Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 572

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While the others were shocked, they all showed envy.

The guy who was forced to take the Buddha Yangen by Xin Zhaolang almost didn’t stand up and fell to the ground.

My brain was dizzy, and he whispered in a low voice, “I was… helping kid surnamed Tang?”

He felt the world in front of him, at this moment, suddenly turned upside down.

Obviously, it was a trick and a trip in the dark, but the result of the matter was just the other way round.

Not only did Tang Mubai not be scolded by Fu Elder and driven away from the Pill Pavilion, but instead received praise and attention from Fu Elder!

To know.

Even Xin Zhaolang, who has followed Fu Elder pill concocting for so long, has never gotten Fu Elder once. When he was excited, he patted him on the shoulder to show intimacy!

Xin Zhaolang’s grandfather is the Supreme Elder of Medicine King Valley. Yes, but Fu Elder’s pill concocting ability makes him not afraid of each other at all.

Therefore, although Xin Zhaolang followed Fu Elder to learn pill concocting, he did not pay much attention to Fu Elder.

Tang Mubai did it right after he came, it was incredible!

A group of people in the Pill Pavilion were silent for a while.

Tang Mubai, who was slapped on the shoulder, raised his mouth and said nothing.

Buddha flame root?

Just now Xin Zhaolang instructed someone to steal it and put the root of the plant in the medicine box?

“Haha, come here, kid, continue to use the’Ten Directions Control Fire Technique’ to control the fire. The old man has a feeling that the quality of your furnace is definitely the highest!”

Happy Elder urges Tang Mubai to continue working.

“it is good.”

Tang Mubai indifferently nodded.

“and many more!”

Fu Elder suddenly raised his hand to stop.

“En?” Tang Mubai’s hand motion stopped.

The corner of Xin Zhaolang’s eyes jumped. With some sour eyes, he stared at Tang Mubai and Fu Elder nervously, and kept talking.

“Scold him, scold him, scold him!”

“Hehe, nothing.” Fu Elder laughed heartily, “I just feel that your speed is a bit slow. You can use other means to speed up the fire control.”

“Senior mean?” Tang Mubai looking thoughtful.

“Yes, it’s a fan used to incite fire. You can use this old man.”

Fu Elder said, the right hand grabbed a cave not far away, and with a sound of “xiu”, he grabbed a handful of deep blue fan and handed it to Tang Mubai.

This scene fell in Xin Zhaolang’s eyes, and he couldn’t help it anymore, a mouthful of blood that had accumulated for a long time, spurted out wildly.

“Pu ~!”

Blood was spilled in the air and fluttered to the ground.

The boundless fire of shame and anger, the impact of the brain is blank, the temple “tú tú sudden” silently.

“How could this happen? How could this happen!!”

Xin Zhaolang was silent, unable to accept this result.

Fu Elder not only didn’t scold Tang Mubai, but regarded him as a treasure of six revolutions Treasure Item and Fenghuo Moyu Fan, which he borrowed!

what is this?

what is this? !!

Did he secretly instruct the stumbling block to set Tang Mubai?

trying to gain an advantage only to end up worse off.

Suddenly, Xin Zhaolang thought of this word that made him ashamed and angry!

At the moment, I couldn’t stand anymore, turned my head and ran.

He was afraid that he would stay and be fainted by Tang Mubai. This kind of shame and shame could happen.


Xin Zhaolang suddenly vomited blood and ran away suddenly.

With the weird performance, Tang Mubai “looked” in his eyes and smiled in his heart.


This guy thought Tang Mubai didn’t know what he was doing secretly.

As everyone knows, Tang Mubai has long discovered and heard all his thoughts.

In order for Luo Qing’er to target him, he was over jealous and dizzy.

Tang Mubai didn’t pierce or point, but didn’t want to get involved in this unfathomable mystery’s “triangle love”.

Anyway, he won’t stay longer in Yaowang Valley.

It was better for Xin Zhaolang to leave, so as to save him from “watching” bad luck.


With the fan provided by Fu old man, the speed really increases.

“Spirit fans and different fires can speed up the process of pill concocting. The latter has never been seen before, and the former is considered a trick with the convenience of Senior,” Tang Mubai said while fanning the fire.

“Haha, the sky fire in the different fire, people who are not great opportunities can’t touch it. For countless years, people who have seen sky fire can be counted on one’s fingers.” Fu old man hearing this laughed loudly.

“Yes, sky fire and so on, too illusory and unrealistic.”

Tang Mubai replied, “I am content with this spiritual fan.”

After speaking, stop fanning the fire, pick up the lid, and place it on the pill furnace.

The refining process is completed and the cap is sealed.

Then wait for the energy inside the pill furnace to become one, then you can take the pill!


When Fu Elder saw this, he chuckled, “Boy, Tianhuo can’t see it. Earthhuo, old man is enough for you to see it. How about it, are you interested in seeing it?”

The old man winked his eyebrows, an expression of disrespect for the old.

Tang Mubai smiled, said with a smile, “Earth Fire? It’s okay, Sky Fire has no chance to see it. It’s not bad to see earth fire, it’s not bad to have an eye addiction!”

“Haha, what are you waiting for, go, go!”

Fu Elder said, pulling up Tang Mubai and walking outside the Pill Pavilion.

“Wait, pill furnace…” Tang Mubai called.

“Don’t worry, others will uncover it in time.” Fu old man said disapprovingly, “Besides, the furnace pill you made is just a high-level Qi and Blood Pill that’s all. If it breaks, it’s broken, nothing. at worst .”

Tang Mubai, “…”


He did follow Qi and Blood Pill’s Pill Recipe and refined it casually.

I have never seen the Pill Recipe of other medicine pill.

Qi and Blood Pill are different and can be found online!


Following the Fu old man, they left the Pill Pavilion, and the two went straight to the southernmost part of the Valley of Medicine King.

On the road.

By the way, I exchanged “Ten Directions Controlling Fire”.

Through the conversation, Tang Mubai realized that the Medicine King Valley actually has a refiner!

But compared to pill concocting, there are only a few people in the concocting.

But the place for refining is very good, located at the bottom of a cliff south of Yaowang Valley.

There is one of the secrets of Medicine King Valley.

The reason is that in an underground karst cave at the bottom of the cliff, there is a dark underground fire, cold flame of sapphire!

This sapphire cold flame is the Ranked 3nd ground fire among the three different fires of Heaven, Earth and Mortal!

Human fire is common fire.

An ordinary person can ignite.

Ground fire requires certain trigger conditions to be born. For example, the fire of lightning when it rains is one of them.

Tianhuo, few people have seen it, so it is impossible to define it.

The sapphire cold flame is earth fire.

It is derived from the fire in the center of the earth.

Medicine King Valley took the post of the Valley Master, and found Qingyu Lengyan before he decided to try the refinery.

Because compared to pill concocting, refining equipment is more dependent on different fire.

Since then, that cliff has also become a stronghold of the Medicine King Valley, and extraordinary people can enter it.

Tang Mubai followed Fu Elder and only then went all the way.

However, Rao is so, all the guards are still full of vigilance in their eyes staring at Tang Mubai.

Especially after entering the karst cave, Xin Zhaolang, who was tempering an artifact with the cold flame of sapphire jade, turned his eyes straight.

“Fu Elder, why did you bring surnamed Tang here? This base and shameless villain is not qualified to come here!”

Xin Zhaolang was full of fiend energy, his eyes were spitting fire, and he glared at Fu Elder with a gloomy face, pointed at Tang Mubai, and roared.


Tang Mubai hasn’t spoken yet, Fu Elder has already scolded first, “Say that Alliance Lord Tang is a villain, then what are you?”


Xin Zhaolang’s face suddenly stagnated in anger.

The surrounding burly men who also used sapphire cold flame tempering tools, and the guards standing at the entrance of the cave not far away, were even more stunned.

Fu Elder scolded Xin Zhaolang?

Also scold Xin Zhaolang as something?

Several strong men and guards were shocked and dull on the spot, not knowing what happened, that made Fu Elder so angry.

Xin Zhaolang reacted immediately after being shocked, and blamed the wrong person.

“Fu Elder, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to swear.” Xin Zhaolang’s face was pale and nervously explained.

Tang Mubai stood aside, listening in his ears, secretly amused.

This Xin Zhaolang is really soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed.

“It wasn’t intentional, it was intentional?” Fu Elder expressionless, said solemnly.

“No, it’s not…” Xin Zhaolang was startled.

“Neither, then is it?”

“No, no…no, yes, yes! No, no, no…no, no, I don’t!”

Xin Zhaolang was about to cry, wrinkled, flustered, and panicked, and his words began to become incoherent.

The hatred of Tang Mubai was thrown to the horizon.

If Fu Elder hates him, then his road to pill concocting is over!

Luo Qing’er and the future Lord of the Valley of Medicine King will become the flower in the mirror and the moon reflected in the water.

The refining device is only incidental to Yaowanggu, and the attention is not high.

Xin Zhaolang came here just to vent his anger, beat the embryo, and vent that’s all.

He totally didn’t expect Tang Mubai to come!


The scene of Xin Zhaolang’s embarrassment, Fu Elder saw in his eyes, his eyebrows suddenly frowned, and he scolded in a deep voice, “Okay, okay, old man doesn’t want to see you again now.”

“Yes, yes, Fu Elder, I’m leaving now, now I’m leaving.”

Hearing this, Xin Zhaolang squeezed a smile, stopped the tempering embryo, and quickly escaped from the cave.

When passing by Tang Mubai, a cold murderous intention flashed in his eyes!

“It’s all this damn bastard!”

“If it weren’t for him, how could Fu Elder scold me?”

“Dead! Must die!”

Xin Zhaolang, who ran out of the underground cavern, roared in his heart. The killing intent to Tang Mubai in his heart reached pinnacle.

In Xin Zhaolang, if it weren’t for Tang Mubai’s intervention, Fu Elder would simply not be angry with him.

To know.

Before that, he Xin Zhaolang was the first pill concocting genius in Yaowanggu!

Although Tang Mubai only stayed in Yaowang Valley for 2 days, the huge gap caused by him still made Fu Elder dissatisfied with Xin Zhaolang.

How can Xin Zhaolang accept such a result?


Must die!

With a murderous intent, Xin Zhaolang left the cave.


In underground caves.

Tang Mubai and Fu Elder did not intend to mention it after Xin Zhaolang left.

Under Fu Elder’s guidance, Tang Mubai saw how wide the one meter was, located in the innermost corner of the cave, and hidden in the cracks in the ground!

That azure flame, like beautiful jade, appeared so magnificent and full of colors in the unique environment of the underground cave.

The mysterious power makes people palpitate unconsciously.


If you are a person, entering a cavern under the ground, the Flame World produced when the sapphire is burning in cold flames can scare you a lot.

There is a sense of panic and panic even when someone is there for a long time.

Especially if you stare at the flames for a long time, illusions will appear.

At this moment, in Tang Mubai’s field of vision, in the cold flames of sapphire, a pattern of each and everyone mysterious suddenly appeared!

“what’s the situation?”

Tang Mubai shook his head slightly and retracted his gaze.

“Haha, isn’t it very uncomfortable?” Seeing Fu Elder on the side, he said with a smile.

“Let Senior laugh.”

Tang Mubai laughed, “Although this fire is not as good as the legendary sky fire, the weirdness is still beyond the reach of an ordinary person. I just stared at it for a little longer, and hallucinations appeared.”


Fu Elder hearing this was taken aback, and immediately understood, what Tang Mubai was referring to, said with a smile loudly, “Boy, that’s not an illusion!”


Tang Mubai was puzzled and puzzled, “Fu Elder, do you say this is not an illusion? Is the mysterious pattern in the cold flame of cyan jade real?”


Fu Chang Old Zheng emphasized nodded, pondered then said, “The strangeness of the cold flame of sapphire, Yaowanggu has spent decades, but has not been thoroughly understood. The mysterious pattern among them is the biggest doubt!”

“Over the years, no one knows what these patterns represent. Boy, if you can unlock its secrets, Medicine King Valley will have countless benefits waiting for you. How about, do you want to try?”

In the end, Fu Elder changed back to a playful mentality and winked at Tang Mubai.

“…Okay, let me try!”

Tang Mubai hesitated for a moment, nodded said.

Immediately, his eyes fell on the flame again, and the “Reincarnation Book” was silently displayed in his mind.

“The Reincarnation” has the analytical capabilities of mental power and Divine Soul!

This time I looked at the flame again, and soon, something abnormal happened.

“Weng weng weng!”

A trembling soft moan suddenly sounded out of thin air in Tang Mubai’s brain.

Tang Mubai’s eyes were once again gathered on the mysterious pattern in the flame.

“shua!” “shua!” “shua!”

Under the analysis ability of “The Reincarnation Collection”, the mysterious patterns in the cold flames of sapphire are little by little in Tang Mubai’s mind, decomposed, reorganized, and re-evolved into each and everyone text and pictures, arranged together in an orderly manner, in Tang Mubai’s mind Clearly revealed.


“It’s actually a map?”

Tang Mubai was slightly surprised.

Looking straight at Qingyu Lengyan, he was silent.

On the side, Fu Elder could not get a reply. He turned his head and looked towards Tang Mubai subconsciously. He didn’t expect to see Tang Mubai’s motionless and “shocked dumbfounded” performance. He grinned and said with a smile, “Hey, you brat, the speed is quite fast. Well! Okay, if that’s the case, then you have to take a good look, the old man won’t bother you, and wait for your good news!”

Fu Elder touched his short stiff beard, shook his head and wandered freely, and walked to the other side. Picking up the embryo that has been refining, with the sapphire cold flame, continue tempering the finished product.

Without knowing it, Tang Mubai was not trying to unravel the secret of the mysterious pattern at this moment, but the answer that had been presented by the mysterious pattern, and forgot God for a moment in amazement.

“Map! Map in flames?”

Tang Mubai didn’t know what to say for a while.

“How about it, boy, can you see that the call is coming?”

Fu Elder’s questioning voice rang in his ears. Tang Mubai turned his head slightly and looked in the direction of Fu Elder, and found that the latter was shirtless, holding the hammer in one hand and the embryo of the handheld device, placed in the cold flame of sapphire tempering.

“No. If the secret of Qingyu Lengyan is so easy, it will be cracked. Presumably, it will not be my turn.”


Fu Elder hearing this laughed, “Boy, doesn’t it seem stupid? The old man thought, you are also intoxicated! hahaha…”

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