Chang Old Hu opened his eyes wide, his eyes were like electricity, staring at the surging liquid in the pill furnace with a solemn face.

“what happened?”

Tang Mubai raised his eyebrows to see how the old man performed.

“Haha, I know, I know!”

Xin Zhaolang here, watching this scene, exclaimed in his heart excitedly, “Surnamed Tang’s, you are finished! Fu Elder didn’t look carefully before, now he…”


A loud roar suddenly came from the mouth opened by Fu Chang Old Zhang.

Excited Xin Zhaolang didn’t slow down, almost suffocated. The fire-breathing eyes bulged out. The round eyeballs were bloodshot.

“Huh, huh, huh…”

He gasped, his chest rising and falling. He closed his eyes angrily, and stopped himself from staring at Tang Mubai and Fu Elder.

After a long time, the mood changed greatly before turning around.


“Okay, okay, okay!”

Fu Elder’s loud and exhilarating voice sounded again.

A group of people in the Pill Pavilion watched with stunned expressions, raised their big hands, and patted Tang Mubai’s shoulder again.

Pa! pa! pa!

“Okay, boy, your idea is very good!”

Fu Elder’s face was red light with joy, and his beard curled up.

Feeling the power passed from the shoulders, Tang Mubai lightly said with a smile, “Fu Elder has passed the prize, I just messed around…”

“do not worry!”

Without giving Tang Mubai a chance to speak, Fu Elder interrupted again, “It’s just the roots of the Buddha flame, the old man is exhausting!”



With eyes closed, Xin Zhaolang, who had been listening with his ears, suddenly tumbling between his chest and abdomen when he heard this. A suffocated depression rushed straight into the brain.

Isn’t Fu Elder the pill concocting material that most people don’t touch him?

Why is surnamed Tang okay after using it?

what is this?



“What Buddha Flame Root?”

Tang Mubai was stunned, “doubt” on his face.

“Hehe, you brat don’t need to pretend. Now that the old man said, if you don’t hold you accountable, then you won’t be entangled anymore.” Fu Elder replied gently with a satisfied smile.


Tang Mubai “confused” and wanted to explain.

Fu Elder didn’t give a chance, and continued, “Okay, a few small things, don’t get entangled. The old man is curious, how did you think of neutralizing these materials with’foyan roots’ to complete the pile concocting faster ?”

“I…” Tang Mubai opened his mouth.

“Ah, old man understood!”

Fu Elder eyes shined, interrupted Tang Mubai’s explanation, and explained to himself again, “haha, the old man is really clever and confused for a while! Although the Buddha flame root grows independently, it has the ability to be easily absorbed!”

“Boy, this idea of ​​yours really made the old man suddenly start! Some steps and opinions that I couldn’t figure out before, now all become very clear!”

Fu Elder laughed loudly, with big hands on Tang Mubai’s shoulders, patted hard, expressing intimacy.

In this scene, in Xin Zhaolang’s eyes, another suffocation hit his brain!

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